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Harley Quinn

Amanda Harley Quinn

Age: 68 yrs
Class: Thief
Level: 6
Prestige Class:
STR: 43
49 +19
DEX: 24
CON: 39
INT: 30
WIS: 27
CHA: 23
Movement: 60ft
Languages Spoken:
BAB: +4
Melee: +20(+23*)
Ranged: +11
HP: 111
AC:20 = Dex +7, Defense +, Natural +8, Tumble + 5

Regenerate: via blood:

Saving Throws +19/+13/+13

Balance (Dex)+13
Climb (Str) +25/+28*
Diplomacy (Cha)+9
Escape Artist (Dex) +22 Handle Animal (Cha) +9 Hide (Dex) +16
Intimidate (Cha) +12
Jump (Str) +25/+28*
Knowledge(Int) Psychology+19
Pick Pocket(Dex) +16 Ride (Dex) +16
Spot (Wis) +Swim(Str) +25/+28*
Tumble(Dex) +22
Special Abilities
Harleys Earrings of Alicia grant her a pseudo-vampire aura that allows her to make use of her former Kindred abilities
Bloodpool: 15/ 3 per turn
Auspex 1, Dominate 1, Obfuscate 2, Potence 3, Fortitude 3, Celerity 3
Expeditious Retreat (1x day/ per Int mod)
Jump- +30 to Jump checks (1x day/Int mod)

Titan Special Abilities

Darkvision 60 ft
Considered Huge size for lifting and grappling
Spell Like Abilities Cast as if a 20th level Sorcerer
DC= 10+Spell Level + Cha
(3x day)
2nd-Weightless Cube- 1 minute/level 100ft+10ft/level .Creates a 20 ft cube of zero gravity. Unknowing entrants make Ref save or spin
out, taking 1d4 subdual and fall prone. Charging into the cube fails Ref save and is thrown 10 ft past cubes edge, 2d4 and prone
Source: Book of All Spells
2nd-Glitterdust- 10ft spread 100ft+10ft/level. Blinds foes and outlines invisible creatures (Will negates blindness)
2nd-Extreme Prank- Affects 1 spellcaster 25ft+5/2 levels. Rearranges spell triggers in casters head (Will negates) Next spell is
randomly determined, generally the most absurd or disastrous. Spell must be cast within one hour of being affected. Source: Book of
All Spells
3rd-Gregarious Chatterbox- 25ft+5/2 levels. 1 minute/level. Object begins chattering inanely. Multiple castings make the objects

carry on conversations with one another.. Will save or be distracted and stand dumbfounded. Spells are -4 to Concentration check.
Listen check (DC 15) to hear conversation in affected area
Source: Book of All Spells
3rd-Mirror Legions- 1 minute/ level 1d4 images +1/3 caster levels As mirror image except duplicates attack, flanks foes.
4th- Disarmament- Range 25ft+5/2 levels Cone. Anyone in blast area that fails Ref save has all weapons on their person teleported to
the casters feet. Source: Book of All Spells
4th-Whirl til you hurl- 1 creature for 2 rounds Will negates 100ft+10ft/level Creature targeted spins in a tight circle, considered
stunned(No Dex to AC, no actions) Opponents +2 to hit. When spell ends must make Fort save or nauseated for next round (no casting
spells or fighting) only move equivalent actions. Source: Book of All Spells
4th- Seven League Stride- 1 creature/level in 30ft radius. 1 hr/level All overland movement rates are x7. Source: Book of All Spells
5th-Ring of Repulsion- Range 100ft+10/level Burst 100ft+10/level radius Bullrush attack as if caster has Str of 15+1 per level.
Opposed Str checks not to be moved . If collide with object, take 1d4/2 levels (max 10d4) subdual Source: Book of All Spells
5th-Telekinesis- 400ft+40/level Concentration (up to a round/level) Sustained force up to 25lbs/level up to 20ft/round or a violent
thrust (everything in a 10ft area up to 10 ft at a target) Use BAB + Int mod to hit. Variable damage, but this attack ends the spell
5thTeleport- Self and touched objects/ 1 person per 3 levels. Instantly travel up to 100 miles per level. See PHB for chart.
6th--Empowered Maximized Shocking Grasp 41 points of electrical damage
6th-Greater Dispelling- As dispel magic, but with a +20 bonus
7th-Spell Turning- Until expended or 10 mins/level 1d4+6 spell levels that target you are turned back at the caster.
8thDizzying Draught- 100ft+10ft/level As Whirl til you hurl, except at the end, targets Fort DC= 12+caster level and nausea lasts
for 1d4+1 rounds.
Source: Book of All Spells
9th-Bigbys Crushing Hand- 100ft+10ft/level 1 round/level 10ft hand interposes (for +10 AC vs 1 foe or bullrush with a +18 Str
check)or grapples (+12 Str check) for 2d6+12 . Uses Level + Cha bonus as its attack bonus
(1x day)
7th-Mordenkainens Magnificent Mansion- 25ft+5/2 levels Creates an extra-dimensional mansion of up to three 10ft cubes per level
in size for up to 2 hours/level. Only those you designate may enter. The place is warm, clean and fresh. It is furnished and will provide
a nine course banquet for up to 12 persons per caster level, served by a staff of semi-translucent unseen servants(2 per caster level),
liveried and obedient. It can only be entered through its special portal and outside conditions do not affect it. Rest and relaxation
follow as normal
7th-Infinite Step- Operates as dimension door except can travel to any spot within sight. Can also make a second step from the arrival
destination, Can mentally view the arrival area out to 10ft diameter per caster level. Source; BoAS
8th-Moment of Prescience- 1 hr per level/until discharged. Grants a insight bonus equal to caster level to any one attack, opposed
ability or skill, or saving throw. Or you can apply it to your AC versus a single attack (even if flatfooted). It can be activated even on
anothers turn. Source; Book of All Spells
9th- Wish- Duplicates Sor/Wiz spells of up to 8th level or lower, other spells of up to 6th level, harmful effects from geas or insanity,
remove injuries and afflictions (1 creature per caster level of one effect), revive the dead (as resurrection ) transport travelers (1 per
level) to and from any plane or undo misfortune (forces a re-roll of any roll made during the last round) reality reshapes to fit the new
outcome. Greater effects run the risk of letting the DM screw you
Iron Will; +2 to Will saves
Improved Initiative +4
Luck of Heroes- + 1 to all saves
Improved Equilibrium- Can move at normal speed while climbing or over precarious surfaces at no penalty.
Calm Heart- Naturally calm and well composed; Harley does not easily fly off the handle and has a +3 to any checks regarding
maintaining self control
Iron Will- Harley is immune to mind dominating effects
Former Kindred Merits Baby Face and Eat Food are in stasis and apply if she is ever returned to an undead state
Deep Sleeper- Harley drops like a log when she sleeps and takes a long time to waken
Absent Minded- She has trouble keeping track of trivialities
Intolerance- She hates mimes and will go out of her way to harass them

Allergy- Harley is allergic to non-prescription drugs of all sorts, they totally upset her equilibrium
Former Kindred Flaw Selective Digestion is in stasis and will apply if she is ever returned to an undead state.
Harleys Mallet of the Titans- Harley has her own style and her Titan weapon is no exception. It appears as a large two handed mallet
with a tie-dyed grip that she can pull from a pocket as a free action. It is acts as a +3 greatclub (4d6+19, 19-20, x 2,) triple damage vs
Harleys Costume-specially made for her, it acts as a Hewards Handy Haversack, each side pocket holds about 2 cubic feet (+/20lbs) and the concealed pocket at the back of the waistband can hold 4 times as much. Also, the item she seeks always appears on
top. All items inside and her outfit get a +2 to all saves.
The clothing is in the little vacuum bags, sucked down to minimal sized bundles: (4 changes of clothes (casual shirt, pants, undies and
socks), 1 professional outfit, 1 Gucci dress, hose, lingerie and heels, Perfume, (4) soaps, 2 deodorants, (10) hotel bottles of shampoo,
(4) towels (4) washcloths, assorted condiments in a ziploc bag, mirror, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, (2)combs, bottle of
toothpicks, (2) bottles of Tylenol, Midol, and non-aspirin pain relief , Slinky, joy buzzer, squirting flower, (4) Bags of marbles,
hairpins , pocket knife, ball of twine, 20 packs of gum, (4) Decks of playing cards, (2) Hi bounce balls (one clear, one
multicolored), ring of assorted and completely useless keys, Motorcycle helmet (Punch n Harley), black leather trenchcoat, (6) bags
of assorted multicolored balloons, (6) cans of Silly String, (8) assorted scarves, (12) smoke bombs, markers (assorted), 2 tubs of
Gaksplat (neon green and pink), box of kitchen matches, Zippo and fluid, (4) pairs handcuffs , bundle of zip ties, (3) rolls of electrical
tap, (2) rolls duct tape, Maglite flashlight, city map of New York ,tape measure, bag of nails, horseshoe magnet, horseshoes, whistle,
assorted role players dice, paperclips, bag of Bic pens, bag of Bic lighters, box of (6) #2 pencils and sharpener, drawing compass,
Wrist rocket slingshot and bag of ball bearings, bag of peppermints, solar calculator, MP3 player and headphones, extra batteries for it,
assorted extradimensional pocket lint, Leathermans tool, Marlboro mini-socket set, (2) tubes of Binaca, (1) tube of Chapstick, winter
gloves, box of medical gloves, Vicks vapor rub, handi-pack of tissues, Box of Milkbone dog biscuits, (4) tinkle balls full of catnip,
pair of galoshes,

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