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Roles and Responsibilities

As part of this team, you will have the opportunity to carry out the following
Financial Planning and Accounting: The selected candidate will be expected to
evaluate the Commercial performance of a project, track and validate the
reports using SAP as the ERP platform, using Accounting concepts to derive at
residual WIP, Ageing debt, Net Sales, Margins,etc.
Project Budget Calculations You will be providing support validation, analysis
and challenge project budgets. Assisting project teams (UK and India) to
achieve accuracy in framing cost and resource budget for a particular project.
Analysing and making budget recommendations to improve profitability and
commercial performance of the project.
Tool used In house excel based template budget calculator
Commercial Dashboards - You will be generating and updating a commercial
dashboard to evaluate the financial stability of a project. This is a tool that is
used for financial reporting for a project to the Project Leads. It validates and
presents the current commercial performance of a project, and also helps
track it against the budget/forecast.
Tool used In house excel based commercial dashboard template.
The key areas that the candidate needs to be aware of, whilst reporting the
dashboard are: Reporting profitability track of an project followed by a root cause analysis on
budget impact etc Analysing profitability status of projects by sectors, service
lines, business units etc.
Tool used In house excel based commercial dashboard
Identifying WIP adjustments and recommending possible remediation and/or
correction of impacts to project profitability and commercial performance.
Source SAP database
Perform/Produce Leverage analysis on projects, analysing the impact on
profitability due to change resource grade mix etc. Support and provide inputs
for development of new and enhanced MI to drive commercial performance at
the individual project and sector levels.
Work closely with other service teams to ensure alignment and integration of
The successful candidate should have a minimum of 3-5 years relevant
experience working in a financial environment and preferably experience
working in a large global corporation
Commercial awareness P&L calculation and implementation, understanding of
terms like provision, bad-debts, writing off amounts, impacts of value
injections and leakages within business models.
Project workflow awareness project forecast, lifecycle, budget and planning etc
Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
Be confident interacting and building relationships at the most senior levels
Be self motivated with the ability to proactively plan and prioritise own workload

Excellent attention to detail

Be flexible in their approach and able to work under pressure
Have high levels of personal integrity and the ability to quickly build trust
amongst colleagues and clients.
A team player with the ability to deliver high quality outputs and to work within
integrated, multi-disciplinary project teams, both in India, US/UK.