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Dmitry Maslov

Web: www.am-one.ru | E-mail: maslow@bk.ru |

AcademicMaslow | Skype: academic.maslow

Career Highlights





Got PhD in Economics; studied

Quality Management and Benchmarking in Japan,
published a series
of books & articles
about Japan; in
cooperation with
the Sheffield Hallam
developed the
MFAM Model for
organisational selfassessment widely
used by hundreds
of organizations in
different areas

Developed the
Effective Public
Service EPUS
System based on
the EFQM and CAF
quality models;
joined the Russian
Organisation for
Quality, started
cooperation with
European Institute
of Public Administration; was recognized as the Man
of the Year in field
of Quality by the
Business Excellence

Led the UNDP/

RCPAR multicountry activity
IQUAL, contributed
Good Practice Book;
initiated and
launched Ivanovo
Bid for the
European Youth
Capital title; later in
2011 and 2012
brought Ivanovo
candidacy into the
European Youth
Capital finals
beating Barcelona,
Tbilisi, Gothenburg

Joined the Central

European University as a Research
Fellow, where
proposed an idea of
Governance; was
invited to Kazan
Federal University
as a head of the
Research Centre
for Effectiveness
and Quality in
Public Administration; translated the
CAF Model 2013
into Russian

Joined the Global

Shapers Community of the World
Economic Forum;
contributed to WEF
report Unknown
Russia: Powered by
joined the Global
Young Academy;
represented Russia
at the First Global
Forum on Youth
Policies, the World
Science Forum; EU
Visitors Programme
translated a book
about WEF history

Professional Skills



Fields of expertise:
business models in
public sector,
higher education,
quality management, self-assessment models, urban
development; the
head of research
centres in Kazan
and Ivanovo;
30+ coauthors
worldwide; projects
and grants under
National and the EU
frameworks and

books/articles/ government
reports/blogs/ relations
policy papers Worked with

Networks Design
global/alumni/ Thinking

Member of various
200+ publications, Governments of all networks, commuincluding 14
levels as a partner, nities of practice,
books; some eexpert, consultant public councils: e.g.
versions of books
in Slovenia, Latvia, NISPAcee, UN
and articles are
Norway, Poland,
Global Compact;
available online:
Hungary, Portugal, Head of the
Issuu, Scribd and
USA, Kazakhstan,
Committee for
Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Quality in Public
presentations on
with interAdministration of
SlideShare; full list. governmental
the Russian
personal blogs:
institutions such as Organisation for
Standards and
UNDP, Council of
Quality; EIPA
Quality, Echo of
Europe, European National CAF

Co-creator of the
marketing concept
of the smart casual
restaurant BG
Beer Gamer
House; designer of
the concept of the
distance learning
platform LLLer;
contributor to the
Yaroslavl city
branding City in
motion; author of
the Gangut
publishing project
for young artists


1999 Dipl. Specialist (5 years) in Management (summa cum laude), Economic and
Management Faculty, Ivanovo State Power University, Ivanovo, Russia
2002 Dipl. Master of Science in Management, Presidential program Training
Managers and Executives for Enterprises of National Economy, Russian
Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation
2003 Cand.Econ.Sci. (Ph.D in Economics), Economic Theory Department, Ivanovo
State Power University, Ivanovo / World Economy Department, Yaroslavl State
University, Yaroslavl, Russia


2016present Pamfilov Academy of Public Utilities Head of Analytical Center,

Moscow, Russia
2015present OJSC MOSCTICIZ Member of the Board of Directors, Moscow, Russia
2014present World Economic Forum, Global Shapers Community Founding
Curator of Ivanovo Hub, Ivanovo/Geneva, Russia, Switzerland
2012present AM1 Project, LLLer Co. Founder and Project Leader, Moscow, Russia
2006present Scientific Centre for Benchmarking and Excellence, Ivanovo State
Power University Director of Centre, Associate Professor at
Management and Marketing Department, Ivanovo, Russia
Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University Head of the Research Centre
for Efficiency and Quality in Public Administration, Kazan, Russia
Central European University, Center for Policy Studies, Department of
Public Policy Research Fellow, Budapest, Hungary
Bid Committee Ivanovo Candidate city for the European Youth
Capital 2014, 2015 Initiator and Team Leader, Member of the
Federal Bid Committee, Ivanovo/Moscow, Russia
Beer Gamer House BG Restaurant Chain Creative Director,
Ivanovo, Russia
United Nation Development Programme, Regional Centre for Public
Administration Reform Initiator and Project leader of the multicountry activity IQUAL, Russia/Slovenia/Latvia/Kyrgyzstan
IVA Consulting Group Ltd. Director, Co-founder, Ivanovo, Russia
Ivanovo State Power University Post-graduate Fellow, Researcher,
Senior Lecturer, Ivanovo, Russia


Russian Science Citation Index h-index: 10

Google Scholars h-index: 11
Over 200 publications, including 14 books; journal articles in Russian, English, French,
Czech languages; Conference papers and presentations in various European countries,
South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA. More than 40 co-authors worldwide.
Some e-versions of books and articles are available on academia.edu, Issuu and Scribd.
Selected presentations on SlideShare. The full list of publications in pdf.
Contribution to international reports and guidelines:
Improving quality of public management through application of the CAF model
(IQUAL). Final Report. Regional Centre for Public Administration Reform of UNDP
Bratislava Regional Centre, July 2010
Common Assessment Framework Good Practice Book / Adv. Dmitry Maslov. Regional
Centre for Public Administration Reform of UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre, June 2011
Unknown Russia: Powered by Entrepreneurs / World Economic Forums Global Agenda
Council on Russia, January 2015
Russian translation of the EIPA CAF Guidelines: CAF-2006 and
Russian translation of the book The World Economic Forum. A Partner in Shaping
History . , 2015

2015present Agency for Strategic Initiatives ASI Adviser to ASI Public
other activities
Representative in Ivanovo Region, Leader-id member
2015present Global Young Academy Member
2015present Association of Independent Directors Member
2014present Student Economic Club of the Ivanovo State Power University
Kondratiev Society, member of the Association of Economic Clubs of
Russia Scientific Mentor
2011present Journal of Socio-Humanitarian Research Labyrinth Journal
Member of the Editorial Council
2010present United Nation Global Compact Network Representative from
the ISPU Scientific Centre for Benchmarking and Excellence
2010present ISTOK-SOYUZ Researches Network, EU-Eastern Europe and Central Asia
(EECA) Gateway on ICT research and development Expert
2009present International Journal International scientific researches Member
of the Editorial Council
2008present European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), CAF Resource
Centre National CAF Correspondent for Russia
2007present Russian Organisation for Quality Head of the Committee for Quality
in Public Administration
Alumnus of numerous international programs:
European Union Visitors Programme (2015), Presidential Program for
Public Sector in Norway (2014), Central European University (2012,
2009), Legislative Fellows Program by American Councils (2011),
Fellowship Program for Young Russian Policy and Opinion Makers in
Poland (2007), Open World by the Library of Congress (2006), Japan
Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development (2003),
Presidential program Training Managers and Executives for
Enterprises of National Economy (2002)


2007, 2009


The Honor Sign by the Government of Russian Federation Presidential

Program on Training Managers and Executives for Enterprises of
National Economy of the Russian Federation
Man of the Year in field of Quality by "Business Excellence" Journal
The List of Honor by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
of Russian Federation
The Award for the Best Scientific Book in Higher Education.
The Deming Forum book was awarded with The University Book
2012 Prize in the nomination The Best Book on Economic Sciences

Born 15 October 1977 in Kineshma, Russia

Married with Irina Arefeva since 2001
Two children: Max born in 2003 and Andrew born in 2007
Run 200 km a month
Poetry, in 2014 The Gangut Battle poem entered the final of the Awesome
Foundation Contest and got the prize of the Russian Imperial House