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Place of Parents

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Allah Ta'ala declares in Holy Quran : Show kindness to your parents,
Don't say 'uh !' to them (out of irritation) and don't be harsh with them,....
pray : O Lord , show mercy to them as they did to me in my childhood.

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Said The Prophet (SAS) : Pleasure of Allah, lies in the pleasure of
father and displeasure of Allah, lies in the displeasure of father.(Tirmizi)

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Said the Prophet (SAS) : Paradise lies under her (i,e. mother's) feet.

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Said the Prophet (SAS) : They are your Heaven and your Hell.

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Said The Prophet (SAS) : (The rights of parents after their death are:)
to pray for mercy and forgiveness for them, to fulfill their promises to
any, to pay due regard to their relations and to respect their
friends.(Abu dawood)

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Said the Prophet (SAS) : The disobedient of parents will not enter into

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Said the Prophet (SAS) : Obey your parents , your children will obey you.

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Learn your mother tongue : Urdu X y WG+ 2zg Z zZ

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