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What is CSS and what do you understand by term

cascading ? ---- (10 Marks)

2. Explain difference between Get and Post HTTP Method. ----(5 Marks)
3. Explain tree tire architecture. --- (5 Marks)
4. Explain DNS. --- (5 Marks)
5. Explain function of web server --- (5 marks)
6. Write a HTML code which include table, Hyperlink. Character formatting, orde
red and unordered list to display your Resume. --- (10 Marks)
7. Differences between XML and HTML. --- (5 Marks)
8. What do you understand by Rich Internet Applications? --- (5 Marks)
9. Explain CSS. ---(4 Marks)
10. Explain the following HTML tags :--- (8 Marks)
Anchor tag
Hr. and img tag
Frame tag
Form tag
11. What are the options includes in the HTTP method?---(4 marks)
12. Compare HTTP and FTP.--- (4 Marks)
13. Explain HTML code to draw your class timetable.--- (10 Marks)
14. Write HTML code to design a form with three radio buttons red, green, blue.
Write JavaScript code that will change the background color of the page when use
r clicks on the particular button.---( 10 Marks)
15. Write HTML code to accept input from the user for course registration. Input
will include Name, Age and Email-id. Write code for validating input data. --(10 Marks)
16. Explain frameset, frame, noframe, iframe tags, scrolling and frame border wi
th example.--- (10 Marks)
17. Explain JavaScript built-in objects with method and description. --- (10 Mar
18. Explain URL. --- (5 Marks)
19. Write Java script to validate a form consisting of Name, Age, Address, Email
id, Hobby (check- box), Gender (radio button), country (Drop doun menu). --- (1
0 Marks)
20. Create a web page with the functionality of EMI (Equated Monthly Installment
) calculate.
The page should have four text fields and two buttons named calculate an
d clear. Out of the four text fields, three are to accept
data i.e. principle, interest rate and loan term in number of months, an
d the fourth one to give out result, the EMI.
EMI can be calculated as R=P(r/ (1 1/ (1 + r) )) where R-->EMI; P-->princi
ple; r-->rate of interest
and n--->loan terms in months.---(10 Marks)

21. Construct a form with two text fields: one for user name and one for passwor
d when a submit button is clicked. The form is submitted to the echo program if
validation is successful. Otherwise, the user is alerted and the form is not sub
mitted. The validation is as follows:---(10 Marks)
Both user name and password must be four to eight characters in length.
The user name must be composed only of alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z
, 0-9). The user name must begin with an alphabetic character.
The password must adhere to the same constrains as the user name with th
e exception that it may also contain the underscore and hyphen, but not as the f
irst character.
22. Write a HTML code which include table, Hyperlink, characters formatting, ord
ered and unordered list to display your resume. --- (10 marks)
23. Differentiate between XML and HTML --- (5 marks)
24. Explain the domain name system with example. --- (5 Marks)
25. Write a style sheet such that. --- (5 Marks)
The Web page will have the background image img1.jpg .
The table headings will have red background color.
All the headings on the page will be aligned to left.
The hyperlinks on the web page will not have underline.
Paragraphs in the web page will have left and right margins of 100px.
26. Write a code in JavaScript to set a Cookie. Assume suitable data for it. --(5 Marks)
27. Explain the difference between HTML and XML. ---- (5 Marks)
28. What do you understand by mark-up language? Write HTML statements for the fo
llowing:- --- (10 marks)
Create a checkbox.
Refresh the web page automatically after every 2 minutes.
Insert an image in the background.
Enumerated list of five items. Numbering should be in capital roman lett
ers which starts from VI.
29. Write a JavaScript code for the following:- --- (10 Marks)
TO display a digital clock on the screen.
To change the advertisement stored in the form of image after every 5 Mi
nutes automatically.
Explain the in-built objects provider in JavaScript with their propertie
s and methods.--- (10 Marks)
30. Write short notes on:- --- (20 Marks)
Web System Architecture
31. Write JavaScript to valid a form consisting of Name, Age, Address, Gender (R
adio Button) state and country (Drop Down menu). --- (10 Marks)
32. Compare and contrast --- (10 Marks)
i) Get the post HTTP method
ii) HTML and DHTML
33. What are cookies? Explain in details its use in session tracking. --- (10 Ma

34. Design any application which makes use of the following controls: --- (10 Ma
i) Text Box
ii) Radio Button
iii) List Box
IV) Labels
V) Check Box
(b) What is the need for CSS. --- (5 Marks)
35. Write HTML code which includes anchors, backgrounds, images, Lists and table
s to display your resume. --- (10 Marks)
36. What do you mean by domain name systems. --- (5 Marks)
37. Write HTML code to design a form include name, username, password; reconfirm
password, clue to remember password. Write validations for inputs wherever nece
38. Explain significance of cascading style sheets. Explain types of CSS with ex
amples. --- (10 Marks)
39. List and explain all the elements that are available for getting input from
the user in HTML. --- (10 Marks)
40. Explain need of frames in web browser with examples. -- (5 Marks)
42. What is document type definition. --- (5 Marks)
43. Draw the hierarchy of JavaScript built in objects. Explain each one briefly.
--- (10 Marks)
44. Discuss the event handlers in JavaScript. --- (5 Marks)
45. Explain the anchor tag and its attributes with example. --- (5 Marks)
46. Explain three tier architecture. State its advantages and disadvantages. --(10 Marks)
47. Explain :- -- (10 Marks)
i) URL
ii) Cookies
(b) Explain CSS with an example. --- (10 Marks)
48. Write a HTML program for the registration of new customer to the online bank
ing system.
(Customer data collected using a form, after submitting account number,
type of account and user name; ask for password is displayed as output). --- (10
49. Differentiate between:- (10 Marks)
(i) HTTP1.0 and HTTP 1.1
(ii) GET and POST method
50. Explain working of DNS. --- (5 Marks)
51. What do you understand by RIA? --- (5 Marks)

52. Differentiate between:- --- (20 Marks)

HTML 1.1 and HTTP 1.0
53. Explain how you could use HTML frames to provide a web Site that includes an
advertisement for your company along with the content from any other web page S
how that HTML you would need to do this, as you that for your example the Other w
ebpage is w.w.w.google.com. Make sure that you explain how this work. --- (10 Mar
54. What is URL? Explain working of DNS. --- (10 Marks)
55. Write a HTML program for the registration of new customer to the online bank
(Customer data collected using a form, after submitting account number a
nd type of account.
Entering User Name and password form is displayed as output). --- (10 Ma
56. Write a DHTML program to handle any three mouse events. --- (10 Marks)
57. Explain how servlet deals HTTP Get and Post request with an example program.
--(10 Marks)
58. What is CSS and what do you understand by them term
examples. --- (10 Marks)

Cascading ? Explain with an

59. Explain three tier-architecture with advantages, disadvantages and applicati

ons. -- (10 marks)
60. Describe the operations of retrieval of a webpage with its associated messag
es using HTTP. ---(10 Marks)
61. Write short notes on:- --- (10 Marks)
62. Write an HTML code to create a form containing dropdown list. The dropdown l
ist contains colors red, green, blue, gray. Write a javascript code to change th
e background color as soon as the user selects the color from the drop down menu
. --- (10 Marks)
63. What is the need of cookies? How can we cookies be used to set up a counter,
which shows number of times the user has visited the page. --- (10 Marks)
64. With the help of suitable examples compare and contrast the use of <div> and
<span.> --- (10 Marks)
65. Differentiate between <table width = 400
ght = 50% .> ---(5 Marks)

height =

200 > and <table width =

66. Differentiate between GET and POST method. --- (5 Marks)

67. Write short notes on: - --- (10 Marks)
(a) Web system architecture
(b) Document type definition
68. Write an HTML code to create a form for customer registration for a online s
hopping portal .Perform the necessary validations using JavaScript. ---(10 Marks

100% hei

69. Write a code in JavaScript to set a cookie. --- (5 Marks)

70. Explain the function of web server. --- (5 Marks)
71. Differentiate between: --- (10 Marks)
HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 1.0
72. Write a DHTML program to handle any three mouse events. --- (10 Marks)
73. What is URL, Explain working of DNS. --- (5 Marks)
74. Explain the stylesheets for HTML. Explain the types of CSS with examples. -- (10 Marks)
75. short notes on cookies --(5marks)

Differentiate between GET and POST

Explain issues in web designing.
Explain XMD DTD.
---(5 Marks)

---(5 Marks)
---(5 Marks)

76. Write Javascript program to change background colour continuously. (10 Mark
What is CSS? Explain the ways by which CSS is included in HTML.
(10 Marks)

Write a HTML code to illustrate use of table and lists ---(5 Ma

---(5 Marks)

Explain JavaScript objects Window and Document. (10 Marks)

What is JQUERY ? Illustrate the use of JQUERY with a program.

77. List various events on various HTML elements and explain Event handling in J
avaScript with example. (10 Marks)