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Dhonuk, is an environment designed especially for art lovers where, thanks to

the Internet, interact with each other (artist and consumer) through blogs,
forums, videos, events, notes, groups, testimonials, online social network
built between other; doing even more practical, useful and simple achieving
better communication and a new and innovative way to express creativity.
The importance of continuous search unmet market needs, always came to
the engine for entrepreneurship, but it is also important to ask a system of
"continuous improvement" to increase the social impact and sustainable
development, leading to greater competitiveness.
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The great impact caused by the application of information technology (IT) in

the current business models such as social network can take advantage of
the potential to capture, segment and retain customers. Becoming a great
tool for the benefit for companies, corporations, organizations and companies
in order to promote your product or service, with the courage to follow closer
to the customer and obtaining solutions direct contact with them.
The importance of having a great economic development in the country,
purchasing power, as a consequence attract increased investment and thus a
high level of consumption, making the marketing grow, creating a
technological fabric to increase competition market, improving their income
Current high demand art online service, should lead the organization to
develop different strategies not only focused on knowledge of the tastes and
thoughts of customers, but to constantly innovate transmitted to the
customer experience, which could exceed its expectations.
The mobile revolution is an important consideration because 1 in 8 Internet
page views from mobile phones are therefore designed a mobile application
that is easy to download and even free would be helpful as to be interactive,
informative and practical consumers will be more attracted to this type of

It is essential to consider when designing a website, the audience you will be

directed to service and be more precise about the customer taste and
comfort creating a pleasant atmosphere and modern at the same time vital
for users.
Any commercial website should offer a variety of payment methods and
guarantee secure transactions by credit card and / or debit card.

Promotion is essential to give the product you are offering, so that this is
recognition of and seeking not only to embrace the art of India, but of the
Not all potential customers have installed the latest versions of the
navigation software on their computers. Therefore, always design your site in
mind the ordinary user, and do not assume that everyone is using the latest
technology available.
The incorporation of information technology to the business model of the
arts, which is a sector largely untapped.
The development of a platform that will allow all the artists share their work
and review of issues related to art. And review the other works.
The improvement in the platform, which generated the creation of personal
accounts to users for both the purchase and selection of preferred galleries
and other tools that allow the customer to customize their space in the social
The willingness of people to use new media to appreciate and buy art,
moving away from traditional as auctions, galleries, art fairs, cafes or
The lack of a platform with sufficient capacity to maintain the operation of the
The error fraction subject to completion of surveys by the investigated users.
The lack of quality of the works included in the online galleries
Participate in the development process of the country, by generating
employment and wealth through the promotion of innovative activities in the
art market under the persistent innovation and fundamental understanding of
our history in search of the evolution of art, promoting the development of
the art market by marketing strategies as private sales, auctions, art galleries
and websites, publicizing our market with comfort and efficiency.

An organization focused on the India Art, music and aspects related to the
semi-classical design and art forms, folk music of the young, shared across a
Table No 2. Consumption expenditure by product category as% of total
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Table No 3. Rate of equipment in information technology and
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Table No 4. Accessibility front experientialism
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Table No 5. Interactivity front Brand personality
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Figure No 1. Interest in the world of culture and entertainment
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Figure No 2. Main motivations for acquiring art
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Table No 1. consumption expenditure of households
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Figure No 3. Origin of buying art
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