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Carrier Objective:

Himansu Kumar Maharana

Permanent Address:

At /Post - Gholapur
Via - Athagarh
Dist Cuttack
State - Orissa (India)
Pin Code -754029
Email ID :
Cell No. 07389926928 /
Personal Data:
Fathers Name : Late Gangadhar
Maharana .

Date of Birth



: Male


: Indian

Marital Status

: Single

Passport No.


Languages Known:
Oriya ( Mother Tongue)

T o work in the most challenging position with an Organization

that provides ample opportunities to learn , to contribute & seeking
an opportunity to horn my skills by facing the challenges of the
Industries .
Thus achieve holistic development & bring prosperous
results to my Company, Group & Co-workers.

Academic Qualification:

Institute / College/Board



Management )

B.E. ( Electrical)

Global Tech Institute of

Management, New Delhi

Branch )

Utkal Gourav
Madhusudan Institute of
Techonology , Rayagada ,

Year of pass



I.T.I (Comp.
Operator &

Govt. I.T.I , Khapuria,

Cuttack , Orissa

( Science )

Gopabandhu Science
College , Athagarh ,Orissa


Dadhi Baman Bidya

Mandir , Gholapur,Orissa




Work Experience :
Summary Of Work Experience:
Company Name
Lapp India Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal
Siechem Technologies Pvt. Ltd,
Gupta Power Infra Structure Ltd,
Reliance Engineers Ltd, Bangalore

Time Period


From Feb 2012 to continuing...

From Oct 2010 to Jan 2012

QA Senior Engineer
QC Incharge

From June 2008 to Oct. 2010

QC Cum Prod. Incharge

from May 2007 to June 2008

QA Engineer

Details of Work Experience:

Present Place of Work:

LAPP INDIA PVT. LTD. in Bhopal as a Senior Engineer in QA dept. from Feb 2012 to continuing.

Control the QA dept. ( Process & FG ) as a Team Leader

Inspect the finish product
Do all the Type test of cables as per IS & VDE standards
Visit for Factory Inspection
Update the documentation for BIS & VDE.
Handle the Customer inspection
Reduce the Scarp %, Over Production & Excess Inventory By Lean Management.
Develop new Vendor & R&D product
Control the actual Production against plan quantity
Maintain & sustain the quality in our entire Companies product in terms of cost & quality standards.
Minimized Internal NCs & Observations.


It is one of the best Multi National Company originates from Stuttgart, Germany. It is one of the India's
leading providers of Cables, Cable accessories (Glands, Conduits & Connectors) and Systems of the
highest level of quality. In India there are two manufacturing unit, one is in Bangalore & other is newly
opened in Bhopal. It is a group of Company. In the World, total 22 manufacturing units & 20 sales and service
units present in different countries. The company makes single / multi core FR/FRLS/HFFR cables ,
Instrumentation cables , Power Cables , Control Cables as per IS & VDE standards.
Also makes 500 types of different cable (Braided / Unbraided) as per the company own standard.

Company produces their item by using the own brand name like LFLEX, Uniplus, Unitronic, Hitronic,
Flexi mark, etc. The Company is also a family oriented, supports the whole family.

Previous Company Experiences:

In SIECHEM TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD., Pondicherry, Tamilnadu (from Oct 2010 to Jan 2012) as an
Incharge in Q.C. Dept.
The Company making verities of cables generally power cable as per IS 7098 , PIJF cable, Quad Cable as per
TC-72 ,Control cable, Railway cable as per spec. CLW C -51,ELRS 0019,EPDS 304, EPDS 179, EDTS 132,
Marine Cable(NAVY)/MDL LFH Cable as per spec EED-5012/ 5013 , Solar Cable as per spec TUV 2pfg,
Instrumentation Cable ,Power cord Cables, Auto Cable as per SAEJ1128,etc. Also It makes Jointing Kit,
Modular Connector, Thermo Shrink Sleeve (TSF 1 to TSF 7 ) for BSNL. This Company has its own Electronic
Beaming Center for cable curing purposes i.e. EBEAM. The Cable cured through EBEAM by falling so many
electrons into the cable. This is very fast process for curing the Cable & it purifies the Diamond . So many
verities of compound are used for manufacturing of cables like XLPE, XLPO, PVC, ZHLS, EVA, EPDM, LX,
OX, LFH; etc .The Company has its own R&D department. The Company produces his own compounds like
PVC, XLPE, ZHLS, XLPO, EPDM, EVA. It is one good service provider in Chennai.
> Control the total team like IPQC, QC, IMI & FGI dept.
> Reduce the excess material consumption,
> Handle the Inspection of Railway like (Chitta Ranjan Locomotive Work as per spec CLW-C-51, DLW as per
Spec EPDS-179, DMW as per spec EPDS-179, RCF as per spec EDTS-132 & ELRS-0019, ICF as per spec
EDTS- 132, Central railway/ western railway as per spec ELRS-0019, Eastern Railway cable made as per
Spec EDTS 304)
> Done the Type test of Railway for RCF, CLW witnessed by RDSO Person Mr. Christy.
> Handle the Inspection of NAVY (Marine Cable made as per spec EED-5012/5013)
> Handle the Inspection of MDL (Mazagon Dock Ltd., Mumbai, Cable made as per spec EED-5012/5013)
> Handle the Inspection of BSNL (For Quad cable, PIJF Cable, Jointing Kit, Modular Connector, TSF kit)
> Handle the Customer Inspection of BHEL, NTPC (cable made as per spec ELRS 0019)
& Also handle the Inspection successfully of Private Party like
Moser Baer,Delhi / Adani Infra Power
project Ltd, Gujarat/ AZURE POWER/ LANCO /L&T/ Schneider/ Solar Semi Conductor, Hyderabad/ Vikram
Solar Ltd/ Trinity Touch, Delhi / Conergy India Pvt. Ltd, TYCO, REGEN , JUWI ,( As per Spec TUV 2pfg
1169/08.2007, IS 7098 ,IS 694 & IS 1554)
> Control & change the Electron Beaming parameter as per the test result.
> I have faced so many Inspection against RITES (Railway), ABS (Bangalore), BVQI (Chennai), etc
> I have worked with RDSO, Lucknow for taking approval of quad cable (as per TC-72)
> Person knows very well to me, i) RDSO Mr.Chisty (Chief Engineer Electrical division) /
RDSO Mr.A.K.Mandal (Sr. Engineer Electrical Division)
ii) Mr. Lenin & Mr. Saleem ( RITEs Inspector, Railway)
iii) Mr.Ajit Kumar Alok, Mr.Ravi Kumar & Mr.Sharma ( CLW,
iv) Mr. Aithol & Mr. Devdas (BSNL, Bangalore)
v) Mr. V.N.Ramesh (Navy, Mumbai, Chief Quality Manager)
vi) Mr. Avdesh & Mr. Saleem (MDL, Mumbai, Sr. QC Engineer)

Vii) Mr. P.Somu (Scientist of NTH Laboratory)

Two Years in Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd. (Cable & Conductor Manufacturing Company) as a Quality cum
Production Shift-Incharge from the month of June 2008 to Aug 2009 & as an Incharge in QC dept. from Aug. 2009
to Oct. 2010 in Bhubaneswar (Orissa)


(i) Production:
1. Daily Production Planning of Conductors & Cables
2. Daily Stock Maintaining (Coil, Finished Stock, Wooden Drums etc.)
3. Order the raw material required for production
4. Supervise the Plant
(ii) Quality:
Do all cable related test like breaking load, Elongation, Conductor
Resistance Test, Hot Set Test, Carbon Black Content Test, Ageing Oven Test,
H.V.Test, Insulation Resistance, Volume Resistivity, Melt Flow Index test, Oxygen Index & Temp Index
Test , Thermal Stability Test, Zinc Coating Test, Flammability Test, Persulphate Test ,Loss of mass Test,
Shrinkage Test, Thermal Endurance Test, OIT Test, Smoke Density Test, Oil Resistance Test, Colour fast
ness Test , Abrasion Test, Accelerated Ageing Test by air pressure, Hot Deformation Test , Cold
Bend/Impact Test, Copper purity Test etc. by refer IS 10810, ASTM, EN, BS, DIN, IEC standard.
I had made sample of cable & Conductor and presented it in Exhibition at Khurda, Orissa.
It is a Limited Company having power service provider. It renders services to whole Orissa such as
NESCO, WESCO, SOUTHCO, and CESU and also it makes Export product supply to EEPC (Ethiopian
Electricity Power Corporation), Ethiopia. It basically provides Instrumentation cable, Control Cables, Power
Cables, AB Cables & Different Conductors like PANTHER , ZEBRA, MOOSE, WEASEL, RABBBIT, etc. &
making verities of Conductors for local Order . The Company turnover is Rs. 700 Cores per annum. It is one of
the reputed service sectors in Orissa.

One Year in Reliance Engineers Ltd. (Cable Manufacturing Company) as a Quality Engineer in Bangalore from
May 2007 to June 2008.
JOB RESPONSIBILITY in Reliance Company:
Was Controlling Total IPQC Section as well as IMI section also.

Rs. 6 Lakhs per annum excluding accommodation.

Got Bronze medal & Certificate in Science Exhibition in School Carrier.

Won the Kaizen award & certificate in creating & displaying standard in QA department at Lapp India,

Got award & Certificate for implementing Kanban system in store through a mini Kaizen at Lapp India ,
Fast Aid Trainee , Occupied certificate held at Lapp India , Bangalore
Fire Fighting Trainee , Occupied award & certificate from National Safety Council from Karnataka

Organising & participating in various extra curricular activities.

Hardworking, Accepting challenge & Confident in doing work in which involved.
Making friends & traveling.
Listening music, reading papers, magazines & Holy Book

Personal Traits:
Very enthusiastic and highly motivated with a positive attitude
Efficient leader and good Team worker
Simple and self confident.

Declaration :
I do hereby declare that all statement made in the application are true & correct to the best of my knowledge & belief.


( Himansu Kumar Maharana)

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