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MAAGTM online condition

monitoring system
Save money by investing in condition
based predictive maintenance
FLSmidth MAAG Gear has worked with
leading suppliers to develop a system for
vibration data acquisition, gear unit
diagnosis and remote data transmission.
The system was developed for Condition
Based Preventive Maintenance (CBM)
which allows you to detect faults at a very
early stage and predict/plan future

You gain the following benefits

Protection of machinery
Continuous on-line condition
Analysis of condition monitoring
Continuous storing of data
Alert indication
Assistance in deciding on necessary
maintenance activities and their order
of priority
Assistance in performing planned
maintenance activities
Our offerings
Supply of ready to use systems
Installation and commissioning
Online vibration monitoring (surveillance)
Reporting customer support
(standard twice a year or per customer requirements)
Training hardware and software
Two versions of online vibration
monitoring available
Basic system
Includes a variety of vibration sensors
connected at defined points and the
system is integrated to also show
temperatures from installed temperature
Advanced system
Additionally includes strain gauges
mounted on the input shaft for torque
This direct measurement allows early
gearbox failure detection, has a high
sensitivity regarding irregular or unstable

process operations and detects overload.

As an additional benefit a relationship
between the torque output and the
production parameters can be built and
maintained, allowing for smoother
production and longer life.
Analysing data
Time analysis
Acceleration signals: rms, peak-topeak, crest, kurtosis
Torque signal: min. torque, max.
torque, mean torque, rainflow
Frequency analysis
Acceleration signals: gear frequencies
and harmonics, sideband and fault
Torque signal: mill table and roller
frequencies, gear frequencies,
torsional frequencies
Envelope analysis
Time range: RMS, peak-to-peak, crest
frequency range, bearing and gear
frequencies, fault frequencies

Still unplugged? Good vibrations are

the key to good production
Sensor positioning
As most of the sensors are
positioned inside the gear, the gear
unit needs to be stopped before
the sensors can be installed.
A selection of sensors is used to
acquire the best range of signal

Sensor positioning for MAAG CPU

Remote system access

Remote system access can also be
beneficial within a group of companies/
plants. If one production facility is
facing problems, colleges from a
different site can look at the data and
share expertise.
As online monitoring is a joint effort/
relationship, certain requirements need
to be fulfilled:

System setup
for remote access

FLSmidth MAAG Gear AG

Lagerhausstrasse 11 P.O. Box
8401 Winterthur Switzerland
Tel +41 52 260 35 00
Fax +41 52 260 35 35


Access to be given to operational

data in accordance with relevance
to the installed monitoring system;
for example motor power, mill
vibrations, hydraulic pressure,
grinding bed depth, mill differential
pressure, mill air flow rate, water
injection rate, feed rate, mill outlet
temperature, separator speed.
Connections, interfaces, electricity
etc. to be provided to guarantee
remote access to reading the data
of the vibration equipment.
Uninterrupted access of the
monitoring system to the SMTP
server to be ensured to guarantee
continuous flow of data.
FLSmidth MAAG Gear to be
informed if a shutdown takes place
In case of failure of a sensor or
monitoring equipment access to be
given to remedying the problem.

CM 08-13 500-23-ENG V1

Sensor positioning for MAAG WPV

Sensor positioning for MAAG WPU