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(Asset, Liability & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life : At A Glance

- With EMI Chart, Latest Interest Rates & Delegation of Financial Powers - Up-dated Edition as on 12th April 2010 )

Ghanshyam Prasad Srivastava

(For Internal Circulation Only)

Name of Products
1. Housing loan
2. Credit Khazana
3. SBI- Shoppe Plus
4. HL for Earnest Money
5. HL for NRI
6. Gram Niwas
7. Sahyog Niwas
8. Spl Rural Housing Sch
9. Credit-cum-Subsidy Scheme for Rural Housing
10. Tribal Plus
11. SBI-FLEXI Housing Loan
16. SBI Happy-Home Loan 17. SBI Lifestyle Loan
18. SBI Special Home Loan 19.SBI Hi-Five Home Loan
20. SBI Ezee Home L 21. SBI Advantage Home Loan
22. Interest Subsidy Sch Housing Poor (ISHUP)
23. Car (Auto) Loan 24. Car Loan - Overdraft
25. NRI Car Loan
26. Scoom -Two Wheeler Loan
27. SBI Advantage Car Loan 28. SBI Ezee Car Loan
29. Per Loan on mortgage of Immovable property
30. SBI Loans to Pensioners 31. Jai Jawan Pension
32. SBI Personal Loan to Affluent Pensioners
33. Personal Loan
35. Personal Loan Xpress Credit 36. Festival Loan
39. SBI Education Plus
40 SBI HOME-LINE Special Personal Loan
41. SBI-Home Cash
42 Mahila Shakti Scheme
43. SBI Career Loan 44. SBI Reverse Mortgage Loan
45. Education Loan Scheme / SBI STUDENT LOAN
47. Nursing Plus (merged into Student/Education Loan)
48. Student Loan Scheme (GSS)
49. RBI Education Loan Scheme
50. Gold Loan
51. Adv ag Shares & Debentures
52. Equity Plus
53. Loans for Subscription to IPOs
54. Advance against Magnums
55. Units of UTI
56. Advance ag TD 57. Loan ag NRE/ FCNB Deposits
58. Loan- NSC/ KVP/ IVP 59. LIC 60. Pravasi Plus
61. Advances against RBI Relief Bonds
62. Advances against open ended Sch of Mutual Fund



1. Kisan Credit Card
2. Kisan Gold Card
3. General Credit Card
5. Krishi Plus Scheme
6. Financing 2nd Hand/ Used Tractors
7. Financing Power Tillers
8. Financing Seed Processors
10. Agl Advance against gold & silver ornaments
11. Produce Market Loan
13. Capital Investment Subsidy Sch for Rural Godown
14. Land Purchase Sch for Small & Marginal farmers
15. Finance for Cold Storage
16. Financing Private Cold Storage/ Pvt Warehouse for
On- lending to farmers
17. M S T P (Million Shallow Tube well Programme)
18. O F W M (On Farm Water Management)
19. Artisan Credit Card
20. S G S Y (Swarnjayant Gram Swarojgar Yojna)
21. S J S R Y (Swrnjayanti Shahri Rojgar Rojgar Yojna)
22. SHG 23.SHG Credit & Gold Card 24.SBI Micro Loan 13,16
25. Financing Joint Libility Gr (JLG) of Tenant Farmers
26. ARTHIAS PLUS (Indirect Agl Finance)
29. Broiler Plus 30. Commodity Warehouse Receipt Fin
31. Krishi Kalyan
32. Financing Organic farming
33. Sanjeevani Tractor Upgradation
36. SBI-Siemens Medical Equipment Plus
37. SSI Swarojgar Credit Card (SCC)
38. SME Credit Card or Small Business Credit Card
39. SME Credit Plus Scheme
40. SME Smart Score System
41. Stree Shakti Package (SME Business)
42. Corporate Loan (C&II and SSI)
43. Flexi Loan General Purpose Term Loan
44.. General Purpose Term Loan - SSI

Assistant General Manager, SBI, Specialised P B Branch, Patna

48. Short Term Loan Products for C & I Borowers

49. Traders Easy Loan (Mortgage Loan renamed)
50. Working Capital Finance for Trade & Service(C&I)
51. Working Capital Finance for Private Builders(C&I)
54. Auto Clean Sch 55. Margin Money Sch for KVIC
56. P M R Y Prime Minister Rojgar Yojna
57. D I R (Differential Interest Rate) Scheme
58. Credit Guarantee Fund Trust - Micro & Small Ent.
59. Equity Fund Scheme 60. Entrepreneur Scheme
61. Liberalized Sch 62. SBI Shoppe Fin of shops
64. Transport Plus (replaces Parivahan Plus)-C&I
65. Loan Light / Med Com Swaraj Mazda Vehcle -SBF
66. Financing Com Vehicle Tie up Ashok Leyland
69. Gold Banking Sch 70. SBI Exporter Gold Card
72. Pre-ship/ Express Vendor Discount Scheme
73. CAR LOAN TO SME UNIT (New & Old Vehicles)
75. Open Term Loan Mfg Sect 76. OTL Service Sec
78. Foreign Currency Denominated Loans (FCDL)
79. SME Help
80. SME Care
81. SBI SME Collateral free Loan. 82. SBI SMILE
83. Financing JCB Machine 84. PMEGP
85. SBI Krishak Uthan Yojna 86. Financing MFI/NGO
87. Construction Equip Loan 88. Carbon Credit Plus



1. Multi Option Deposit (MOD)
2. Saving Plus
3. Premium Savings A/c 4. Super Saver TD Sch
5. Corporate Liquid Term Deposit (CLTD)
6. Liquid Term Deposit Sch 7. Kisan Mitra Jama Yoj
8. Long Term Floating Rate Deposit
9. Senior Citizen Deposit Scheme
10. Kanakdhara Deposit Scheme 11. Capgain Plus
12. Core Power 13. Multi City Cheques
14.Corporate Salary Package 15. Defence Salary Pack
16. SBI SME POWERGAIN/ P PACK 17. Power Jyoti
18. SBI Shakti CA 19. SBI SAHAJ 20. No-Frill A/c



Non-Resident External Rupee ( N R E) Account
Foreign Currency Non-Resident ( F C N R) Account
Non-Resident Ordinary ( N R O ) Account
Resident Foreign Currency ( R F C ) Account
Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) (RFC-D) A/c
Exchange Earners Foreign Currency (EEFC) A/c
1. State Bank Cash Plus Card (ATM-cum-Debit Card)
2. SBI Gold Debit Card 3. Visa Gold Intl Debit Card
4. SBI Platinum Intl Debit Card 5. Combo Card
6. SBI Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card
7. SBI Pay Roll Card
8. SBI Gift Card
9. SBI Credit Card
10. SBI Tiny Card
11. Tiny Card for SHG
12. YUVA Card
1. SUPER SURAKSHA For All a/c holders
2. Home Loan Insurance 3. Car Loan Insurance
4. Tractor Loan Insurance
5. SHAKTI - For SHG Members
6. Life Long Pensions For KCC holders
7. SWADHAN Group
8. SUDARSHAN Saving-cum-Insurance plan
9. Life Long Pension Retirement Plan
10. Money Back Plan
11. SCHOLAR II To secure childs future
12. SHIELD - Term Insurance
13. KEYMAN Protect Key Personnel of Co.
14. EDUSHIELD For Education Loan Borrower
15. SWADHAN Life cover with refund of premium
16. SETUBANDHAN Life Cover for NRI & Depend
17. HORIZON II Unit linked with life cover



Medi-Plus Scheme
64. Rent Plus
Plus Schemes
Bhagya Rekha Loan
Rupee Loan against Gold Deposits

Sl. Name of the Scheme


Rationale/ Objective/ Purpose


45.. Standby Line of Credit (SLC-WC) C&I and SSI
46. Standby Line of Credit (SLC-TL) C&I and SSI
23. SBI Tax Savings Scheme 2006. 24. Yuva SB A/c
47. Standby Loan to Corporate for New Vehicles
25. SBI Flexi Deposit 26. Annuity Deposit Sch
27. SBI Tiny SB-OD A/c 28. SBI Tiny R D A/c
For any suggestion/advice/please send email: ghanshyam.srivastava@sbi.co.in or call/send SMS on 09431020156


Amount of Loan
Repayment /Interest
(See Page: Latest Interest Rate)


Other Features & Ref Circulars.

1 HOUSING LOAN (Mst Cir 275 /09-10)

Individuals 18 (e-Cir 549 dt 02.03.06) to For purchase of land/ repairs, etc., max Margin (e-Cir 573/ 23.12.08) - Upto 35 yrs of age: Max of 25 years (e-Cir 422Take-over Norms (e-Cir 640/ 22.1.09) For loans above Rs 5 crores, prior administraloan is Rs.10 lacs. Age criteria since
Loan upto Rs 75 lacs: 20%
13.10.07), >35 to 45 yrs of age: Max. of 20 years
1. Borrower should satisfy the eligibility tive Clearance is required. (NBJ/PBU/HL/3/
(Loans upto Rs. 20 lacs exc Staff HL, 70 yrs of age with steady income,
Loan above Rs 75 lacs: 25%. Over 45 years of age: Max. of 15 years. (In case of
criteria for availing HL.
2007-08 dated 20.04.07) Fixed int. rates
Repairing Rs 1 lac in R/SU and Rs 2 including Agriculturists. 2 loans can be withdrawn. Amount of loan now
given to an individual if he has the
decided on EMI/ NMI RATIO
Home Loan to Businessmen joint borrowing, for 25 yrs loan, NMI of Borrower of 35 2. Home/ Flat under construction also offered only upto 1 cr. Under Tailor Made
lacs in Urban areas come under
capacity to repay.(e-Cir 83 dt 26.05.06) Upto Rs 2 lacs 40%,
-At all RACPC Centres.
yrs should constitute atleast 75% of the joint NMI)
allowed if no undue delay in completion Housing loan, customer can fix up his
Priority Sector Advance)
Max eligible expected rent accrual as Rs 2- 5 lacs 50%
- Making profit in last 3 years. Interest Rate - (Force maejure clause Bank may
3. Regular servicing of installment &/or repayment schedule to suit his repayment
Bulk Business: more than 25
part of income subject to NMI of Co- Rs Above Rs 5 lacs 55%
-Income: Latest IT Return
alter int rate suitably or prospectively in event of any interest of existing loan, if due.
capacity.. Existing borrower can switch over to
applicants with check off.
borrower -Good Borrower can avail For Teacher Plus : Loans for 45 yrs Depreciation or 5% of sales.
int volatility - applied) Addl benefits Free ATM
4. Borrower possesses valid Title Doc. floating interest rate on payment of 1% fee on
Pre-EMI Interest to be addressed
credit facility u/ CREDIT KHAZANA. & below 72 NMIs & for above 45 - Min Loan: Rs 25 lacs.
card, Credit Card & Free Personal Accident
Permissible quantum of Finance for the outstanding. 2% penalty on the amt
suitably so that actual outstanding will
Take over: Outstanding with other
prepaid in excess of normal EMI to be levied
always remain within limit, for this Addl For Furnishing, 10% of Project cost yrs 60 NMIs. Reimburse investment Margin: 30%, ROI: Card Rate Insurance cover New India Ins Co. pay
max Rs 3 lacs (where TPG or Check from own sources for cons/ pur/ repair - TL, Maxgain (OD) not allowed Outstanding + Int till date of death of borrowers (Pro- Bank + prepayment penalty or present on pre-closure of HL before expiry of half of
HL may be granted obtaining suitable
rata in jt a/cs) To be insured in joint names of Bank Market value () prescribed margin,
original tenure. (Cirdo/273 dt 17.01.05) (CC&
security doc (e-Cir 567 dated 10.03.06). off available) - Old House < 15 years. during last 12 m at 25% margin & (Ref e-Cir 71 dt 07.07.08)
Add back depreciation to compute NAI, lower value of investment or market SBI Green HL (e-Cir 726/7.3.9) & borrower for full market value.
whichever is lower (This relaxation is FO/13 dt22.4.5), e-Cir 249 dated 11.08.06,422
Under Platinum Age Limit (PAL) Sch
Rebate - 5% in Margin & 0.25% -SBI Life provide insurance under Super Suraksha valid on or before 30.04.2009 e-Cir dt 13.10.07, 89 dt 14.05.08.Review of various
Max Age 75 yrs for repayment. (e-Cir if loan for assets avg dep of last 3 price (e-Cir 591 dt 03.02.07)
FYs, same DSCR (e-Cir 591/ 3.2.07)
in Interest, Proc fee: NIL.
concessions in HL Refer e-Cir 506/ 19.11.8.
89 dt 14.05.08)
(SBI Life pays administration fee 20% of prem) 727/ 07.03.2009)
Processing fee in Home Loan A/cs 0.5% of loan amt incl service tax collect upfront before evaluation, Upto Rs 5 lacs Rs 1000, Rs 5 lacs 10 lacs: Rs 2000, Rs 10 lacs to 20 lacs: 5000, Rs 20 lacs 50 lacs: 7000, Rs 50 lacs- 1 Cr: Rs 8000, Rs 1 Cr to % Cr: 10000, Above Rs 5 Cr Rs 20000 (eCir 563/ 9.11.9). Also applicable to home loans under hybrid schemes SBI-Flexi/- Realty/-Maxgain/-Freedom/-Optima (Ref e-Cir 93/dt 6.6.6). Risk weithage: Upto Rs 30 lacs 50%, 30 lacs & above 75%.
Marketing Tips: 1. Lower Int & Processing Charges 2. Int calculated on daily reducing bal. 3. FREE Application form, SBI Classic/ Intl Credit Card and Internet Banking. 4. Flexible Repayment Options. 5. Gr Life insurance at concession. 6. Free Per Accident Insurance Policy 7. Reward for timely
repayment of loans 8. Avail Cr Khazana, Flexi & Realty, Optima, Maxgain & SBI Vishesh facility. 9. Takeover without any interim security. 10. Incentives under IT Act. 11. Preferences under Teacher Plus. 12. Tailor made HL with customized repayment.
Staff Housing Loan: Loan: Max 90% of Project or Rs. 8 lacs (Sub-staff), Rs. 12 lacs (Clerk), Rs. 20 lacs (Officers). Interest: 6% Simple. Margin: 10%. Repayment: 240 EMIs (P: 168 Int 72), moratorium 24 months from 1st instalment or 6 months after completion, whichever is earlier. (e-Cir 638 dt05.02.08).
Individuals incl joint owners who have Under the package one or more loans Scoom 5% (if check off),
Repayment as per individual schemes
Security As applicable, EM of HL will All other terms & cond as per Ind. Schemes
-It takes care of entire loan needs of finan -Availed Housing loan with E.M.
as eligible under individual schemes Tractor & Car 10 %,
extended for addl loans
Benefits to Bank/ Branches cially disciplined customer as a package -Satisfactorily serviced TL for 1 year
Car Loan, Scoom, Education Loan (for Education & Personal as per ROI Concession of 0.25% for all loans other than
Insurance of asset, Life from SBI Life, -An excellent opportunity for cross selling
-Hassle free additional loan on
after moratorium
one dependant), Personal Loan,
individual sch
housing loan under this package
Free accident cover as per individual -help in retention of existing customes
concessional rate of interest and margin. -With margin 15%(house) / 30% (Land) Tractor Loan, Any other Plus scheme.
-reduce transaction cost of acquiring new Cus
3 SBI SHOPPE PLUS (P Segment) First TL for construction of residential house. Second TL for purchase of Furniture, Computers, Books, Equipment for Doctor(s) etc (Under SBI Shoppe). Document separate for both purposes.
All instructions regarding eligibility, amt of loan, ROI, margin, documentation etc as applicable to Public Housing Loan Scheme. Security : Extension of charge on building.
Over 18 yrs with steady source of
Loan amount atleast of 90% of
Disbursement directly to Govt Housing Agency
3rd PG (waived if 110% tangibles)
Security waived for permanent employee of
4 Loan for EARNEST MONEY for
allotment of a house/ plot (sold by govt income (no min. income criterion)
application amount or 12 times of NMI ROI as applicable in HL
Repayment Direct refund to the loan a/c in rejection. Otherwise, Tangible collateral at least reputed PSU/ govt with check off
Housing agencies)
or Rs. 10 lacs..
Adjustment against regular HL for successful ones.
50% of loan.
NRIs over 18 yrs of age with valid
Minimum: Rs.3 lacs, Maximum: As in Regular Home Loan. If loan is Repayment < 35 yrs 25 yrs, 35-45 yrs: 20 yrs, >45 As in Housing Loan
Processing Fee: 0.5 % of the loan amount.
(Max eligible expected rent accrual in joint Indian passport or PIOs with a foreign for purchase of land or for repairs, etc., max. Loan is Rs.20 lacs.
yrs: 15 yrs (Subject to liquidation of loan by 60 yrs or Comprehensive insurance for the full Interest as to Housing Finance to residents.
applicant 36 expected monthly rental if > passport,& employed abroad for at
Max. Amt for consumer durables: 10% of Project cost or Rs 3 lacs. retirement). Moratorium 18 m/ 2 m after completion
value in joint names of Bank and
-2% penalty on the amt prepaid in excess of
45 yrs, 48EMR if <45 yrs of age e-cir
least 2 yrs and holding a valid job
Margin - Same as in Housing Loan except purchase of land 15%.
which is early.Repayment by abroad fund/ NRE a/cs Borrower.
normal EMI to be levied on pre-closure of HL
94/ 6.6.6 & 241 / dt 17.07.09.
contract/ work permit*
in India/ or by a/c of relatives. PDC obtained.
Take Over from other banks allowed. before expiry of half of original tenure
* Module DGM may allow deviation, if a. NRIs, with total work experience of 2 yrs in India or Abroad, who have taken up jobs abroad for better prospects or b. NRI with min job contracts of 2 yrs abroad & completing 6 months of employment (e-Cir 422 dt 13.10.08) ** For Gurantor NMI $ 2000/ Rs 24000.
-All Rural/ SU Areas population <50000 5 times of Avg Annual Income from all 10 % of the Project cost < Rs Facility: TL/ OD with ATM-cum-Debit Card
Primary EM/ RM or 100% tangibles -Processing fee waived, Empanelled Lawyers
sources incl spouse income. Max 5
50000, 15% for >50000 5 lacs, Repayment- Max 15 years (Moratorium max 18 m of incl. agl land.( < 0.50 lac 3rd P G instead fee max Rs 500 from Borrower
EMI/ NMI Ratio 25% for Avg of last 2 yrs -All Individuals with satisfactory
lacs for cons/pur.,2 lacs (repair), 1 lacs 20% for > Rs 5 lacs.
first Instatment or 2 months of completion of house). of Mortgage)
-Permit for construction by local auth to be
Income Upto Rs 40000, 45% for >40000- Deposit/ Advance a/c with us.
(land)- e-Cir 484 dt 7.11.7. NABARD Assesment of loan < 0.50 lac- ROI- 0.25% below card rate. Gr Insurance from SBI Collateral-SARFAESI Act prevent, but submitted with approved plan
2 lacs, 55% for >2 lacs- 5 lacs, 60% for > -Age 18 to 50 yrs (>50, when
guarantee by all legal heirs)
Model Sch Toilet-cum-Bath room in simple estimate, > 0.5 lac as
Life, Per Accident Insurance cover at Banks cost. take where available.
-Classified under Priority Sect Advance.
Rs 5 lacs. (e-Cir 484 dt 7.11.07)
Rs 8600 (e-Cir 223/ 02.08.06)
per specifications
- e-Cir 484 dated 07.11.07
10 times of saving corpus subject to
-do-do-Processing fee waived; legal fee max Rs.
7 SAHYOG NIWAS (P S Advance) -do-

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

To finance Self Help Groups/ members
for housing in rural & Semi Urban areas
(covers rural areas & towns where
population does not exceed 50000)


(Product Code: 5015)

Sl. Name of the Scheme


-SHG with good track record for 2 yrs

max. 50000 per member for new

200/- for scrutiny etc.
house, 25000 for land/ repair /renov.
Any individual to construct new house Max: Rs.10 lacs for house; Rs.1 lac for 20%-<20000 ,25%->20000 to Max: 15 years
As above
a) NHB formulated the scheme & gives
or for repairs or addl. Construction in
50000, 30% - >50000 & upto
refinance upto Rs.10 lacs
rural area.
Rs.1 lac, 35% - > Rs.1 lac.
b) Loan is not for buying old/existing house.
For those below Poverty Line/ Annual Max: Rs.40,000
Loan arrived at after reducing 5 to 8 years depending upon repayment capacity
As above
Rural areas 20 kms away from metro/large
income 32000 who are non-defaulters. Ceiling of Subsidy: Rs.10000
subsidy from project cost.
Interest: SBAR at half yearly rests.
towns and 5 kmsfrom small/medium towns.
Purpose: In many Tribal/ Hilly areas granting of HL rendered difficult due to No cadastral survey, No land Patta, legal transfer from a tribal to non-tribal not possible and ownership of the land lies with the community chief of the village, this scheme obviate
the problems. Eligibility: 1. Individual with age 18 to 60 years 2. Permanent employee of Central/ State Govt/ PSUs/ reputed Pvt Sctors with min 5 yrs service, subject to availability of check off or Professionals/ Self-employed/ businessmen/ Agriculturists
with 5 yrs experience and having satisfactory deposit a/c with avg balance Rs 5000 or Standard loan a/c both for last 2 yrs. Loan Amount : 36 NMIs for Employed, 2 NAIs for Professionals, Self-employed, businessmen and agriculturists, subject to max Rs
10 lacs. Margin: 15% (Construction/ purchase of new/ existing house/flat), 20% (Repairs/ renovation/ addition) Type of Loan: Term Loan. Security: Third Party Guarantee of other employee or Group Guarantee, Lien on PF (may be waived by DGM if check
off), a life insurance policy for a sum equal to the loan amount which should be assigned by the Bank, liquids (Salaried 30%, others 50%) in form of TDs, Life Policies, NSCs, KVPs, shares, Govt Promissory Notes, Other FDs, Gold ornaments. (Liquids may be
waived provided Borrower/ Guarantor offers of equitable mortgage of immovable at other centre equal the value of loan). Disbursement: In phased manner (construction of house)/ one-time (out right purchase). Repayment: EMIs not to exceed 15 years or
remaining yrs of service (Salaried) or 65 yrs of age (others) Interest rate, Pre-payment penalty & Penal interest, Free personal accident cover, optional Gr insurance and Processing Fee as in HL Scheme. Inspection: Half yearly (SA), Monthly (NPA).
Comprehensive Insurance in name of Borrower & Bank for the market value of the property. (Ref e-Circular 467/ 2005-06 dated 25 Jan 2006)

Eligibility & Amount of Loan


Repayment /Interest (Floating)


Other Features & Ref Circulars

-All HL borrowers who avail loans of Rs. 5 lacs and above 3 options
Eligibility, Margin, Interest,
Disbursement- Irrevocable letter of undertaking to be Documentation 1. Arrangement Letter -2% penalty on the amt prepaid in excess of
-In wake of intense market competition &
Repayment tenure, Procesng obtained from the borrower regarding the options.
2. Memorandum of Housing T loan.
normal EMI to be levied on pre-closure of HL
% of Loan on Floating Interest % of Loan on Fixed Interest Rate
with view to meeting emerging market
Fee as per instructions on HL Repayment Undertaking may be obtained which will 3. Guarantee Agreement
before expiry of half of original tenure
demand -To build in value added & Cust-2 HL a/cs to be opened
clearly show EMI of both the loan a/cs.
- Processing Fee 0.5 % of the loan amt max
omer friendly features to our H loans
one on Floating & other on
Rs 10000 (e-Cir 93 dt 6.6.6).
-To increase our H L product profile.
Fixed Int.
Ref CirCo/Adv/197 of 2004-05/ dt 22.11.04.
Margin - 15% of cost of land , Repayment Max. 180 months starting from the
EM of plot, Personal & Interim Guaran- Processing Fee 0.5 % of the loan amt max Rs
12 SBI REALTY To tap effectively Eligibility- Individuals over 18 years of age with steady source of income,
Development , Registration,
month following the month of disbursement of loan. tee good for loan amt.
10000 (e-Cir 93 dt 6.6.6). Other charges like
the market potential for HLs for purchase including persons engaged in agl & allied activities. TYPE OF LOAN T L
of land for housing construction - more Max Loan Rs 1 Crore. Permissible EMI/NMI Ratio: 30% upto Rs 2 lacs of NAI, Stamp duty.(2% penalty on the ROI As applicable, concession of 25 bp on tie-up Disbursement By A/c Payee cheque valuation, search report actual basis.
with Urban Dev Auth/ Coop society with busi > 5 Crs. directly to Urban Dev / Coop Society. - Construction of House < 2 yrs (e-Cir
appealing & customer friendly approach. 40% for > 2 lacs 5 lacs, 45% for > 5 lacs 10 lacs and 60% for > Rs 10 lacs amt prepaid, as In H L)
(e-Cir 481 dt 07.11.07). Adm Clearance for > Rs 50 lacs by Reg AGM (e-Cir 26)
414/11.11.06). e-Cir 481/7.11.7, 26/ 17.4.8
13 SBI MAXGAIN H L as overdraft Rationales - 1. To provide an exclusive, innovative & value added HL product to tap significant potential market. 2. To improve Banks HL product profile. Date of launch 01.04.05. Loan: Max Rs 30 lacs (e-Cir 503 dt 19.11.08) Type: Overdraft.
Eligibility, Purpose, Margin, Security, Interest Rate, Pre-payment penalty, Processing Fee, Pre & Post sanction process, Repayment As per Housing Loan Scheme. Separate Documentation Ann A, B & C.
Spl Features: For new HL of
Focus on HNI, Mass Affluent Segment,
Highly paid Professionals & Executives. Rs. 5 lacs & above, Borrower to maintain SB or CA with min Rs. 5000 (No min balance if salary a/c with us e-Cir 485 dt 7.11.7), HL will be linked with SB/CA with Auto DP Reduction as per repayment schedule, may go for Hybrid combination with SBIRealty & SBI-Flexi HLs
14 SBI-FREEDOM Home Loans Background: In wake of enhanced IT incentives for HL (U/S 80C upto Rs 1 lac of principal repayment as against the earlier cap of Rs 20000 only), many prospective HNI & Mass Affluent borrowers are keen to avail HL to the max extent to draw optimal IT
Benefit. Special Features: 1. Waiver of mortgage of the property financed and in lieu thereof obtains pledge of liquid securities TDs, NSCs, KVPs, LIC Policies. Loan amount to the extent of 90% of the security incl accrued interest, subject to max 100% of
Rationales: To extend value added
Project cost. Further, liquid securities may be accepted in lieu of cash margin. 2. Repayment: Normal repayment as in regular HL, subject to renewal of the securities pledged on maturity till liquidation of loan or Repayment of the loan out of the proceeds of
option to meet the latent needs of the
niche customer group comprising HNIs, the securities offered, as and when they mature. Borrowers to arrange to pay monthly interest. 3. Agreement to mortgage to be obtained to further strengthens the securities. Marketing Tips: a. To offer 100% financing of the project cost, b. To effectively
Affluent, NRIs, Highly paid executives, meet the latent needs and tap the business potential emanating from high societies with bright prospects to tap their deposits and opportunity to cross sell other products, c. As entire loan/margin secured by liquid securities, bank may fully hedge the risks
against the possible dip in real estate prices, d. Acceptance of our TDs incl FCNB Deposits, enable us to retain deposits, to boost Home Loans portfolio and to reinforce the loyalty. All other instructions governing regular Home Loans/ SBI Gram Niwas/ SBI
leading professionals etc.
Realty/ SBI Flexi/ SBI Maxgain as the case may be to be applicable. (Ref e-Circular 458/ 2005-06 dated 21 Jan 2006) Processing Fee 0.5 % of the loan amt max Rs 10000 (e-Cir 93 dt 6.6.6).
15 SBI-OPTIMA Additional Home Loan Rationales: a. To maintain long term relationship with Home Loan borrowers, b. ensure continued customer loyalty, c. make of HL sch more customer-friendly by extending value added facilities, d. improve our competitive edge in the market, e. to take over of
Purpose: To meet expenses towards
Home Loans by optimally tapping the significant potential. Eligibility: 3 yrs satisfactory HL (SA) Borrower. Loan Amount: a. 18 NMI for salaried or 1.5 NAI for Professional/ Self-Employed/ Businessmen/ Agriculturists, with provision to club spouse income or
major repair, renovation & addition to
b. 25% of original Project cost of house/flat or c. 85% of cost of repair, renovation and addition or d. gap between 85% of the current market price of the flat/house and actual loan dues whichever is lowest. The aggregate EMI of HL, other P Loan and SBI
their house/flat as also for purchase of Optima should not exceed 60%. Type of Loan: TL. Disbursement: In stages in addl construction, in lumpsum in other cases. Repayment: Max upto residual period of HL by check off/ PDC from 2 months after final disbursement or completion of work
furniture, fixture, consumer durable etc whichever is earlier.Proc Fee:0.5 % of the loan amt max Rs 10000 (e-Cir 93 dt 6.6.6). Security: Extension of charges & TPG. Inspection: Every 3 yrs, immediate if irregular, quarterly when NPA. Other features: As in HL. (Ref e-Cir 03/2006-07 dt 10.04.06)

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


Eligibility: 1. Age 21 65 years (for sanction of loan), may be extended > 65 yrs if sufficient regular income, repayment within 70 yrs of age , Permanent Employee, Professionals & Self Employeds (IT Return required), Agriculturists (No IT Return),
Multinational Executives 2. Salaried: NAI Rs 100000 & Above, NMI at least 2 times of EMI. If NMI is > Rs 10 lacs, Sanctioning Authority (rank of AGM) may relax EMI/ NMI upto 70%. Loan Amount: No ceiling in loan amount max 30 NMI or 2.5 NAI, EMI/NMI
Purpose: TLs for purchase of new
% should not exceed 50% (60% in case of tie-ups with reputed institutes). Wherever, the income of the spouse, father, mother, brother, sister (any one, max no. of borrowers 2) is included, person will join as co-borrower instead of Guarantor (e-Cir 477 dt
passenger cars, Multi Utility Vehicle
5.11.7). The max cost of accessories < 5% of cost or Rs 25000 whichever is less. Margin: Uniform margin 15% on road price (may be reduced to 10% where check off from reputed employer). Margin 10% (e-Cir 407/ 09.10.07). Repayment: Within 7 years
(MUVs) and SUVs.
(Salaried), 5 yrs (Self-emp or Professionals) in suitable monthly/ quaterly equated installments or through ECS where available. Repayment Date 10th (Loan disbursed on or before 15 th) or 20th (after 15th) of the following month. Repayment of loan through a/c
of person in whose name vehicle is registered or through a/c with us in joint names of borrowers. Transfer of A/c: Standard Asset can be transferred from one branch to other on request of the borrower. Place of Loan: Loan can be availed at place of
To accelerate the demand of cars and permanent residence or work. Verification of asset by the office at the center at Rs 350 as an inspection fee. Seizure of vehicle: Whenever cheque is dishonoured or an installment due remains unpaid for the first time, it should be immediately brought to the
improve weak consumer sentiments, notice of the Borrower. Interest: Periodicity and Amount of loan-wise. See Page: Latest Interest Rates. Concession in Int: 0.25% in case of Plus scheme and also to loan under Check-off. DGM may reduce upto 0.5% to Sr Executives & on Festival
interest rates freezed at 10.00% (Fixed) occasions. (All concessions can not be clubbed together) (e-Cir 541 dt 10.01.07). Penal Interest: @ 2% on the entire loan outstanding for the period of default. Processing Fee recovered upfront when loan sanctioned (Card rate - 0.5% of the loan
for all car loans sanctioned from 23.2.9 amount, min Rs 500 max Rs 10000, when loan rejected (25% of the fee, if rejected after pre-sanction survey subject to min Rs 500 max Rs 2500). Security: 1. Hypo of vehicle and noting of hypo charge in the books of RTO 2. Guarantee of spouse, if income
to 31.05.09. Interest will reset on 01.6.9. taken into account for computing loan amount. Documents: Application form, Irrevocable letter from Borrower, Letter from DDO, Letter forwarding DD/ B Cheque to supplier/ Dealer, Hypothecation Agreement, Guarantee Agreement (where applicable),
Processing fee waived upto 31.05.09
Arrangment Letter, Irrevocable letter of Authority where DDO is himself the applicant. Insurance: Comprehensive, 110% of value, Banks interest as a hypothecatee should be noted in the certificate & insurance policy. Pre-payment Penalty: 2% of the
(e-Cir 700 dt 31.01.09)
amount of loan pre-paid if loan is taken over or repaid before expiry of of the agreed repayment period or partial repayment made in first yr. Inspection: No periodical Inspection in case of Standard Asset. Inspection must when there is default of 2
Cocession on Interest & Processing
installments. Twice a yr for NPA a/cs. Papers with loan application: Statement of Bank A/c of last 6 months, 2 photographs of Borrower/ Guarantor, Signature identification from Banker of Borrower/Guarantor, A copy of Passport/ Voter ID/ PAN Card, Proof of
Fee extended to 30 Sept 2009 (e-Cir
residence, Latest Salary slip showing all deductions & TDS Certificate-Form 16 (if Salaried), Copy of IT Return of last 2 FYs ( Salaried)/ 3 FYs (if Professionals, self employed & others), Proof of official address for non-salaried individuals. Processing Time:
36 dated 16.04.2009)
Max time schedule for receipt of application and sanction/ disbursal of the loan is 2 days. Payment of Service fee incl of Service Tax to dealers/ Sales Executive (at RACPC only) (except vehicles financed to staff) Rs 750/ loan upto Rs 3 lacs, Rs 1000/ loan
> Rs 3 lacs . Payment at Branches 1% to 1.5% on amt and no. of vehicles (e-Cir 477 dt 5.11.07) (Ref Master e-Cir 457 dated 01.12.2006, revised vide Corporate center PB/AL/ 1/ 28 and PB/ AL/ 04 dated 07.06.07)
Take Over of Car Loans- 1. May be considered selectively where: - a. The vehicle si not more than 2 years old, b. Single ownership, c. No Insurance claim availed and d. Account of the borrower with the other bank is Standard Asset. 2. Repayment within 7
years from original purchase. 3. Reimbursement of costs of unencumbered vehicle can also be considered. 4. Interest for new car will be applicable, if no change in ownership. (e-Cir 87 dated 06.05.09)
All instructions are same as above except - Max loan Amount: Rs 15 lacs. Valuation: Certificate of fitness/ valuation from a reputed/ authorized garage. No valuation required if car sold under Maruti True Value scheme or Automartindia. Take Over of
Vehicle (not more than 5 yrs old)
Loans: 1. Take over considered selectively a. where vehicle is not more than 2 yrs old, b. single ownership, c. no insurance claim availed, d. Standard Asset in other Bank. 2. Repayment within 7 yrs of original purchase. 3. Reimbursment of cost of
- Financing old vehicle on the basis of
unencumbered & upto 2 yrs old vehicle. 4. ROI of new vehicles applicable, if no changes in ownership in case of take over from other banks. (Ref e-Cir 386/2005-06 & NBG/PBU/AL-Car Loans/4/2005-06 dated 14/12/2005). Repayment: Within 7 years
duplicate Registration Books not allowed. (Salaried), 5 yrs (Self-emp & Professionals) of original purchase. Interest: See Page Latest Interest
(For further details Ref Master e-Cir 457 dated 01.12.2006)
Marketing Tips: Car Loan 1. Lower Interest, 2. Interest on daily reducing balance, 3. No advance EMI, 4. Low Processing Fee, 5. Lower Pre-payment Penalty, 6. Long Repayment Period (7 yrs), 7. Finance on Road Price, 8. Lower Margin 9. Free Personal Accident Insurance, 10. Life Insurance at
attractive rate of premium, 11. Special Rate of Interest for Special Customer Groups (Under Plus Schemes), 12. Subvention amount to Customers, 13. Concessional extended warranty, 14. No muscleman at the door.
Staff Car Loan: Quantum: Max Rs. 4.50 lacs (Clerk), Rs. 7 lacs (Officers JMGS-1 to TEGS-2), Rs. 10 lacs (MD), Rs. 15 lacs (Chairman). Interest: 7% p.a.. Simple. Margin: 10%. Repayment: 180 months (132 for Principal, 48 for Interest) e-Cir 312 dt 02.09.08.
2 wheeler & Car loan both may be availed within overall limit of Car loan. (e-Cir 645 dated 06.02.08)
Date of launch: 01.11.2006. Type of Loan: Overdraft. CIS Code: 5028. CBS Code: < 3 yrs: 6050-1011, 3 to 5 yrs: 6050-1012, 5 to 7 yrs: 6050-1013. Stipulations: New car loans of Rs 3 lacs and above. Interest: Periodicity and Amount of loan-wise. See
Page: Latest Interest Rates. Drawing Power on Car loan a/c will be reduced on monthly basis to the extent of principal component so that the loan is liquidated at the end of tenure. Cheque Book, ATM-cum-Debit-Card, Internet Banking facility given after
disbursment of loan and completion of required formalities incl hypo of vehicle.
(All other features of the scheme are
Rationales: 1. To provide an exclusive, innovative and value added car loan product to tap significant market (High Networth Individuals, Mass Affluent, Professionals, Highly paid Executives, Software Professionals, reputed businessmen, Industrialist etc.)
as of Car Loan mentioned above)
providing attractive avenue to park temporary surplus funds and optimizing returns by reducing interest burden. 2. To improve Banks car Loan product profile.
(Ref e-Cir 404 dated 07.11.2006 for further details)
Under this scheme, NRI will be Guarantor and NRIs nominee will be principal applicant. Eligibility: For Borrowers & Guarantor Age 21 65 yrs, Loan to paid before Guarantor turns 65. For Borrowers: Resident Indian related to NRI Individual, Agl,
Self Employed, Parent of NRI receiving pension or inward remittance from NRI, Physically fit with driving license or capable to engage driver. For Guarantor (NRI) Having valid Indian Passport, Steady source of Income, Employed abroad for 2
R : This will widen our product Professional,
yrs, with valid job contract, NRI a/c with us for 12 months with avg balance of Rs 50000 or new a/c with > USD 5000, Power of Attorney. Authorised Branches: NRI Intensive Branches. G M Network may add more branches. Loan Amount: For Borrower
offerings to NRI Customers and
Max 18 times (No ceiling), For Guarantor Min NMI USD 1000 or Min NAI USD 12000. For New vehicle, no ceiling in loan. EMI/ NMI ratio < 50%. Margin: 40%. Repayment: Withi 5 yrs from original sale. Interest: applicable amount & period wise. Penal
result in improving Auto Loans
Interest: 2% of outstandings for period of default. Processing fee: 0.5% of loan amount uprfront. Festival concession wef 08.10.07 to 31.12.07, 0.25% (e-Cir 407/ 09.10.07). Security: Hypo of vehicle & noting of charge in book of RTO, Liquid security
NSC, LIC, TD etc atleast 35%. Tangible security may be waived on good track & creditworthiness. Insurance Comprehensive atleast 110% of value. Disbursement by A/c payee BD/ B cheque to dealer under forwarding letter. Prepayment Penalty: 2% of
amount prepaid. Inspection: No Inspection if SA, inspection if there is default of 2 EMIs, For NPA twice a yr. For more details refer e-Cir 370 dated 18.10.2006 and 413 dated 11.11.06.
19 SCOOM (Two Wheelers Loan) Age 21-60 yrs, min NMI Rs.6250 or NAI Max : 6 times NMI for salaried, Half of 15%, may be reduced to 10 for Max. 36 EMIs (Teacher Plus: 60 EMIs) Post-dated cheques or ECS/ SI (with addl 6 cheques) if a) Insurance as above b) Process Fees: 1.2%
75000 for normal bikes, NMI 5000/ NAI NAI for others. For Teacher +: 10 NMI new vehicles on check off, plus check off not available. Service Fee to Dealer- 2.5% max Rs 2500 incl Service Tax.
incl tax min Rs 250 max 500
60000 for battery 2 wheelers & Mopeds Staff: Max Rs 60000 or 90% (e-Cir 747 sch or value of connections
Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.
c) Tie up with Bajaj Auto Ltd. Countrywide
Two wheeler loans (Bulk Finance= Min 25 vehicles in 3months with check off) : Network GMs may relax the norms Eligibility : Min NMI Rs 2500/-, Max loans 18 NMIs, ROI 0.75% <SBAR , Margin NIL, Repayment 60 EMIs (Ref. Corp Cen PBBU/AL/5/54 DATED 18/07/2005)
Employees, P&SE/ Others who are
Minimum: Rs 25000/Term Loan Max:120 months EMI or date of
Ref e-Circular 341 &
As above. The loan can also be
Processing fee: 2% of loan amount
I.T assesses & Agriculturists
Max: 75% of market value by
Retirement where check off otherwise 60 months.
granted against the security of
incl service tax, max Rs 50000 (e-Cir
PROPERTY- General purpose loan for
-Self Occupied or Vacant condition.
Banks approved Valuer (report not
CA/OD Max 60 EMI, monthly reducing DP.
dated 22/11/2005
property of a third party if the
449/ 29.10.08)
exp. of marriage, medical, education
Max.age:60 years
more than 3 months old) subject to a
Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.
latter agrees to stand as a
(incl. outside India), & Foreign Travel.
NMI of 12000 (salaried)
max. of Rs100 lacs
guarantor to the loan.
But not for speculation (e-Cir 310/5.9.6) NAI of 150000 (others)
EMI/ NMI < 50%
Primary: Nil
No processing fees.
pension a/cs are maintained or***
ceiling of Rs.100,000.
age 70-72 yrs. For Family pensioner EMI 25%<
Collateral: Loan > Rs 25000 to be
(to meet personal expenses)
Pensioners age not to be over 72.
For Family Pensioners- Max. 9
Type of Loan Demand
net pension drawn. Repayment 36 months
guaranteed by spouse or any family
Cir.Circo/Adv/106/2003-04/ dt 14.07.2003/

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

For Family Pensioner max age 65 yrs

times of pension or 50000/-


Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.

member/3rd party worth the loan

29 of 26.05.04, e-Cir 340/05-06 dt 22/11/05

*** Pension paid by Treasury through cheque drawn on us on conditions a. irrevocable mandate by pensioner to take payment of cheque through us, b. Treasury to undertake not to transfer pension to other bank without our NOC (Ref e-Cir 340/2005-06 & NBG/PBU/PL-Pension/15 dt 22/11/2005.)


LOAN For Young
Defence Personnel.

Rationales: To meet personal expenses of young Defense pensioners, who do not have any means of livelihood other than pension, they find it difficult to meet their emergent financial needs or spend on setting up a small
venture to supplement their income. Purpose: To meet the personal expenses of young defence pensioners beyond the existing Personal loan ceiling of Rs 1.00 lac. Age: Upto 50 yrs. Loan Amount: 48 times of net monthly
pensions, subject to max Rs 2 lacs & EMI/NMI not to exceed 40%. Margin: NIL Guarantees: TPG of spouse eligible for family pension or of any family member or third party good for amount. No guarantee if loan < Rs 25000.
Repayment: Max 84 months. Type of Loan: Term Loan. Processing Fee: NIL. Documents & ROI As per SBI Pensioners sch. Authorised Branches- All pension disbursing branches. (e-Circular 138/ 2006-07 dt 23.06.2006.)


Employees & P&SE, etc. (min. 2yrs

service/ standing); Also Agents of
Insurance/KVP/M Funds with min.
NAI of Rs.2 lacs & 3-5 yrs standing
Age: 60 yrs or less; Min. Income:
NMI of 6000 (sal;NAI of 60000-other)
For Teacher Plus :NMI = Rs. 2500/-

PERSONAL LOAN (Replaced by

SBI Saral) (Relevant for old loans)
[Applicants to score at least 50% in
credit scoring model if check off facility
is available, otherwise at least 60%][for
any general purpose incl purchase of
Consumer durables & Computers


Min: Rs.24,000
Max: 12 NMI for salaried or 1 year
NAI for others - with a ceiling of 7.5
lacs for salaried & others in 6 metros
& 5 lacs at other centres; Rs.1.5
lacs for Pensioners under VRS.
(CC/NBG/PL/177A/4 dt 23.06.05)

Type of Loan: TERM LOAN

Repayment -Max: 48 EMIs for Salaried & P&SE

36 EMIs for Pensioners .No Pre-payment Penalty.
60 EMIs in Teacher Plus
Int: 2.5% above SBAR
Int on Per / Festival Loan against 3rd party security
of NSC/IVP/RBI Relief Bond etc. to the extent of
110% of the loan amt - 9.00 p.a. (29.11.04)

Security Nil Processing fees: As in Saral Scheme.

Personal Loan Scheme is now extended to TRADERS who have cash flows to repay
the loan and can also provide adequate tangible collateral security; Loan amt: 1 years
Net Annual Profit during the previous financial year or Rs.1 lac whichever is lower.
Credit scoring model is not applicable to Traders as tangible collateral security covering
full amount of loan is obtained Bulk Business : Min. 25 application in 3 months.
- NMI can be reduced to Rs. 5000/- by Br/ Region AGM for salaried with check off.

SBI SARAL Simplified Personal

Purpose: 1. Bank to ensure that any customer Resident Indian having repaying capacity, irrespective of segment except AGL customers, may cater their sudden unanticipated needs in lump sum without any stipulation of enduse of funds.
2. Loan for any legitimate purpose domestic or foreign travels, medical of self or family, marriage, education, as customers have to resort to moneylender for emergency funds. Eligibility: Any person having 1. Sufficient cash flow (salaried, min 1 yr
Loan Scheme with Objectives:
service) or regular income (others) as evidenced by 6 months salary slips/ IT Returns of 2 yrs. 2. EMI/NMI at least 50%, 3. Proof of Residence & identity to satisfy KYC norms, 4. 6 months satisfactory statement of any account, 5. if credit card holder, submit
i. Inclusion of a wider target group,
last 3 months statement, and 6. Min scores 50 marks in Credit Scoring System. Minimum Income: NMI Rs 5000 aftter all deductions incl IT (Employee). For others, NAI Rs 60000 (latest IT Return less tax payable). Spouse income considered if joint a/c or
ii. Issuance of clear instructions
guaranteed. Loan Amount: Min Rs 24000 in Metro & Urban, Rs 10000 in R/SU, Max 12 NMI (Salaried), 1 NAI (Others), Max Rs 10 lacs in all centers, subject to credit score 50 or more. Security : NIL. Type of Loan: Term Loan. Repayment: 6-48 EMIs,
regarding processes.
Pre-payment penalty of 1% of loan if paid before 6 m. Renewal after 24 m, separate loan may given subject to EMI/NMI ratio not more than 50%. Mode of Repayment: Monthly remittance if tie up or S I if a/c with us or PDC. Interest: See Page: Latest
All P seg customers/ employees of
Intererst. Processing fee 2% of loan, if credit score 60 & above, 3% if credit score 50-60 (e-Cir 449/ 29.10.09). Disbursement: No Cash, only through Bankers cheque or credit to a/c. Rationales: i. Inclusion of a wider target group ii. Issuance of clear
good Corporates other than Xpress
instructions regarding processes. (Ref e-Cir 339/ 2005-06 & NBG/PBU/PL-Per loans/14/ 2005-06 dated 22/11/2005)
Credit, Self employed Engineer, CA,
MBA, Doctors, Architects with min 2
yrs standing may avail.
Transfer of Personal Loan under Saral & Xpress Credit from one branch to other, irrespective of IRAC norms, subject to 1. Notice to borrower and obtention consent letter from him, 2. Customer to pay additional stamp duty if transfer to othe state, 3. Furnish full address, telephone nos both
residential & official to transferee branch for follow up. Obtain undertaking form borrower not to use the proceeds for any speculative purpose in stock market or in real estate. (Ref e-Cir 600/ 2006-07 dated 06.02.07)
-Check off** (See Foot Note, Page 9) or PDC on GMs permission (Score 60%); Margin: NIL. Repay 48 EMIs. Besides TL/ DL, OD on following terms i.Loan granted Processing Fee- 1% of loan amount incl service tax (e-Cir 449/ 29.10.08)
for 1 yr & subject to annual review, ii. Loan 10NMI, Net take home >40% after interest. Now also extended to Quasi-govt & reputed educational institute employee,
Target Gr: Emp of Govt, Semi Govt, Profit To bring High Quality Per Loan as low grade Employee contributed significant
ROI See Page: Latest Interest.
where we have Captive Branch. All other terms conditions of Personal Loan will be
making PSUs, reputed Educational Inst, NPAs, NMI reduced to Rs 3000. (e-Cir 271 dt 19.08.06)
applicable (Ref Cir. Corp Cen PB/PL/218 dt 31.05.05 & 4A/ 165 dt. 21.06.05).
SB1, SB2 & now SB3 Co satisfying take Min Loan 10000, Max 18 NMIs (EMI/NMI not exceeding 50%)
Max 12 NMIs for Non Govt Employee.
-(e-Cir 657 dt 13.2.8)
over norms (e-Cir 115, 16.6.6)
Personal Loan under Xpress Credit scheme extended to Para Military Forces (CISF) e-Cir 01 dated 01.04.06 : As CISF personnel are posted allover the country, considerable scope for sanction of Per Loan through the large pool of salary accounts exists. In terms of e-circular no. 551 dt 2.3.6
and 557 dt 3.3.6, Bank to extend Personal Loan facility under Xpress Credit Scheme to CISF Employee, whose salary is paid through us on the basis of SI activated simultaneously with salary credit, without insisting Check-off and NOC after obtaining certificate from DDO.(See Page 07)








Employees with min. 2 yrs service;
Self employed with min. 3 yrs
standing; Persons with regular
source of income
NMI of 3000 & above
Teacher Plus: NMI Rs. 2500


Min: 5000; Max.:Rs.50,000 subject
to 4 times the NMI. Loan upto Rs.1
lac to individuals who are either
employees and provide check off
facility or are well established selfemployed whose dealings with us is


Disbursement is by credit to account.
Repay: 12 EMIs; No penalty for prepayment

Type of loan: DL

SECURITY & Other Features & Ref Circulars

Primary: Nil; Collateral: Personal guarantee of spouse or 3rd party of adequate worth
where check off is not there.
Processing Fees:1.10% of loan amount.

Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.

Emp of Govt, reputed PSU for 2 yrs,

Security- NIL, For Traders 100% Tangibles (Now against PDC & suitable TPG
Min Income: Emp/Pensioner Rs 6000, Self Emp NAI 60000/Margin NIL. Type of Loan TERM LOAN
Self-emp Doctors, CA, MBA < 60 yrs,
subject to min score 60 Corp Cen NBG/ PBU/ PL/ 8/ 2005-06 dt 31.8.5) ,
-Loan to any legitimate traveler to
Loan: Min 24000 Max 12 NMI for Sal/Pensioners others 1 NAI Repayment 48 months for Salaried, Self
Pensioners, Agents & Traders etc
Processing Fee 1% of loan ROI 12.75% floating, Incentive of 50 bp for 2nd Loan.
travel in India & Abroad. This product
max Rs. 5 lacs for 6 Metros, Rs 2.5 lacs for other centres
Emp, Traders; 36 months for pensioners
Min Score 50 (check off), if not 60.
Complimentary Vishwa Yatra Travel card, All other features as per PerLoan.
since withdrawn (e-Cir 713/ 23.01.10)
Loans for Aptech Ltd Courses Authorised Branches identified by Circle. Purpose: Loan to earning parent of a student or working/ earning student to take computer courses with ACE-Aptech Computer Education, Arena Multimedia, SSI Education of at least 3 months, and where tuition fee is at
least Rs 10000/- Eligibility: a. Confirmed/ permanent employee with NMI Rs 3000 b. Non-salaried past 2 yrs IT Returns with NAI Rs 40000 c. Loan subject to EMI/NMI ratio < 50% d. Income of spouse considered if spouse guarantee the loan e. All other Term & Conditions of Personal Loan
applicable. Loan Amount:: Minimum Rs 10000, Maximum 12 NMI or Rs 1 lac. Credit Score: Min 60, can be reduced to 50 by Sanctioning Authority in deserving cases. Repayment: Course period + 6 months (< 42m), EMI start from 1 month after disbursement. Interest: (1.75% above SBAR)
Floating except Xpress Credit Borrowers.3.75% over SBAR floating if credit score is < 60 or between 50 & 60. Processing fee: Loan < 50000 Rs 200, >50000 to 1 lac Rs 400/- Disbursement: 4 installments Beginning of course, 7th, 13th & 25th months. Documents As Personal Loans Rationales1. To broadbase our customer base 2. To assist needy individual to acquire technical skill. (Ref. e-Circular 193/ 2005=06 dated 18.08.05).
This product since withdrawn (e-Cir 713/ 23.01.10)


Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


SBI EDUCATION PLUS Rationales/ Objectives: Provision of financial assistance to employed persons for pursuing part time/ Distance Education courses for career development. Eligible courses: Distance Education & Part Time Courses (Evening)
for Diploma/Degree/PG conducted by UGC/ Govt/AICTE/AIBMS/ICMR/IGNOU etc. Eligibility: Permanent employee of State/ Central/PSUs/Reputed Institutes with min 2 yrs service and has secured seat. Consent letter from the
Personal loan for distance
employer for pursuing proposed course. Facility: Term Loan. Age: Below 45 yrs. Amount of Loan: 15 NMIs, max Rs 1 lac min Rs 25000. Margin: 10% Interest- 0.25% above SBAR. Repayment: 60 EMIs. No penalty on early
education & part-time courses repayment. Security: Check facility letter from employer or PDC along with suitable TPG. Processing Fee: NIL Documents: As applicable to Xpress Credit.
Rationales: 1. to reinforce the loyalty of existing Home loan borrowers, 2. To tap the potential for take-over of Home loans, 3. To give a discernible boost to the off take of Personal loans and 4. To improve Net Interest Margin
(NIM). Purpose: General purpose loan against mortgage of immovable property. Eligibility: HL Borrower or Take over case with a satisfactory repayment record of 3 yrs and whose loan is a Standard Asset. Maximum no. of
occasions to avail loans - > 5 yrs & upto 10 yrs (First), > 10 15 yrs (Second), > 15 20 yrs (Third time). Amount of Loan: 18 NMIs for salaried / 1.5 NAI for businessmen, agriculturists. EMI/ NMI not exceeds 60%. Credit
(e-Circular 108 dated 15.06.06, Scoring is waived. Rate of Interest: 50 bps above the Home Loan Interest. Processing Fee: 0.50 of the loan amt incl service tax. Security: Extension of charges on mortgaged property. Inspection: Every 3 yrs (SA), Quarterly
363 dt 27.09.08)
(NPA). Required Papers: Copy of salary slip & IT returns. Marketing Tips: 1. Product meant to maintain long-term relationship with HL Borrowers with a focus to reinforce the customer loyalty. 2. An effective tool to aggressively
Scheme launched from
market take-over of quality loans. 3. In-built provision to sanction Personal loans to HL Borrowers. 4. Waiver of stipulation for credit scoring. 5. Competitive Int Rates, linked to HL. 6. Low Processing fee. 7. Long repayment period
co-terminus with residual maturity of HL. 8. Better security coverage Mortgage linked product, minimizing the chances of delinquency. (Ref e-Circular 108/ 2006-07 dated 15.06.2006)


Special Personal Loans


SBI HOME CASH now renamed


R : A value added personal

loan to
our existing home loan customers on
attractive & easy terms, especially in
view of the comfort of security as
house property.


Rationale: i. To broaden our customer
base, ii. Pursuant to the recommendation
of National Com for Women (NWC) to
assist women of lesser economic strata.
This product since withdrawn (e-Cir
713/ 23.01.10)

33 SBI Career Loan

34 SBI Reverse Mortgage Loan

R: To provide a source of additional
income for senior citizens of India
who own self-acquired and selfoccupied house property in India.
Date of launch: 12th October, 2007.
(For more clarification Refer e-Cir 112
dt 28.05.08)


35 EDUCATION LOAN SCH renamed as

Eligibility: All H L customers with satisfactory repayment record of atleast one year and maintaining SB/ CA with us. Loan Amt: Minimum Rs 25000, Maximum Rs 10 lacs, subject to present value of house property (-) 25% margin on property value & (-)
present outstandings in Home loan a/c. The present market value of the property to be decided by approved panel valuer. Sanct Auth does assessment of property for the loan upto Rs 2 lacs, valuation not required. No of loan: Two, 2nd loan may be granted
after a gap of 2 yrs of first loan within the overall ceiling of Rs 10 lacs. Purpose: Any purpose extension/ repair of house, purchase of car/ consumer durables, education/ medical expenses of family, personal expenses etc. Documentary evidence for end
use of funds not required. A certificate to be obtained from customer that the loan will not be used for any speculative purposes. Facility: Term Loan or CAOD (ATM-cum-debit card would be issued). Interest: Only floating rate linked to SBAR based on type of
loan & check off facility (12 to 15%). For Staff ROI is 2% < SBAR (if Floating HL) or 1% < SBAR (if Fixed HL). Repayment: Not beyond the existing period of HL (e-Cir 668 dt 14.2.8), convenient to borrower, starting one month after disbursal. Prepayment:
Penalty of 1% amount prepaid. No Penalty if HL & TL prepaid simultaneously. EMI/ NMI Ratio: Not to exceed 60% of both loans, may be relaxed to 70% for > Rs 10 lacs HL Borrowers. Processing fee: 0.5% of loan, min Rs 500. Security: Extension of
mortgage of house property NOT mandatory (e-Cir 668 dt 14.2.8). Branches: All incl Rural Branches. For Staff, rural brs also. (e Cir 313 dated 29.08.07). MIS product code: 5030, CBS Producrt code: Home cash OD (6050 2151) & TL (6250 2151)
Eligibility: Earning women and Housewives incl single mothers, widows, deserted women with family income upto Rs 20000 p.m. Purpose: General medical, travel, family functions, home renovations, childrens expenses etc. Loan Amount: For Earning
Women Min Rs 10000 Max 18 NMIs or Rs 1 lac, For Housewives Upto Rs 50000 depending upon repayment capacity of borrower/ guarantor with EMI/NMI upto 55% Security: Clean loan, For Working women-Tie-up/ PDC, Housewives- if no source of
income: one co-borrower preferably relative, if sufficient income one guarantor preferably relative. Interest: Earning women75 bps >SBAR, Housewives 50 bps below SBAR floating. Repayment: 60 months. Margin: NIL. Other terms: i. 50 bps
reduction if salary with us, ii. Further 25 bps concession if check off, iii. Life cover of Rs 1 lac per person with SBI Life at reduced rate.
CAREER PLANNER LOAN: Eligibility: As above. Purpose: Any educational purpose. Loan Amount: For earning women- Min Rs 10000 Max 30NMIs or Rs 3 lacs, EMI/NMI upto 55%, Housewives- Rs 1 lac, EMI/NMI 55%, Periodical disbursement on
progress of the course. Security: Clean Loan, For Working Women Tie/up or PDC, Others one Guarantor with regular income preferably relative. ROI- For earners 50 bps < existing education loan rate, Housewives: 125 bps < SBAR floating with floor
rate of 9%. Repayment: 36-60 m. Margin: < Rs 1 lac NIL, > Rs 1 lac 5%. Other terms As above. (This is not Education Loan, but Personal Loan)
(Ref E-Circular 333/ 2005-06 & NBG/PBU/PL-PERLOANS/10/2005-06 dated 22/11/2005)
Rationale: A fully collaterallised scheme to finance individuals who opt for training to acquire skills needed to join a job/ profession. (Not covered under Education loan scheme) . Eligibility: Individuals who undertake a DGCA approved course for training/ skill
development for joining as Commercial Pilot/ Airhostess. Facility: TL with applicant and parent/ guardian/ spouse as co-borrowers. Age: Min 18 yrs (Applicant), Max 60 yrs (Co-borrower). Loan Amount: Max Rs 20 lacs. Repayment: 36 EMIs from one year
after completion of course (e-Cir 242 dated 04.08.2007). Interest: Based on SBAR security-wise. 12.5% (EM), 1% > FD Rate (FD), 11.5% (LIC,NSC etc) (e-Cir 700 dt 01.03.08). Processing Fees: 0.5% of loan recovered upfront. Security: EM of nonencumbered Property or Govt/ PSU Bonds, NSC, LIC, KVP, FD of Banks etc. Margin: 10% (LIC, KVP, NSC, FD, Bonds), 20% (EM). Documents: Personal Loan backed by security & Personal loan ag mortgage of Immovables. Ref Cir 493 dated 14.12.2006,
242 dated 04.08.2007.
Purpose: Supplementary income, any personal expenses, house repairs. Eligibility: 1. Single or joint with a living spouse (Not for NRI). 2. Age > 60 yrs of first borrower, > 58 yrs for spouse. 3. Surviving spouse one, borrower to undertake not to marry
again, if not loan will be foreclosed. 4. Self-acquired & self-owned houses as permanent primary residence. Mobile/ Telephone/ Credit card bills/ affadavit accepted as proof of residence. 5. Clear, unencumbered and transferable title, Search report for 30 yrs
to be obtained from the Banks empanelled advocate at borrowers cost. 6. Residual life of property At least 20 yrs (Single), 25 yrs (Joint, if spouse < 60). Branches: All. Type of facility: Non-renewable Overdarft without ledger folio charge. No cheque or
debit card linkage. Quantum of Loan: 90% of value of property, min Rs 3 lacs, max Rs 1 crore. Tenor: 10 to 15 yrs or till death. Interest: Public - 10.75% (Fixed) subject to reset every 5 yrs. Staff Pensioners 1% below card rate. Disbursement: By credit
to SB A/c in joint names with E or Ship. Periodicity Monthly/ Quarterly or Lumpsum. Repayment: Loan become due when last surviving borrower dies or opts for sell or permanently moves out of home. Settlement of loan by sale of property or pre-payment
by borrowers or his kin. Borrower to submit life certificate in November every year. List of legal heir to be obtained at time of sanction of the loan. Foreclosure: 1. If borrower not stayed > 1 year. 2. If fail to pay property tax/ insurance/ maintain or repair. 3.
Declared him bankrupt. 4. If mortgaged property donated or abandoned etc or any violation of terms & conditions. Pre-payment of loan any time & without penalty. Security: EM of residential property. Revaluation: On Every 5 yrs and payment may be
revised accordingly. Processing fee: 0.5% of loan, min Rs 500 max Rs 10000/-. Right of Rescission: As a customer friendly international gesture borrowers hacve right of rescission upto 7 days. Insurance & Maintenance: Bank reserves the right to pay
insurance, taxes etc by reducing loan amt if not paid by borrower. IRAC norms: SA as long as repayment or interest does not become due. Descretionary power: Same as Home Loan sanction. Classification: Looking at utilization of loan, it is treated as
Personal Loans against mortgage of immovable properties. Registration of WILL is not necessary (e-Cir 603 dt 14.01.08) Product Code: 5033 (CIS), 6050 2011 (CBS). (For details refer e-Cir 380 dt 27.09.07, 112 dt 28.05.08).

Indian National; secured admission
to professional./ tech. Courses or to
foreign universities / institutions,


Max: Rs 10 lacs for Studies in India
Max: Rs.20 lacs for studies abroad.

Upto 4 lacs: No Margin

> 4 lacs: 5% - India 15% abroad

10 yrs after moratorium (e-Cir 174/ 23.06.09)
Moratorium: Course Period + 1 year (24 months


Other Features & Ref Circulars

Upto 4 lacs: No security, Only

Parents co-obligation.

Loan only on Floating rate basis.

No processing fee < Rs 4 lacs, 1.10% > Rs

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

(Ref Master Cir 789 / 2008-09)
through entrance test or selection
If First loan is outstanding, 2nd loan (Top-up) within the overall limit may e-Cir 173/ 23.6.9) or 6 months after getting a job
> 4 lacs & 7.5 lacs: Parents co4 lacs of loan. However fee of Rs 5000 for
(Priority Sector Advance: Rs 20 lacs
process. Eligible 3 courses- GNIIT,
be permitted to pursue the professional course (e-Cir 428 dt 15.10.07) which is earlier
obligation with Coll.sec. as 3rd party
loan > Rs 4 lacs student studying abroad to
study abroad, Rs 10 lacs study in India, ANIIT & AAE conducted by NIIT, a
Disposal of application within 15- 30 days. Where college & Hostel
Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.
guarantee for 100% of loan. (TPG or be adjusted later (e-Cir 52 dt 6.5.6). Doc to
RBI Master Cir dt 1.7.7)
global IT learning solutions corp with
are placed far apart, loan for 2 wheelers < Rs 50000 given.
Penal Interest @ 2% be charged for loans > Rs
Lien PF Balance for staff) For
be executed by both student & parent.
ICFAI courses delisted except MBA/
90% placement record (e-cir 71
SBI Life insures covers Education Loan Customer. Premium may 4 lacs for OD amt & OD period (e-Cir 52 dt 6.5.6)
above Rs. 7.5 lacs Parents coStudents future income is assigned in
PGDBA conducted by ICFAI Business
dated 18.05.06). Not entertain
also be funded.
Revival Generally student is not available at
obligation with Tangibles of full value favour of the bank in the documents.
School (e-Cir 139 dated 23.06.2006)
Students whose parents/ siblings
Each ward can avail full Education Loan, subject to collateral
place of Branch granting loan, thus father/ guardian & assignment of future income of
Children of bank staff can also get loan.
Loan may be granted for admission
defaulted earlier (e-Cir 326/ 11.9.6)
Security (E-Cir 268 dt 09.08.08)
may sign revival on behalf of student after suitable
parents. (e-Cir 655 dt 13.02.08)
Ref CirCo/Adv/ 208/ 2004-05 dt. 3.12.04.
on Management Quotae-Cir515/24.11
amendment in Document (e-Cir/ 13.12.2006).
Marketing Tips : Education Loan 1. Low Processing Charge, 2. Low Margin, 3. Low Interest Rate, 4. Simple Interest during entire period of loan, 5. No pre-payment Penalties 6. No hidden cost or administrative charges 7. 100 basis points concession on interest if fully serviced during moratorium
8. Tax benefit to students upto Rs 40000 as repayment of loan under Sec 88. 9.Facilitates working people to undertake part time/ evening courses. 10. Optional individual life insurance (EDU-SHIELD) to existing/ new borrowers. Benefits to Bank/ Branches : 1. Catch them Young as Lifetime Customers
2. Cross-selling of other products 3. Counts as Priority Sector Advance 4. Credit process is less exhaustive compared to SIB/ Agl loans 5. Eligible HL Borrowers can avail this loan under Credit Khazana with 25 basis points concession in interest rates. ( Source : Ref. NBG Bulletin : May 2005 issue)
36 SBI SCHOLAR EDUCATION LOAN- -Students should be an Indian national Expenses covered Fees (Hostel, exam, lab, tution etc.), cost of books, Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.
No Security/ Collateral asked
-No Processing Fee/ Up front fee
-Loans to deserving meritorious students & have secured admission to full time equipments, uniforms, computers; caution money, travel exp for abroad. Simple Int during Course & moratorium. Penal
(For staff also)
professional/technical courses through Loan Amount - Need based, Maximum Rs.15 lacs sanctioned as TL.
interest @ 2% for loan above Rs. 2 lacs for overdue
-2nd Education Loan under over all limit
for full time courses in India at select
Repayment- 10 yrs after completion of
Entrance Test/ Selection process.
CGM may grant Rs 3 lacs p.a. for main cultural event/ college
amt for OD period.
Ref CrCo/Adv/ 209/ 2004-05 dated 03.12.04
premier & reputed 100* institutes.
course & Moratorium in EMI.
*Loan jointly with Co-borrower
magazines/ placement session (e-Cir 872/ 31.03.2010)
1% int concession if int served during
and e-Cir 26 dated 25.04.06.
(*Refer e-Cir 872 dated 31.03.2010)
(Ref e-Cir 174 dated 23.06.2009)
Margin - < Rs 4 lacs Nil, > 4 lacs 5%; year to year basis; incl Sship.
moratorium (e-Cir 101 dt 20.05.2008).
For Scheme detail, refer e-Cir 872/ 31.3.10.
(Spouse/Parent/in-laws or TPG)
Discretion to waive the parental involvement rests with Sanct Authority.
Students undertaking graduate/
Approximate fee : Rs. 2.50- 3 lacs (incl board. & lodging) for 4 All other terms & conditions of Education Loan Career Plus: For Hotel Mgt, GRE, Media Mgt Catering, Coaching class etc. Loan Amt:
Rs. 20000 to 2 lacs; Type of A/c DL in student name (Minor jointly), Repay After
(merged to Education Loan scheme, e- PG course in nursing approved by yrs B.Sc. Course, Rs. 1.25 lacs for 2 yrs M.Sc deg.
will be applicable
employment or 6 months of last disb, which is earlier.
Cir 488 dated 06.02.06)
Indian Nursing Council
Loan jointly to student & parent as in other education loan.




- PS Adv.

Sl. Name of the Scheme



AGAINST GOLD ORNAMENTS General Purpose scheme against
Collateral security of gold Ornaments.
Note If a agl or businessmen take
such loans for personal purpose,
the loan will be treated as Per
Segment loan and not under agl or
SIB loans.


DEBENTURES (in demat form - fully

paid - listed in BSE 100 Index- Co.
P/E Ratio not to exceed 40) - only at
selected PBBs or Branches with P
division & Internet.
-Loans to employees of reputed
PSUs to subscribe to share of their
own company under employee quota

-To make education loans to needy ones at concessional rates wef. 1.03.04.. Incomes of parents not exceed Rs. 2.5 lacs per annum; 60% marks in qualifying examination.2% Interest subsidy for bright & needy students taking higher education (new a/c only)
for amt not exceeding Rs. 4 lacs & for Course period + 5 years.No collateral security required Details of the scheme will be circulated by IBA after budgetary provisions.
For students in private professional colleges. Students family income NOT to exceed Rs.1 lac. Loan Amount: Rs.15000 for Merit seat; Rs.50000 for Payment seat or the fees payable, whichever is less. Margin Nil. Moratorium: 2 yrs after course or 6
months after job whichever is less; Repayment not to exceed 5 yrs from course completion. Interest:12% Security Nil. Students who secured admission against quota meant for NRI/Foreign Students are not eligible.

Individuals who are over 21
years of age with steady source
of income; Proper introduction of
the borrower & min capacity to
service the interest will be
sufficient to determine eligibility.
Hallmarked jewellery preferable.

Amount of Loan & Margin

Max: Loan amount to be linked
with the need/value of the gold
less usual margin, with a cap of
Rs. 3 lacs. Min: Rs.5000 in
rural & Semi-Urban. Rs.10000
in other areas.

Repayment and Interest

Gold price to be circulated
by CCFO (LHO) every
month; Advance value is
value of gold less margin
stated by LHO every
Margin 30%

Repayment one or more lump sum/ installments

of his choice within period of 30 months.
OD: 30-72 months thro monthly reducing DP.

Interest: See Page: Interest Rates

Genuineness, purity & intrinsic
value, correct weight, no. of
ornaments to be ensured.
Purity is tested by Touch stone
or Gravity method (19.3% for 24
carat gold)

Existing individual customers with good Max Loan: Rs.20 lacs (Demat), Rs 10 lacs (Physical form). Shoulld not exceed Rs 10 lacs for subscribing to IPOs (e-Cir 600 dt Pledge of fully paid & readily
past relation ship either singly or jointly 11.01.08). 50% of market value as reported in Economic Times; market price not to fall below par for preceding 52 weeks;
marketable demat shares traded in
with spouse
Preference shares will not be acceptable as security. If P/E ratio is not available, the shares / debentures should not be
Stock Exchanges regularly
accepted as security. Loan > Rs 10 lacs (Physical) & > Rs. 20 lacs (demat) sanctioned by the Bank Board. Share to be
transferred in Bank name in Loan > Rs 10 lacs (Physical) and > Rs. 50 lacs (demat).
Repayment : Max: 30 months Interest: SBAR Type of Loan DL/ OD

-Check Off facility must

-Undertaking from DDO to obtain
NOC from Br before releasing
terminal/ superannuating benefits

60% of purchase price, max 18 NMI or Rs 10 lacs.

Max 60 EMIs.
ROI See page: Interest Rates
90% of the purchase price of the shares subject to a
maximum of 18 months NMI or 20 lacs (ESOP- Employee
Stock Option Plan)

Our lien be noted against the

shares allotted

Other Features & Ref Circulars.

Processing Fee: 1% of loan amount incl
service tax or Rs 1000 per appication which
ever is higher (e-Cir 449/ 29.10.08)
- CirCo/Adv/ 142 dt.28.09.04, & e-Cir
337/2005-06 dated 22/11/2005

Shares/Deb. to be transferred in banks name

when there is a default and the outstanding is
over Rs.20 lacs. Debentures to have been
rated `AA+ or higher by CRISIL or equivalent
rating by reputed rating agencies like ICRA

Processing Fee Under ESOPs Rs

2000 per application (e-Cir 449/ 29.10.8).

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


Loans for Subscription to IPOs

For subscribing IPOs of reputed Co
selected by Circle CMC. IPO should be
rated 3 or better


(which are listed in the Stock

Eligibility: New customers with sufficient cash flow evident by last 2 yrs IT Returns & satisfy KYC norms. Old Customers satisfactorily availing home/car/sccom/per/ mortgage/ education loan. Amount of Loan: Min 50% of application money, Max Rs 10 lacs
per person. Margin: 50% (Max Amt of shares permissible to Retail Individuals Rs 10 lacs). Security: Lien on shares if allotted Repayment: Within 30 days of allotment. Interest: For employee qualified under Xpress credit, floating SBAR , for others 250 bps
> SBAR-floating. Type of Loan: Demand Loan. Authorised Brs: All DP branches having demat facility available. Processing fee: 1st loan Rs 500, every subsequent loans Rs 100, after 3 loans NIL. Rationale: i. To broaden our customer base ii. Business
opportunity (Reference e-Circular 336/ 2005-06 & NBG/PBU/PL-PERLOANS/ 11/2005-06 dated 22/11/2005 and e-Cir 784 dated 22.02.2010)

Holders or 3rd party

Magnums should have completed
minimum lock in period.

45 ADVANCE AGAINST UNITS OF UTI Holder or 3rd party

[Adv. to be granted selectively]
Holders or 3rd party



Sl. Name of the Scheme




50% of Net Asset Value or market

value whichever is less

Margin 50 %

Based on repayment capacity

Int: DL/OD-<3yrs 1.25% <SBAR
OD/TL 3-6 yrs 0.75% <SBAR
(Wef 01.04.06, Ref e-Cir 02 dated 01.04.2006)


POLICY - Policy to be unencumbered & in full force. Age of the insured
to have been admitted in the policy.

Where loan exceeds 15000, prior registration of charge to be obtained from

SBI Mutual Fund. Processing fee on demat units of MF : 1.1% of loan amount.

Pledge of units to be advised UTI units are classified under

to UTI & against UTIs ackd.
Specified security
TDR/STDR duly discharged
Depositors advised to take premature
and deposited as security. For encashment if loan is sought
Int Loans granted to Trusts, Cos, Co-op Banks 1.5% above deposit int rate.
3rd party: Form A,A1/A2
immediately after issue.
Loans to 3rd Party: 1.5% > deposit rate or SBAR or rate of advance to borrowers under other segments whichever is
Int. on loan to 3rd parties varies over
higher (Ref e-Circular 611 dated 28.03.2006)
purposes for which loan is availed.
Loans granted only for
As applicable to adv. against domestic deposit in case of By remittance from abroad or by utilization of NRE/FCNB Fixed deposit
Period of loan not to exceed
personal purposes/ direct
adv. against NRE deposits. In FCNB, foreign currency is maturity proceed of NRE/FCNB Deposits/ funds receipts issued by the Bank
unexpired period of maturity of
in NRO a/c. Int. on loan against NRE dep.: as and not by others
investments in India/acquisition converted into rupee equivalent by applying TT Buying
deposits. Loan granted under
of flat for residential use. Not rate on date of advance; int. rates on adv. against FCNB applicable to domestic deposits.
depositors request and after verifying
Interest- 2.25 below SBAR
for re-lending/ agl. or plantation deposits (Rupee loans) vary as to type of loan, purpose & For 3rd Party SBAR
his signature.
3rd party. Max Loan: Rs 20 lacs (e-Cir 620 dt 12.02.07).
Amount of Loan & Margin
Repayment and Interest
Other Features & Ref Circulars.
Individuals of good standing
holding the securities

Only against Units offering 2 way quotes & NAV. Margin: Based on repayment capacity
50% of NAV
Int: As advance against gold ornaments.
Margin: 10% Repayment -Liquidated against maturity proceeds
Interest: 1.0% over FD rate for loans (For SME Depositors: 1.5% over FD Rate (e-Cir 516/ 24.11.08)

Loan: NSC 60% of the face value with accrued int. for public
& 90% for staff; IVP/KVP 60% of purchase value not the
face value. For Staff 85%

3-5 years or before maturity of security

Pledge of Securities
With Security Delivery Letter.
NSCs are trfd. in bankers name
by execution of app. Form of
P&T Dept.

Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.

Assignment in favour of Bank on the policy itself.
LICs acknowledgement to be obtained. OD may be
granted against an endowment policy, anticipated
endowment policy.

Where more than one party to a policy, the parties may assign it jointly/ or chain of
assignments. A notice, in duplicate, signed by assignor & assignee requesting
insurance co. to return one copy signed & sealed alongwith assignment. Before
notifying Banks interest on the policy, the company will advise present surrender
value, policy is unencumbered, premia paid up-to-date, age of insured is admitted.
All information to be register in Misc Security Register (e-Cir 470/ 05.10.2009)

Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.


Magnum cert. With Transfer form (undated);identity of magnum holder to be ensured

Constituents of good standing

Loan not to exceed 95% of Surrender value of Policy to

be ascertained from LIC & recorded in Misc. Sec. /DP
registers. Type of Loan: Overdraft Only

Type of Loan: DL/OD

As IVPs are bearer instruments &
freely transferable, no lien is required
with PO, borrower to indemnify bank in
case of any loss to bank.


The product has been designed to tap maturing RIB funds enabling NRIs to arrange financial assistance to their resident relatives for start-up ventures at all liberal terms against the collateral security of FCNR(B) and NR(E) Rupee
Term Deposits for products Doctor Plus, Financing for combine harvester and Tractor, Flexi (SBF) loan, Auto Loan (for Transport Operators) and PERSONAL LOAN. The concessions offered are 1. Uniform concessionary
rate of interest (0.25% less than card rate in Per Loan), 2. Waiver of processing fee & pre-payment penalty 3. Physical Inspection once in a year as long as Standard Asset.
51 ADVANCE AGAINST RBI RELIEF Individuals aged over 21 with an
Margin of 40% on the face value & accrued interest (e-Cir 588 dt No repayment is compulsorily proposed. Non-payment of interest will not attract IRAC norms. However, borrower has the option to repay even
prematurely. The loan to be liquidated out of maturity proceeds of bonds. Securities must be transferred by the beneficiary to the bank.
assured income incl. NRI
31.12.08). Outstandings should NOT exceed Bond Value +
Appropriate stamped Forms A/A1/A2 to be obtained from owner of security/borrower. Relief Bonds issued as Promissory Notes must be sent
[a) Promissory Notes (Physical scrip; Purpose; To meet investors credit accrued interest at any time.
b) Stock Certificates (phy. scrips);
needs; personal/ business needs & Authorised Branches: PBBs and branches with PB division; all to RBI for examination. Relief Bonds in the nature of Stock Certificates must be sent to concerned RBI office with Transfer deed. RBI Relief
Bonds as Bond Ledger a/c (demat bonds) are also transferable thro transfer deed which is to be recorded in the office where the demat a/c is
c) Bond Ledger a/c (demat Bonds). contingencies.
branches in Metro & urban areas. Any branch authorized by GM maintained. Rate of Interest: DL & OD- Upto 3 yrs 1.25% below SBAR . OD & TL 3-6 yrs 0.75% below SBAR .
RBI Relief Bonds are not encashable
of the network.
(WEF 01.04.2006, Ref e-Cir 02/ 2006-07 dated 01.04.2006)
Processing Fees : 1.10 % of loan amount.
For further details Refer e-Cir 561/
(Scheme is withdrawn Ref e-Cir 488
dt 6.2.6)

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

(at all computerized branches &
branches with PB division in
Metro/Urban/Semi-Urban branches)

Individuals aged above 21 with

Min. NMI of Rs.5000 /Min. NAI of

10 months NMI/1 year NAI

Min.Rs.10,000; Max. Against demat units -Rs.20 lacs which is inclusive
of any loan granted against the security of shares, bonds, etc .

Repayable in 30 EMIs
Int.: As advised by bank
Type: DL / OD; DL at Fixed/Floating; OD at
Floating rate only
Processing Fees:0.5% of loan, Min. Rs.100
Repay: Max. 60 EMIs

Margin:50% of NAV/Repurchase Value or Market Value,

whichever is less (e-Cir 588/ 31.12.08)
Min. Income: For emp./ pensioners:Min. Loan : Rs.50,000
Net Rs.10,000 p.m.; For Self emp: NAI Max.: 12 NMI net of tax, etc (or) 1 year NAI for self emp. subject
of Rs.3 lacs; For Agents: Gross income to
Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.
> Rs.3 lacs
(0.25 % reduction in interest under Tie-up with
a) Emp.& Self-emp : Max Rs.3 lacs
SBI tie-up with all 37 Hospitals of
Apollo Hospital; Processing Fee will be waived
Appollo, who will direct patient to
under Tie-up)
designated branch for loan.

Collateral security of demat units.

Certificate from the concerned
Registrar as to the marking of lien
on the demat units to be obtained
& retained with documents.

A declaration to be obtained from the

borrowers indicating the extent of loans
availed by them against shares/ deb. or
units of Mutual Funds to arrive at the
max. Loan.

Processing Fees: 1.1% of loan. Nil if housing

loan is satisfactory. Purpose of Scheme: To
avail specialized expensive medical treatment
e.g. coronary by-pass, Hip/ Knee replacement,
angio-plasty, etc.
(Ref.Circo/Adv/1/2003-04/ dt 2.4.3 &
Circo/Adv/ 62/ 2004-05 dt. 13.7.04)
Processing fees: 2% of loan subject to a max
Owners of residents. Buildings & Minimum: Rs.50,000. Max. Rs.10 crs, for SU,Metro & Urban Centres Repayment 7 yrs or residual lease period whichever Assignment of receivables and
54 RENT PLUS - Finance against
only. Loan may be higher if approved by CCC 1 & above. (No difference is lower. For longer (max 10 yrs) period if approved by recording of Power of Attorney with
of Rs.1 lacs. Prior administrative Clearance is
assignment of future rentals to meet Comml. Properties in SU/U/M
in ceiling for constitution of borrower) Max. Loan is subject to 60% of
CCC 1 and above.Interest: See Page: Latest Int.
lessee. Collateral: First charge on
not insisted upon where the premises are in
the liquidity mismatch.
gross rental or 60% of market value of property mortgaged whichever is For SME: <3 yrs 12.5%, 3-7 yrs 12.75%, 7-10 yrs
buildings against the rentals of which the possession of our bank. Prepayment: 1%
(LHO will identify M/U/SU/R Branches to MNCs/Banks/ Corporates.
less. Property tax payable, Advance deposit, etc. to be deducted in the 13% (e-Cir 584/ 30.12.08). Type of Loan: T/L.
loan is sanctioned. Realizable value of of loan prepaid. Tri-partite Agreement.
for this scheme)
Type of Loan: Term Loan
calculation. Margin 40% (e-Cir 449/ 29.10.08 & 584/ 30.12.08)
Charges for valuation to be borne by borrower.
property min 120% of loan amount.
Inspection: Half yearly.
The Plus schemes under personal segment were introduced as a marketing strategy to address financial needs of a particular category/class of clientele by offering loan products at concessional terms & conditions. The Plus schemes are Teacher Plus,
Prahashan Plus & Credit Khazana (Sainik Plus merged with Prashashan Plus and Press Plus, Oil Plus, Gaveshak Plus since withdrawn). Prashashan Plus, which is for Govt & Armed Force employees, has been extended to employees of Public Sector Oil
Companies. With effect from 1st May 2006, Interest: Concessions of 25 bps on card rate on all P Segment Advances. Now there are no concession in margin & processing fee .
Permanent Employee with min. 2 years
where check off & 5 yrs in all other
cases; Vol. Retd pensioners aged 60 or
less; Agents of ins./KVP/ Mutual Funds
whose ann. Income is > 3 lacs.
- Risk of casualty < 5% (This product
since withdrawn (e-Cir 713/ 23.01.10)

Tangible collateral security; Third party

guarantee of the spouse to be
obtained wherever feasible.
Where check off 50% of tangibles if
not 110% tangibles.
Loans for treatment of dependents
granted (Circo/Adv/61/13.7.04)

Teacher Plus (Product Code: 62521001) & Prashashan Plus (62521001) schemes since withdrawn Refer e Cir 713 dated 23..01.2010.
R : A product for Mass Affluent gives
variety of value added services &
special privileges in order to ensure
proper recognition of the underlying


Demand Loan linked to Recurring

Deposit Sch for at present women

Eligibility 1. Depositors having deposit of Rs 5 lacs & above Or 2. Home Loan Borrowers with a minimum limit of Rs. 10 lacs and above and having a deposit of Rs. 2 lacs and more Or 3. Car Loan borrower with a limit of
Rs. 5 lacs and above and having deposit of Rs 2 lacs and more Or 4. Salary > Rs 1.00 lac under Corporate Salary A/c (e-Cir 211 dated 26.07.2006). Coverage Launched in 470 brs of 14 Circles. Started with all PBBs, SPBs
with Relationship Managers posted and other branches with 150 Vishesh Customer base.
Special Offers: 1. Free remittance and collection of cheques < Rs 25000 per instance & 3 times per month 2. Immediate credit of cheques within an overall limit of Rs 50000/- 3. Waiver of processing charge on fresh P seg loans
4. Pre-approved P Seg Home loans linked to repayment capacity 5. Extended Business Hours by additional hr except at 8 to 8 Branches 6. Priority allotment of Lockers and 25% rebate on rentals, 7. 50% rebate on demats
account charges 8. Special ATM-cum-Debit Photo card with higher withdrawal limit 9. Free subscription of Quarterly News letter to keep them abreast of various developments in bank incl new schemes/ other offers 10. Free Door
step banking for delivery of Drafts/ Cheque Books/ Statement of A/cs 11. Benefits in SBI MF, SBI Life and SBI Cards, 12. Faster processing of loan through RACPC.
Rationales: To garner regular savings through Recurring Deposit Scheme and grant Demand Loans to women for general purpose needs. Salient Features: Eligibility: At least 12 months old regular RD a/c holders. Min
installment Rs 400 p.m. for 36 months for min Rs 10000 loan and Rs 200 p.m. for 60 months for min loan Rs 5000. Type of Loan: Demand Loan. Amt of Loan: Twice the balance outstanding in RD a/c min Rs 5000 max Rs
50000. Interest: 2.25% below SBAR. Repayment: Loan is partially clean and partially secured by RD amt. Clean portion to be paid in 24 or 48 EMIs and rest to be adjusted out of maturity proceeds. Documents: DP note, DPN
Delivery letter, Arrangement letter. (Ref e-Circular 153/2006-07 dated 27.06.2006)

Note RBI directed to prescribe single Benchmark PLR w.e.f. 01.01.04 instead of three PLRs- SBAR, SBMTLR & SBSTAR. SBI Benchmark PLR is now 12.75% w.e.f 09.04.07, which is also known as STATE BANK ADVANCE RATE.


CHECK OFF FACILITY: Guidelines - Ref e-Cir 429 dated 17.11.2006 (Xpress Credit)
Xpress Credit scheme was launched in the year 2004 to give loans on concessionary terms to low-risk target groups, employees of government, semi-government, profit making PSUs and educational institutions of national repute. Subsequently, target group was enlarged to include employees of SB 1and SB 2
rated Companies. The scheme was built around the concept of Check off.
Check off is a process by which the salary-disbursing officer undertakes to deduct loan installments from the salary of the borrower and remits the same to the bank for credit of the loan account. Lack of check-off is proving hindrance to business growth under the scheme. Therefore, following modificationsunder
clause Requirement of Check off were made A. Obtention of following documents may be waived by SA in case of employees of Central/ State Govt, PSUs, Universitiesand reputed colleges: - 1. Irrevocable authority from employer for making payment out of terminal benefit in case of his resignation, retirement,
death or discontinuance of service. 2. Undertaking from the employer to obtain a NOC from the Bank before settling the dues of the borrower on transfer, resignation, retirement etc. B. In case of other employers, the CGM of the Circle may waive the above documents except in case of IT Sector Employees.

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

C. Check off may be considered where all the following requirements fulfilled a. the employer pays the borrowers salary into his SB/ CA with us, b. the borrower give irrevocable S I for recovery of installments from his salary a/c, and c. the employer undertakes to inform the Bank if and when there is a severance
due to borrowers transfer, resignation, retirement etc.
N.B: Now Xpress Credit may be given to low risk target groups like Govt, Semi-Govt, profit making PSUs & Educational Institutions of national repute, employees of SB1 and SB2 rated Companies not matianing salary a/cs with us, but DDO consents in writing to provide check-off as well as undertaking to obtain
NOC from loan disbursing Branch before release of terminal benefits to the employees. (e-Cir 657 dt 13.02.08)
PENAL INTEREST ON IRREGULAR LOANS (PERSONAL BANKING ADVANCES) (Ref e-Circular 550/ 2005-06 dated 02.03.2006)
With a view to instill a better financial discipline on the borrowers and to facilitate timely recovery of loan installments/ other dues, it has been decided to recover penal interest @ 2% on entire outstanding for the period of default (in place of 1% p.m. = 12 p.a.) , with immediate effect.
INTEREST CONCESSIONS FOR P LOANS OTHER THAN HOME AND AUTO LOANS (Ref e-Circular 528/ 2005-06 dated 20.02.2006)
Only Modular DGM may extend concessions upto 50 bps (instead of 100 bps) and discretionary powers of officials below the rank of DGM stands withdrawn.
The floor rate floating (100bps below SBAR) will continue to apply to all other P Loans, except secured loans against TDRs, NSCs, RBI Relief Bonds/ FCNR (Deposits)/ shares etc as covered by the relative scheme.
No discretionary power now be available to any officials at Circle level to extend concession in case of secured loans against TDRs, NSCs, RBI Relief Bonds, FCNR (depsoits)/ shares etc as covered by the relative scheme.
Sr Details of Accounts etc
Quantifying Criteria
On Demand Liability (Deposit)
Net Increase in number of accounts*
Rs 300 per account
On Time Liability a/c
Net Increase in number of accounts*
Rs 200 per account
On Asset (Loan) a/c
Increase in number of accounts
Rs 500 per account
On channel hits
Total no. Hits during the period in any channel Rs 5 per hit
On other income
Amount earned incl Cross Selling
Rural & SU Branches 20% of other income
Urban & Metro Branches - NIL
* While computing the net increase in number of a/cs, the dormant a/cs, inoperative a/cs & closed a/cs should be excluded.

Sl. Name of the Scheme &

No. Rationales/ Objectives
Facility- Agl Cash Credit.
-To provide adequate and timely support to
the farmers for their consumption & term
production credit needs for cultivation of
crops, purchase of inputs etc., in a flexible
and cost effective manner.

Rs 100 only for each SBI Tiny Cards

For any suggestion/advice/please email:ghanshyam.srivastava@sbi.co.in or call/send SMS on 09431020156

Amount of Loan
Margin & Interest
Disbursement &
Security/ Documentation/
Other Features & Ref Circulars
(See Page: Latest Interest)
Anant Geete committeeLimit is fixed on the basis of the
Existing borrower-farmers
The credit card-cum-passbook issued for 3 AB Series documents for total limit incl. A Credit Card-cum-Pass Book affixing
Contingent needs.
photograph & affixing the name, address,
having good track record for the operational land holding, cropping Notice to be displayed at all years subject to an annual review.
branches i.e. KCC to be
Security: Limit upto Rs 1 lac: Primary particulars of land holding, borrowing limit,

last 2 yrs and who require
Hypo of Crops, Collateral NIL (e-Cir validity period serve as I Card as well as
issued within 15 days.
Maximum limit. (Now, limit is
Cash Disbursal allowed to the full extent of 741 dated 26.03.08)
production credit limit of Rs.
record the up-to-date transactions.
GOI approved Int subvention
calculated on Standard Format)
credit limit.
Personal Accident Insurance upto age -Cheque Book facility for > Rs 25000/3000/- & above. If satisfied, BM Contingent credit need to the
of 3% (instead of 2%) for
2008-09 for Short Term Loan Repayment coincides with the harvest and of 70 yrs to the extent of Rs. 50000 on -ATM facility now available.
may extend the facility to new
extent of 20% added to peak credit upto Rs 3 lacs to farmers at
sale of crops and is fixed while fixing D P. death/disability. Rs. 25000 on loss of -Lamination of card fee Rs 50 to be obtained
credit-worthy borrower also.

ground level of 7% p.a. (e-Cir

551/ 17.12.08)
Farmers irrespective of land holding Max : 5 times of annual farm income or Farm requirement- 10%
with excellent repayment record for 50% of the value of land mortgaged, Consumption req. restricted to
Facility Agl. Term Loan.
whichever is less subject to max.
30% of overall limit. 80% of limit
It is general purpose loan (purchase last 2 yrs/ closed a/cs without
Rs.10 lacs minus TL outstanding at the can be utilized for purchase of
of agl implements, land development,
time of application. SBI LifeTractor and accessories. Br to
in last 2 yrs/ Good credit-worthy
bullock carts, repairing etc) incl.
Pension Plan- Rs 25000/ 50000/ 1 ensure enduse of the fund.
Consumption needs.
ROI As applicable to ATL.
Refer Master e-Cir 09/2009-10.


1limb/eye. Prem. Rs.15 (10-Bank,5Bor.)

Disbursal in installment as & when needed.
Separate documents a/c wise where
Separate a/c for each purpose with separate
stamp not waived (UP).
repayment prog. with consent of borrower, subject to Collateral-mortgage of land, TD, NSCs,
max. 5 a/cs at any point of time. Cash disb. allowed adequate surrender value of LIC
as KCCRepayment max. 6-7 yrs(ATL). It may be
extended to 9 yrs in tractor loan & horticulture
SBI Life introduce Pension Scheme- Rs25000/50000.

Ref. Circo/CPP/Adv(Agr) 17 dt. 5.9.01 & 204 of

02-03 dt 7.12.02.
a) Insurance & Inspection as to ATL.
b) Sanctioning Authority as per Del. PowerCirdo/OP&SP/8 dt.19.5.2003.
c) Annual Review to renew for 1 yr.
Ref. Circo/CPP/AGL/32 dt. 6.12.01,
Circo/LHO/CPP/AGL/02 dt. 5.4.02.
e-Cir 90/2005-06 dt 27.06.05, 23 dt 15.10.07.

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


Objective: To provide hassle-free credit based on cash flow assessment without

Interest: 2% above SBAR with monthly rest in case of applicant with monthly source of
income. 2% penalty on delayed payment (e-Cir 162/2006-07 dated 03.07.2006)
Eligibility: SA loan a/c.6 months satisfactory deposit a/c with us. Not extended to Renewal: Account will be reviewed every year and renewed after every 3 years.
General purpose of our constituents in
KCC Borrowers.
Repayment: Cash Credit nature, however outstanding may be paid in full or min 20%
R/SU brs.
in monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly/ yearly interval.
(GCC is similar to Swarojgar Credit Nature of facility: Revolving Credit, draw cash from specified br upto limit.
Amount: Based on Income & cash flow of entire household max 20% of eligible Priority Sector Adv: As per RBI Guidelines 100% of credit outstanding upto Rs 25000
production loan limit/ or 20% of annual income or Rs 25000 whichever is less.
per a/c will be treated as indirect agl finance.

The existing Tractor Plus Sch
stands withdrawn.

Features of Scoring Model: 1. Simple & timesaving, removing the subjectivity in the appraisal. 2. Provision for different margin, security, interest etc based on marks secured. 3. Risks (100 marks) grouped under two Borrower
Risk (56) and Transaction Risk (44). 4. Branch NPA % in tractor loans is to be factored for arriving at the final score. 5. Hurdle rate is 40. 6. Tractor financing done only under Scoring model and not under KGC.
Eligibility: Agriculturists (Individual or joint), Persons offerings NSC, KVP, LIC, TDs to cover > 60% of loan, are treated as Very Low Risk and Highly Secure. Gold may also be obtained as Security with Controllers permission.
Quantum of Loan: Invoice value of Tractor less margin stipulated as per scoring model. For Repair 1% of Project Cost. Registration & Insurance max Rs 15000/-.
Margin: Score of 8 under item no 1 of Transaction risk 5%, 60 and above 5%, Between 50 to 59 DSCR (1.75), Margin (10%), Below 49 DSCR (2.00), Margin 20%.
Appraisal: On Scoring Model, Calculate DSCR if score is below 60.
Documentation: AB 1, AB 2, AB 3/ 3A, Arrangement letter and Form A/ A1/ A2; Blank and undated HPTer and TTO to be obtained in duplicate, duly signed by borrower.
Disbursement: Loan amount + Margin money to be paid to dealers against the invoice.
Security: Primary Hypo of Assets, Noting of Bank s hypothecation charge in RC Book. Collateral Score of 8 under item 1 of Transaction Risk Security like NSC, KVP, FD, LIC cover > 60% of loan, 70 & above No collateral,
Others Mortgage of agri lands owned by farmer or other tangible security, good for the market value of land owned.
Interest: See Page: Latest Interest Rates.
Insurance: Comprehensive insurance of assets purchased, may be waived o request of the borrower on prescribed format. Third Party Insurance is must.
Upfront fee: Loan upto Rs. 2 lacs NIL, Above Rs 2 lacs 1.15% of the maount.
Repayment: within 9 years incl max moratorium of 12 months by HY or Yearly installments coinciding with harvesting and marketing period.
Inspection: Within one month of Disbursement to ascertain the enduse of the fund. Half Yearly Inspection for Regular Loans. Monthly for Irregular loans. Refer Master e-Cir 787/2008-09.

-Agri-Business scheme to cover loans for insistence on security, purpose and end-use of the funds.


Scheme, Tractor Plus Schemes
Manufacturers), Krishi Plus and
Rakshak Tractor Plus are now
combined under one single


Instructions here for old loans only)
(For purchase of new tractors and
implements only)
- To promote young entrepreneur in rural
areas for custom hiring.
- To assist Small and marginal farmers
both directly & indirectly.
- To increase lending under agll segment.

Sl. Schemes
Rationales / Objectives
6 - SBI Mahindra Vishwas &ndSBI

Nayaroop Financing of 2 Hand/
used Tractors (upto 7 yrs old)
To extend credit to agriculturist for
acquiring tractors where borrowers
propose to let out the tractors to other
farmers in addition to own use.

-To enable farmers with smaller land

holdings to mechanize their farms.
-To increase business under agl.
-To small & marginal farmers to
provide good quality 2nd hand


a. Any rural youth below 45 yrs, ,

trained in repairing/ maintenance of
b. Small/ Marginal farmer
c. Applicant a valid Tractor Driv. License;
self driven only.

Maximum Rs4 lacs for the

purchase of new Tractors
(approved only) & accessories
incl. Trailer.
Bank advised tractor to be
brought under Tie-up

10% of cost of tractors

and accessories.
ROI As applicable to


Amount of Loan,
Margin & Interest
a. Individual Farmers/ Group not
85% of the cost of Tractor and other implements
exceeding 3 owing 4 acres (3 acres Margin - 15 % of amount of tractor and implements.
for M Vishwas & T Nayaroop) of ROI as applicable to agl. Advances.
perennially irrigated land for below
35 HP & 6 acres for above 35 HP

b. Min. 600 hrs p.a. cus.hiring.

c. 50% of repayment should
come from incremental income.
d. Standard tractor with min. 3
implements incl. Trailer.

SBI Mahindra Vishwas & TAFE Nayaroop Special features :

(Ref Circo/ Adv/ 236 of 2004-05 dated 15.12.2004)
Valuation of Tractor & Quantum of Finance Based on price fixed by the
Co. after refurbishing max. Limit Rs. 2.5 lacs incl cost of new implnt.
Margin, ROI, Processing Fee, Security, Documents, Inspection, Descretionery power, Repayment & Insurance As in Tractor Loan
-The S A may reduce margin to min. level of 5%, DSCR : 1.75
Benefits to farmers - Refurbished Old Tractor with warranty by Co.,
Some labour fee charge rebate on spare parts also provided by Co.

Security: Clean & Unsecured

-No Plastic/ Electronic card, Spl Pass Book.
Documentation: Standard application,
D P Note (COS 228), DPN Delivery let, (Ref e-Cir 37/2006-07 dt 29.04.2006)
specific arrangement letter.
Follow up & Inspection: As in ACC/

Repayment 5 to 7 years (may be monthly

intervals) including a moratorium of 6
months. Moratorium may be extended upto
12 months by Controlling Authority.

Primary Hypothecation of Tractor &

accessories financed.
Collateral Mortgage of land
possessed by applicant or his family
irrespective of value of the land or 3rd
party guarantee.
Borrower to be insured by SBI Life
under Super Suraksha group scheme.

Credit Process & Repayment

Security / Doc / Insurance

Sanction of loan should be made in areas

where scope for custom hiring is good either
for farm or other sector. A min. 1500 hrs. of
work should be available per year.
Area with good back up facilities for servicing
the tractor.
Only one tractor per village, no. may be
raised by prior permission of CO.

Other Features & Ref Circulars

Tie-up with M/s Mahindra & Mahindra

TURBOSAPNE in Patna Circle to avail
benefit of discount in price to farmersMargin reduced to 10%, Discount of Rs. 3000,
Gr. Creditor Protection Sch for Tractor Loan for
Proc./Upfront fee waived.(Collateral : 50%)
new & existingBorrowers from SBI Life against
Warranty of 2000 hrs running, Sanction of loan
death due to any cause- Special features are
within 15 days. (Max. 10 vehicles)
Entry Age: 18-55 yrs (Max. age coverage 60 yrs)
Tie-up Tractor loan outside service area also
Tenor of Loan : 12 to 84 months
for non defaulters.( Min DSCR : 1.75%)
Sum assured: Min Rs. 10000 Max. Rs. 5 lacs (equal
ROI- above 2 below 5 lacs 11%.
to outstanding loan incl interest on decreasing cover) Borrower may be insured by SBI Life
Ref. CirCo/ Adv./195/2003-04 dated 20.10.03
Premium : Single premium on outstanding loan amt. under under Super Suraksha Scheme.
And CirCo/ Adv./281/2002-03 dated 18.02.03.

Maximum Repayment period 7 years.

Inspection - Quarterly for regular a/cs &
monthly for irregular accounts.

Security - As above
Documentation AB 1 (Hypo.
Agreement), AB 2 (Deed of
Guarantee), AB 3 (Mortgage
Deed), Form 20,29 & 30.
Insurance Comprehensive or
3rd Party if consented by

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

7 Financing Power Tillers
Eligibility: Farmers or a group of not more than 3 farmers owning 2 acres of perennially irrigated land. Farmers with lesser land may also be obtained if DSCR > 1.75, Income from Custom hiring adequate, farmers adopting intensive cultivation practices.
Loan Amount: As per Invoice less margin.
Security: Loans upto Rs 50000 Primary: Hypothecation of assets purchased by bank finance. Collateral Nil. Loans > Rs 50000 Rs 2 lacs: Primary As above, Collateral EM of land upto 50% of loan or one Third Party Guarantee good for amount or
Liquid atleast 50% of loan. Loans above Rs 2 lacs: Primary as above, Collateral: EM of land atleast 50% of the loan amount.
Repayment: 9 years with 1 yr as gestation period.
Processing / Upfront fee: Waived upto Rs 2 lacs. Interest; As applicable to ATL
Insurance: General insurance of machinery financed. Comprehensive insurance where registration of trailer with RTA is necessary. Insurance may be waived on request of borrower on specific format.
Other features: 1. Concession to Borrower from Tilller Company. 2. Rejection of application by Controller only. 3. Time for sanction: 2 weeks. 4. Finance only certified Tilller approved by Bank.
Eligibility: Unit with good reputation & credit worthiness. Holding valid license from concerned State Dept of Industries for installation of seed processing plants. Valid certificate from Seed Certification Dept. Doing business for last 3 yrs. Having receivables
SEED PROCESSORS To assist from the farmers and posted profit in last 2 years of operation. Facility: ACC (Hypo of receivables not older than 6 months). Loan Amount: Need based ACC limit min Rs 2 lacs, without upper ceiling. Interest: 1% < SBAR for limit Rs 2 25 lacs, Above Rs 25
lacs Pricing on CRA. No discretion in concessions in int to Circle functionaries. Margin: 40% of value of receivables. Repayment: Within maximum period of 6 months for each crop season i.e. Rabi & Kharif. Security: Primary- Assignment / Hypo of
seed processors against their receivables
receivables, Collateral- EM worth 1.5 times of limit. Documentation: AB 1 (Hypo Agree), From E (Gur Agree), D P Note & Delivery letter, Letter of Arrangement. Marketing Tips: High Value adv with lower transaction & supervision costs. Huge unexplored &
due to them from the seed growers.
untapped potential. High recovery rate in Seed Industry advance. Cross sell other products to these borrowers. (Indirect Agl Finance)
(Ref e-Cir 58/ 2006-07 datd 10.05.2006)
(NB: This scheme has similarity with Arthias Plus Scheme)



(Good example of Forward & Backward
Linkage) (Avoid middlemen & enjoy
hassle free loan with assured market)




WTO pact.


- To cater the seasonal agl credit need
& long term needs of farmers against
most liquid assets held in rural areas.

Loans for agricultural activities only.

Age over 21 years.

PRODUCE MARKET LOAN To provide liquidity to farmers to

avoid their distress selling.

Extended to only those farmers

who have availed crop loan from
the branch.
Now non-borrower farmers also.

Refer Master e-Cir 122/ 25.05.2009.

GRADUATES. (Direct Agl Finance

under Priority Sect)

Sl. Name of the Scheme
No. Rationales/ Objectives


- Create scientific storage capacity in
rural areas for storing farm produce,
prevent distress sale, promote pledge
financing & marketing credit, introduce
a national system of warehouse
receipts in agl commodities.


Owner cultivators, sharecroppers

and tenant cultivators registered
with Contract Farming Cos. &
identified by the bank.
-MNC are taking Interest in India after

Type of Loan Agl Loan by way of DL/

CC/ OD/ TL (e-Cir 437 15.10.07)

Agl. Graduates in allied subjects like

horticulture, dairy, animal husbandry,
sericulture, agl engineering, forestry,
poultry & other allied activities from
State/ Central Universities (e-Cir 769/
dt 17.02.2010)

Proprietary & Partnership firms Cooperatives, Companies, APMC, Agro
Industrial Corpn.,
NGOs, Group of farmers, SHG
Individuals, Market Board etc.
Subsidy for renovation/ expan. Of rural
godown available only to Cooperatives.

NABARD extended this scheme

up to end of 10th 5 yr plan31.03.07.

Scale of Finance prescribed by

DL/ SLTC, 10% increase in
deserving cases, 25% by CO.
Now Spl scale by CM (CSC).
For more details refer Master
e-Cir 51/ 2009-10.

KCC depending upon

total land holdings and
cropping pattern.
Loan outside the service
area also. Payment to
farmers through Bank.

DL in multiple of Rs. 5 min. Rs. 50.

Valuation of ornaments based on
weight & fitness of gold.
For more details refer Master eCir 29/ 2009-2010.
Max. Rs. 10 lacs** or 60-80% of
value of produce whichever is less
(PS Advance). Value on market or
min support price whichever is less.

Minimum 25% to 30%.

Outer ceiling for the cost of

Project by an individual
10 lacs, by groups of agl
graduates- Rs. 50 lacs

Margin Min. 15 25%

(Waived < Rs 5 lacs)

Amount of Loan
Loan available on capital cost of
godown only, Bank may finance to
consumer shops, agri-clinics,
packaging, ware-housing etc, but no
Value of land not exceeding 10% of
project cost from part of owners
For more details Refer Master eCir 147 dated 05.06.2009

ROI analogous to the rates

applicable in case of direct
agl finance.

Margin: 20-40%
ROI as applicable
Style of Account ACC
Repayment in 6-12 m

ROI As applicable to
Direct Agl Advance.

Margin & Interest

25 % of Project cost.
20%-SC/ST& North-east
ROI- As per RBI directives
issued time to time. No
interest on Subsidy portion.

Win-win situation for all 3 parties- Farmer

(Assured market, tech.guide, quality seed &
pest., better price), Company (No investment on
land, quality product, backward market
integration), Bank (Low cost, high value, selfliquidating & secured advance in bulk)
-Genuineness, purity and intrinsic value, correct
weight and no. of ornaments to be ensured before
Repayment - To coincide with harvesting time.
All Circles are now permitted to take exposures
of upto Rs 3.00 crs except Hyderabad Circle (Rs
7.50 lacs)
Depending upon the cash flow, Repayment: Within
5-10 yrs incl 2 yrs with grace period.
Borrower identified on technical & managerial
capabilities to manage the project successfully.

Disbursement &
Repayment depending upon Cash flow, ordinarily
11 yrs incl. 1 yr grace period.
Bank to ensure technical feasibility, financial
viability & bankability of Scheme
Time limit for completion of Project from the date of
sanction 15 months.
Farmers keeping produce in godown are eligible for
pledge loan as per RBI direct. 75% of value, max5 lacs, for 12 month

As crop loans to farmers will be Crop loan may be granted to person availing
tie-up with large corporate/MNC ATL from other agency. Take over of Crop loan
upto 2 lacs. 80% loans against 1 month

collateral waived upto Rs. 2 lacs. receivables.Each contract farming Co. sign

After obtaining self declaration

of No Dues, if no response
within 15 days of letter to Fis.
Generally, 30% margin is retained
as in case of default the security
margin does fall below 25%.
-Hypo of stocks if stored in farm
-Mortgage of land for value >50000
-For Cold storage/WH Receipt
assignment in bank favour.

Security Waived < Rs 5 lacs

(Ref CC ABU/ PS/ 16 dt 29.09.04)

Ref Cir. Circo/adv/235/200405 dt 15.12.04

Security/ Documentation/

MOU with the Bank.

FAO defined Contact Farming as
Partnership with Growth
The Bank circulates valuation of the Gold
and Silver time to time.
Ref. Circo/ Adv/ 27/ 2003-04 dated 03.01.04
More details refer e-Cir 437 dt 15.10.07.
Master e-Cir 29/2009-10.
Inspection- once in 2 months for loan < Rs
25000, Monthly for loan above Rs. 25000/Insurance If value of stock exceeds Rs.
15000/-, full cover.

The scheme is formulated by NABARD

for setting Agri-clinics or Agri-business
centers by Agl grad. & also supplement
sources of input supply & services to
needy farmers. 100% Refinance.

Other Features & Ref Circulars

Special Features of Scheme.

Cir. Circo/Adv/95 dt. 20.7.02, 47 dt. 3.6.03.
Creation of new capacity of 18.5 lac ton & renovation 1.5 lac ton in rural storage
Scheme is implemented by MOA in collaboration with NABARD & NCDC.
NABARD releases subsidy to projects financed by Banks.
NCDC releases subsidy for renov./expansion by Co-ops. assisted by them.
Subsidy Utilisation certificate to be issued by the Bank after full use.
Sch. Provides credit linked back-ended capital investment subsidy @ 25% of
project cost with a ceiling of Rs. 37.50 lacs ( 50 lacs for SC/ST/NE/Hill area)
Construction of godown as per CPWD/ PWD specification- ventilated, protected
from rodents, birds; pucca internal road, proper drainage, theft & fire control etc

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.




- To enable small/ marginal farmers to
consolidate their viability in their
operations & development of waste &
fallow land holdings to attain economic
- To minimize post-harvest losses to
farmers especially small & marg, a new
capital investment subsidy sch for
construction/ expansion of cold storage
is introduced by GOI.
Treated as Indirect Agl Finance
under Priority Sector.

16 Scheme for Financing Pvt Cold

Storage/ Pvt Warehouses for onlending to Farmers (Indirect Agri




Type of Facility - ATL
- To bring additional 20 lacs hect agl
land under irrigation within 5 years.
- To bring more area under field crop.
- Increase yield thru assured irrigation.
- Provide employment & social upliftm.

Farmers, tenants and sharecroppers

having 2-hect unirrig. Or 1 hect.
Irrigated land in own name & landless
labourers provided they are existing
borrower of atleast 2 yrs good record.
Co-operative, Companies,
Corporations, Partnership and
Proprietary firms, APMC, Agro
Industry Corporation.

excl dev
charges Investment on land
Max: Rs. 5 lacs as ATL

dev/ irrg facility max. 50% of

cost. Crop loans by ACC/ KCC
to be sanctioned to meet crop
cultivation expenses.
Project cost depend upon
capacity, technology used &
arrived on invoice price of
machinery & cost of architect
technical feasibility/ financial
viability norm of Bank/
NABARD. WC without limit.
But, Max 20 lacs against
warehouse rec.

Min. 15% of total investment

ROI As applicable to ATL.

25 % for Term Loan.

Value of land <10% of the
project cost.
ROI- < 2 lacs= <PLR,
> 2 lacs = < PLR+1%.
Refinance amt-8.5%

Gestation Period of 6 m to 2 yrs depending on

quality of land for cultivation.
Repayment in max. 9-10 yrs after expiry of
gestation period. Installments fixed on harvesting/
marketing of crops

Loan will be secured by way of

mortgage of land to be purchased by
bank finance.

Economic viability of each proposal to be

worked out separately taking local
conditions & proposed crops.
Discretionary powers for the sanction of
loans as per extant instructions.

Repayment period depends upon cash flow & upto

9 yrs incl grace of 2 yrs.
Quantum of Subsidy- 25% of P.C. max. 50 lacs,
33.33% max. 60 lacs in NE Reg.
No Interest on Subsidy portion.

Refinance 90% of amount.

NABARD releases back end-ed
subsidy to the financing bank on
submission of commissioning

NHB (National Horticulture Board) monitor

the progress of the sch.
Usual terms & condition for refinance
continued to be applicable.
Cir. Circo/Cppc/Agr/107 28.11.2k

For more details Refer Master e-Cir 147 dated


Purpose: For financing pvt cold storage/ warehouses for on-lending to farmers against agl commodities stored there. Eligibility: 1. Promoters are persons of good repute and integrity. 2. Storing capacity > 5000 MT. 3. Should be in good running conditions &
registered post-tax profits for last 3 yrs. 4. Conducts of all a/cs satisfactory & SA. 5. New one may be financed provided controller satisfied about promoters integrity & projects viability. Assessment of Credit limit: Limit 60% of the operating capacity or 60%
of the avg value of produce stored during last 12 months whichever is lower. Disbursal to the extent to 60% of the value of stored produce & belonging to farmers to whom on-lending has been done by the cold storage/ warehouse. No loans on > 6 months
WHR. Amount: Minimum Rs 25 lacs, Maximum Rs 100 lacs. Security: Primary- NIL, Collateral- EM of warehouse/ cold storage, collateral value should be 100%. Personal Guarantee of partners/ proprietor/ directors. Interest on CRA as applicable to Agl adv.
Units of SB4 & below should not be financed. Documents to be drafted by Corporate Law Dept. Renewal every year subject to satisfactory conduct of facility. Repayment: CC a/c should be brought into credit balance by the end of November each year till
next season. Inspection: Pre-sanction Inspection must. Post-sanction inspection monthly. Insurance: Full value of Building & stored produce by owners & bank to keep policy on record. Sanctioning Authority: Clean advance, thus sanctioned by CCC II or
CCC I. Other features: 1. S S of WHR signatory to keep in bank record, 2. Warehouse/cold storage as per NABARD norms, possess proper license and fitness certificate. 3. Company owned house to follow prescribed norms. ( e-Cir 592 dt 20.3.6.)
- Non-defaulting farmers from all
Back ended Subsidy (30%) & Loan
20% of the project cost.
Borrowers Non Cash contribution- sinking of well,
Security- Hypo. Of assets purchased DRDA is nodal agency to implement,
categories having min command area
(50%) components i.e.80% of the
ROI- As applicable to ATL
arranging filler material etc., will take care of
by Bank Finance.
monitor & review the scheme & release
of 2.5 acres.
project cost may be sanctioned &
presently wef. 01.01.04 Margin.
Doc. Arrangement letter, Form
subsidy. Dept. of MI is to specify technical
- Farmers having large holding desire
<50000 9%, >50000 2 lacs
Maximum flexibility for repayment period to
AB1, AB2 (if guarantee), PDR Ann.
parameters & installation. NABARD
more tube well points.
9.75%, 2 5 lacs 10.25%,
accommodate all borrowers. Repayment 11 yrs
C (If AB2 not containing PDR Act
formulate scheme with SLBC.
- Availing only pumset not allowed.
Borrowers who had already availed
>5lacs 11.75% (Circo/ Adv/
incl. Gestation 11 months
BMs are primarily responsible for
subsidy under other GSS also
279/ 2003-04 dt 16.01.04)
(This is Planning Commission Project)
Pump may be used for threshing,

hauling etc in lean period.


Type of Loan ATL.
Purpose as above
-Also in UP & 6 NE States
Sl. Schemes & Objectives



All non-defaulting farmers, preferably

small, marginals, SC/ST.
- Availing only pumpset allowed.

Funding 20:30:50 as MSTP. Subsidy back ended. Unit cost

recommended by State level unit cost committee.
ROI- As per extant guidelins of RBI from time to time.

Gestation- 6 to 23 m, Repayment- 5 to 9 yr for Bihar,

12 yrs to Jharkhand fixed on capacity of the borrower.

Security- As per RBI guideline 2nd

Instalment for purchase of pumpset
after verification only.

Amount of Loan, Margin & Interest

Credit Process & Repayment

Security / Doc / Insurance

Facility A Cash credit limit with photo ID card with name, limit &
validity and a Pass Book.
Amount Maximum Rs. 2 lacs. Assesment to be made under Nayak
Com norms with simple scoring model (min score 60%)
Margin upto Rs. 25000 : NIL, > 25000-2 lacs : 20%
ROI Upto 50000/- 1.75% below SBAR, over 50000 0.75 < SBAR
Revised guidelines on Loan & Subsidy (e-Cir 628 dated 09.12.09) Financing Pattern
Urban Self Emp Pr Urban Women SHG
Max Project Cost
Rs 2 lacs
No Max limit
Maximum Subsidy
25%, max Rs 50000 35%, max Rs 3 lacs/
60000 per person

Repayment The portion of limit for purchase

of tools etc within 3 years. The rest revolving
CC to be reviewed every year but valid for 3 yrs
subject to satisfactory conduct of account

Primary Hypo of assets financed

by Bank
Collateral NIL
Documentation Composite Loan

No stipulation of min. land holding.

Command area depends upon crop pattern,
method of irrigation, water requirement.

(This is Central Agr Dept Project)


-Min. 60% under simple scoring model

To provide adequate and timely credit to -Thrust to clusters/ SHGs
artisans to meet their requirements of WC -Preference to Regd artisans with Dev
and investments in a flexible manner & at Commissioner (Handicrafts)
reasonable interest.Target Artisans in
-Existing Borrowers with limit < 2 lacs
handicraft sector not covered by GSS.
and satisfactory track record.
-Rural poor incl. SF, Landless la-bourer,
Rural Artisan, Disabled.
Launched on 01.04.99, Poverty in 73-74 -Families in BPL list prepared by Gram
56.44% came down to 26.10% in 2K-01. Sabha with Block, Bank & Sarpanch and
-To bring the poor family above poverty
approved by Dist. SGSY committee.

Other Features & Ref Circulars

Prcessing fee As applicable to SSI Segment,

but no charge in renewal/ review.
Special features New unit can also be
financed. Beneficiary regd with Dev Com
(Handicrafts) cover under Gr Guarantee Sch
(premium paid by Govt & Unit in 60:40 ratio.
Cash disbursement upto 10000 according to nature of Primary- Hypothecation of assets. No Scheme is funded by Central & State in ratio
the activity. Swarojgari to obtain assets within one
collateral upto Rs 1 lac for Individual, 75:25. Emphasis on Group financing (75%)
month from the date of disbursement.
upto 10 lacs for Gr.(e-Cir 395/ 11.9.9). rest 25% to Individuals. Covering all families in
Back ended subsidy in Current Account in SGSY
But 3rd party Guarantee is obtained.
5 yrs, 30% each year each block enable the
Subsidy Reserve Fund Account.
GIC insures live stock in Master Policy. loanee to cross BPL within 3 yrs through

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

line by ensuring sustained level of income
over a period of time.(In 3 yrs>Rs2000 pm
-To organize rural people into SHGs by the
process of social mobilization.
-To train income generating assets.



-Poverty eradication in urban area launched in 1997 replacing SUME & PMIUPEP.
-Assisting urban poor men/ women for
setting up gainful employment.
Ref Master e-Cir 58/ 2009-10.



Prof Md. Yunus (1976) experimented the
concept in Bangladesh. Kallia Committee
recommended, NGO adopted in 1987-88,
NABARD & SBI implemented in 91-92 &
96-97 respectively
-Concept based on THRIFT, CREDIT &
SELF HELP. Rural poor have the potential
to save small amounts and inherent
quality of helping thru mutual trust & active

23 SHG Credit & SHG Gold Card

R : To provide hassle free loan to
SHGs for internal lending for
cousumtion and economic activity.
- To enable SHGs & its members to
take up micro-enterprises/ economic

-Targets: SC/ST 50%, Women 40%,

Beneficiary share
5% as margin
5% as margin
Disabled 3%. Norms of lending No
ceiling, finance on unit cost by NABARD Subsidy Back ended, Gen. 30% max. 7500, SC/ST- 50% max
(agl) & Dist SGSY Com (SIB).
10000, Group-50% max. 1.25 lac, Irrig. Project-50% no ceiling

Repayment in 5-9 yrs depending upon acti-vities with Insurance-10000 for accidental death
moratorium 6 to 12 months.
of Swarojgari (age 18-60 yrs), 5000 on
multiple financing & generating 2000 p.m. after
natural death is paid to nominee.
repayment of loan.(Insurance 50 : 50)
Prime responsibility of the Bank to monitor
grounding, income generation & recovery of
the advance sanctioned within service area.
-Employed/ Un-employed urban youth
Maximum Rs. 50000/-, Margin 5%, Subsidy 15% max. 7500/-.
Intt will be charged on the loan component only. Documentation- Arrangement DWCUA Under sub-scheme- assisted poor
irrespective of age residing for at least 3 Selection by Local Urban Body.
Disposal of application- loan < 25000- 15 days, letter, PDR B, Letter of consent urban poor women (min.10) form a group for
yrs in city. Income- Below State BPL.
In partnership, higher project cost may be considered, each partner
>25000- 8 to 9 weeks. Training of beneficiary cum-guarantee & hypothecat., self-employment venture. Group should be
- Family identified on the basis of
shares upto 50000 and subsidy upto 15% or max.7500/ partner.
homogeneous, possessing a spirit of togetherDev Agency of Govt is must before
Individual loan agreement and ness, similar socio-economic character, mutual
Independent kitchen.
Backend subsidy with lock-in period of 2 yrs. Amt of subsidy may be
Target Gr.- SC/ST- in proportion to pop- adjusted for default loan only at the time of closure of loan. In case of
understanding and trust.. Gr set up as a thrift
Repayment within 3-7 yrs with gestation of 6-18 an Inter-se-Agreement
ulation, women-30%, Disable- 3%.
mis-utilisation of loan subsidy may be refunded.
and credit society. No ceiling on project cost.
m depending upon activity & income generation executed by members of the
RBI, Sept 04 - Subsidy Reserve Fund A/c will earn int as SB, which
Loan upto 50% of project cost, margin 5%.
Gr for carrying common activity Subs--50%/1.25lac+25000 revolv @ 1000 p B.
may be adjusted against last few installment of the loan
Definition-SHG is a small, homogenous Agency involved in SHG Movement a. NABARD- Policy support,
Group assistance min. 6 months of formation of Gr. Security- Primary, Collateral &
Stages of SHG Development- Forming ( 0-2
affinity group of rural poor comprising
refinance and training, b. Banks- Credit support, c. NGOs.- Promotion, Recovery % is very high due to peer pressure of Gr. Personal and Gr. Guarantee.
months), Storming (3-4 m), Norming (4-5 m),
Agl lab., small & marginal farmers &
nurturing and linkage of groups with banks, financial intermediation,
Refinance by Nabard 100% of outstandings.
Documents for direct linkage- Inter-se- Functioning (6-12 months of Gr formation).
micro-enterprises, which is voluntarily
training to SHG members & functionaries d. TRAINING INSTITUTE
Loan as TL or CC but business shown in AGL.
Agreement, Appl form, Article of
Banks work as mere spectator during forming,
formed. It can be formal or informal.
Conducting training prog for their staff & undertaking studies.
Agreement, NGO-letter.
Observer in Storming, Financier in Norming &
Members save & contribute to a comm.- Amount of Loan- Max. 4 times of SHG Fund. Fund incl. Savings,
Incentives to Regd NGO (min 3 yrs old) Rs 750 as Doc. For Finance through NGOsCollaborator/ Financial Advisor/ Friend, Philoon fund from which small loans are met penalty, donations, interest, loan, and other income.
a. 50% on formation of SHG & opening of a/c with us. Application from NGO, Article of
spher and guide in functioning stage.
to the needy members as per group
Exemption of collaterals- Rs 5 lacs (industry) & 1 lac (Service&Bus) b. 50% after 3 months of Credit Linkage. Incentives to Agreement.
Beyond service area, approval of controller
Interest- As applicable in AGL segment, ROI 1% less when financed to be granted by GM. (CC Ref MF/NGO/2 dt 25.10.05) Del .of Power SMG IV : 5 lacs
not required.
No. 10-20 ( may be reduced to 5 in
NGO (who may charge max. 1.5%+)
Subsidy- PMRY: Rs 15000 per member,max 1.25 lac (SGSY)/ 3 lacs (Bank), III : 4 lacs/ 3
Hilly, Tribal area/ Disabled/ Minor
SBI is 1st commercial Bank to assign the status of Self Help
lac, II : 2 lacs/ 0.75, SAB 1lac/ 0.5 lac
Promoting Institution (SHPI) by NABARD.
Eligibility: All matured SHGs having a. developed proper group dynamics; b. reached 3 rd level of credit linkage and enjoying credit limit of Rs 50000, c. regular repayment, and d. At least 2 literate members to operate the a/c. Credit Limit: Maximum 4 times
of SHG corpus. Higher loan may be considered on viability of the proposal. Margin: Gr corpus treated as margin. Security: Hypo of assets created out of loan. Documents as in SHG. Validity: 3 yrs, subject to satisfactory annual review. Insurance: as per
banks norm. Issue of Card: Both cards contain details of group, their a/c, authorized signatories, names of Gr members. Cards issued alongwith passbooks free of cost. Other features: SHG Credit Card 1. Limit Min Rs 50000. 2. Facility CC. 3. SHG
can withdraw upto eligible limit to be reviewed annually. 4. No cheque, Drawal by slips. SHG Gold Card issued only for carrying economic/ income generating activities 1. Limit Min Rs 2 lacs. 2. Facility TL, repayment as per economic activity.
For more details refer e-Cir 331 dated 13.09.2006.

24 Financing Joint Liability Gr

(JLG) of Tenant Farmers

Microfinance has been recognized as an effective medium for Financial Inclusion and SHG-Bank Linkage model of microfinance has been accepted not only a successful vehicle for delivery of credit to the poor but also as viable proposition for thr Banks.
Definition of Tenant Who takes a lease or holds land from other and is liable to pay rent for the piece of land. Oral lessees: Tenancy without legal sanction and permission or written agreement. Sharecroppers: Tenant who pay rent to landlord by sharing
crops. JLG Joint Liability Group: An informal group comprising preferably 4 to 10 individualsengaged in similar economic activity like crop production, coming together for purpose of availing bank loan either singly or through group mechanism against mutual
(Direct AGL Finance under Priority
gurantee. Criteria for selection of JLG Members: 1. Members having similar socio-economic status and background carrying out farming activity and agree form a JLG. 2. Gr organized by like-minded farmers not imposed by Bank. 3. Residing in same area
should know and trust each other. 4. Engaged in agl activity > 1 yr within area of operation of the branch. 5. Not be defaulter of any FI. 6.Only one member from a family. 7. Active member to ensure leadership role. Size of JLG: Preferably 4 to 10 may be
R : To augment flow of credit to considered upto 20. Formation of JLG initially by our staff, if not engage Business Facilitators, Individual Rural volunteers or NGOs giving incentives. Subsequently, discuss the Banks regulation, lending process, principles of SHG, Group cohesion &
tenant & small farmers forming JLG.
dynamics. State Agl Dept may also form JLG and provide techno-help like soil testing, market information etc. Savings by JLG: Voluntary, encourage to open an indvidual No Frill a/c under SBI Tiny. JLG choosing savings and credit operation both through
- To extend collateral free loans to group mechanism, SB a/c will be in name of JLG operated by 2 members. 2 Models of JLG: Model A Financing to Individuals, all to execute one inter-se agreement (making each jointly & severally liable for repayment of all loans taken by all individuals in
the JLG). Model B Financing to Groups. One loan with combined credit requrirement of all its members. Critical Factors in JLG: 1. Concept depends heavily on mutual trust within Gr and on peer pressure for repayment of loans. 2. Quality of leadership is
- To build mutual trust & confidence important for sustainability of Gr. 3. Single purpose, not multifunctional Gr. Credit Assessment: Model A JLG prepares a Credit Plan of its individuals and an agreggate. Bank assess on type of crops, size of land and credit absorption capacity of the indvidual.
between Bank & tenant farmers.
Model B JLG undertakes savings apart from credit and maintain books of accounts, grading by Bank on basis of performance. Quantum of loan not linked with the Groups savings as in SHG, but on combined credit needs of individuals. Purpose: Crop
production, consumption, marketing and other productive needs. Facility: ACC, ATL or KCC depending upon purpose. Loan Amount: Max Rs 50000 per indvidual both under Model A & B. Interest: As applicable to SHG. Margin & Security: Margin as per usual
norms. Mutual Gurantee, no collaterals. Documents: Model A DP Note & DPN Delivery letter, JLG 1,2.3 & 4. Model B As applicable to SHGs. Crop Insurance by NAIS (National Agl Insurance Scheme) Rastriya Krishi Jama Yojna to all farmers growing
notified crops in India. Ref e-Cir 451 dated 29.09.2006. In appraisals points to be recorded: 1. Written/ oral arrangement of tenant amt, crop share, lessee amt with landlords to be ascertained. 2. Period of lessee, tenancy & share cropping. 3.
Economic viability to be established on expected ability of the farmer to produce, avg slae price of last 3 yrs & amt to be paid to the landlord o/a of tenancy/ lessee/ crop share & other liabilities. (Refer e- Cir 289/ 03.08.2009).

Sl. Schemes/Rationale/ Objectives Eligibility


Amount of loan, Margin and Interest.

Appraisal, Disbursement & Repayment Security/Document/Insurance Other Features & Ref Circulars

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


ARTHIAS PLUS Indirect Agl Finance

- To finance commission agent against
their receivables from farmers.
- To increase lending under priority sector.
- Good Backward & Forward Linkage



-To finance milk producing societies/
dairies (Amul Type) for acquiring high
yielding milch cattle, milking machine &
Mechanical chaff cutter.


Objectives: To finance dairy societies

for modernization purposes
Construction of Milk house or Office,
Purchase of automatic Milk collection
system, Purchase of transport vehicles &
Purchase of bulk chilling unit.
28 BROILER PLUS To farmer for construction of broiler sheds & for broiler farming
29 Commodity Backed Warehouse Receipt
Financing. (Background Trading Rs 1
lac cr p.m. in exchanges like NCDEX &
MCX. Increased acceptance of accredited
WH. Margin guard market risk.

30 CYBER PLUS As a steps towards

building the technological gap between

the urban haves and the rural have-nots,
to set up internet kiosks/ cyber caf at
potential rural & semi-urban centres.



-With a view to meet the growing
expectations of the medical
practitioners for buying equipments,
setting/ renovating clinic, clinic-cumresidence, X-ray lab, nursing homes,
patho/ poly clinic or purchasing
computers, ambulance, vehicles or any
medical profession.

Sl. Scheme/ Purpose/ Objectives

-To purchase medical equipment. Prospective buyers
identified by


-Commission agents enjoying good

reputation and holding a valid license
from the market yard & doing business
for the last 3 years.
-agents having receivables from farmers

Type of loan Cash Credit (Hypo. Of of book debt not older than 6
Quantum- Maximum Rs. 25 lacs.
Margin 40%
ROI (Monthly) Under AGL/ SBF- Upto Rs. 2 lacs 0.5 below SBAR,
> 2- 10 lacs SBAR. Under C&I- >10-<25 lacs- 11.60% p.a. based on
credit rating, 1.10% to 2.5% over SBAR.

-To be liquidated within 6 months.

-If the applicant of other bank, he should close the a/c
before disbursement.
-Borrower should be sound financial standing.
-Statement of eligible receivables to be obtained at
HY intervals and verified from book of account or
audited FS.-Review & Renewal-At end crop season
-Individual member of Amul Type society Total amt of loan at one time Rs. 5 lacs based on repaying cap of Bor. Repayment- in 5 years in monthly install. With
-Age below 65 years with min.
Loan may be disbursed for purchase of animals, milking machine,
gestation max. 6 months. ( DSCR 1.75)
Individual Dairy < 10 animals min 0.25 construction of sheds, chaff cutter etc within overall limit of Rs 5 lacs.
Tri-partite arrangement letter by Bank,
acre land per 5 animals for growing feed WC Limit for feed, fodder & medicine @ Rs 2500 per animal p.a. along Borrower & Society to be obtained. Payment to
& able to procure balance locally, > 10 with Term loan.
be made by the society direct to the branch for
animals 1 acre own or lease land per 5 Margin- < Rs 50000 NIL, > 50000- 5 lacs = 10%
loan a/c.
animals. (Ref e-Cir 579 dated 14.03.06) ROI As applicable to direct ATL.
Refer Master e-Cir 148/ 2009-10.

Primary- Hypo. Of receivables &

movables incl stocks, if any.
Collateral- E.M. of other than agl
property in name of B or G (1.5 times)
Doc. (As in SIB)- Agr. For CC (Form L),
Guarantee Agr, DP note and take
delivery letter, Arrangement letter.
Security-Hypo of asset by Bank
Collateral- <Rs.1 lac= nil, above 1 lac
= Mortgage of land, 3rd P G or
Guarantee by other Borrower.

-Application & Assessment- as in trade adv.

-During cropping season, Agents/ Arthias
support the farmers both in kind and cash to
meet their needs and at the time of the harvest
of the crop, they help the farmers sell their
produce. The sale proceeds passes thru the
Com agent, loan of the farmers adjusted first.
Advantages- Bulk financing, trouble free
quality product for dairy farmers.
Loan for cultivation of fodder may be given to
each individual as per SOF (Scale of Finance).
Ref. Circo/adv/86-26.6.03, DB/agl/274-3.7.03.

Pre-requisite: Society has necessary borrowing powers and resolution to avail loan from SBI. Eligibility: 1. Regd Milk Society with A grade in last audit. 2. 1000 litres supply of milk to Milk union per day. 3. Audited Balance sheet
of last 2 yrs. 4. Pre-tax profit of last 2 yrs. 5. No dues certificate if any loan. Facility: ATL Classification: Indirect Agl Finance. Amount of Loan: Based on Project cost, but max 4 times of avg profit of previous years. Sub-ceilings
are 1. To construct Milk house/Office Rs 2 lacs. 2. Purchase of automatic milk collection system Rs 1 lac. 3. Purchase of Milk transport vehicle Rs 3 lacs. 4. Bulk chilling unit Rs. 4.00 lacs. Margin: 15%. Appraisal: No
separate appraisal as loan is linked to pre-tax profit of the society. Security: Primary Hypo of assets created out of Bank Finance. Collateral Mortgage of landed property or Guarantee of Milk Union. Repayment: 60 EMIs with
start up period of 6 months. Documents: As applicable to ATL, Tie-up arrangement with Milk Union and an undertaking from them to deduct & pay installment. Application, Discretionary powers, Interest, Insurance & Inspection
As per extant instructions. (Source: SBI Times)
Experience of running poultry, having a ATL < Rs 3 lacs per 5000 birds. Max Rs. 9 lacs. Rearing Period:7 week Disbursement in stages for sheds, For equipment
Security - <Rs 50000 : Hypo of assets by Bank Finance, > 50000 : Hypo of assets +
source of potable water (Contract farm) Margin < Rs. 50000 Nil, 25% > Rs. 50000. DSCR: 1.40 (SBI Times) direct to Supplier. Repay 5 yr, Moratorium 6 month EM or RM of land of Shed & other infrastructure to cover min 50% value of advance
Purpose: To finance traders against warehouse receipts of CWS/SWC warehouses accredited by MCX. Eligibility: Any traders dealing in commodities. Amount of Loan: Demand loan or (Cash Credit) 75% (70%) of the market value of warehouse receipt or
80% (75%) of min support price declared by State/ Central Govt, whichever is lower. Cash Credit for limit Rs 1 cr & above. Margin: 20-25% (as above). Interest: DL< Rs 10 lacs - 0.50 below SBAR, > 10 lacs 0.25% below SBAR. C C 0.25% > SBAR min
13%. Based on competition & strengths of proposal, ZCC may reduce 25 bp (10 25 lacs), 50 bp (> 25 lacs). Processing charges: CC- Rs 300 per lac, DL Nil, when sanctioned & disbursed, otherwise Rs 300 per lac. Comprehensive Insurance, cost born by
Borrower. Security: Primary- Charge over warehouse receipt endorsed in fav of bank. Collateral- Personal Guarantee. Repayment: Self-liquidating, as & when produce sold not exceeding 12 months. CC on demand. Moratorium: None, Int as & when due
would be payable. Other features: Branch to verify the authenticity of the receipt and get its lien noted with warehouse before disbursal. Inspection of commodity before disbursal & subsequently at 3 months. Margin shall be topped up on fortnightly basis
(Immediate topping if price move > 10% in opposite direction). (Ref e-Cir 574/ 2005-06 dated 10.3.06, revised vide e-Cir 299/24.8.07)
Qualification SSC/ 10th pass
Type of facilities : Composite Loan
The cost of scheme is estimated at Rs. 59000/-. The Primary : Hypothecation of asset
Processing fee waived
Age : 18-45 yrs, Should possess basic Amount of Loan : Rs. 50000/Max permissible bank fianc is Rs. 50000 and rest will purchased from Bank finance.
N-Logue, a NGO comprising from specialist
computer knowledge.
Margin : Rs. 9000/be the margin which has to met either from own
Collateral : NIL, can be brought under
from IIT Chennai has designed this scheme
Presently introduced in Ahmedabad,
Rate of Interest : 0.75% below SBAR
sources or from KVIC Margin Money Scheme.
CGTSI Scheme
CHIRAAG kiosk at rurals for e-governance.
Banglore, Chennai, Hyd & Mumb circles.
Repayment : 36 to 40 monthly instalments
Documentation : Composite Loan Agr. Subsidy of 25-30% if take up under KVIC sh
-Individual/ Partnership/ Ltd. Co/ Trust. Type of Loan: Medium Term Loan & Cash credit.
-Minimum DSCR 1: 1.5
Primary- Hypo of Assets financed.
-Processing charge 0.5%, Min Rs 500 &
-Promoters should min. MBBS/ BAMS/ Loan Amount: Max Rs 5 crs with subceiling a. 10% of total loan amt
-Max repayment 7 yrs with moratorium 12 months
Collateral- No need for tangibles <
Max Rs 50000
GAMS/ BDS/ BHMS & registered
for loan < Rs 1 cr, b. 5% of loan > Rs 1 cr min 10 lacs.
Disbursement: Multiple within 24 months from the
15 lacs (Allopath),< 10 lacs(Others)
-Simplified scoring model- min 50% for limit
Margin: Loan Upto Rs 5 lacs 10%, Above Rs 5 lacs 15%.
date of sanction as per schedule.
Per Guarantee or TPG twice the
< Rs 25 lacs, > Rs 25 lacs 5 crs: CRA
-Key promoters should be qualified
Documents. WC- Hypo of Stocks & Book debtsloan. For > Rs 10/ 15 lacs- 25%
rating, min SB 4
Rate of Interest: Based on scoring model
DP note, DPN del.let, Form K modified, Form I,
tangibles & Per Guarantee of
-Inspection- HY, monitoring to ensure endCircle may reduce margin & interest by 0.5% on merit.
CosSSI28. TL-MTL Agr, G. Agr, Vehicle-HPTer
use of fund.
Insurance- Of financed assets &
Ref Cir. Circo/adv/237 dt. 16.12.04
Comprehensive ins of vehicles.
Revised by e-Cir 24 dated 11.4.07

Individual/ partenership/ corporates/
trusts. Brs 31 centres incl. Patna and
Ranchi are identified. Other centres
may be included as potentialities.
Type of facility Term Loan
AGM(BP-DB) will be the resource
person for this product.

Amount of loan, Margin and Interest.

Amount of Loan Siemens Equipment ranges between 10 lacs -10
crs. Under the tie-up arrangement, all loans upto Rs 25 lacs will be
covered under Doctor + Scheme. Provision of 5% contingencies.
Under SBF : Loans to non-medical practitioner upto Rs. 20 lacs;
Loans to medical practitioners with borrowings < 10 lacs in urban or
metro and Rs. 15 lacs in Rural or Semi-urban .Under C & I : Loans >
Rs. 25 lacs. MARGIN : 20% ROI : As per Doctor+ Scheme.

Credit Process & Repayment

Due diligence and commercial viability are
adjudged by BM before sanctioning the loan.
DSCR : 1.75 Debt Equity Ratio : 3:1
Repayment : 5 to 8 years including moratorium
period not exceeding 1 year.

Security / Doc /Insurance

Primary : Hypothecation of assets
financed by the Bank.
Collateral : For Loans < 10 lacs NIL
Above Rs. 10 lacs : At least 50%
Tangibles of the loan amount.
Documentation : As applicable to
term loans in SBF/ C&I segment.

Other Features & Ref Circulars

Methodology : Siemens will identify & send
application to SBI. If acceptable, SBI will
sanction & advised to borrower & Co within
15 days. Borrower will meet margin &
documentation then Siemens will send
equip.. to buyer & forward proof of dispatch.
SBI pay directly to Co by draft in 3 days

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

Siemens from
doctors in private
practice, nursing
homes, hospitals,
banking with us
& refer to us.
Relaxations in Sanctions above Rs 25 lacs: Margin reduced to 10%. DE Ratio not applicable. Intt 1% below SBAR min 9.25% irrespective of CRA. Collateral- TPG of Promoters & PDC. Up-front fee: 1% may be waived by GM. Repayment max 6 yrs, Moratorium max 1 yr. (Ref CC/SME/03/05-6 dt 18.7.5)
-A laminated credit card with passbook serves
Small artisans, service sector, Facility- Composite loan incl. T L & revolving Cash credit. The WC in form of Revolving CC fixed at 20% of the -No collateral security
Projected Turnover; Consumption credit- max.20%.
as an I card &also facilitate to record tranxns.
handloom weaver, fishermen,
-Composite loan Document
-To provide adequate & timely credit incl
Total limit on Projected net earning & repay capacity.
-SHGs liable jointly & severally for repaymnt.
a reasonable component for consumption
Validity- SCC card is issued for 5 yrs subject to
-Processing charges waived
needs to small artisans, , self employed owner & micro- entrepreneurs.
satisfactory operation & renewed yearly thru simple shared by Bank & borrower equally.
-No subsidy from govt under scheme.
etc from banking system in a flexible,
- possible cluster approach preferable. Interest- 1.75% below SBAR
review. Repayment- TL within 5 yrs in suitable install. -Progress Report at BLBC & DLBC
-No drawal in CC if not repaid within 12 month.
hassle free and cost effective manner.
Revolving CC payable < 12 m from date of drawal
Ref. Corp Centre Draft DB/SSI/4 dt 31.12.03.
-Small Industrial units, Retail traders,
Maximum Rs. 10 lacs. Min score 60% (36 marks)
Primary Hypo. Of stock, machine or
-Cumbersome procedural aspects reviews
A photo card indicating limit & validity of
Professional & Self-employed and small Assesment- For small business, Retail Traders- 20% of annual T O
office equipment. Collateral- SSI NIL & renewals, submission of FS / SS are done
SBF- < 25000 NIL, > 25000 Charge away, Credit delivery made simple & easy.
-A new & friendly credit product to cater the business enterprises having satisfactory declared for Tax purpose or last 12 m T O of operative a/c, which is high
track record of 2 years.
For professional & Self-employed- 100% of gross income as per IT ret. Repaymentover movables/ immbles or 3rd Party G. Validity- 3 yrs, subject to annual review and
need of small business, industrial unit,

Collaterals may be waived in case of
satisfactory conduct of the account.retail traders, artisans, SSI & Tiny units.
Inspection HY, monitoring to ensure the
cr summation of a/c is not less than 50% excellent track record.
R To provide hassle free financial support excellent credentials and performance. Margin Upto RS. 25000 NIL, >25000 - 20%
-Term Loan upto Rs. 5 lacs for shop
-All eligible loan a/cs under SSI will
use of funds.
who have shown commitment to run the
Interest As applicable to the market segment.
of projected sales, if so repay in instalmnts qualify for cover under CGFT scheme. end
Ref. Circo/ adv/ SSI/ 54 & 295 of 2002-03,
unit successfully and who are dealing with under small business enterprises.

and Circo/ adv/ 11 & 24 of 2003-04.
bank for the last 2 years.
Collteral free loans upto Rs 5 lacs to MSEs (Micro & Small Enterprises) both Mfg & Service sectors as defined in MSMED Act. In all eligible cases, Bank has to obtain CGTMSE cover. Advance to Retail sch not covered by Guarantee cover (e-Cir 638/ 22.01.09)
-Existing borrowers classified as SA
-Special Credit limit to the extent of 20% of agg fund based WC
Primary Nil. Available Coll will be
-Limit renewed once in yr alongwith WC.
Unit is free to use fund for 12 times a year
-To meet the unforeseen expenses of
as on 31st March for the last 2 years,
max. Rs. 25 lacs.
extended to cover cr + scheme.
-Other term & conditions as per dis power,
with min gap of 15 days & for max period
SSIs (like repairs to machines, tax pay,
-Unit with WC Rs. 25 lacs & above &
-Advance be made by way of clean cash credit limit without DP or
Additional collateral may be
interest, doc, insurance, inspection, IRAC
of 2 months at a time. A Pass Book with
labour pay, addl purchase of r m for
CR SB 4.
cheque book. No need of 2 running a/cs.
obtained, but it is not compulsory.
norms as per Banks extant instruction.
details incl mirror account will be issued.
execution orders) with excellent record.
-New unit also as decided by Sanc A.
-Unit assess requirement & credit its CC a/c.
Ref. Cir. Circo/CPP/Adv/ SSI/15 dt.1.8.01.
-All seg borrower incl Agl except PB.
- Sanction of WC for 2 yrs subject to annual review (e-Cir 753/29.3.8).
-Individually managed proprietor/
Minimum Rs. 5 lacs Maximum- Rs. 50 lacs. (e-Cir 403dt 23.12.05) Scoring- based on set of characteristics-personal(30) Documents as applicable to S & M
-A suitable application form is designed to take
-To introduce a credit scoring model
partnership units or pvt/public co Small Loan 20% (SSI) or 15% (Trading) of Projected sales or 67% of Project business(50), collateral (20) = 100 marks. Qualifying Industrial and trading enterprises in
care scoring model.
system to simplify the approval process & & Medium industrial and trading
(Not more than 125% of last year sales). Pricing Interest: See Page: score is 60 with min 50% in each groups.
C&I and SIB.
-Processing fee for WC- >5 lacs- 250 per lac
cut down delays in credit approval, thereby enterprises above Rs. 5 to 50 lacs.
Latest Interest Rates. CRA will not be applicable for all loans under SME Repayment TL max 5 years, excl gestation 6 m.
or part therof.
improve our Small & Marginal Enteprises (Ref e-Cir 403 &NBG/SMEBU/20/2005- Smart score. Non-fund based can be based on Sanctioning Authority
WC- subject to renewal every year. Override- Loan Ref Master e-Cir 389 dated 10.09.09. -Up-front fee for TL 1% of the loan.
adv portfolio in terms of quality & size.
06 dated 23.12.2005)
judgment. Margin - 33% (TL), 25% (WC).
not approved can be considered under existing asseRef. CirCo/ Adv./13/ 2003-04 dated 17.04.03,
-Promoters age below 66 yrs
sment & appraisal on specific considerations.
e-Cir 403 & NBG/SMEBU/FLO/20 dt 23.12.05.
Women enterprise 51% of capital of women and business managed by women. It is obligatory for entrepreneurs to undergo Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP) conducted by Bank/ Govt. (It may be waived to those who have required experience/
(SME BUSINESS) Introduced in 1988 to qualifications in the field of activity. Under the package Concessions in margin 5% lower than usual in case of Retail Traders, Business Enterprises, Professionals & SSI. 0.50% concession in interest on loan above Rs 50000 to Rs 2lacs for Business
promote entrepreneurship among women. enterprises, Private Retail Traders & Rs 25 lacs to others women entrepreneurs. Interest Concessions may be extended to Working Capital/ TL limits and Composite TL. (Ref e-Circular 254/ 2005-06 dated 19.09.2005)
Discretionary power as applicable to Term loans Primary- First charge on asset created -Processing fee- as applicable to SSI/C&I
38 CORPORATE LOAN (C&I & SSI) Existing customers in C&I and SSI Minimum Rs. 25 lacs Max. Rs. 10 crs for non-corporate
Repayment - 3 yrs (e-Cir 349/ 28.09.06) but may
by Bank finance or extension of first
-At any point of time a unit can avail
with SB1/ SB2/ SB3 (SB4 after
borrowers. No cap for Corporate Borrowers.
To repay high cost debt, VRS scheme,
charge on current asset.. Collateralmaximum 3 corporate loans.
acquisition of trademarks, patents, facing administrative approval)
Margin Not applicable. ROI - One step higher to applicable be extended to 5 yrs.
Documentation As applicable to clean term loan in Per Guarantee of Promoter, Pariliquidity crunch or shoring up of net
-Credit worthy non-customers with CRA rate. Reset Interest clause once in 2 yrs on both Fixed and
the respective segment.
passu/ second charge on fixed asset. (Master e-Cir 349 dated 28.09.2006)
working capital etc. (A/c Clean TL)
opinion report from their bankers.
Floating Corporate Loans.



Sl. Scheme & Purpose/ Objectives Eligibility



Customers- Traders in goods/ commdit.

& services; Business enterprises; T O

Amount of loan, Margin and Interest.

Credit Process & Repayment

Security, Document, Insuran Other Features & Ref Circulars

Loan Minimum- Rs. 5 lacs Maximum- Rs. 20 lacs (For

Standard appraisal format for WC/ TL based on suit- Primary- Hypo of CA & FA. If loan to
able repayment capacity; Projected Profit for 3-5 yrs purch/ renovate immovables, e. m of

Inspection- HY, ensure end use of the fund.

-For Trade & Service Sector a limit <15% of

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


Type of loan TERM LOAN.

Type of Loan TERM LOAN

under SBF; Professional & Employed.

Criteria- Unit earned pre-tax profits in
last 3 years.
For Trade & Service Sect SB4/SBTL4

42 SLC- TERM LOAN Limit for SSI &

C&I Customers for meeting hassle free
medium term requirements to avoid
time over run and cost over run.


FOR PURCHASE OF NEW VEHICLES (Segment C&I) (Account : Term Loan)


Margin 25 % ROI As applicable for Small Busi. T L.

Purpose - Holding of stocks, acquisition of land, building/ renovation of

office/ godown, purchase of vehicle/ equipment/ furniture; substitution of
high cost debt, shoring of NWC, computerization expenses etc.
Existing unit with minSB3/SBTL3 Maximum - upto Rs. 50 lacs.
should have earned pre-tax profit for Margin 25% Interest As per CRA Ratings.
Purpose- Shoring up of NWC; Capital Expenditure; Substitution of high
last 3 years,
cost debt; R&D expenses; Quality upgradation to ISO standards etc.
-no history of default of any kind.

SSI & C&I Borrowers rated SB 3

(SLC- WORKING CAPITAL) FOR SSI and above only. (Ref e-Cir 510
dated 15.02.2006)
and C&I UNITS.
-To face competition and cater domestic &
export contingencies of valued customers.

Trade & Service Sector Maximum loan Rs. 100 lacs)

15% of WC facilities (FB+NFB) max Rs. 5 crores (Export-

on track record and turnover; Min. DSCR 1.5; TOL/

TNW < 4; Total long term liability to equity < 2:1;
Current ratio > 1. Repayment- M/ Qly install as per
normal cash generation. Pre-payment allowed.
Repayment for Trade & Service Sector = 8 years
Standard appraisal format for TL, DSCR of 1.5;
TOL/ TNW < 3, Total Long term liab to equity <2:1,
Current ratio > 1. CRA- SSI model for Term Loan.
Repayment- In monthly/ quarterly installment as per
normal cash generation cycle.
-Sanctioned with regular credit limit-Peak/ Non-peak
level limits separated-No separate assessment.
-No SLC to SSI units who utilized SME Cr+ facility.
-Release to be authorized by Head of Br on specific
request on genuine requirement.

that asset. Collateral- 100% Tang./Intangibles (35% tangibles if good record

for 3 yrs in T&S Sector). Comp. Loan
document. Insurance To cover all
asset charged to the Bank.

WC for exigencies. CRA Trade model will be

applicable for loan above Rs. 25 lacs &
tangibles at least 35-50% in place of 100%
Ref. Cir. Circo/Adv./ 239 of 2002-03 dated
18.01.2003 and 51 of 2004-05 dt 01.07.04.
Documentation- Composite Loan document.

Security- Extension of hypothe

charge on Current & Fixed
Inspection, Insurance & Discretionary powerassets (primary) & collaterals. as applicable to Term Loan.
Additional collaterals & Guarnt. Ref. Circo/adv/ 184 dt. 23.09.2003.
Documentation Same document Upfront fee: 1 %. (Irrespective of limit
for aggregate credit facility
utilized or not) (e-Cir 510 dated 15.02.06)
Others- As applicable to loan delivery system.
covers SLC also.

15% of FB Max 2 cr, Domestic 10% FB Max 2 cr, 10% of NFB Max 1 cr)
Period- Max. 60 days at one time& after this grace period of 15 days,
but a/c reported as irregular during grace. No restrictions in no. of
Ref. e-Circular 348/2005-06 dt 24/11/2005
times SLC available in Calendar year.
e-Cir 348 & CCO/CPPD-SLC/62 dt 24/11/05,
Interest- Additional int of 1% above regular WC facility (No concession).
e-Cir 510 dated 15.02.06
Eligibility: Borrowers rated SB 3 & above, 5 years of existence & earned profit in last 3 yrs, TOL/TNW above 2.5 not eligible. Purpose: For following capital expenditure related to regular business activity Expansion & modernization, R&D, Installation of
captive Power plant & upgradation of technology, renovation of factory/office, acquisition of software, tools etc, purchase of cars & other vehicles, replacement of old machines. Amount of Loan: 2 times of the residual cash accrual during last yr of operation,
subject to max Rs 5 crs for Corporates and Rs 2 crs for Non-corporates, Avg DSCR > 1.75, Both Fund and Non-fund limits within overall STL Limit. Margin: 20% Repayment: 5 years incl moratorium. Sanction of Limit: obtained for all eligible borrowers
along with regular Fund/ NF based WC. No separate assessment/ special justification is required for SLC (TL). Validity of Sanction: 12 months from date of sanction. Frequency: SLC-TL may be sanctioned at each review/ renewal of WC based on fresh
assessment. Security: Primary- 1st charge on the specific assets created out of bank finance. Collateral- Extension of existing charge on fixed/ current assets, Personal Guarantee & Pari passu first charge on all fixed assets. Documents: Common credit
documents. In case of Consortium, separate TL document. Release of Funds: Branch Head can release TL only after scrutiny of Financial Papers, FFRs etc any no. of times within sanction STL-TL Limit. Reporting of release of limit to controller time to time.
Interest: CRA based, 1% higher than normal loan without any concession ( e-Cir 510 dt 15.02.2006). Upfront Fee: 1% of loan.
(For further details refer e-Cir 348 & CCO/CPPD-SLC/62/2005-06 dated 24/11/2005 for both SLC TL & WC)
Unit already enjoying min Fund base
Disbursal : Any time except when a. limit overdue for Security Hypo of vehicles financed Processing/ upfront fee : NIL
10% of Fund based limit not exceeding Rs. 25 lacs.
limit of Rs. 1 cr. Credit rating SB 3/ SBTL
b. a/c irregular c. conduct of account not
Insurance & Documentation - As
Margin 20% ROI 1% above SBAR (can be reduced renewal
3 and above.
satisfactory Repayment : 60 months in monthly or
to SBAR by DGM)
quarterly instalments.
Short Term Loans for Working Capital: Eligibility- Borrowers rated SB3 & above. Purpose: Working capital
Short Term Loans not linked to working capital limit: Eligibility- Borrowers rated SB 3 and above. Purpose: Short Term Loans outside
needs. The short-term loans for meeting regular WC requirements to be carved out from existing WC Limit.
Assessed Bank Finance (ABF) sanctioned for meeting contingencies like delay in realization of receivables, bulk purchase, capital expenses
Quantum: Minimum Rs 10 cr but not more than 75% of the sanctioned WC limit.
within 12 months, payment of bonus or bridge loan, purchase of machinery & vehicles etc. Quantum: Minimum Rs 10 cr or max 50% of the
(Ref e-Cir 583/ 2005-06 dated 14.03.06)
residual anticipated cash accruals during the period of loan, after deducting proportionate amt of other repayment commitments.

For C&I
borrowers on a case to case basis for WC
or general com purposes for 3- 12 months,
as no specific instructions in this regard.
Sch since withdrawn (e-Cir 371/18.10.06)
Other features: Period: 3 to 12 months. Interest: Equivalent to 3 months MIBOR min 8%. Interest reset clause applied at the end of every 3 months. Disbursement in one lot, no partial disbursement. Roll over of loan for more than one time not permitted. Repayment: Bullet Payment. Penalty 2%
p.a. for delayed payment. 2% Pre-payment penalty on the pre-paid amount for the residual period. End use: is in line with the declared purpose. Security: Nil if STL carved out from overall WC Limit & if outside the ABF clean loan or adequately secured. (Ref e-Cir 583/2005-06 dated 10.03.2006)
45. Traders Easy Loan (Mortgage Loans for Traders renamed): All Brs of all Circles. Purpose : To provide hassle free finance to borrowers in trade and service sector who are willing to furnish mortgage of property of adequate value for acquiring fixed assets for business or building inventory or Current
assets. Eligibility: Existing customers, New incl takeovers, First generation entrepreneurs/ promoters of existing units for purpose of setting new units. Category of Borrowers covered: a. Small Business Enterprises b. Retail/ Wholesale Traders c. Professional and Self Employed. Loan : Min Rs 25000 Max
Rs 5 Crs. Facility : CC, OD, TL, DL Assessment of Bank Finance: Loan not to exceed 90% of total worked out requirement or 65% of the value of collaterals offered, whichever is less. Loan will not increase with the increase in value of the mortgaged property. Margin: 35% of the realizable value of the
property (Valued by an approved Valuer, Report not more than 3 m old) . Sanction : As per delegation of power. WC facility valid for two years, however reviewed annually by BM on conduct of a/c. At the time renewal/ review, if the limits are assessed to be less than the existing limits and the borrower is not in
position to repay the excess amount within 90 days, a DL may be allowed within max 24 EMIs. Stock Statement & Inspection: In case of inventory or Current Assets, Stock statement at quarterly intervals end of Feb, May, Aug & Nov each year, however frequency of inspection will be Half Yearly. Interest:
Competitive, quite liberal, CRA dispensed with; For CC 0.25 < SBAR, TL 0.5% > SBAR. Operation of Account: CC or DL Credit summation atleast 50% of declared sales turnover, renewable after 12 months. DL or TL Monthly repayment, simple annual review. Request of restoration of limit under
repayment option may be considered after expiry of 6 monthsand satisfactory conduct of account. Repayment: TL max 60 months in M / Q/ HY basis based on cash flows Security : Tangible of mortgaged property min 154% of Loan Amount + Primary Insurance : Full value with Bank clause. Processing
charge: WC (FB + NFB) Rs 25000- 2 lacs (Rs 300), Rs 2 100 lacs (Rs 300 per lac), Above Rs 1 Cr Rs 250 per lac, TL > 2 lacs Upfront fee 1.5% of loan (CCC may relax upto 50%)) Documentation : Arrangement Letter, Hypothecation Agreement & / or TL Agreement as applicable in Trade & Service Sector.
Source : NBG Bull Apr05 & e-Circular 79/ 2005-06 dated June 15, 2005 & e-Cir 388 & NBG/SMEBU/19 dated 15/12/2005 and e-Cir 681/ 2006-07 dated 06.03.2007. For Rice Mills Loan Amount raised from Rs 1 Cr to Rs 5 Crs (e-Cir 307 dt 30.08.08.
Type of facility CC with a sub-limit for LC if required.
To improve the credit flow to T & S Sector, a financial Primary Hypo of stocks & receivables Processing fee- as applicable to C&I.
Amount of Loan 15% of Projected Annual Turnover which should not based on the Annual turnover rather than on
Collaterals- Immovables not necessary **In case the proposal does not fit into the
requirement of Retail & Whole sale traders
be more than 125% of the turnover in the previous yr subject to
inventory build up has been designed. A credit limit
if cash collaterals (NSC, KVP, LIC etc) turnover based model of credit assessment,
in agl & industrial commodities, Dealers in preceding 3 years
maximum of Rs. 5 crores.
equal to 15% of the Projected annual turnover can be charged to the bank & guaranteed by the traditional method of projected balance
-CRA Rating SB4 and above
consumer durables/goods, vehicles,
Margin 25% ROI As per credit rating. A concession of 0.5% when fixed if projection > 25% increase in actual TO of the holders of security (e-Cir 386/
sheet method may be adopted.
showrooms etc.
at least 75% collateral coverage.
preceding year**. DP based on 25% margin & Stock 30.10.06)
Marketing- Both Retail & Wsale,Concessional
stat. Repayment On demand
Documentation As applicable
Interest, only 33% collaterals, SB4 rating,

Sl. Scheme & Purpose/ Objectives



Amount of loan, Margin and Interest.

Appraisal, Disburst & Repayment

Security/Document/Insurance Other terms & Ref Circulars.

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


-should have completed few projects

PRIVATE BUILDERS (C&I) To meet WC successfully
needs for completion of a project by
-should have min net-owned funds
reputed builders with an excellent track
-project should have all statutory
record of timely & quality construction and clearance
of sound financial strength.
-project should be completed in 18-24 m

Type of facility Cash Credit . Amt of Loan - Projected Cash flow

max. 50% of the project cost or Rs. 25 crs or 5 times of net worth,
whichever is less. (Reasonableness of the project cost has to be
judged by specialized agencies) Margin : at least 50% of project
ROI As applicable in C&I advances based on CRA rating .

Assessment on the Projected Cash Flow of the

project. The Credit worthiness and integrity of the
major builders are reviewed and approval
obtained for all their projects and also for specific
projects for construction of flats.
Repayment: 24 36 (e-Cir 375 / 18.10.2006)

Primary EM of land, can waived on

reputations of promoter with 3rd party
Guarantee. Collateral Tangibles to
the extent feasible
Documentation As applicable to WC
in C&I Segment.

No administrative clearance is
needed if limit granted by CCC-II and
above, otherwise, AC of CCC-II

-HLs for flats in building can also be granted.

Eligibility: 1. Real estate developers with rating of SB3 & above or 2nd best rating of other agencies. 2. Minimum turnover Rs100 cr (Builders from Mumbai, Delhi) / 50 cr (other metros/ big cities) achieved in any of last 3 FY or they completed min 1 million sq ft
(Mumbai, Delhi)/ 0.5 million sq ft (other metros/ big cities) construction. 3. Min 3 yrs of existence. 4. Norms 2 & 3 may be waived for New entrants subject to min NOF (Net owned Fund) Rs 25 crs. Loan Exposure: 3 times of NOF, min Rs 25 cr, Individual Max
Background Price hike in real estate,
Rs 50 crs (Proprietorship), 100 cr (Firms), 150 cr (Corporate) & 200 cr (Group). Additional requirement may be met through syndication. Period & Repayment: Upto 60 months from the date of first drawal. Quantum of Finance: Max 70% of gap or project.
low int in HL, general boom in economy,
Facility: CC/TL (Residential), TL (Commercial Estates). Security: Primary- Mortgage of land bldg financed by bank, Collateral- Per Guarantee of Directors/ partners/ Corporate Guarantee/ Negative Lien from Borrower. 125% tangibles if primary securities
especially in IT & retail have pushed the
demand for residential/ commercial spaces waived. (Ref e-Circular 562/2005-06 dt 7 Mar 2006)

48 Financing to Private Builders


Industry Major CRA SB 3 or above & a

major player in the produce market.
To finance selected dealers of reputed
Dealer for over 12 months, maintaining
Corporates against advance payment for
purchase of goods from the Industry Major. a/c with br, excellent track record of bill
payment within 45-60 days.

Nature of Loan Clean Cash Credit. Periodicity : 1 year

Business Constitution Partnership/ Pvt Ltd Co/ Public Ltd Company
A/c operation Drawings only against advance payment to Industry Mj.
Cheque book operation not permitted Margin : 25%
ROI As applicable

-Credit limit based on assessment of Annual

purchase of goods during current financial year
-Limit for 45 days purchase, No separate CRA
needed, Balance sheet appraisal to ensure
profitability. Repayment- each disbursement within
60 days

Primary NIL
Processing charge Rs. 10000 flat from each
Collateral Personal G of Promoter(s), dealer
Omnibus First Loss Deficiency
Guarantee form from Industry Major


-Existing Standard borrower.

Loan Max Rs. 25000/, Margin NIL
-Take over from other bank.
ROI 0.25 % above SBAR at monthly rests.
-Commercial vehicle owner should have Nature of Loan Medium Term Loan
necessary permits.

Before disbursement- App form with3 phot, Driving

license, permit, tax receipt, badge copy, fitness &
meter certificate, insurance. Repayment- 24 m (36
m, if vehicle already financed by SBI)


-All viable village Industry project set up

in rural area (<25000) under KVIC.
-Individuals/ rural artisans/ entrepreneurs
Institutions/ Co-op Society/ Trust regd
under KVIC/ KVIB for project < 25 lacs.
-Only new projects. Age- above 18 yrs.

Projects are appraised and assessed as like Banks All as per Banks prescribed norms.
regular scheme & norms.
Back ended margin money subsidy is kept as TDR for
2 yrs & credited to loan a/c after 2 year of first

-New eco-friendly scheme to tap business

by giving loans to Auto rickshaw owners
to purchase CNG/ LPG kits as per court
-Scheme is especially designed by KVIC to
enhance flow of credit & extend margin
money support to village industry.

Loan- 90% (Gen.), 95% (Weaker sec.) of the project cost.

Type- MTL, CC, Composite loan as per project requirem.
Quantum of Margin Money (Subsidy) GEN-25%(30% -others) of loan+
Margin <10 lac, >10-25 lac-25% of 10 lacs+ 10% of remaining cost.
Interest- As applicable SSI borrowers, No interest on subsidy
component loan.

Hypo of Vehicle, if not Gr Guarantee.

No collateral. Comprehensive insura
ance,Bank charge to be noted on pol.
Doc.Hypo Agr, Arran. Let, Form 29,
30, 34; Irrevocable letter from Borr.

Statutory req. Work order form RTO- BTI

form, Fitting at RTO approved centre, RTO
endorse on RC Book on fittied CNG/ LPG kits
Incentive to Branch under TPM Rs 500
Ref. Circo./Adv/ 76 of 2003-04 dt. 24.06.03.
-AGM (BP-DB) at LHO is nodal officer for this
scheme, releases subsidy.
Processing fee waived to Ex-service men &
Ref. Circo/CPP/Adv. 44 of 1997-98.



Target Gr.-All educated (8th passed) un- Activities- All economic viable activities incl agr & allied excl direct agl -DIC/ SISI identify & forward the application to Bank. Hypo./mortgage/pledge of
Subsidy Management- GOI passed subsidy
employed youth. Preference to women,
operations like raising crop, purchase of manure etc.
-Bank to satisfy about viability & bankability of projct.
to banks in advance through RBI. Subsidy part
bank financed assets.
ITI passed, with 6 m Govt tech course.
PROJECT COST- Max Rs. 2 lacs (Business & Service sector), 5 lacs -WC is determined on actual requirement to avoid
kept as FDR for TL duration, min 3 yrs, from
-To provide employment to educated &
-No collaterals for Industrial
Age- 18-35 yrs, 45 yrs-SC/ST/PH/ExS/
(Industry). Margin- Normaly 5% of project .
under-financing, which may lead to sickness.
last disbursement of the loan. No interest on
poor unemployed youth by setting up
project upto Rs. 2 lacs and
womenEducation- Minimum 8th passed. Subsidy 15% of the project cost max. ceiling Rs.12500 per borrower. -Bank to disburse amount incl of margin money
loan-representing subsidy amount.
micro-enterprises for industries, services
Annual Family Income- < Rs 1 lac
Subsidy to SHG Rs 15000 per member, maximum Rs 125000/deposited by borrower.
-If loan is closed prematurely/ misutilisation/
and business all over the country.
Residency- permanent for 3 years.
Joint Ventures/ Partnerships Project Cost < Rs 10 lacs. Gr activities
Repayment- 3 to 7 years for TL component after
abandonment of project, no subsidy available.
PMRY replaced by PMEGP (See in New Others- No defaulter in family; Only one to be encouraged as its better chance of success due to back up supp- initial moratorium on nature & profitability of venture. -No collaterals upto Rs. 5 lacs in part- - Training Expenses (born by DIC)
Products) wef 01.04.2009.
member of a family in this scheme.
ort and marketing linkages. Loan & subsidy will be in proportion.
WC limit to be reviewed periodically.
enhanced from Rs 2000 to Rs 2500.
5 to 10) engaged in industry.
53 DIFFERENTIAL INTEREST RATE (DIR) Purpose: For productive activities, pursuing higher education by indigent students, purchase of artificial limbs, hearing aids, and wheel chairs by physically handicapped. Eligibility: 1. Family Income not to exceed Rs 24000 p.a. in U/ SU area, 18000 in Rural.
SCHEME (1971) To assist poorest of the Family includes husband, wife and minor children. 2. Land holding not to exceed 1 acre of irrigated land or 2.5 acres of Non-irrigated land. SC/ST populations are eligible for loan irrespective of their land holdings. Quantum of Loan: Rs 15000, HL purpose
poor to bring them above Poverty Line.
20000. (HL under DIR to SC/ST Product code- 6250-2411-e-Cir 765/ 15.02.10). Target: Min 40% to SC/ST beneficiaries & 2/3rd to be routed through R/SU Branches. Overall Bank exposure in DIR 1% of the loan. Subsidy: Not Available. Margin: NIL.
-Weaker Section of Adv under Priority Sec. ROI: 4% p.a. at simple rate. Security: Hypothecation of assets created by bank loan. No Collateral. Repayment: 5 years. For more details refer Master e-Cir 56/ 2009-10.
G Fee:Upto Rs 2 lac absorbed by the bank,
Annual Fee Upto Rs 5 lacs: 0.5% -Scheme is managed by CGFT for Small
54 CREDIT GUARANTEE FUND TRUST for -All new & existing Micro & Small
Micro & Small Enterprises (CGTMSE)
enterprises (Mfg and Service sectors)
Rs 2 lacs to Rs 5 lacs 1%, > Rs .5 lacs 1.5%. of agg loan limit, Above Rs 5 lacs: Industries formed by GOI and SIDBI.
Loan upto Rs 5 lacs
>5 - 50 lacs
>50- 100 lacs
-To provide guarantee in respect of credit -All fund & Non-fund-based credit
(e-Cir 258 dt 06.08.08)
0.75%, to be paid to CGFT for Small -Apply within end of next Quarter from
Rs.37.5 lacs+*
facilities granted without any collateral
facilities upto Rs 100 lacs without any
SSI Loan under CGTSI 0.5% more int to be charged industry by debit to borrowers
sanction. Locking period 18 months.
-dosecurity and/or Third Party Guarantee
collaterals &/or TPG.-All proposals > Rs
Scheme extended to Non-SGSY-SHG members
account by 31 May every year.
(Master Cir. NBG/SMEBU/CGTSI12 dt 27.8.5.
Women/NE Rg
Rs 40 lacs+*
50 lacs to be rated internally (e-Cir 636) *+ 50% of default amt > Rs 50 lacs, max Rs 62.5 lacs/ max 65 lacs individually.
Revised vide e-Cir 214/ 19.7.7)


Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


Purpose: Interest Free assistance by way of Term Loan to meet the equity need of the entrepreneurs. Limit: Minimum Project Cost Rs 25000, Maximum Project cost Rs 4 lacs, Minimum assistance Rs 5000, Maximum assistance Rs 1 lac. For Deserving
Professionals & Self Employed max assistance Rs 50000. Margin: Min 10% (EDP Trained 5%). Repayment: Moratorium 5-7 yrs after which repayment 5-7 yrs. Security: Nil, only extension of charge on the asset created out of the bank funds.


Objective: Technically skilled Entrepreneurs having managerial capacity & good character, Degree/Diploma, sufficient experience but no fund to run the project. Project Cost/ Limit: Maximum Rs 20 lacs, to be approved by Consultancy cell. Margin: Nil < Rs
5 lacs, > Rs 5 lacs 10% on amt above Rs 5 lacs. Repayment: WC on demand, TL 5-7 yrs. Interest: Concession applicable for 3 years after that normal interest rate will be charged. In deserving cases, Equity Fund assistance may be extended.


Eligibility: All Types of industries registered under SSI, having cost in Plant & Machinery not more than 100 lacs. Limit: Need based Margin: < Rs 25000 Nil, > 25000 to 5 lacs 20%, > 5 lacs 25%. Repayment: WC on demand, TL 5-7 years.

58 SBI SHOPPE- Financing of shops.

-Individual Firms/ Partnership/

Trust/ Franchisees.

-Open economic scenario in post

liberalization era, gives tremendous
opportunity for trade & service sector to
grow & for tapping this substantial source
of business, a new scheme for purchase/
modernization/ establishment of shops
launched. As place of business plays a
pivotal role for start-up venture & success.

Type of Loan Term Loan

Quantum Under SSI- This will be a part of total SSI
project max. Rs. 20 lacs. Under SBF Max. loan Rs. 20
lacs under Small Business Enterprises.
Margin 25 % ( For purchase of old property 40% ).
Interest As per extant instructions.

Minimum DSCR 1.75

-Takeover is permitted as per bank norms.
- Viability of the proposal and due diligence
is to be done before disbursement.
-Any deviation to be approved by CMC.
Repayment 3 to 7 years excluding
moratorium of 6 months

Amount of loan, Margin and Interest.

Appraisal, Disbursement & Repayment Security/Document/Insurance Other terms & Ref Circulars.

Purpose For purchase of new/ old

shops/ offices; Modernisation/ renovation
faclifting/ expansion/ addition/ alteration
of shops; Dealers showroom; Building of
Training/ Service centers/ garage etc; All
types furniture/ fixtures, electrical fittings. Marketing Branches, CO need to target new shopping complex area.
Circle to publicise. Incentive to Branch under TPM Rs. 500/-

Sl. Scheme & Purpose/ Objectives Eligibility

Primary Hypo/ pledge/ mortg

of property purchased. NOC to
be obtained from lessor in case of leased/ No Lien letter reg
rented premise/ godown.

There is paradigm shift in consumers

expectations for quality products, quality
platform and better facilities. There has been
all round growth of new multiplex structures &
shopping complex. Thus there is vast scope of
acquiring shops on ownership/ leased basis.
-Cross selling for Housing Loan to SBI Benefits to Bank- a.Fully securitised asset,
Shoppe borrowers for making house b. Tapping of quality asset business,
c. Less incidence of depletion of asset.
on property mortgaged.

Loan upto Rs. 2 lacs & above now all reported under SBI Paryatan Plus DSCR min. 1.5. License is mandatory, if required
Primary Hypo of financed Assets.
-Wherever feasible, tie up with Raj
For luxury coaches upto 10 vehicles, loans under Transport operator sch locally.Take over permitted with approval of CO.
Collateral Immovables, TDRs NSCs, Tours&Travels, Thomas Cook,SOTC
For more than 10 vehicles, under C&I and appraisal, docu,int. applicable Applicant having banking with SBI, having with
KVPs, LIC=50 % of loan.
-Wherever subsidy is available, it will be taken
Scope- Development of tourism in India
Purpose Construction/ renovation/ modernization/ addition to hotels/ financial integrity & credit worthiness only considered. Doc.- As in SBF/ C&I.
as promoters stake.
at present support 18 millions (5.9% of
Yatri niwas/ Dharmshala etc; Construction of office premises/ purchase Interest- As per extant inst for SBF & C&I.
total employment) and accounts 5.6% of
of computer & equipments;purch of luxury buses, cars, vans, house
Inspection H Y, ensure end use of fund.
Insurance- 100% of loan amount.
Ref. Cir. Circo/ adv/ 75 of 2003-04 dtd.
GDP. In 2010, it expects 25 m jobs and
boats; establishment of Restaurants, fast food centres, coffee houses, Repayment. 3 to 7 years with moratorium of 18
19.06.03. & Circo/adv/251 dated 22.12.2004
6.8% of total employment.Margin 20%
Ice cream parlours, amusement park, health club etc.
.For 2 hand (<5 yr old) 40%
Current Ratio min 1.33, TOL/TNW max. 2.75
Primary Hypothecation of vehicles
Processing fee Usually 1%.
60 TRANSPORT PLUS (replaces Fleet -Valid permits & exclusively bank with us Type of loan Term loan & Cash Credit
-CEO/Promoter should IT assessee, min Eligible Bank Finance: Cost on road i.e. Billed Price + cost of body
Avg. DSCR Min 2.00, Receivables 4 months
financed & receivable
Marketing Tips Local transport associations,
Operator & PARIVAHAN PLUS,)- (C&I)
3 lacs income, age >18 yrs, own a
building + Road Tax + Insurance
Collaterals** Other unencumbered dealers of TATA, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra &
(The product aimed at large, well
house, 3 yrs experience in field,
Loan Amount: TL & CC Combined Rs 10 crs (Corporates), Rs. 7.5
TL- Max 5 yrs in EMIs after 3 m. PDC to be obtained vehicles/ immovables of value of 50% Mahindra and apart of them corporates, Oil
managed, computerized fleet operators).
satisfactory dealing with bank
crs (Non-Corporates), minimum Rs 10 lacs for both.
CC- Repayable on demand and renewable annually. of loan, may be reduced to 25% if tie- cos, Cement Co, who avail the services of fleet
-To finance purchase of new transport
-Reputed & IBA approved TO(truck)
Margin TL & CC 20% (may be reduced to 10% if 100% Tie-up)
Documentation Revised C&I documents C1, C2,
up arrangement.
owners can be contacted. Exporters of
vehicles and WC finance against
-rising trend in income & profit in 2yr
ROI - TL: 0.25% above SBAR, CC: 1% above SBAR.
C3, C4 and C5.
Inspection: Once in a year, Monthly
perishables like seafood, vegetable, milk who
-should well maintained >10 vehicle
Interest Rates revised under various tie-ups (e-Cir 431/ 22.10.08) Prepayment: 1% p.a. of the residual period.
when sticky.
use refrigerated vans can be contacted.
(Takeover of loan not allowed, for
-Regd/admn office in M/U/SU centre
(Revised guidelines: e-Cir 679 / 5.3.07)
detail Ref e- Cir 679 dated 05.03.07)
-Processing Charge waived.
Tie-up with SWARAJ-MAZDA (SBF)
than 6 persons, Trusts/ Societies in
and after due diligence would forward to respective
Collateral- NIL (<2 lacs-New, < 5 lacs- -Charges should be registered in book of RTO
Loan Amount
Repayble < 3 yrs Repay > 3 yrs For WC
Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors
Transport Business
Branches. Branch may generate fresh applications. old good customers), 1 TPG worth25% -Blank Transfer Forms signed by the borrower
Up to Rs 2 lacs
-To finance transport operators upto 10
-MOU valid for 1 year (Signed on 25.08.04)
of loan/ Hypo of Veh New applicant -A discount in invoice of Rs 3000 (4 Tyre),
>2 lacs < 5 lacs
-No. of vehicles not more than
vehicles of all make, utility vehicles, light &
for 2-5 lacs; 50% mov/immovables or 5000 ( 6 Tyre models) to applicant + 2 addl
10 incl vehicle to be purchased.
commercial vehicles Addl TL on accident
DSCR (GROSS) ; Min. 1.75%
2 TPG for loan > 5 lacs
free service + 3 yrs warranty on Engines.
-WC for fuel, salary (max 30000 per
Repayment 3 to 7 yrs with moratorium of 6 months Insurance - Comprehensive
Ref - CirCo/Adv./134 of 2004-05 dt 23.9.4. and
Zonal Credit com. Is vested with discretion to reduce Int 0.5% Margin
vehicle with 25% margin)
242 dt 17.12.04 & 252 dated 23.12.2004
5% on merit basis. (Ref Cir/adv/221 dated 07.12.2004)
of Commercial Vehicle and provide working
62 Financing Commercial vehicle
capital for meeting operating expenses. Facility: TL and CC. Loan Amount: 90% of road price incl registration, insurance, road tax, accessories, AMC etc, 75% for CC. Margin: 10% (TL), 25% (CC). Interest: TL Amt & period wise based on SBAR, CC tie up with Ashok Leyland
1.25% below SBAR. Insurance: Comprehensive insurance with Bank clause. Security: Primary Charge on vehicle & other assets purchased by Bank finance. Collateral: Limit < Rs 25 lacs Hypo of existing vehicle should cover 25% of loan or TPG of
25% of loan. Limit Rs 25 lacs & Above Charge over movables or immovable assets. Hypo of vehicle covering atleast 50% of loan or 1/ 2 TPG to cover 50% of loan. DSCR: 1.75 Minimum. Repayment: Suitable programme of 3 to 7 years, CC to renew/
review annually. Others: 1. Charge to be registered in book of RTA. 2. Blank Transfer form duly signed by the borrower to kept in record. 3. Turn Around Time 5 days from the receipt of application. Ref e-Cir 405 dated 08.11.2006.
Assessment as per Nayak Committee for limits upto Primary- Hypo/pledge over assets.
Bank extended this sch to new units also
-Profit making existing units with TL, WC & SME Cr + facilities for unforeseen exigencies.
-In order to help our existing units with prov
Rs. 5 crores., Simple CRA form. Loan to be
Collateral- < 5lacs NIL, Above 5 lacs- if 50% partners are same & unit with SB 3
AMT. TL-No ceiling based on project, WC- On bills/stocks
-en track record this scheme is designed to
1.For SB-7 & +: EM/ tangibles 50%
rating (e-Cir 197/20.7.6)
Margin- 15-25% TL, 15-20%- CC(Stocks), 25-40%- Book debt sanctioned within 15 days of receipt


-A new product is formulated to

develop tourism & facilitates trade.
-To assist in creating infrastructure to
accelerate govt effort to promote
tourism & generate employment.
-To tap business potential.


Individual (proprietorship), Partnership firm, Ltd. Co., Trust.

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

extend adequate credit out of stiff
parameter of CRA system.

-Takeover permitted.
-New unit also (e-Cir 460/ 4.12.2006)

Interest- as applicable Dal Mill Plus.

Repayment- TL- 5to 7 yrs excl max gestation period

of 12 months; For SME Credit Plus max 6 months.

2.SB-8 &SB-9: EM/ tangibles 60%

(Refer e-Cir 152/ 09.06.09)

Ref. CirCo/Adv./ 243/ 2003-04/ dt.3.12.3

e-Circular 211/2005-06 dt 27.08.2005

Sl. Scheme & Purpose/ Objectives Eligibility

Amount of loan, Margin and Interest.

Appraisal, Disbursement & Repayment Security/Document/Insurance Other terms & Ref Circulars.


-doAmt of loan & Margin As above.

-do-doMonthly progress report in respect of
Keeping in view of fierce competition,
ROI as under (e-Cir 152 dt 09.06.2009)
Insurance For full value of stocks the product should be submitted to
Stock statement Monthly
Network GM may improve ROI for loans
Working Capital
Term Loan
Inspection Monthly by FO in controller as prescribed under Cir.
Discretionary Power According to
> 2 lacs < 25 lacs upto 0.75%, subject to
SB 1 & 2
2 to 1.5% < SBAR
1.5 to 1% < SBAR
location of a/c-Intensive Brs at Com centres to busy season, otherwise once in 2
min 9.5% for WC & 10% for WC. Further
SB 3, 4 & 5
1.5 to 1% < SBAR
1 to 0.5% < SBAR
Circle CGM may improve upto 1.25% <
be handle by CAA without limit; Br of IV & V < 1 cr months. Quarterly by MOD/BM.
CirCo/Adv/135/2004-05 dt 24.9.04.
SB 6 & 7
1 to 0.5% < SBAR
0.5% SBAR to SBAR
card rate min 9% (WC) & 9.5% (TL) (Ref
Sanction As per sch. Of delegation of power.
SB 8 & 9
SBAR to 0.5>SBAR
0.5 to 1% > SBAR
e-Cir 605 dated 25.03.2006)
Rationale: i. To mobilize a portion of privately held stock of gold in the country and put it into productive use reducing countrys reliance on import of gold. ii. To provide the depositors the opportunity to earn interest income on their idle gold holdings, freeing
the problems of storage, movement and security of gold in their possession. Eligibility: Resident Individual singly or two (F or S)/ Minor under natural guadianship, HUF, Trust, Company. KYC norms to be followed. Nomination: Only for Single Individual.
Tenure & Interest: 3, 4 or 5 years, interest 1.00, 1.25 & 1.5% respectively, compounded annually in March. Authorised Branches: Gold will be held with Overseas Br, Mumbai (Nodal Branch), deposit of gold available at 50 Designated Brs in India incl Patna
The scheme relaunched on 16.03.09
Main & Ranchi Brs. Acceptance of Gold: in scrap form (gold bars, coins, jewellery not having ornamental or antique value) only. Minimum Quantity 500 gms, Maximum No limit. Gold Deposit Certificate issued by Nodal branch within 90 days of receipt
(e-Cir 734 dt 14.03.2009)
of gold. Repayment/ Redemption of principal on maturity either in gold or in rupees. Premature payment: Lock in period 1 yr. Penalty of 0.5% for 1-3 yrs, 0.25% for beyond 3 yrs. Renewal: permissible on then prevalent rate and tenure. Transferable by
endorsement and delivery. Income Tax: Income exempted. Loan & Advances may be granted by any Br. CRR exempted on GDS. SLR - at applicable rate. Commission: Nodal Branch will pay one time commssion of 1% to Designated Br. (For further
details refer e-Cir 629/ 17.01.09).
-A/c SA for the last 3 years
WC assessment norms simplified and for unit with turnover of 100 crs, simplified Nayak Com -Card holders are preferred for grant of
Limit sanctioned is valid for 3 yrs.
SCHEME-No irregularity/adversity in conduct of ac
Scheme offers credit at concessional rate of interest e.g. Norms applied. Time norm 25 days (new) & 15 d (renewal). Adhoc limit & 7 days. Standby limit packing credit in foreign currency.
To provide hassle free working capital
-Not blacklisted by ECGC or RBI
of 20% to all card holders over & above the limit to meet exigencies without any levy of
7.75% to 9% (Ref e- Cir 553 dated 03.02.2006)
finance to creditworthy exporters with a
-Not incurred loss in last 3 yrs.
commitment fee, up-front fee and additional interest (e-Cir 544 dated 11.01.2007)
Ref CirCo/Adv/ 98 dt 6.8.04 & 127 dt 16.9.04
good track record.
-OD export bills<10% of Previous yrTO* * dispensed for FY 2009-10 (Refer e-Cir 433/ 24.09.09)
TPM : Rs 500 (sanctioned after 01.04.2005)
SCHOOL PLUS Loans to Medium
Private & Govt Aided School/ Colleges, Minimum Rs. 0.50 lac. No Maximum Ceiling (Ref Corp Cent Let No. Disbursement In stages for construction purpose or Primary- Hypo of assets. Collateral Ref.CC/FO/Adv/ 01/2005-06 dated 04.04.05
Sized Schools of repute for purpose of Schools/ Colleges run by trusts of good SME/T&S/11 dt 04.04.05)
thru A/c payee cheque to supplier/Vendors.
<2 lacs-PG of Promoter/other , 2-10
Ref. Corp Centre/ SME 23/ dated 06.11.2004
Construction of new Bldg/ repairing;
standing, Technical recognized by MCI/ Margin 15% of the Project. ROI 0.75% below to 1% above SBAR
-DSCR not below 2. Repayment within 36 (< 2 lacs), lacs PG of Promoter or others + 20% Ref Circo/ Adv/ 261 dated 10.01.2005
purchase of equipments, software, furni- AICTE/ NBA. Applicant getting credit
depending upon risk assessment matrix. Now, Advance to Colleges 60 (2-5 lacs), 84 (>5 lacs) EMIs.
tangible, > 10 lacs PG + EM of
ture, addl land for play ground, Bus etc. score of less than 4 are not eligible.
also (Other than Professional & Coaching)
-No bar to grant 2nd loan within the limit.
Ref e-Cir 353 dated 27.08.2009
Express Vendor Discount Sch (EVDS) Financing Receivables/ Purchase orders Facility : EVDS/ PEVS limits on all vendors of an Ind Major (IM) ROI decided by COCC I, Margin & Security -generally Documentation Drafted by Law Dpt
Br will be responsible for review/ renewal,
Pre-ship Express Vendor D Sch(PEVS) of Vendors of reputed Industry Majors
Agreement from IM & Consent letter
enhancement, control, follow-up & recovery.
Loan : Agg limit on all vendors for IM decided by COCC I, Indiv NIL, Liquidation of loan from proceeds of EVDS/
-Supply chain Financing ag. Bills/orders selected by COCC I
from Vendors. Vendors a/c at branch. Ref. CirCo/Adv 275 of 2004-05 dt 18.01.05
limit on each vendor granted by CAG. Period : 1 yr sub renewal PEVS on supply of goods.

(Extension of Rice Mills Plus Scheme)

Purpose Working capital needs
-Acquisition of machinery/ factory building
for modernization etc.





Assessment of loan based on personal Net Worth & Security -Only Hypothecation of
- Processing Fee to be recovered upfront,
69 CAR LOAN TO SME UNIT (New Individual Min. NAI Rs 1 lac Loan Amount Max 2.5 times of NAI, No Upper Ceiling Amt.
EMI/ NMI % should not exceed 50% (AGM Br/ Region may extend
Repayment capacity of Borrower.
Vehicle (must be recorded at RTO), No when loan sanctioned 0.5% min Rs 500 max
for last yr as per IT Return.
60%).Margin: 15%.Interest: 10% fixed for all new loans, sanctioned Repayment - Max 7 yrs in Equated Monthly/
additional or extension of charge.
Rs 10000, when rejected 0.25% min Rs 500
-To provide TL to unit (Standard Asset)
For Unit Joint Applicants Min upto Mar 2010, 10% fixed for 2nd & 3rd yrs.
Quarterly Installment. Post Dated cheques to be
Document As P Seg Car Loan
max Rs 2500 (e-Cir 673/ 11.02.09)
or promoter/ partner (spouse/ children
- Pre-payment Penalty : 2% of amt prepaid if taken over/ repaid <
obtained from the borrower.
Insurance 110% of value/ loan,
- Disbursement by A/c Payee Draft or B
also) of existing SME units for purchase
period/ part pay inYr 1. No penalty if prepaid for pur new/used car
Penalty A/c remains irregular beyond 30 days a
Comprehensive, Banks interest to be
Cheque issued without charge.
of cars, jeeps, Sports /Multi-utility
penal interest of 1% p.m. above applicable rate.
noted on Insurance Policy.
-No Inspection if SA, otherwise NPA norm
Authorized Branches ALL
vehicles (S/ MUVs)
Loan Amount : Max Rs 15 lacs
Valuation/ Fitness certificate by reputed garage Repayment: within 7 yrs of sale.
Take Over allowed when vehicle not
Car Loan to SME Unit OLD
Not more than 5 yrs old, No
(Not required under Maruti True Value or
more 2 yr old, of single ownership, no
( All other features as per mentioned Loan on Duplicate Registration Interest Only Floating
insurance claim availed & only SA.


RO (Retail Outlet Max Rs 100 lacs). CC
of Reliance Industry Ltd (RIL) for Petrol
Retail Outlet Dealership under Tie-up.


75% of cost of Petrol or 4 days cost of sale, which ever lower (Quantum- as per eligibility) Eligible customers Corporates/ Non-corporates/ Individuals having dealer-ship appointment letter from RIL Application with Project Report forwarded by RIL
with letter of intent issued by RIL Margin : CODO 50% for land, 20% for security deposit, 25% for WC, RO- 15-25% for TL 25% for CC. Repayment TL: Fixed Int 54 EMI, Floating 78 EMI (Moratorium 6 months), CC- on demand, Renewal every year.
Security Adequately Inspection Monthly Insurance Full Market Value Documents- Revised C&I Documents Reference Circulars CirCo/ Adv/ 350 and 351 of 2004-05 dated 23.03.05.

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


OPEN TERM LOAN (For Mfg Sector)

-A pre-approved facility sanctioned to
units along with renewal/ review of WC in
order to plan their capital expenditure and
negotiate with suppliers of finalize a best
possible contract.
- Time over run cost over run.
-No Bank in India come with such sch.

Eligibility: Existing or new Corporate/ Non-corporate customers of SME (Manufacturing) segment with ratings of SB3 or SBTL3 and above (SB4/SBTL4 on selective basis if approved by CGM). Request from Non-customers considered on Take over norms.
Purpose: Any genuine commercial purpose in line with regular business activity of the customer like Expansion & Modernisation, Substitution of High cost debts of own or other banks, Up-gradation of Technology/ machinery, Acquisition of software, hardware
etc, Acquisition of ISO & other Certifications, Visits abroad for business development etc. Quantum of Loan: Maximum Rs 250 lacs (CCC-I in LHO may enhance the quantum). Repayment: Max 3 years (SA may selectively consider up to 5 years). Currency
of Sanction: 12 months from the date of sanction. Margin: 10% uniformly. Disbursal: Borrower is free to avail facility at their convenience. Disbursal by Branch on demand from the borrower subject to scrutiny of certain basic financial information Current
Ratio & TOL/TNW at acceptable level (3.0) (CA Ratio > 1), DSCR at least 1.75. Other Requirements: 1. Documentation is to obtained upfront for the sanctioned TL 2. Purpose wise Sub-limit may be drawn. 3.At the end of 12 th month, branch has to take
stock and cancel the unutilized portion of TL Limit. Pricing: As per the credit rating of the borrower on floating rate basis linked to SBAR. Security: Primary- Hypo/Pledge of machinery proposed to be purchased out of TL. Collateral: Extension of charges &
obtention of additional tangibles, Personal Guarantee of promoters in all cases, Pledge of Promoters equity in case of Corporate. May be sanctioned many times. (Ref e-Circular 112/2005-06 dated 08.07.2005)

Eligibility: Existing or new customers or non-customers (complying take-over norms) with SB3 or SBTL3 and above. Target Group: Medical Tourism, Hotel, Schools, Medical/ Engineering/ Management colleges and Fleet operators. Purpose: Any genuine
commercial purpose Expansion & modernization, Substitutions of high cost debts, techno-upgradation, Acquisition of software, hardware, vehicles, fixtures, ISO or other certifications, visits abroad for business development etc. Loan Amount: Maximum Rs
1 crore. Repayment: Normally 3 yrs, SA may increase upto 5 yrs. Currency of sanction: 12 months form the darte of sanction. Margin: 10% uniformly. Disbursement on demand subject to compliance of certain criteria CA & TOL/TNW at acceptable levels,
to DSCR atleast 1.75, transaction in a/c as per business plan given at the tome of sanction. Unit is free to avail this facility, multiple times at their convenience within 12 months & within overall limits. At end of 12 th month, Branch has to take stock and cancel the
business enterprises to meet genuine unutilized portion of TL limit. The repayment installments of the different sub-limits disbursed during the currency of sanction, can be clubbed together and done on a month or quarter end with the consent of the borrower. Pricing: As per credit rating of the
commercial requirements relating to borrower on floating rate basislinked to SBAR. Security: Primary Hypothecation or pledge of proposed assets. Collateral Extension of charge, additional tangibles, personal gurantee of partners invariably obtained, pledge of promoters equity (Corporate).
their regular business activity.
Assessment & Monitoring and Discretionary Power: As applicable to Term Loan.
Ref e-Cir 434 dated 22.11.2006.
Target Group: Owners of Restaurants, Fast Food chains. Eligibility: Individuals, Partnership firms, Corporates, Trusts. Purpose: For purchase of kitchen equipments, furniture, fixtures, land and investment in interior decoration. Facility: TL or OD.
Repayment: 7 yrs when land & building cost included in loan, otherwise 5 years. Amount of Loan: Investment for above purposes less margin/ promoters equity which ever is lower. Security: Hypothecation/ Pledge of the assets financed by bank,
Tangibles, Personal guarantee, Promoters equity. Margin: 25%. Insurance: Full value of assets & collateral. ROI New Score > 75 SBAR, 65-75 SBAR + 1%, 50-65 SBAR + 2%, < 50 Not eligible; Takeover cases - > 75 SBAR, 60-75 SBAR + 1%, below 60
Not eligible. Inspection: Monthly by FO, Quarterly by DM/ BM. Sanction of lan & its pricing as per Credit Assessment Matrix.
(For details refer e-Cir 258 & NBG/SMEBU/15/ 2005-06 dated 23/09/2005)
Eligibility: Mfg & Trading units rated SB 5/ SBTL 5. Exporters, Industries/ Hotels with matching Forex inflows preferred. Facility: Demand Loans: Period 3 to 11 months, Loan within Rupee MPBF/ ABF, can be part of CC/ WCDL. Disbursement &
Foreign Currency Denominated
Loans (FCDL or FCNR (B) Loans) Repayment in one lump sum. Maximum no of loans 7 per borrower. Term Loan: Period 1 to 3 yrs, Need based loan, Min disbursement USD 50000/ GBP 30000. Time gap between 1 & last disbursement 3 months. Repayment- Q/HY on cash flow. Max no
of loans 2 per borrower. Currency: USD, GBP, Euro, Yen depending on availability of funds. Loan Amount: Minimum- USD 50000 or Equivalent & in multiple of USD/GBP 10000 & Yen 1 million thereafter. Maximum- USD 20 million per borrower. Prior
approval of FD required before commitment to borrower. Pricing based on Credit Rating. Upfront fee: Rs 25000 for each DL, Rs 35000 for each TL. Commitment charge for < 15 days NIL, 15-3 months 1%, if not availed 3 months, loan treated as
cancelled. Penalty for early repayment (Min locking period 3 months) 1.5 % p.a. If loan not availed within 3 months, loan treated as cancelled.


Service Sector.
R : To provide line of credit



@@ AGRICULTURAL LOANS: FOR REVISED INSPECTION NORMS Please refer Corp Centre Circular No. NBG/ABU-BP/1/2005-06 dated 09.06.2005 (e-cir 75/2005-06)
SME SEGMENT: Simplification of Documents The new set has , in all, only 13 documents grouped under 7 categories : 1. Initial Documents- SME-1(Letter of Arrangement), SME-2 (Agreement of Loan cum Hypothecation, SME 2A (Assets
particulars acquired after execution of SME-2), SME-3 (Guarantee Agreement) 2. Supplemental Document : SME-4 (Suppl Agreementof Loan-cum-Hypothecation, 3. Documents/Recital for creation of EM- SME-5 (Memorandum for recording creation of
mortgage by deposit of title deeds), SME-6 (Letter of confirmation for creation of mortgage by deposit of title deeds 4. Documents/ Recital for extension of EM: SME-7 (Memorandum for recording extension of mortgage), SME-8 (Letter of Confirmation for
extension of mortgage) 5. Documents for creation / extension of Regd Mortgage: SME-9 (Deed of Mortgage), SME-10 (Deed of further charge), 6. Complementary Documents: SME-11 (Revival Letter), SME-12 (Link Letter), 7. Misc Documents: SME13 (Title Investigation Report) (Ref e-Circular 154/2005-06 dt 23.7.05) Note: SME 13 is no more valid wef 01.07.2006, now fresh format designed (Ref e-Cir 100 dated 12.06.06)
DOCUMNETATION AGL: AB Series AB 1 (Agreement-cum-hypothecation), AB 2 (Guarantee), AB 3 (Mortgage Deed), AB 4 (Revival of AB 1), AB 5 (Revival of AB 2), AB 6 Format to apply, AB 7 (Conversion of Crop Loan to TL).
DOCUMENTATION SBF: WC Arrangement letter, Agreement of Hypothecation/ Hyp-cum-Guarantee, D P Note, DPN Delivery letter, No Lien letter from land lord (if on rent). TERM LOAN Arrangement letter, Article of Agreement for MTL, Guarantee Bond for MTL, Pledge letter, No lien letter (if on rent)
DOCUMENTATION SSI:WC General Agreement Hypothecation over all asset for entire liability, Ancillary Agreement A.A.1 (Hypothecation), A.A.2 (Pledge), A.A.3 (Bill Finance), A.A.4 (Clean adv, Adv ag specified securities), A.A.5 (Ad-hoc limit), A.A.6 (Non Fund limit LC, BG, DPG), Guarantee Agreement,
Supplementary Agreement, Linking letter SSI:TL- General Agreement for MTL, Ancillary Agreement A (Pledge) & B (Equitable Mortgage), Guarantee Agreement, Supplemental General Agreement, Mortgage Deed for Addl Term Loan, Guarantee deed for Additional Term loan
DOCUMENTATION C&I: C 1- agreement of loan for overall limit, C 2- Hypothecation agreement, C 3 Agreement for Pledge, C 4- Guarantee Agreement, C 5- Individual limit, C 6- Revival letter, C 7- English Mortgage, C 9- Equitable Mortgage.
REVISED INSPECTION CHARGES (Other than P Segment Advances) (Ref e-Circular 225 dated 03.08.2006) Loans upto Rs 25000 = NIL, Above Rs 25000 below 2 lacs Rs 500 p.a., Rs 2 lacs to Rs 5 lacs = Rs 500 per lac p.a. for inspection within municipality max Rs 10000 p.a. (For outstation inspection,
Actual charges + 25 %, subject to minimum Rs 10000 p.a., Above Rs 5 crs = Actual charges + 25 % min Rs 10000 p.a. In case of Mortgage Loan for trade & services, SME Card , SME Smart Score, where periodicity of Inspection is once or twice a yr, the charges will be as under- Upto Rs 25000 Nil, > 25000
to 2 lacs: Rs 500 p.a., > 2 to 5 lacs: Rs 500 per lac within muncipal or 8 km max Rs 10000 if Monthly, Rs 7500 (Quarterly), Rs 5000 (HY), Rs 2500 (Yearly) and For Outstation or > 8 Km: Actual charges + 25% subject to min Rs 10000 (Monthly), Rs 7500(Qly), Rs 5000 (HY), Rs 2500 (Yearly), > Rs 5 crs Actual +
25% min Rs 10000
(Discretion to reduce charges upto 25% (DGM), 50% (GM), 75% (CGM), 100% (MD & GE)

ADVANCES (ALL) RELATED FEE Processing Fee, Up-front fee, Project Appraisal Fee w.e.f 01.07.2007 (Ref e-Cir 196 dated 07.07.07 & e-Cir 713 dated 02.03.2009)


Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

Fund and Non-fund based limits
Loan upto Rs 25000
Above Rs 25000 upto Rs 2 lacs
Above Rs 2 lacs upto Rs 1 Cr
500 per lac
Above Rs 1 Cr
400 per lac,
(To be charged on Adhoc limit also)
Min 50000,
Max 20 lacs
1.No charges on own TD, Govt Sec, NSC, KVP, IVP etc
2. Recover 25% charge up-front, irrespective of sanctioned limit
3.No Proc Charge on TL, as Up-front fee recovered
4.Recover charge at initial processing as well as renewal
5.Recover charge for continuing loan, if not renewed in time
6.Loans under GSS, recover charges as their terms.

Upto Rs 2 lacs
T L Above Rs 2 lacs- upto Rs 5 Crs
T L Above Rs 5 Crs upto Rs 10 Crs
T L Above Rs 10 Crs

1.25% of loan amt
1.50% of loan amt
1.00% of loan amt
Min Rs 15 lacs

To be charged on Short Term Corporate loans also

For sch where refinance is obtained, fee as specified by agency


Project Cost
% Of Cost Minimum Maximum
Upto 25 Crs
10 lacs
25 lacs
> 25 50 Crs
25 lacs
37.5 lacs
> 50 100 Crs
37.5 lacs
50 lacs
> Rs 100 Crs
50 lacs
Not less than 0.15% of WC limit extended by Consortium.
A higher % where feasible.
Max Rs 30 lacs.
No processing charge, Where Lead Bank fees recovered,

Allocation of Limit: Rs 10000 p.a. to each allocatee branch.
Equitable Mortgage (SSI & C&I only) Per unit FB Limit
Up to Rs 10 lacs
Rs 500 per lac
Above Rs 10 lacs up to Rs 5 Crs Rs 15000
Above Rs 5 Crs
Rs 20000
Inland BGs (Performance as well as Financial Guarantees
Up to Rs 5 Cr
2.75% p.a.
Portion above Rs 5 Cr & up to Rs 10 Cr
2.25% p.a.
Portion above Rs 10 Cr
1.75% p.a.
Plus Rs 250 in each case as handling charges.
Borrowers rated SB5 & below 0.25% p.a. over & above normal charge.
Minimum Guarantee Commission Rs 400/-.
BG with 100% cash margin 25% of the applicable charges.


Sl. Name of the Scheme &
No. Objectives/ Purpose

Eligibility &
Type, Period and Amount of Deposit ROI (See Page: Latest
Interest) & Repayment
Authorised Branches

Acknowledgement of Deposit &

Advance/ Withdrawal against Deposit

Penalty & Other Benefits

Special Features,
Reference Circulars.

-Single/ Joint names incl.

-TD/STD Type + SB or CA
-ROI as on TD/ SB
-No FD Receipt issued, only confirmation letter.
-Nomination allowed
-Banks lien noted while opening of MOD
Minor above 10, NRIs (on
-1 year to 5 years
-Repayment Principal + Interest -Overdraft against Deposit thru CA against usual
-Extension of Maturity allowed
-Int. paid Quarterly/compounded as TD/STDs
repatriable basis) etc.
-No Restrictions, Min Rs.10000 X Rs 1000
on maturity
margin & interest linked as per TD Loan.
-Crediting to SB, latest would be broken(LIFO)
-Introduced in all Branches
(Subsquent 5000 X 1000)
--Or Withdrawal allowed in multiple of Rs. 1000 thru
-Min. balance of SB a/c Rs. 500, No PB issue.
from 01.04.1998.
CA or SB a/c.
-Eligibility & Authorised Brs as SBI MODS. TYPE:Saving Bank + SBI MODS
-ROI as on TD/ SB
-No FD Receipt issued
-Nomination allowed
-Repayment : Flexible
-No overdraft/ DL against SBI MOD-FD
Auto-sweep facilitates the customer in moving his funds lying in SB a/c to Time
-Maximisation of Interest on SB to combat -Like SBI MODS min 1 year.
-Minimum SB A/c Balance Rs. 5000 and Auto-sweep to MOD Min. Rs10000 in X
-Can withdraw from FD by cheque of SB without loss Deposits under MOD without his intervention, enabling better yield on his idle fund.
competition effectively
Advances Min Rs -(A) Deposits Min
Rs (B)AlsoAssets
out offall
A, below
B & C Rs 5000, service charge will be
Rs 1000. Auto sweep weekly on Monday to be done by Global
of interest.
by ATMunder
and Internet
Banking.Min Rs (C)
-If theTotal
avg Relationship
balance during(Min
the 2quarter
-Earn interest while you sleep.
Metro/ Urban
10 lacs
5 lacs
2.5 lacs
charged as applicableRsto15
Semi-Urban/ Rural
5 lacs
2.5 lacs
1.25 lacs
Rs 7.5threshold
lacs limit & maturity period of MOD any time without any
-Customer free to change
Date of launch: 27.09.2007. Purpose: To attract Mass Affluent and HNI customers to maintain higher balance in their demand deposit accounts. Segment: Personal. Eligibility: Residents, above 18 yrs of age. Mode of holding:
3 RICH SAVINGS A/c renamed as
-Competitive Product for deposit
-To meet challenges of FBs/ New
PSBs/ Non-Bkg FIs.




Single/ Joint/ Joint with survivorships. Type of A/c: SB A/c linked to MOD A/c, for auto-sweep for issue TDs with unitized break-up facilities. Branches: All Branches. Deposit Amount: Minimum - Rs 25000, Maximum No limit.

R: To offer an enriched version of

Interest: Savings Bank rate & TD rates for MODs. Auto-sweep Facility: 1. Auto-sweep to TD/ STD under MOD, in units of Rs 1000, minimum auto-sweep Rs 10000. 2. Auto-sweep once a month on any chosen end of date. 3.
Savings Bank account consisting of
Convenient drawals in multiple of Rs 1000 in cash or by ATM/ Internet Banking/ SI on LIFO (Last In First Out) or FIFO principle as desired. In absence of any mandate, LIFO followed. 4. MOD will be broken to maintain minimum
various concessions and add-ons to
balance of Rs 25000 in Rich Savings A/c. 5. Period of MODs: 1 to 5 years as desired or 1 yr by default. 6. Customer may change the period of any MOD at any time. Cheque facility: Normal SB Cheques. No charge upto 100
attract Mass Affluent and High
leaves in a FY. No limit of drawals. ATM-cum-Debit Card: Free Gold Cards (Visa/ Master). Internet Banking: Free for viewing a/c & utility bill payment. SMS Alert: Free. Inter-core transactions with 25% concessions on home/
Networth Individuals customers*.
Note Our SB a/c is the oldest banking non-home branches. Multi-city cheques: 25 leaves free in a yr. Passbook: Free in addition to free statement by Internet. Remittance: 50% concession on draft issue & cheque collection. Free RTGS/ NEFT transactions & TT/ B
products in country. It is fulcrum of every Cheques issues. Out of pocket charge on TT to be recovered. Penalties: Rs 500 per quarter if min balances on QAB (Quarterly Avg Bal). Rs 500 if closed before 12 months. Others: As applicable to SB or Mod A/cs. Product
Codes: 1029-1481/ 3481/ 4481/ 5481. (For details refer e-Circular 376 dated 25 Sept 2007, e-Cir 475 dt 05.11.07)
individuals banking relationship.
*The new definition of HNI (Refer e-Cir 581 dated 19.11.2009
Affluent: Annual Income Rs 10 lacs to Rs 15 lacs per annum.
Mass Affluent: Annual Income Rs 2.40 lacs to Rs 10 lacs per annum
SUPER SAVER TERM DEPOSIT Purpose: To offer higher rate of interest to long-term depositors. Segment: Per. Eligibility: Resident Individuals. Mode of Operation: Single or joint. Type of a/cs TD or STD. Period: 4 yrs and upto 10 yrs. Branches All. Min Deposit Rs 10000 and in multiple
of Rs 1000, Max No ceiling ROI: See Page: Latest Interest 1% Pre-mature Penalty on int on deposit remains with bank for public & staff also. A/c opening process, Nomination, Loan facility and TDS as applicable on FDs. (Ref e-Cir 109/2006-07 dated
SCHEME: (W.e.f. 01.05.2006)
15.06.2006, Revised Int Rate wef 27.11.06 e-Cir 476/ 11.12.2006)
Since discontinued (e-Cir 474-5.11.7)
-Corporates & Institutions:
-ROI as per TD
-No FD Receipt issued, An AD of Deposit issued,
-Corporate a/c : No nomination
All C&I clients.
-15 days to 3 years
-Repayment of Principal plus
Monthly statement of a/c furnished
-Fine of Rs 50 if balance below 50000
-All Branches
-Minimum Rs. 50000, Subsequent deposits
interest on maturity
-Partial withdrawal in units of 5000 thru CA by cheque
-To provide unitized break-up of TD to
25000 in X 5000
Reduced Int on Premature Payment.
corporates and institutions with partial

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

withdrawal facility
Single/Joint names incl minor, -STD Type
-1,2,3,4 & 5 years
-To provide unitized break-up of TD to NRI & Others
-All Metro, Urban & Semi-Minimum Rs 1500 in X 100
Individuals with partial withdrawal
Urban Branches.





DEPOSIT (Since discontinued,







Single & Joint names incl

To provide unitized break-up of TD to minor of Agl & Rural Areas

-All R/ SU Brs with
Individuals with partial withdrawal

-STD Type
-12 to 120 months
-Minimum Rs 1500 in X 100

-No Advance against CLTD

-No Receipt, Pass Book issued
-Advance allowed as per STD Norms
-Partial withdrawal minimum Rs 500 & in X of 100,
Reduced Interest on pre-mature payment.

All Rules/regulations applicable to STDRs are



Individual (S&J), HUF,Trust,
-TD Type
Floating Int : Up or Downward -TDR issued
Nomination available only to Individuals -Advantage of Interest fluctuations for long
Co, NBFC, Pension Fund,
-8 and 10 years
-ROI for 8 yrs (+0.25%) & for 10 -Advance as like FDR
term portfolio management
-Minimum Rs 50000
yrs (+0.50% above base rate) -Pre-mature WD allowed on 30 days notice at 1%
Interest is paid quarterly from the date -Deposits are not transferable
Relevant for old Deposits)
-All Branches
-Repayment of P + I on maturity below applicable rate for < 6 yrs, > 6 yrs Base rate.
of the deposit.
-Deposits are subject IT Rule- TDS.
-TD/ STD Type incl MODs, RD & Money Box
-ROI 0.50 above normal rate
-FDR Issued
Nomination available 1. Signature of nominee duly attested by Sr Citizen obtained.
SENIOR CITIZEN DEPOSIT SCH -Residents with age 60 yrs
and above
-Minimum 1 year, Maximum 10 years.
See Page: Latest Interest
-Advances as like FDR
2. Option to write name of nominee on receipt apart from nomination registration no.
To provide FD at differential rate to
-All Branches
-Min Rs.10000 in X 1000 (RD min Mv 10000)
-Repay.of P+ I (STD)on maturit -Pre-mature withdrawal allowed
(if Sr Citizen not agreed for above provision, consent letter to be kept in record)
senior citizen (e-Cir 448/ 28.11.06)


2000 & Above in multiple of 1000 for 3 yrs only. 3. Issue Price in round 10 in Rupee
and 1 in Euro & USD. 4. Interest: Same as respective currencies & tenor. 5. Kanak Dhara can be issued in favour of applicant or any other person (only Individual) specified by the applicant without any details of the beneficiary. KYC norm to be followed at the
It has been decided to discontinue
time of payment of deposit (However, full detail of beneficiary obtained at time of issuance). 6. Payment by A/c Payee cheque or in A/c of beneficiary only. 7. Overdue KD renewed as STDR for same period unless mandated otherwise. 8. Currency-wise 3
series KD with separate design. 9. KD is non-transferrable & non-negotiable. 10. All Branches can issue Rupee KD, but Euro or USD KD to be issued by A & B category branches only. 11. Loan is available as normal FD. 12. Additional Interest to staff/
deposit sch wef 01.04.2009, as their
performance was not satisfactory. (e- pensioner/ senior citizen as applicable in other schemes. Marketing Tips or Comparative Advantage of Kanak Dhara over other vanilla deposit products 1. KD is issued in broken amount with round sum maturity. 2. KD can be purchased in name of 3 party.
3. Beneficiary can receive payment without any intervention of the applicant. 4. An Attractive gift product i.e present a gift of Rs 10000 (maturity value) in Rs 7244 (Issue value) to near & dear ones. 5. Maturity in round amount only. (Ref e-Cir 110/2006-07
Cir 786 dated 31.03.2009)
dated 15.06.2006)
-TD & SB Type
-ROI as applicable on TD/SB
-TDR/ SB Passbook is issued
Withdrawal- SB : apply with Pass book -Withdrawn amt to be utilized within 60 days
CAPGAIN PLUS Product for parki- Resident Individuals, HUF,
-2 yrs if capital gains is u/s 54B, 54F & 3 yrs if u/s -Interest application quarterly in -No loan facility, Deposit can neither be accepted as on form C/G/H, No ATM card & Cheque -Staff will get interest benefits, but Sr Citizen
ing of capital gains for a max period of 3 Firm, Co, NRI etc. Addition/
Deletion of name only on prior 54, 54D & 54G
TD and Half yearly in SB.
margin nor as collateral.
Book issued, WD >25000 by way of DD will get normal Interest (e-Cir 604 dt 15.1.8)
yrs & utilization thereof for capital
-Minimum 5000 in TD & 1000 in SB a/c
-TDS Applicable
-Pre-mature payment on specific authority from ITO. in fvg payee. TD-Wd by transfer to SB -Attractive life cover under SBI Life-Super
investment. Sch first introduced in 1988. permission of ITO.
-All except Rural Branches
-Nomination available.
Suraksha at spl premium.
CORE POWER (For CBS Branch) The Product empowers all existing Per Segment SB/ CA Holders ofrd all CBS Branches with following Value added services/ facilities: 1. Transfer of funds by debiting SB/CA from home branch to any other a/c (self or 3 rd party) at another CBS branch for same
deposited at home branch and drawn on CBS branches at home
(Ref Corp Cen Cir NBG/PBBU/LI- day credit. 2. Deposit of Cash (max Rs. 25000/-) by customer or 3 party for same day credit to the account from a non-home CBS branch. 3. Same day credit to the a/c in respect of instruments
MA/01/ 2005-06 dated 19.07.2005) or non-home centers or vice-versa. 4. Encashments of SB/ CA Cheques by the a/c holder at non-home CBS branch for cash withdrawal, transfer of proceeds for credit to SB/CA of self or 3 party at any other CBS Branch for issuance of Draft/TT/B Chq.
Rationale: To introduce a competitive paper based payment mechanism and to leverage the capabilities of CBS, MCC is launched giving added facility to customers to issue cheques payable at par at all CBS branches.
Multi City Cheques (MCC) Salient Features: a. MCC can be drawn by the customer in favour of his client and payable at par at all branches of the Bank. B. It is to be issued only by the identified CBS Branches, c. It is to be paid at par only at CBS Branches, d. It can be issued to an
existing SB, CA and CC accounts in addition to normal cheque books, e. MCC facility is available to the customer through personalized cheque, f. RBI has assigned unique instrument types 29 for CA, 30 for CC and 31 for SB, which will br printed in the
MICR band. All charges towards payment of MCC levied at HOME Branch only. IFB Mumbai was first branch to issue MCC to Smruthi Organics Limited. The upper limit for issue of MCCs for Per Segment customers is Rs 2 lacs, SME Customers max Rs 10
lacs. Charges Rs 3 per cheque leaf to be debited by system. . No cash payment to third parties. ( e-Cir 576 & 578 dt 25.01.07).

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


Background: In last few years we

have lost considerable market share
to some New Generation Banks,
who are offering a bundle of
benefits to employees at the core of
their SB a/cs. Recently, we have
increased focus on entering tie-ups
with reputed Corporates &
For details e-Cir 599/ 06-07 dt 6.2.07
Master e-Cir 788/ 2008-09



(New C/A Bundled products for SME)
Rationales: 1. To retain existing
customers, bring in new customers and
rapidly increase market share. 2. Novel
liability products for providing value
addition to customers by giving incentives for keeping high balances in a/cs.


Current A/c For Institutions,

Charitable organizations etc using
generic fee collection functionality




Rationales: To build a good relationship with the employees of reputed Corporates/ Institutions with opening salary a/c and giving plethora of benefits in asset & liability products & services Product Features: Four Variants
Silver, Gold, Diamond & Platinum determined on the basis of Gross Monthly Salary (GMS). Eligibility: Corporates- Min 25 employees with Min payout of Rs 1.25 lacs p.m. & min GMS Rs 5000 per a/c. Eligibility: EmployeeGMS Rs 5000-20000 (Silver), Rs 20000-50000 (Gold), Rs 50000-1 lac (Diamond), Above Rs 1 lac (Platinum). Min Balance: NIL for all. ATM-cum-Debit Card: Free to all, Domestic Card (max limit Rs 15000 per day) to Silver,
International (max limit $ 1000 per day) to Gold, Diamond & Platinum. Internet banking & Utility Bill Payment: Free to all. Core Power: Free to all upto Rs 50000 per transaction only at CBS Brs. Cheque Book: Free -25 leaves
(Silver), 50 (Gold), No limit (Diamond & Platinum). For all, Personalised Cheque Book available for brs linked to LCPC (Liability Centralised Processing Cell). The upper limit for issue of Multi City Cheques to salaried employees
under all variants is Rs 2 lacs. Leaf & issue charges NIL. (e-Cir 192/ 6.7.7). Easy Overdraft to all upto 2 months salary at 4% > SBAR & to be adjusted with next salary within 6 months or can be converted into Personal Loan
(Xpress Credit in case of SB1 & SB2 Co. Also to SB3 Co satisfying takeover norms). Optio Transactions charges: Chq upto Rs 5 lacs Rs 25 per chq, Above Rs 5 lacs to Rs 10 lacs Rs 50 per chq. Free for Power pack Currnet A/cs (e-Cir 131 dt
01.06.09)nal A/c Statement in lieu of Pass Book Free to all, Quaterly for Silver & Gold, Monthly for Diamond and Platinum only at Brs linked with LCPC. Transactions at Branch: Free Cash Withdrawal to all (e-Cir 304/ 4.9.6); 3
(Silver), 4 (Gold), All (Diamond & Platinum) Cash Deposit p.m. Free, Rs 30 per Additional Deposit for Silver & Gold only. Saving Plus (Auto Sweep Facility): For All, Threshold Amount Rs 5000 and TDR/STDR of Min Rs 10000
in multiple of Rs 1000 in any one instance. Besides all Diamond features, Platinum holder will get SBI Vishesh facility. Documents: Proof of identity & residence as KYC guidelines, Salary slips of last 3 months for categorization,
Request letter from Emplyoyer to open a/c with name & code of employee, Option letter if Saving Plus & Internet Banking facilities. Other Facility: Pre-paid Card (on which reimbursement for medical/travel/rent/ bills directly
uploaded by Co.) may be offered. Payroll card may be given to employees with gross salary below Rs 5000 p.m. with whom we do not wish to maintain banking relationship. (Refer e-Cir 211/2006-07 dated 26 July 2006).
Reimbursement Current A/c for all employees opting to open SB A/c. Features CA with zero balance, no annual maintenance charge, ATM card linked with CA and Free Cheque Book with 50 leaves in a year. (e-Cir 461/
22.11.06) . Circle CGM may allow Silver variant if all salary a/c with us and < 20% has salary < Rs 5000. (e-Cir 612/ 8.2.07). Tie-up with TCS for issue of max of 15 demand draft per year at par with a max limit of Rs. 50000 per draft (e-Cir 510 dt 21.11.07).
Products involved in scheme: 1. SB/CA 2. Saving Plus 3. ATM-cum-Debit Card 4. Internet Banking 5. Multi City Cheque 6. Pre-paid card 7. Xpress Credit 8. SBI Vishesh 9. Core Power and 10. Liability Centralised Proc Cell.
Special Features: SME POWER GAIN (Details of SME POWER PACK scheme under Brackets) 1. QAB Quarterly Average Balance - Rs 1 lac (Rs 5 lacs). 2. Penalty for non-maintenance of QAB Rs 2000 per quarter
(Rs 5000), 3. Drafts 25 paise per 1000 min Rs. 25 max Rs.3000/- (Free) (e-Cir 673 dt 19.2.8). Pay Order/ Bankers cheque Free (Free), Cheque collection Instruments drawn on SBI Br Free (Out of pocket expenses not
exceeding Rs 25). Other Instruments Rs 1/ 1000 Min Rs 25, Max Rs 150- e-Cir 406/ dt 15.10.08. (All same except other instruments Re 0.5 / Rs 1000). Colour of Stationery Yellow (Pink). CRP- Cheque Return Protection
Facility- OD limit Rs 25000 (Rs 100000) max period of 10 days at time. OD Interest SBAR + 2% (SBAR + 2%), ATM-cum-debit card Domestic card with withdrawal limit of Rs 25000 per day (International card with limit of Rs
45000 per day). Corporate Internet Banking - Available in both. Multicity Chq Issue Charge- Both Free, Transaction charges Rs 25 / per chq < Rs 5 lacs, Rs 50/ chq > Rs 5 lacs (All Free) (e-Cir 673 dt 19.2.8). Inter-core
transactions a. Deposit of cash, max Rs 1 lac per transaction Rs 100, b. Encashment of chq, max Rs 1 lac per chq, permitted from credit balance Rs 100, c. Deposit of chq at any CBS Br, drawn on any CBS Br, for credit of
a/c at Home Br Intracity: Free, Inter city: Rs 1/ 1000, Min 25 max 1250, d. Deposit of clg chq at Non-home br, drawn on that clg center for credit of a/c at home branch Intracity Free, Intercity Rs 1/ 1000, Min Rs 25, max Rs
1250, e. Remittance of funds from Home Br to other CBS Br Re 1/ 1000 min 25 max 1250 (In all cases FREE). Issue of duplicate statements, cheque books, folio charges & Pre approved car loan Free in both schemes.
Processing Fee: Max waiver Rs 1000 (Rs 5000) for C/C A/cs. Penalty for closing a/c within 12 months Rs 2500 (Rs 5000). Additional Freebies: 1. Free Cash Pick-up from doorstep (at Centres where door pick-up facility
available) 10 (20). 2. Free Cheque pick-up facility (where available) Thrice (Daily) a week. 3. Demat services and eZ trade: Free in name of firm (-do-). 4. Salary a/cs Silver & Gold variants (All variants). 5. RTGS: No
concession (Free) (e-Cir 462/ 04.11.08).
Purpose: To provide fee collection facility for institutions through our CBS platform. Eligibility: Any Instiutions desirous of collectiong fee from various centers. Nature of Deposit: Current A/c. Branches: All. QAB-Quaterly Avg
Balance: Rs 25000/-. Penalty for non-maintenance of QAB: Rs 1000 per quarter. Type of Transactions permitted: Cash, transfer and clearing. Transactions not supported Batch and tickle feed transactions not supported. NO
Overdraft is permissible. Charges for transaction: The Institution is not charged for fee collection. A commission of Rs 50/- each remitter to be charged manually by collecting branches for credit to their Commission a/c. Cash
handling charges Waived. Transactions not permitted: Transactions other than fee collection is not permitted in non-home branches. Cheque Book not available. The Institution can transfer the required balance through
authorization/ sweep. Free Corporate Internet Banking facility. Other facilities: 1. Different types of fees (max 10 items) can be collected through a single challan. 2. Journal / Host Trace No.to be entered in challan copy given
to the remitter. 3. Institution can view the Branch code, Journal No., Reference no. and name of the student through CINB. Documents Required: Usual procedure for opening of the Institution a/c to be followed. Penalty for
closing the a/c within 12 months Rs 500. (e-Cir 192 dated 07.07.2008).
POWER JYOTI PLUS for Brokers We have tailored the product with customized MIS to suit the Broking Houses needs. Power Jyoti Plus a/cs will be opened at our Capital Market Branch, Mumbai. Branches and franchisees of
the broking firms from other will bring only local cheques for credit for these a/cs (no cash deposits) with special challan forms for assured MIS facility. (e-Cir 64 dated 23.04.2009)

Target Group: Individuals, proprietary firms and partnership firms engaged in business activity. Shop or other trade license will satisfy KYC norms. Branches: All our ATM linked and intenet enabled branches. To be used aggressively for tapping low cost
deposits from all traders and service providers. Minimum Balance Rs 1000 (No OD permitted), Maximum cash deposit on a working day Rs 10000, cheque book with 25 leaves p.a. at Rs 5 each (additional leaf for Rs 10 each) for payment of max Rs 15000
Rationale: To make banking facility
each leaf. (e-Cir 672 dt 19.02.08). Limit for Cash Remittance: Rs 10000 per day. Facility Offerred: Domestic ATM-cum-Debit Card with Rs 15000 limit per day, Free Internet Banking, Free transfer to other a/c at branch, Free SI for payment of loan at
accessible to vast section of traders
branch, SI for payment to other a/c at Rs 50 per transaction, ECS at select brs for payment of bills, premia on applicable charges, Immediate credit < Rs 15000 per cheque, Collection of cheque & Inward Bill business at normal charges. Penalty for nonand Non-individual customers.
maintaining min balance Rs 300 per quarter. Documents: 2 Photo, Copy of Partnership deed/ Registration under Shop & Establishment Act/ Memorandum & Articles of Association. Introduction by an A/c holder. Other terms & conditions KYC procedure,
obtention of IT PAN/Form 16 as applicable in CA.
(e-Cir 239 dated 8th August 2006, 672 dt 19.02.08)
bank a/c at nominal cost. Segment: Personal Banking. Eligibility: Individual of 18 yrs earning Rs 5000 p.m. or less as per self-declaration. Now Pensioner (< Rs 5000 pm) also (e-Cir 266/
19.08.06). Mode of Operation: SO/ Jointly/ E or S/ F or S/ Anyone or Survivor. Branches: All except SPB, PBB, MCG,CAG Branches. Initial Deposit: Rs 50/-. Min balance to maintain NIL. Max balance/Amt Rs 10000 in all liability a/cs with us, afterwards
Rationale: To cater the needs of vast
sections of populations not fulfilling SB A/c normal SB A/c. Interest: As applicable to Savings Bank Accounts. (e-Cir 78 dated 31.03.2009). Operation of A/c: Withdrawal by slips and cheque book, ATM-cum-debit card for operational convenience free of charge (e-Cir 257/ 16.08.06), Non-home br
transactions not allowed in CBS Branches. Other charges, A/c opening procedure, terms & conditions, Nomination facility as applicable in SB A/c. (Ref e-Circular 476/ 2005-06 dated 30 Jan 2006). OD upto Rs 25000/- treated as Indirect Agl Finance under
opening norm. RBI Directives.
Priority Sector (e-Cir 121 dt 30.05.08)

SBI SAHAJ-No frill CA for SMEs

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

Rationales: 1. Compliance of RBI
guidelines. 2. To provide financial
inclusion to the unserved in rural
(2001 Census: 41% still financially

Purpose: In order to enable the common man to open/maintain bank a/cs at no cost. Segment: Per. Eligibility: Individuals of 18 yrs & above, daily wage earners/or those with monthly income below Rs 5000. Mode of operation:
Single or joint. Branches: Begin with rural branches may be extended to others. Initial Deposit: Rs. 50. Min balance to be maintained Zero. Max Balance: Balance of all liability products not to exceed Rs 10000; a/c may
upgraded to normal on depositors wish. ROI: SB Rate, payable if min balance in a/c is Rs 500 or above. No service charge if balance below Rs 500. SBI Mitras, may be a SHG member, is engaged by BM for assisting depositors.
Job of SBI Mitras Completion of A/c opening formalities & submission to branch, distributing SB PB to depositor against AD, accepting cash in a Drop Box at his place & updating passbooks on the basis of monthly statement by
branch. Remuneration to SBI Mitra Rs 2 per A/c opened, Rs 0.50 per active a/c per month for providing support to a/c holders not exceeding 500. Incentives paid by debit to Branch Commission a/c. Operation of a/c: Max 4
drawals per month by Slip presently at branch only. Deposit Upto Rs 50 at Drop Box, Rs 51 & above in Branch. No charges for maintenance of a/c. A/c opening from as in rural, Nomination available. Special Features: 1. BM
may offer depositor with balance of Rs 250 for Rs 500 as Personal Loan. 2. Voter ID card/ SBI Mitra Introduction sufficient for opening a/c, photographs only for Illiterates. (For further details refer e-Cir 176/2006-07 dated
13.07.2006). ATM-cum-Debit Card issued free of charge. No non-home transactions. Redressal Mechanism BM to sttle dispute upto Rs 100. Insurance under Master Policy. MRFTP (Market Related Fund Transfer Pricing) for
each SBI TINY: Rs 100 per card (e-Cir 316 dated 30.08.2007). Smart Card based No frill A/c in unbanked villages offering banking services through point of sales (POS) instruments handled by Business Corresspondents and no
service over the counters in the branch (e-Cir 567 dt 28.12.07).

20 SBI-SURABHI Deposit
R : To meet the requirements

Eligibility: Corporates, Institutions, Trusts and Small & Medium Enterprises managing PF or any other trust a/c of their employees. Nature of Deposit: SB or CA linked to Corporate Liquid Term Deposit (may be TD/ STD). Period for CLTD: Minimum 12
months, Maximum 36 months. Minimum Deposit: For SB Rs 1000/-, CA Rs 10000/-, For CLTD Initial Deposit for 1 st sweep Rs 10000 thereafter in multiples of Rs 1000/-. Operation of A/cs: 1. Balances in SB/ CA will be transferred automatically by
means of auto sweep facility to TD/ STD on a weekly basis, whenever surplus fund in the a/c. 2. Tenure of deposit to be decided by the depositor at the time of opening of the a/c. 3. Threshold limit in the operation a/c to be maintained is Rs 50000 (Over &
above to be transferred to CLTD a/c). 4. Withdrawal by reverse auto sweep (breaking the deposit on LIFO Last In First Out) in multiples of Rs 1000, to meet the shortfall and to maintain minimum balance. 5. Mandate of transfer of funds to be obtained at the
time of opening of a/c. 6. Deposit broken by reverse sweep attracts interest at card rates, penalty as applicable for premature withdrawal. Interest: As applicable on TD, No differential rate. Loan: No loan/ OD permissible. Branches: All Branches. Documents:
2 Photgraphs of person/s operating the a/c, Introduction by an A/c holder and Copy of Partnership Deed/ Registration under Shop & Establishment Act/ Memorandum & Article of Association/ Resolution for maintaining a/c with Bank as applicable. Other
conditions: Adherence of KYC norms, IT. PAN, Form 60, Letter of thanks as applicable to SB/ CA applies. Product & Product code: SBCHQ-SURABHI-PUB OTH-ALL-INR (1088 2401) & CA-SURABHI-PUB OTH-ALL-INR (5088 2401). Ref. Cir. 287/ 2007-08
dated 21.08.07.

21 SBI Tax Savings Scheme,

R : Govt of India directive.

Eligibility: Resident Asessee as an individual or as Karta of JHF having income tax PAN. Purpose: To enable our customers to place long-term deposits to earn higher interest and also to avail tax benefits u/s 80 C of IT Act, 1961. Segment: Personal. Mode
of operation/ holding: Single or joint. No deposit in name of minor only, joint holding with an adult allowed. Benefit of 80C available to 1 st holder. Type of A/c: TD or STD normal a/c opening process. Period: min 5 yrs, max 10 yrs. Branches: All. Deposit
Amount: Min Rs 1000 or multiples, max Rs 1 lac p.a. Interest: Prevailing FD Rate, Period-wise. See Page: Latest Interest Rates. IT on Interest: Income liable for Tax deduction u/s 194A & 195 of the Act. Pre-mature Closure: Lock-in period 5 years, after
that normal TD pre-mature closure applicable. Nomination: Single of joint holders can nominate any person, No nomination on TD held by or on behalf of minor. In case of death of holder, nominee may encash any time before or after maturity. Stationery:
Normal TD/STD forms. A rubber stamp SBI TSS 2006, No premature closure before 5 yrs, Loan facility not available affixed on TDR/ STDR. Further, TDR is required to bear address, PAN and signature of the assessee. Loan: Not available. A/c may be
transferred to other branches. Duplicate TDR may be issued on indemnity (if TD above Rs 500) and completion of formality, if original lost. Others: 1. TD may be paid to legal heir in case of death the holder after completion of formalities. 2. KYC guidelines to
be followed meticulously. 3. 0.5% penalty if a/c closed after 5 years. For more details refer e-Cir 278 dated 22.08.2006.

trusts and other organizations having
cash accruals and needing safe
investment options of sweep and
reverse sweep.
- To provide value added product to

- To cater the needs of Income Tax



Sl. Name of the Scheme
1 Non-Resident External Rupee
Account (NRE A/c)
Exchange Risk to be born by

Foreign Currency NonResident Account (FCNR A/c)

Exch Risk to be born by Bank


Eligibility &
Type of A/c, Nomination, Currency
Authorised Branches
NRIs. (Individuals or
SB, CA, RD, Fixed Deposits
entities of Bangla Desh,
Joint A/c in name of 2 or more nonPakistan Nationality/
resident Individuals
ownership require RBI
Nomination Permitted
All A, B, C1 & C2 brs.
Currency Indian Rupees
-doA & B category
designated branches

Term Deposit only

Jointly in name 2 or more Non-Resident
Nomination permitted
Currency GBP, USD, JPY, EURO, AUD &
CAD Min Deposit GBP, USD, EURO 1000
For Yen min 10000 (At present SBI is not
opening Yen A/c)

Period, Rate of Interest Loans and Overdraft and End Use

FD 1 to 5 years
ROI - Subject to cap :
Rates are revised on
quarterly basis for SB
& monthly in FD.
For 1 to 5 years only
ROI Subject to cap;
Linked with LIBOR.
Rates are revised on
monthly basis.

Purpose of Loan

Loans & overdraft in Indian Rupees max -Personal/ Business activity

investment in India on nonRs 1 Cr to A/c holder or 3rd party in India -Direct
repatriation basis.
and abroad permitted. (e-Cir 92 dated 7 -Flat/ house for own use
May 09)
-Fund / Non-fund based to 3rd party
Foreign Currency loans in India to A/c for personal/ business.
holder and 3rd party not permitted.
-do-doForeign Currency loans in India only to -Automatic Renewal
A/c Holder and not to 3rd party
-Premature WD allowed
-A/c may be transferred to
one branch to other Br.

Special Features
Ref Circulars
Repatriability Permitted
Source of Funds From abroad
through approved channels
Benefits of Tax Income earned
free from IT, Wealth & Gift Tax.
Free Repatriation of P + I in any convertible
currency. Source of Funds From abroad
through Banking Channel. From existing
NRE/ FCNR a/c of same person.
-Income Exempted from IT, WT
(Ref Cir 433/2005-06 dated 07/01/2006)

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


Non-Resident Ordinary
Account (NRO A/c)

-do- (Other than

person resident in
Nepal & Bhutan)

No Exchange Risk involved

SB, CA, RD & Fixed Deposits

May be held with Residents jointly
Nomination Permitted
Currency Indian Rupee Only

All A, B, C1 & C2 brs.

Loans & OD in Indian Rupee only to A/c

Holder and 3rd Party in India Only (Not in Not repatriable except i. Current Income and Interest
ii. Upto $ 1 million for any bonafide purpose out of NRO A/c
Purpose of Loan - Personal or business Source of Funds From abroad through approved Channel &
from existing a/c of same person.
Income earned subject to TDS.
Like any resident a/cs Foreign Currency Loans permitted in
Source of Funds i. FEX received as pension, terminal benefits
bank may fixed period India.
from employer abroad.
and determine ROI.
End use No Restrictions, including
ii. Realisation of assets held abroad
investment abroad
iii. FEX as gift or inheritance from person who was NRI
Only CA, No Int payable Loans & OD Not permitted
Foreign Exchange acquired 1. While visit abroad 2. as gift or
End Use For permissible current and honorarium or settlement of any lawful obligation, 3. unspent
capital a/c transactions
FEX acquired during travel abroad 4. Earning through export of
goods/ services or royalty 5. Disinvestments proceeds received
on a/c of shares held in forms of ADR/GDR
- Non-Interest bearing Current A/c with cheque facility.
Source of Funds A 100% Export Oriented Unit in a. SEZ b.
- Permissible Credits: Earnings in FEX as per limits. Re credit of Software Tech Park c. Electronic Hardware Technology Park may
unutilized FEX as earlier now withdrawn.
credit upto 100%.
- Permissible Debits: Permissible current and capital a/c
d. Professionals like Scientists, Professors of Indian
transactions, payments towards trade related loans & advances. Universities, Economists, Lawyers, Doctors, Artists, Architects,
Engineers, Consultants, CAs etc

Resident Foreign Currency

Account (RFC A/c) or Home
Coming Deposit

Resident Foreign Currency

(Domestic) A/c (RFC(D) A/c)

Exchange Earners Foreign

Currency Account (EEFC A/c)

DOLLAR PREMIUM ACCOUNT Special Features: 1. A product that combines the benefits of a FCNR (B) Deposit with forward cover to give enhanced return to its depositors. 2. Period 1,2,3 years. 3. Domestic Branches in India offer this product. 4. Minimum Deposit amount is same


NRI returning to India SB, CA, Fixed Deposits

Joint A/c with resident or with NRI
not permitted
-Designated Brs only Currency USD only (min $1000)
Resident Individuals Current A/c only
Singly or Jointly
Designated Branches Min Balance $ 500 / Euro 500 / GBP

Period of FD No
ROI Bank free to
determine interest.

Any exporter upto

Outstandings of USD
1 million.

Non-Interest Bearing Current A/c

4 permitted Currency USD, GBP,
Euro and JPY.
Minimum Balance USD 5000 or

-An USD FCNR a/c with forward cover for as in FCNR deposits. 5. The product assumes continuation of forward premium on USD/ INR. 6. The product will be available for the depositors agree to receive their USD FCNR payment in INR. 7. Pre mature payment is subject to regulations as applicable to
FCNR. 8. The cost of cancellation of the forward contract will be born by the depositor. Exhange Risk to be born by Bank.
Special Features: 1.Product is available at select Branches OBU Bahrain & OBU Seepz, Mumbai. 2. Attractive Interest Rate 40 to 50 bps above FCNR interest rate. 3. Deposit offered fixed/ floating rates on cumulative/ non-cumulative basis. 4.
Different product with better return
Currency of Deposit USD, GBP, EURO. 5. Minimum Deposit USD 10000 or equivalent. 6.Tenor 1 to 5 years 7. ROI Upto 30 bps more than SWAP rate for relevant period depending upon the amount of deposit. 8. Loan & Premature payment available.
SBI SELECT : A multi Currency Option Product available at OBU Bahrain and SBI Hongkong Branch with feature of exchange risk on customers account. Exchange Risk to be born by Depositor.
RELAX & GAIN STRUCTURED Special Features: 1.Specially designed Deposit product to meet the Investors financial needs. 2. Normal period of deposit is 3 yrs or 5 yrs. 3. Scheme offers enhanced yield with Call Option or a Targeted Return. 4. Available at select branches viz SBI,
PRODUCT For Investment Savvy.
OBU, Bahrain.
Note: The last 3 deposit products were especially designed to mobilize IMD Redemption Funds. (Source : SBI Times)


( LATEST Asset & Liability Products of SBI : At A Glance As on 12.04.2010 )

Ghanshyam Prasad Srivastava

Asst General Manager, Specialized P B Branch, Patna .

(For Internal

Circulation Only)




Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


Target: The Chief promoter/ executive should be 21 to 65 yrs (Non-corporate), New & existing MSEs engaged in manufacturing & service sector. Elgibility: For loans > Rs
5 lacs and below Rs 25 lacs min overall score of 50% (Business & Personal), 60% in overall score except collateral details as in SME Smart Score. For loans Rs 25 Lacs
to 100 Lacs Units having SB 10 & above as revised CRA rating. CGTMSE Gurantee coverage Mandatory. Purpose: Working Capital (FB+NFB), TL for construction of
building, office, acquisition of machine, modernization/ expansion of unit. Assessment: Mfg WC As per Nayak Com (20% of Projected Turn over), TL 75% of Project
For Product Codes Refer ecost. Service WC- 15% of Projected Turn over/Revenue, TL 75% of Projected Cost. Quantum of finance: Total Exposure (FB+NFB) Above Rs 5 lacs & Upto Rs 1 Cr
Cir 799 dt 26.02.2010.
(All TL & WC). Type CC, BG, TL. Repayment WC: On Demand, TL: max 7 yrs incl moratorium of 6 m to 12 yr. Submission of Stock statement & Inspection of Unit Upto Rs 25 lacs Quaterly, Above Rs 25 lacs Monthly. Interest: Concession on loans sanctioned upto 30 th Sept 2010 for the FIRST yr FIXED RATE -Upto Rs 25 lacs:
9% (< 3 Yrs), 9.5% (3 Y & Above), Above Rs 25 lacs to Rs 1 Cr: 10% & 10.5% respectively. Loan Processing & Service charges 50% of card rate. Other charges
Normal Rates. CGTMSE Fee Normal, As applicable. Security: Primary Assets created out of loan. Collateral Unencumbered assets. TPG NIL, in case of loan to
Company guarantee of directors will be treated as TPG. Review & Renewal WC to renew every 2 yrs. TAT 2 weeks. For further details refer e-Cir 686 dt 12.01.2010.
02 SBI SMILE (Small & Micro R: To grant interest free loan repayable over a long period to assist eligible professional & technically qualified entrepreneurs for setting new MSEs and Units covered
Interest-free Loans as
under Banks Project Uptech for Technology Upgradation. Eligibility: 1. New Unit or covered under Banks Project Uptech. 2. Equity to genuine persons not able to meet
margin. 3. Entrepreneur fully dedicated in Unit. 4. Eligible under Banks leberalised scheme. 5. Professionals & Technically Qualified. 6. Activity eligible under MSME Act. 7.
Equity Fund Assistance (ELA) Total Cost of the project > Rs 10 lacs. Max Loan: Rs 10 lacs for Micro & Small Scale Industires, Rs 5 lacs for Professionals & Self Employed persons. Min Rs 1 lac for
Product Codes: Services 6220-6511
Industrial units & Rs 50000 for Professionals & Self Employed. Min Equity Contribution by Entrepreneur 7.5% of cost of Project. Interest Funds lent under Equity Loan
Manfacturing 6210-6511.
Assistance (ELA) will bear no interest. Repayment: In 3 yrs after initial moratorium of 5 to 7 yrs. Disbursement in lump sum or in Installments. Follow up Close
monitoring, as it is Clean TL. Reporting Half Year ly to LHO.
Details in e Cir 760 dated 13.02.2010.
03 Yuva S B Account
Segment: Personal. Elgibility: Resident, Above 18 yrs to 30 yrs at the time of entry. Mode of Holding Single/ Joint/ Joint with survivorship. Available at all brs in
R: To entice the youth segment and bring Urban/Metro Centre. Deposit Amt: Min Rs. 5000/-, Max No limit. Interest, A/c maintenance & formalities SB A/c. ATM-cum-Debit Card: Yuva Card (VISA). Free
them in our fold, the new product with
Internet Banking & SMS Alert Many add on facilities in remittances/ collection, MCC, Inter-core transactions & DDP. For further details pl refer e-Cir 718 dated 29.01.2010.
bundle value propositions and services
was introduced.

Farmers Easy
Empowered Loan (FEEL)

05 State Bank Platinum

International Debit Card
Rationales: Vanilla Debit card issued to
customers having Current/ SB a/c with
us, cater the need of frequently overseas
travelling customers, targeting affluent
segment to meet their banking needs and
lifestyle requirements.


Rationales: To provide timely & adequate credit to farmers to meet production & consumption expenses. To offer credit against the stocks stored in farmers own premises/
godown. To reduce the multiple process of separate application, documentation & EM Creation. Eligibility: All non-defaulter and credit worthy farmers having good track
record and cultivating crops. Classifiaction: Direct finance to Agl under Priority Sector. Facility: ACC. Quantum of Loan: Three credit components- 1. Production Credit
Anuual credit needs to be sanctioned on operational land holdings, cropping pattern and scale of finance. No Upper Limit. 2. Contigency Credit- max 20% of the production
credit limit. 3. Produce Marketing Loan fixed on current market price or MSP fixed by Govt less margin multiplied by the quantum of stock to be stored. Max limit Rs 10
lacs per borrower. Margin: Production Loan: a. Scale of Finance No margin. B. If computed from cost of cultivation (for limit > Rs 50000). Consumption Loan: NIL.
Produce Marketing Loan: a. Goods stored in farmers godown: 40%. Loans against WHR 20 to 35%. Security: No collateral if limit up to Rs 1 lac. Documents: AB1,
AB2, AB3, WHR/ Annex4, DPN & DPN Take Delivery letter, Arrangement letter. Interest: As applicable to ACC/ KCC. Repayment PML to be repaid within 12 months.
Insurance: 110% of current market value of the stock. Stock Statement: Bi-monthly. Other Conditions As in Agl loans. For further details Refer e-Cir743/ 11.02.2010.
Eligibility: i. Annual Income of Customer above Rs 10 lacs, or ii. Aggregate deposits balance more than Rs 5 lacs. Mode of operation: PIN on ATM and signatures on
ME/ PoS. Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit: Rs 1 lac in India, USD 2000 abroad. Daily purchase limit on PoS: Rs 2 lacs in India, USD 4000 abroad. Issurance charge
NIL. Annual maintenance fee: Rs 300 from 2nd year. Fee can waived if min 12 PoS Transactions during preceding year. Insurance: upto Rs 5 lacs (accidental death
only). Lost Card Liability: Rs Upto Rs 50000/- Replacement Card Fee: Rs 200. Regeneration of PIN: Rs 50. Loyality Points: 4 points for every purchase of Rs 100 at
For further details refer e-Cir 851 dated 23.03.2010.

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

06 SBI Flexi Deposit
R: To enable our customers to place
long term deposits to earn attractive
interest with flexibility in choosing deposit
amount. Segment: Personal

07 Annuity Deposit Scheme

Segment: Personal

08 Interest Subsidy Scheme

for Housing Urban Poor

09 Rupee Loans against

Gold Deposits

10 Financing Organic Farming

To tap the business opportunities
prevailing under organic farming in the
branded retail domestic markets &


Eligibility: Resident Individuals incl minors. Account: R D (Variable deposit) a/c. Period: Min 5 yrs, Max 7 yrs. Branches: All except, Spl Credit Intensive Brs. Min
Deposit: Rs 5000 per FY, in multiple of Rs 500, min Rs 500 per deposit (Penalty Rs 50). Any number of times of deposit in a month. Max Deposit: Rs 50000 in a FY.
Interest: As applicable on TDs. Int subject to TDS. Premature Closure 1% below the rate applicable. Nomination available. Loan Facility: As on TDs. Others terms &
conditions as applicable to other deposits.
For more details refer e- Cir 823 dated 06.03.2010.
To enable the depositor to pay one time lump sum amount and to receive the same in EMI, comprising partial principal + interest on reducing principal amount,
compounded quarterly & discounted to the monthly value. Eligibility: Individuals incl minors in single or joint names. Account: Annuity (Term) Deposit. Branches: All. Min
amt of Deposit: Rs 25000 based on min monthly annuity of Rs 1000/-. Universal passbook & no receipt. Tenure: 36/ 60/ 84 or 120 months. Interest: As applicable to TD
of tenure as opted by depositor. Premature Payment in case of death only. Account opening As TD/ STD, Universal passbook & no receipt. Nomination: Available. Loan
Facility: Max 75% of balance amt of Annuity, further annuity to be deposited in loan a/c only. Others As applicable in deposit a/cs. Ref e- Cir 822/ 06.0.10.
Rationales: Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (GOI) designed this scheme to address the housing needs of the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and
Low Income Group (LIG) through Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). Eligibility: Beneficiary should not own a house in his own / dependents
name. Parameters Average monthly household income: Rs 3300 (EWS), Rs 3301 7300 (LIG), Min size of house: 25 Sq m (40 Sqm), Max permissible subsidized loan
amt: Rs 1 lac (Rs 1.60 lac), Max loan amt eligible for subsidy: Rs 1 lac for both. Identification of the beneficiary by Urban Local Board or Local Nodal Agency identified by
respective Govt Agencies. Interest Application: on daily balance at monthly rests. Repayment: In EMIs calculated after reducing the Central Govt Subsidy. Prepayment: No
levy. Security: Primary Mortgage of the dwelling unit. Collateral or TPG Not applicable for loans upto & incl of Rs 1 lacs.Subsidy: Loans eligible for Central Govt
subsidy of 5% on the interest charged by the bank on the admissible loan amount. Others Age, No. of borrowers, EMI/ NMI Ratio, processing fee, interest rates etc as in
Home loan a/cs. Sunset clause Open for sanction upto & incl 31st March 2012.
For further details e-Cir 816/ 05.03.10.
Eligibility: All depositors under Gold Deposit Scheme holding the certificates either as original holder or as transferee. In case of joint (Individuals only), only former will be
eligible. In case of guardianship, loan to guardian for the benefit of minor. Loan to 3 rd party as collaterals, but not against the deposit held by Trust/HUF/Minor. Purpose: Any
general purpose. Type: DL, OD. Quantum of Loan: Min Rs 1 lac, Max Rs 5 Cr. Beyond Rs 5 Cr Administrative clearance of Network GM required. Margin: 25% of
principal value of Gold deposit certificates pledged. Drawing Power: On Principal Value of deposit at monthly intervals as given by Bullion Br Mumbai. Security: Duly
Discharged GD Certificate. Sanction & Disbursement of Loan: By all brs, mark lien at Bullion Br, Mumbai on GD, and disbursement after confirmation of lien only.
Interest: At SBAR at monthly interval, if not paid within 6 months the loan a/c will be forclosed by pre-mature closure of GD A/c. Period of loan: Not exceeding 24 months.
Loan may renewed, if extended period within the maturity of GD, regular int servicing & after obtaining revival letter. Repayment: In a bullet payment or in EMI, During
tenure of loan, int due on GD Certificate will be credited to loan a/c. Foreclosure of the loan: Apart from 6 months overdue of interest, the loan will be liquidated by
foreclosure in case of death of the borrower/ depositor with penalty of no int payable (Within 1 yr), 0.5% < rate of 3 yr deposit (1 to 3 Yr), 0.25% < rate on period of
deposit with bank (3 yrs & above). Control Report & IRAC Norms As per TD. For further details refer e-Cir 299 dt 10.08.09 and 352 dt 26.08.09.
Organic farming - A system of farm design and management which creates an ecosystem thru which sustainable production can be achieved without the use of artificial, external inorganic inputs like
fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. Consumers demand for organically produced food products and societys demand for more sustainable development provide new opportunities for organic farming
and business associated around the world.
(Refer Cir no. 615 dt 03.12.09)

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.




12 SBI Advantage Car Loan

A Scheme for Affluent customers will

target mid-size car above segments.

13 TINY CARD Self Help



R: As per RBI Guidelines to provide

affordable/ low cost credit to low income
group/ underprivileged section of the
society with purpose of Financial

15 SBI TINY R D Account

R: To popularize the smart card based

products & also to achieve the social
objectives, Bank has launched a new RD
product with more flexibility.

16 SBI Micro Loan for Micro

Enterprises A branded
variant of SME Credit Card.
Product Codes: SSI 6310-1101
SBF 6320-1101.

17 SBI Personal Loan to

Affluent Pensioners


Rationales:To assist the farmers, who are regular in their repayments for repairs / maintenance of tractor and for purchase of additional implements. Eligibility: Borrowers who have already availed the
loan facility from our bank before three years or more and whose accounts are closed / or regular/standard (IRAC) and who have paid a minimum of 2 yearly or 4 HY installments. Classification:
Direct Finance to Agriculture under Priority Sector.Facility: Agricultural Term Loan. Quantum of Loan: Repairs: Up to a Maximum of Rs. 50,000/-. Addition of new implements: Up to a Max of Rs. 1 lac .
The loan limit should be to the extent by which the existing loan has been reduced. Margin: Up to Rs.50, 000 NIL. Above Rs.50,000 - 15-25% of invoice price. Security: Upto Rs. 50,000/Primary - Hypothecation of tractor. Collateral NIL. Above Rs. 50,000/-Primary - Hypothecation of tractor. Collateral Mortgage / Charge over the Land. DSCR 1.75%. Upfront fees: Up to Rs. 2 lacs Nil.
Inspection Charges: Up to Rs.25,000/- - Nil. Over Rs 25,000/-& up to Rs. 2 lacs - Rs.500/- p.a. (Refer e-Cir 602 dt 30.11.09)
Purpose: TL & OD for purchase of new car with minimum loan of Rs 5 lacs. Eligibility: Age 21 to 65 yrs for sanction of loan, repayment before 70 yrs, individuals with regular source of income. NAI Rs
2.50 lacs p.a., NMI/EMI Ratio: 50%. Ratio may be relaxed by AGM up to 70%, if NAI above Rs 10 lacs. Authorised Brs: All RACPCs, RCPCs, PBBs, Super Circle of Excellence Brs, Dist HQ Brs and Brs
authorized by RMs. Loan Amt: Min Rs 5 lacs, Max 48 times of NMI for salaried, 4 NAI as per ITR for others. Margin: 15 %. Repayment: max 7 yrs in EMIs/ PDCs. Interest: Upto 3 yrs 1% < SBAR, Above
3 to 5 yrs 0.75% < SBAR, Above 5 to 7 yrs 0.5% < SBAR. Spl concession of 0.10% under Plus schemes (HL, Auto, Festival, Saral & Credit Khazana), 0.25% for customers eligible under Corporate
Salary Package, but ALL concessions should not exceed 0.25%. Penal Int @ 2% on entire loan outstanding for the period of default or amt prepaid. Processing fee: Upfront, when sanctioned 0.5% of loan
Min Rs 500 max Rs 10000, when rejected 25% of fee will be retained subject to min Rs 500 max Rs 2500. Security: Hypo of vehicle, No other security. If spouse income taken into a/c, he/she should be
made co-borrower. Documentation: As applicable in SBI EZEE Car loan scheme. Insurance: Comprehensive in name of borrower for the market value or 10% above the loan amt whichever is higher,
Banks interest to be noted. Processing Time: TAT 2 days. Service charge to Car dealers flat 1.5%. For further details e-Cir 495 dt 14.10.2009.
A Biometric enabled, chip based Tiny card to SHGs, as a group, while its individual members will get existing SBI Tiny Cards. The SHG Office bearers as identified by the group after KYC compliance will
perform the transactions through Customer Service Points (CSP) outlet of Bnak appointed Business Correspondent (BC) or at Point of Transactions (PoT) For details Refer e-Cir 469 dt 05.10.2009
Purpose: General purpose loan to provide hassle free credit to low income gr holding SB Tiny Card to meet their exigencies without insistence on security, purpose or end-use of the credit. Eligibility: SBI
Tiny Card holders of last 6 months. Satisfactory transactions in SB A/c. Routing all income through a/c. Max age of applicant 60 yrs. Facility: Savings Bank-cum- Overdraft A/c. Loan Amount: Higher amt
either 4 times of avg monthly income of last 6 months or 4 months net monthly income assessed by branch, min Rs 1000, max Rs 25000. Repayment: max 24 EMIs from one month after disbursement. DP
reduced monthly. Security & Processing fee: Nil. Interest: 2% above SBAR, monthly rest. Disbursement: By sanctioning limit in SB A/c. Documents: Application form, Documents as per KYc norms,
Passport size photographs, Proof of Income/ Asset & Liability. Specific arrangement letter & DP Note, DPN Delivery letter. Inspection & Follow-up: As in Personal Loans. Authorised Branches: Link branches
where the SB Tiny of the customer is maintained.
For more details, Refer e-Cir 468 dated 05.10.2009
Segment: Personal. Type of A/c: RD A/c on biometric smart cards issued to individuals. Eligibility: Single individual only, who have already opened SBI Tiny SB A/c with us. Only one a/c per customer.
Availiable at Customer Service Points (CSPs) of Bank appointed Business Corresspondents. Initial Deposit Amount: Rs 10 in cash. Monthly Installments: Any amount, multiple deposits in a month. Tenure:
Fixed period of 36 months. KYC Norms: As alid down by RBI for No Frill A/c. Interest: As in 3 yrs TD Rate, compounded quarterly on monthly products. Pre-payment attracts 1% penalty. Operation of A/c:
Simlified Account opening. Transaction by smart card at CSP. No penalty for non payment of any amt. No debit allowed other than pre payment or payment on maturity. No pass book, Mini statement with
last 10 transactions. Nomination: Available. Grievances Redressal: A designated Officer called Channel Manager will attend to any card holders complaints within 21 days. (Refer e-Cir 438 dt 25.09.09)
Rationale: To promote the CGTMSE cover and offer a bundled product in order to increase the number of Micro Enterprises units getting collateral free credit from the bank. Eligibility: Micro Enterprises as
defined by the MSMED Act, excl Mfg & services trade. Max Loan: Rs 5.00 lacs. Purpose: Working capital & Equipment purchase. Facility: Demand Loan repayable in 3 yrs. Screeing & Assessment: As
per SME Credit card Scheme. Annual submission of Stock statemnt and Un-audited balance sheet. Interest: 8 % fixed with CGTMSE Cover. Security: Primary Current & Fixed Assets acquired out of
Bank of Finance. Collateral NIL except Promoters Gurantee, however unencumbered assets of the unit being financed may be taken. Processing & Inspection charges waived. CGTMSE fee to be
recovered. Scheme is available upto 31.03.10 for sanction & disbursment. For further details e-Cir 267 dt 27..07.09.
Rationale: In view recent growth in pension after implementation of 6 th Pay Commission, it has been decided to formulate a new scheme for affluent pensioners to cater their personal needs & matching
their repaying capacity. Eligibility: All Central/ State/ SBI Pensioners mentioning pension a/cs or drawing pension by chq payable on us, should not be more than 72 yrs. Family Pensioners: Spouse
authorized to receive pension after death, should be more than 65 yrs. Loan Amt: Max 12 months net pension max Rs 3 lacs. Family Pensioners: max 9 months of net family pension with ceiling of Rs 1.50
lacs, EMI < 25 % of net pension. Collateral Security: TPG of Spouse/ others good for the value. Family Pensioners: TPG of person maintaining satisfactory a/c with us preferably son/ daughter.
Repayment: Upto 70 yrs 36 months, age at time of full repayment 73 yrs. For 70-72 yrs 24 months, age at time of full repayment 74 yrs. Pensioners to submit PAN or 15 H before availing this loan.
For Further details e-Cir 223 dt 11.07.09.

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.



(DSP) ARMY with 4 VariantsDSP Silver: P Code 1092-1431
DSP Gold: Code 1092 1441,
DSP Diamond: 1092 1451,
DSP Platinum: 1092 1461.


20 SBI Hi-Five Home Loan

New product introduced specially for

SBI My Home Campaign 8.8.9 to 7.11.9

21 SBI Ezee Home Loan

Product codes: 6250-2060 (SBI Easy

Fixed Int (TL), 6250-2160 (Easy
Float Rate (TL), 6050-2015 (SBI
Easy OD)

22 SBI Advantage Home Loan

Product Codes; 6250-2058 Adv HL
(Fixed), 6250-2158 Adv HL (Float)

23 SBI SHAKTI Current A/c

For SME Customers.

Product Code: 5081-2401

24 SBI Happy-Home Loan

Date of closure: 30.06.2009 (Refer eCir 179 dated 25.0.2009)

25 SBI Lifestyle Loan

For existing HL Customers.
It has been decided to extend the offer
upto 30th Sept 2009 (e-Cir 75/ 27.04.09)


A tie-up with Indian Army with 12.40 lacs Personnels on line of our existing Corporate Salary Package. 4 Variants: 1. DSP Silver covers Personnel below Officer Rank or Civilian Staff. 2. DSP Gold
Major, Captain, Lts and Civilian Officers. 3. DSP Diamond Lt Col & Cols. 4. DSP Platinum Brigadier & Above.
KYC Formalities for all 4 variants: Compulsory proof of ID as First ID field and proof of address as 2 nd ID Proof, Letter of Army Unit if other Add proof not available.
Min Balance required: NIL. Life Time Unique Account number available under all variants. ATM-cum-Debit Card: Domestic card to Silver, International Gold Card to others. Free of cost. Free Add on card
to spouse. No Annual Maintenance charge. Unlimited Transactions allowed max Rs 40000 a day to Silver & Rs 50000 ($ 1000) for others. Internet Banking: Free, Charges applicable for 3rd party site like
Railway etc. Core Power: Transaction at Non-home Brs Free. Transfer of funds between SBI Brs Free for DSP A/c holders, charges applicable to beneficiary for trasfer above Rs 20000/-. Cheque
Book: Unlimited, free except applied for EMIs to other Banks. Multi-City Cheque Leaf & Payment charges Free. Easy Overdraft upto 2 months Net Salary, payable with 6 months, can be converted to
personal loan payable in 48 months. Draft Issue per month with a ceiling of Rs 50000 per draft 5 (Silver), 10 (Gold), 25 (Diamond), Unlimited (Platinum). RTGS/ NEFT Free. Free Pass Book updation at
non-home Brs. Int on Personal, car and home loans except Happy HL for 1 st 12 months or SBI Easy HL & SBI Advantage HL for first 36 months 50 bp below card rate (Refer e-Cir 235/ 15.07.09). 5%
concession in margin on Home loan. Free Processing charge in P Seg loans. For further details Master e-Circular 150 dt 08.06.09 .
For new car only. The scheme is extended to 31.03.2010 on following Conditions Interest: 1st Yr 8% Fixed, 2nd & 3rd Yr 10% Fixed. After 3rd yr Card Rate on the date of sanctionon flating basis. No
other Int concession. Reset of Interest on anniversary date of loan as applicable on the date of sanction. Processing Fee: 0.50% of the loan amt. (Refer e-Cir 190 dt 27.06.09 & 441 dt 29.09.09)
Amount Max Rs 5 lacs. Loan Term: Max 120 months incl moratorium period. Interest Rate: 8% p.a. Fixed Rate for first 60 months, 61 months onwards, the rate will be reset with Floating rate at 2.75%
below SBAR or Fixed rate of 1.25% below SBAR. Fixed rate shall be arrived at on the basis of SBAR prevailing the time of reset. (Ref e-Cir 300 dt 10.08.2010)
Launched on 01.07.09. The product is designed to address the customers need for HL at affordable int rates & a fair amt of certainty about loan repayment obligations over a peiord of time. Facility: TL or
OD as in SBI MaxGain (OD available for Loan above Rs 5 lacs). Max Loan: Rs 50 lacs. Interest Rates: 1st Yr from the date of disbursement 8% Fixed , next 2nd & 3rd yrs 8.5% Floating rate after 3 yr
2.75% below SBAR. Repayment: EMI to be adjusted as per rate of int applicable in 1 st, 2nd & afterwards. Features other than mentioned above will be as in case of SBI Home loan Scheme. For details - eCir 186 dated 26.06.2009.
SBI Easy HL ( wef 1st April 2010)Ma x Loan: Rs 50 lacs, Facility OD(Maxgain) or TL, Interest: 8% -1st yr, 9% -2nd & 3rd Year, After 3rd yr - Floating Rate 1.75% < SBAR i.e. 10.00 or Fixed Rate 0.75%
< SBAR, with reset frequency of 5 yrs. (Refer e-Cir 869/ dt 29.03.10)
The product is designed to address the customers need for HL at affordable int rates & a fair amt of certainty about loan repayment obligations over a peiord of time. Facility: Term Loan. Loan Amt.: More
than 50 lacs. Int Rates: 1st Yr 8% Fixed, 2nd and 3rd Yr 9.%, after 3 yrs Floating: 1.75% < SBAR, Fixed: 0.75% < SBAR with reset frequency of 5 yrs. Repayment: EMI to be adjusted as per rate of int
applicable in 1st, 2nd & afterwards. Features other than mentioned above will be as in case of SBI Home loan Scheme. For details - e-Cir 187 dated 26.06.2009.
Revised Instruction During SBI My Home Campaign: Loan Amt: Rs 50 lacs, Facility: TL, Interest 8% (1st yr), 9% (2nd & 3rd yr), After 3rd yr 1.75% < SBAR 10% (Floating), 0.75% < SBAR (Fixed) with
reset frequency of 5 yrs. (Refer e-Cir 869 dt 20.03.2010)
Presently we have 5 types of CA for non-individuals Power Pack, Power Gain, Power Jyoti, Sahaj & Normal CA. First 2 are premium a/cs, in which customers gets various concessions for maintaining
stipulated Quarterly Avg balance. Power Jyoti is for Instiutions, Trusts etc for their collection needs. Sahaj with QAB of Rs 1000 for small SME entrepreneurs. For normal CA min balance stipulation is Rs
10000/-. Many SME Customers are finding it difficult to maintain a QAB of Rs 1 lacs and normal CA does not gives added services. Keeping this into consideration and competing with the similar products of
other banks, SBI Shakti a new CA product is designed with QAB of Rs 20000 with certain concessions. Penalty for non-maintainence of QAB Rs 750 per qtr. Cash Deposits/ withdrawal at Home Br
Unlimited, Cash Deposit/ WD at non-home br Max Rs 20000 on charge of Rs 100 per transaction. Deposit of Chq & clg instruments at Home/ Non-home br, issuance of BDs/ B chq/ Pay Orders,
Remittances at concessional rates. CINB Free. Multi-city Chq, NEFT & RTGS available at normal charges. Penalty on closure of a/c within 12 months Rs 750. (e- Cir 115 dt 18.05.2009)
Rationale: For stimulating growth in residential real estate and related sectors in the economy, it has been decided to provide to the genuine needy buyers to buy dwelling units by freezing interest at 8%
p.a. for a period of 1 yr on all new Home loans. Eligibility: All Home loans to public incl take-overs sanctioned on or after 02.02.09 and atleast partially disbursed on or before 30.09.09 incl SBI Spl HL.
Interest Rate freezed at 8.00% (Fixed) upto 30.09.2010. After that interest will reset as per regular contracted rate. Repayment: EMI set at 8% in first 12 months; EMI will be reset on outstanding balance
after 12 months. Loan Amount: To be worked on regular contracted rate after 12 month. Processing Fee: waived upto 30.09.09.
(e-Cir 657 dated 04.02.2009)
Rationale: To meet any short-term expenditure, except speculative investments, which adds comfort to the life style of the borrower (like vacation travel, purchase of gold & lifestyle goods etc) with
satisfactory repayment record. Eligibility: Satisfactory repayment of HL, minimum 5 EMIs repaid, Standard Asset. This loan may be availed by HL borrower or spouse guaranteed by HL Borrower. Loan
Amount: 10% of HL, min Rs 10000 max Rs 5 lacs. Interest: 8% (Fixed). Tenor: 24 months. Type: Demand Loan. Repayment: in 24 EMIs. Modality: Offer letter to be sent to eligible HL Borrowers.
Processing Fee: NIL. Sanctioning Authority: Home Branch. Documents: Acceptance of offer, D P Note, DP Note Delivery letter, Guarantee Agreement, if applicable. TAT: Same day. Validity of offer:
On or before 30.09.09. Disbursement: Through SB/ CA or Prepaid cards.
(Refer e-Cir 657 dated 04.02.2009)

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

26 SBI Special Home Loan
For small ticket HL Borrowers.
Date of Launch: 16.12.2008.

27 SME Help

28 SME Care

Rationale: Scheme was launched for stimulating growth in economy in response of GOI & RBI and as per IBA guidelines. Focus on a degree of certainty and affordability to repay over longer period (20 yrs) at fixed rate with reset
of 5 yrs instead of 2 yrs. Product available Upto 30.06.2009. Purpose: Purchase/ construction/ renovation* (*Under SBI Freedom only) of old/ new house/ flat/ plot of land** (**repay as per SBI Realty Scheme) together with
registration & stamp duty. Eligibility: Single persons only, Resident or PIOs above 18 yrs with regular verifiable income in last 2 yrs, incl SBI Staff. Type of Loan: Term Loan or Overdaft (as per SBI Maxgain for loans above Rs 5
lacs). Max Loan Amount: Rs 20 lacs. Interest: Loan upto Rs 5 lacs: 8.5% p.a., Above Rs 5 lacs: 9.25% p.a. fixed rate with reset every 5 years. Risk based or any special concession on interest not applicable. Margin: Loan upto
Rs 5 lacs 10%, Above Rs 5 lacs to 20 lacs 15%. Tenor: 20 yrs or 70 yrs of age whichever earlier. Repayment: In EMIs. EMI/ NMI ratio in Home Loan. Processing Fee waived. Other terms & conditions as per Home Loan
(Refer e-Cir 572 dated 23.12.2008)
Rationale: To extend concession and relief to the SME units facing constraints in current slowdown to meet the crises till the economy takea a turn for the better. Purpose: Funding urgent/ additional need of machines/ tools/ Gensets and other fixed assets. Eligibility: All satisfactory a/cs with Fund based limit upto Rs 10 crs, subject to earned profit in last 3 yrs, regular submission of SS & Financials, timely renewal, and satisfactory Debit/ Credit
summations. Type: Term Loan. Period of Loan: 5 years. Margin: 15%. Interest: 8% p.a. for 1 year, thereafter normal rate. Repayment: Moratorium for 6 months, in which int to be serviced Security: All existing/ new fixed
assets, collateral if available. Insurance: All acquired assets to be covered. Other features. 1. This loan on merit on case to case basis. 2. Sanction as per discretionary power vested.
(Refer e-Cir 645/ 29.01.2009)
Scheme extended to 31.03.2010 (e-Cir 733/ dt 08.02.2010)
Rationale: This scheme was launched in order to ease the liquidity position of the SME units and to tide over the current downturn/ slowdown till the normal pace of economy. Purpose: For holding higher inventory/ increased
carry period of receivables upto 6 months. Eligibility: All satisfactory a/cs with Fund based limit upto Rs 10 crs, subject to earned profit in last 3 yrs, regular submission of SS & Financials, timely renewal, and satisfactory Debit/
Credit summations. Facility: WCDL (Working Capitla Demand Loan). Limit: 20% of the existing fund based working capital limits. Period of Loan: 1 year. Appraisal: As per realistic projection of cash flow for 1 yr. Margin: As per
existing loan. Interest: 8% from the date of launch of scheme (e-Cir 672/ 11.02.09) Repayment: Moratorium for 6 month, in which only interest to be serviced. Entire loan to be liquidated in next 6 months in monthly/ quarterly
installments. Security: All existing securities. Other features: 1. Facility to be extended on case to case basis. 2. Sanction of loan Upto Rs 2 Crs by Branch AGM/ RBO /CPC, Loans upto Rs 1 Cr Branch CM/ RBO/ CPC. Put up
for control as per Delegation of Powers.
(Refer e-Cir 534/ 03.02.2008)
Scheme extended to 31.03.2010 (e-Cir 733/ dt 08.02.2010)

Note: SME Care was formulated to assist the SME Units with fund based limits up to Rs 10 Crs. However, some units, which fall beyond the threshold limit of Rs 10 Crs, have also been equally affected by the downturn facing liquidity crunch. Specials relief and concessions may be offered to those units as
1. Short Term adhoc limits for purchase of bulk raw materials not exceeding 180 days. 2. Rephase TL on case-to-case basis within overall loan policy of the bank. 3. Fresh TL under Short Corporate Loan to meet any contingent liability. 4. Reduction in margin of receivables and extended credit on receivables
upto 6 months. 5. Funding of Cash losses and/ or interest, working capital irregularity by way of STL with waiver of penal interest. Besides the above, units needing long term loan may be covered by banks sch for rehabilitation or CDR Mechanism. (e-Cir 777 dated 30.03.2009)

29 Financing JCB Machines

For SME Units.
Product Name: Construction
Equipment Loan (CEL) JCB India
Period of Scheme: Upto 31.03.2010.



Prime Ministers Employment

Generation Programme (PMEGP)



Sch for financing Tenant Farmers,
Share Croppers & Oral Lessee:
New Product for FINANCIAL

Purpose: Term loan for purchase of construction equipments viz. loaders, excavators, cranes etc manufactured by JCB India. Eligibility: Individual/ Firms/ Companies engaged in construction works. Loan
Amount: Min Rs 15 lacs, Max Rs 100 lacs. Tenure: Upto 4 years, incl 3 months moratorium. Margin: 25% for borrower new in this line buying first machine, 15% in case of buyers have upto 9 machines,
5% for buyers having more than 9 machines. Interest: SB 1 to SB 5 (New): SBAR, SB 6 to SB 9 (New): 50 bps above SBAR. Security: Primary Hypo of tools financed by bank, Registration with ROC if
vehicle; Installment by SI/ PDC (3 PDC must in case of SI). Collateral Hypo of other tools, mortgage of property atleast 25% of loan. Assessment: As in TL. Disbursement: Direct to Suppliers. Repayment:
In EMIs. Penal Interest: 2% of amount and for the period in default. Inspection: HY. Insurance: Comprehensive fav SBI, policy as loss payee. Processing, prepayment, inspection and all other charges
at Card rates. All other terms & conditions as applicable like in SME Advances.
(Refer e- Cir 627/ 16.01.2009)
Introduction: GOI has approved a new credit linked subsidy programme called PMEGP by merging 2 schemes in operation till 31.03.08 namely PMRY (Prime Ministers Rojgar Yojna) and REGP (Rural Employment Generation
Programme) for generating employment through micro-enterprises in rural as well as urban areas. This is a Central Sector scheme, administered by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and implemented by KVIC
(Khadi Village Industries Commission). Rationales/ Objectives: 1. To generate employment in rural & urban areas by setting self-employment ventures. 2. To bring together widely dispersed traditional artisans/ rural & urban unemployed youths and give them self-employment opportunities. 3. To give continuous and sustainable employment to arrest migration of rural youth to urban areas. 4. To increase wage-earning capacity of artisans to increase
growth rate in rural & urban areas. Eligibility: 1. Any individual above 18 yrs. 2. No income ceiling. 3. Educational Qualification for project above Rs 10 lacs in mfg / Rs 5 lacs in business/ service sector atleast VIII pass. 4. New
Project sanctioned under PMEGP only. 5. SHGs incl belonging to BPL & not availing benefits under any other scheme. 6. Institution regd under Societies Registration Act 1860. 7. Production of Co-operative Societies. 8.
Charitable Trusts. 9. Existing units under PMRY/ REGP or any GSS availing subsidy are not eligible. 10. One person from one family. Family includes self and spouse. Other Elgibility Criteria: 1. Relevant Caste certificate. 2.
Certified copy of bye-laws of the institution for Margin Money (Subsidy) claim. 3. Project without capital expenditure is not eligible. Project above Rs 5 lacs not requiring Working capital, needs clearance from Controller. 4. Cost of
land should not be included in Project. 5. All new viable micro-enterprises incl village industries. Quantum of Loan: Max cost of Project under mfg sector Rs 25 lacs, under business/ service sector is Rs 10 lacs. Margin: 10%
(General), 5% (SC, ST, OBC, Minorty, Women, Ex-serviceman, Phycally handicapped, NER, Hill and Border Areas. Subsidy: General 15% (Urban), 25% (Rural), Others as above: 25% (Urban), 35% (Rural). Implementing
Agencies: Nodal Agency at national and state level KVIC. & DIC in rural areas, Banks & Financial Institutions etc. Identification of beneficiaries: done at district level by a Task Force consisting representatives of KVIC, DIC
and Banks headed by DC. After conduct of Entrepreneur Development Programme training, the beneficiary will deposit owners contribution with bank. Margin Money (Subsidy) claim will be submitted the Bank after partial/ full
finance. Released Subsidy will be kept in TD for 3 yrs fav the beneficiary. No interest on TD and corresponding amount of loan. Subsidy kept in TD will be transferred to loan a/c after 3 yrs.
(For further details see Guidelines on PMEGP on RBI website)
Rationale: To provide easy access to short term production and consumption credit to meet genuine requirements of tenant farmers, share croppers and oral lessee having no recorded land records or written document and
increase their income from agl activities. Eligibility: Tenant Farmers, sharecroppers with recorded tenancy rights and Oral lessee. Permanent resident proof of atleast 2 yrs. Migratory tillers not allowed. Purpose: Purchase of
improved seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, hire of tractors, electric & irrigation cost, part of consumption. Facility: Revolving CC Annual Review and renewal once in 3 yrs. Limit: Max Rs 50000/- on the basis of an affadavit as
proof for cultivation of crop, cultivated land area incl consumption need (20% of production limit) + 20% of production limit as immediate need after harvest for next sowing or for self-consumption. Margin: Nil. Disbursement: 20%
on sanction rest in phases as per need. Documents: DP Note (COS 229), DPN take delivery letter, Arrangement Letter. Security: Clean Loan. Repayment: Sale proceeds through CC A/c. Interest: As ACC. Sanctioning
Authority: As per Crop loans. Accident Insurance & other features: As per KCC. (For details refer e-Cir 431 dt 15.10.07)

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.


Scheme for financing Micro

Finance Institution (MFI)/ Non
Govt Organisation (NGO)
Rationales: To enable the Bank to
lend to MFIs/ NGOs for lending to
SHGs and to increase the outreach
by financing large number of SHGs
in cost effective manner,
supplementing the efforts of in
financing SHGs.


LOAN For financing New
Machinery/ Equipments/ Vehicles for
construction activities.



against CER (Certified Emission
Reduction) Receivables.

Eligibility: NGOs/ MFIs should any one Regd Society/ Regd Trust/ Regd Company/ Non Banking F Is or any Institution engaged in micro-finance. Track Record of NGO/ MFI: a. NGO/ MFI having minimum partnership of
SHG/JLG 50 and individuals - 500, b. In cluster financing min membership of Federation should be 30 SHGs, c. secular in nature, d. maintains a satisfactory & transparent accounting, MIS and Internal Audit System, e.
Continuous profit in last 2 years, f. not be defaulter, g. having risk portfolio less than 5% etc. Rating of NGO/ MFI: i. Loan below Rs 200 lacs Specific Scoring model min 60 marks, ii. Loans above Rs. 200 lacs Valid Credit
Ratings (Top Four) from any Micro Credit Rating Agencies iii. Having existence of more than 2 yrs & Projected profit sufficient to meet the repayment obligations of the Bank (Refer e-Cir 213/ 07.07.09). Nature of Facility: MTL or
CC. Margin: Nil. Frequency & Quantum of Loan: Need based repeat finance worked on health and business plan. Calculation of TOL/TNW: a. The loan loss provisions kept by the NGOs/ MFIs may be treated as part of TNW.
B. Unsecured loans from members of Govt Body treated as part of TNW. (Refer e-Cir 213/ 07.07.09). Rate of Interest: a. Charged by Bank linked with SBAR. See Page Latest Interest. b. To be charged by NGO/ MFI
freedom to decide reasonable rate, which is also a part of document. c. Any charge to be quoted by MFI/ NGO will also be part of agreement. Repayment: TL Monthly/ Quarterly/ HY installments on the basis of project/ purpose,
max 3 yrs. CC renewal annually. Security: Primary Hypo of Book debts, Collateral: Nil, however, Gurantee of Promoters and charge over available assets to be explored. Documents: Specfied Application, Arrangement letter,
Articles of Agreement and Deed of Gurantee. Sanctioning Authority: Not below AGM. (For Further details See e-Cir 476 dt. 05.11.07 & 593 dt 02.01.2009)
Eligibility: Firms/ Cos engaged in Construction with min SB-3 rating or equivalent in new model. Quantum of Loan: Min Rs 25 lacs (e-Cir 83 dated 10.05.2008), Max Rs. 25 Crs (Metroes Rs 50 Crs). Tenure: 2 to 3 years
from first disbursement, can be extended to 4 yrs on merit. Margin: 15 20% in case of SB 1 and SB 2 borrowers, 20-25% for others. Interest: For SB 1 & SB 2 borrowers 1.5% below SBAR, Others 1.25% below SBAR. No
further concessions allowed. Security: Primary Hypo of Equipment/ Vehicle, Pre-payment cheques for Principal amount. Collateral: Hypo of other unencumbered Equipment or Mortgage of atleast 25% of the loan.
Assessment: As per TL. Documents: Revised SME documents. Disbursement: Payment direct to Suppliers in several tranches (one tranch not below 10%) within a year. Repayment: In EMI, variable repayment on cash flow if
so desires. Processing charges: For SB 1 & SB 2 borrowers: Rs. 200 per lac. For others Rs 300 per lac. Max Rs 10 lacs. SA may reduce upto 50% on business considerations. Documentation charges: SB 1 & 2 Borrowers
Rs 5000, Others Rs 10000. Pre-payment charges: 1% of amount pre-paid. Penal Interest: 1% (SB1 & 2), 2% (Others) per month for amount in default. Insurance: Comprehensive with endorsement in fav of SBI on the policy
as loss payee. Inspection: Half Yearly, may be waived by SA. Review: Annually. Branches: All.
(Ref e-Cir 705 dt 04.03.08, 83 dt 10.05.2008).
Eligibility: Existing Corporate or non-corporate customers with ratings of SB3/ SBTL3 and above (SB1 SB7 in new CRA Model). Consider Non-customers on selective basis. Purpose: For any genuine commercial purpose in
line with regular business activity. CERs - are tradeable instruments, which are purchased by the developed countries to meet their emission reduction target under the protocol. One unit of CER is one tonne equivalent of Carbon
dioxide emission reduction. Quantum of loan, Appraisal & Assessment: Minimum Rs 1 Crore. Loan not exceed 60% of total selling price for anticipated Carbon Emissions Reductions (CERs) upto 2012 and as mentioned in
the ERPA (Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement) and terms sheet signed between the buyer and the seller. Pricing: As per CRA, Competitive pricing on usual terms. Margin: 40%. Repayment: Max 5 years or residual
period of ERPA whichever is earlier. Security: Primary Hypo of future CER Receivables. Collaterals First (Preferably) or Second on fixed assets on pari passu basis. Personal Gurantee of Promoters/ Partners. Processing/
Other charges: 1% of loan. Deviations: Any deviations will need prior approval of Carbon Finance Committee at Corporate Centre. Documents: Usual C&I/ SME documents. Inspection: Quarterly or As approved. Sanctioning
Authority: As in Term Loan. Factors to be examined for loan requests: Capability to generate CERs, Buyers standing, Vetting of ERPA etc.
(For further
details See e-Cir 752 dated 28.03.08)


( Plastic Card Products of SBI : At A Glance )

Ghanshyam Prasad Srivastava

Assistant General Manager, SBI, S P B Branch, Patna .


Internal Circulation Only)

Plastic Money may be distinguished into three different Cards 1. Debit Card: PAY NOW, BUY NOW. 2. Credit Card: BUY NOW, PAY LATER. 3. SMART CARD: PAY NOW, BUY LATER.
Smart Card is an electronic purse, an e-cash card, a standard card with an integrated micro-processor chip and inboard CPU to store information, examples Combo (MAHE) Card, Pay Roll card, Gift Card all of SBI. Developed with latest silicon technology, with pre-programmed memory
and security codes, Credit Cards are an other example of convenient banking, examples: SBI Credit Cards Advantage card, Employee card, Vishal Megamaert card, City Card etc. Debit cards are similar to ATM Card with an additional facility of using them in merchant establishments/
Points of Sale (POS), examples ATM cum- Debit card, Visa / MasterCard Gold International Debit Card, Vishwa Yatra Foreign Travel Card etc.

Sr PRODUCTS & Rationales



Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

(State Bank Cash Plus Card)
unparalleled convenience

to its



R : To offer customer an option of

VISA Platform after successful launch

of MasterCard Gold Intl Debit Card.
COMBO CARD Multifunctionality
card issued to the faculty, student and
staff of Manipal Univ of Higher
Education (MAHE)

Eligibility: SB, CA Customers incl minors (e-Cir 615 dt 09.02.07), No restriction of deposit amount. Daily Cash Withdrawal limit: Rs 40000. (e-Cir 326 dated 10.09.08). Daily purchase limit: Rs 25000. Mode of operation: PIN on ATM, Signature at Point
of Sale (POS). Annual Fee: Nil in first 12 months, Rs 50 p.a. subsequently. Replacement card fee Rs 200. Regeneration of pin Rs 50. Complimentary Insurance and Loyality Points: NIL. Cash withdrawal fee Rs 20 (Bilateral Arrangement), Rs 50 +
Service tax & edu cess (others). Enquiry Fee Rs 12 + Service Tax & edu cess. State Bank Cash Plus International Card enjoy > 7200 SBI ATMs, > 16000 of others, shopping at 264000 POS terminals in India and 10.5 million POSs worldwide
displaying Maestro logo. Per day cash drawal min Rs 100, max Rs 45000 (USD 1000), purchase of Rs 1 lac (USD 1000 abroad). State Bank International ATM cum- Debit Card: All SB/ CA holder of > 18 yrs incl NRE A/c but excl NRO a/c, Joining fee
Rs 200, Daily drawal limit of USD 1000 or equivalent each at ATM and POS, Purchase protection upto Rs 5000 and personal Accident cover upt Rs 2 lacs, Charges for usage abroad 150 + S Tax per cash drawal, Rs 15 + ST per enquiry, Acceptable at >
820000 ATMs and 7 million POS worldwide displaying Cirrus logo and all SBI & other tie-up ATMs in India displaying Mastercard/ Maestro/ Cirrus logo.
(Source: Website dated 06.09.2007)
Eligibility: Avg quarterly deposit of Rs 20000 in a/c. Signature based, internationally usable, golden background card. For salary a/c holder, the gross monthly income Rs 25000 & above. All cutomers of Personal Banking Branches. Daily Cash Withdrawal
limit: Min Rs 100, max Rs 50000 in India. Overseas USD 1000 (ATM). Daily Purchase limit: Max Rs 2 lacs in India. Overseas USD 4000. Card can be linked to both SB & CA of the applicant maintained by the Branch. Mode of operation: PIN on ATM,
Signature at Point of Sale (POS). Annual Fee: Nil. Replacement Card fee Rs 200. Regenaration of PIN Rs 50. Complimentary Insurance: Rs 2 lacs (accidental death only) and Rs 5000 for 90 days from the date of purchase. Loyality Points: 4 points
equivalent to Re 0.25 on purchase of Rs 100 convertible into cash back at quaterly intervals alonwith provision of 50 bulk reward points, after first three usage of POS. Cash Withdrawal & Balance enquiry fee: Free at ATMs under bilateral arrangement and
Rs 50 & Rs 12 respectively + Service Tax on others. Immediate Credit on outstation cheques: Rs 20000. Money Transfer Free of cost, from one a/c to other upto daily limit of Rs 25000 subject to four transfers with monthly cap of Rs 1 lac. Other
facilities: undertake transactions through Internet for ticketing, e-commerce, bill payment and balance transfers etc. For more details refer e-Circular 459/ 2006-07 dated 02.12.2006 and 561 dt 07.11.2009.
Eligibility: Avg quarterly deposit of Rs 50000 in a/c. Daily Cash Withdrawal limit: Rs 50000 or USD 1000. Daily purchase limit: Rs 2 lacs. Mode of operation: PIN on ATM, Signature at Point of Sale (POS). Annual Fee: Nil. Complimentary Insurance:
Rs 2 lacs (accidental death only) and Rs 5000 on purchase protection. Loyality Points: 1 point equivalent to Re 0.25 on purchase of Rs 100 convetible into cash back at quaterly intervals. Cash Withdrawal & Balance enquiry fee: Free at ATMs under
bilateral arrangement and Rs 50 & Rs 12 respectively + Service Tax on others. Immediate Credit on outstation cheques: Rs 20000. Visa Money Transfer fee to another VISA debit/ credit card Free till 31.03.2008. User can carryout e-commerce
transactions on Verified by Visa (VbV) enabled sites. Other facilities Visa Bill Pay, Mobile Top up, Virtual card solution for e-commerce and wide range of discount on shopping.
For more details refer e-Circular 193/ 2007-08 dated 06.07.2007.
Features: 1. Clip-cum-magnetic card with 4 KB chip containing details Identity card of the holder, Aceess card enabling the card holder to enter the premises, Library card details. 2. Magnetic strip is indented with complete card details in electronic form to
enable the cardholder to use the card for financial transactions. 3. Card contains personal features Name and photograph of cardholder, Roll/ Employee number, Name of Institute. Usage of Card is as under Drawal of money from any SBI ATM, purchase
at POS terminals, payment of college fee. Issuance Process: Branch captures the personal details and sends to Switch center. Photographs are sent to personalization vendor in prescribed format through CD. Subsequent to personalization, the vendor
dispatches the cards and pins to the branch for onward delivery to the a/c holder. Cost of Card is Rs 130 + Courier charge of Rs 34. Marketing: This product is ideally suited to Educational Institutions, Corporate and Govt organizations. The young
generations find the combo card as an exciting proposition due multiple functionalities. This product is ahead of that of any competitive products represents a technological edge and project a tech savvy image of SBI large body of students who are the
opinion makers of tomorrow. GE retains data for 10 days where corresponding details not received and Turn around time from receipt of data to dispatch of card is 6 days (e-Cir 24 dt 16.04.08).

05 SBI VISHWA YATRA FOREIGN A pre-paid plastic card, available in USD, EURO & GBP, issued in association with VISA International. Accepted at 924000 VISA ATMs and at 22 million merchant establishments all over the world except India, Nepal and Bhutan.
TRAVEL CARD It is a method of Available at all branches authorized to sell Foreign Currency/ Travellers cheques. Eligibility: Any bonafide Indian planning to travel abroad except Nepal and Bhutan. Corporates for their employees going abroad for official
carrying fund in a safe, convenient, &
cost effective way. It takes away
hassles to go moneychangers &
loosing valuable money in exhange. It
relieves the customers of Annual Fee,
joining fee other unusual charges
levied on Debit/ Credit Card.




purpose, subject to completion of KYC Norms. Students going abroad for higher study. Foreign National residing in India subject to completion of KYC Norms. Special Features: Min amount of Issue 500 (USD), 400 (EURO),
250 (GBP). Max amount of Issue USD 10000 or equivalent or above as per FEMA 1999 guidelines. Competitive exchange rates. Reload any number of times. SMS message for each transaction. Easy operation by 4 digit PIN at
ATM and signature at POS. Free enquiry at SBI branch, SBI website but on charge at VISA ATMs. Add-on cards (max 2) to be used by cardholder in case of loss. Balance information after each transaction through SMS. Free
insurance upto Rs 2 lacs for 48 hrs pre and post card lost liability on non-PIN based transactions. A 24 X 7 helpline to help and hot-list (block) the card in case of loss. Documents: Copies of Passport, Form A, PAN or Form 60,
Proof of residence if address differs in passport.

TPM: Rs 500 per loading/ reloading of USD 1000 or Equivalent.

(Source: SBI Website dated 06.09.2007)
SBI PAY ROLL CARD renamed as A pre-paid plastic card issued in Indian Rupee in association with VISA International. Periodical payments like salary, TA/ Medical Bill, incentives etc can be loaded on to the card from a single point and the funds are available immediately to employees. SBIeZ-Pay Card To provide a single Payroll card is pre-paid ATM-cum-Debit card usable at all VISA-enabled ATMs through PIN and Signature at POS in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Balance enquiry through Internet or at ATM free of charge. Special Features: 1. Cards are used as personalized
cards only. 2. Documents Cards issued centrally with min documents to complete KYC guidelines. Employers certify the bonafide, identity, and proof of residence and submit a copy of photo identity card. 3. Reloadable any number of times, min amount of
banking arrangement of payment of
Rs 100 per reload and max amount Rs 50000 per month per employee. 4. Daily Transaction Limits Cash withdrawal & Enquiry restricted at State Bank Group ATMs (e-Cir 165 dated 18.06.09), Withdrawals at ATMs with Bilateral arrangement and other
salaries & perks to all employees
VISA enabled ATMs at nominal charge, Purchase upto Rs 25000 at POS, Free online access to statement of a/c through Internet. 5. Validity 10 years, expiry date printed on card.
(e-Cir 448 dated 20.10.07)
working at different locations.
(Source: SBI Website 06.9.2007)
SBI GIFT CARD With advance- A pre-paid plastic card issued in Indian Rupee in association with VISA international, supported by Magnetic-strip based technology. It is perfect substitute of Gift Vouchers sold by many retail houses, as its use is not restricted to
ment of banking, gift card is any particular merchant establishments. Special Features: 1. It can be personalized on request of the Corporates for Bulk Issue. 2. Documents Individuals Basic KYC norms to follow, Corporates give a list of beneficiaries for
introduced to gives comfort of issue of cards. 3. Available at all CBS Branches. 4. Min amount of issue Rs 500 and in multiples of Rs 100, max Rs 20000/-. 5. Daily Transaction limit No limit at POS, Free Balance enquiry on SBI ATMs & Internet, A/c
conveninence to employee & employer statement through Internet free of cost. 6. Validity- Pre printed on the card
and with wider acceptability.
(Source: SBI Website dated 06.09.2007)

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

CEO : Sri Roopam Ashthana

09 SBI Tiny Card


A post-paid plastic card issued in association with VISA International & Master Card giving a lot of conveniences and benefits to the holders. Type of Cards SBI International Card, SBI Gold Card, SBI Gold Master Card, Your city Your card (at Ahmedabad,
Banglore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune), Partnership cards (with Hero Honda, LG, Apna Bazar, Lifestyle, Railway, Vishal Mega Mart, UBI, SBI Employee Card, SBI Advantage card etc). SBI Gold Card Eligibility Criteria: Salaried Min
Annual Income (MAI) Rs 2.25 lacs, Employee of Pub Ltd/ MNC/ Govt, Latest I T Return or Form 16 or Salary slip or copy of Bank PB / Statement of last 6 months. Self Employed MAI Rs 1.5 lacs, Latest IT Return and copy of Passbook/ Statement of last 6
months. Retired/ Pensioners MAI Rs 2.25 lacs, Latest IT Return or Copy of Bank statement showing last 3 pension credits. Features: 1. Widely accepted across the globe at over 24 million VISA outlets incl 110000 VISA outlets in India. 2. Get cash anytime
anywhere at > 251 SBI card cash points in 100 Cities & > 7200 SBI ATMs in India and > 8.1 lacs VISA ATMs across world. 3. Transfer from other Bank credit card to SBI Credit Card at low interest rate. 4. Flexipay Convenient Monthly installments at low
interest to pay the bill. 5. Lost card protection upto Rs 1000. Personal Accident Insurance of Rs 6 lacs at Rs 24 p.m. and also protect outstandings max Rs 1 lac at Rs 18 p.m. 6. Interest Free Credit upto 50 days. 7. Add-on to spouse, parents, children > 18
years at Annual fee of Rs 250 only. 8. Book e-rail ticket on line, Easy money draft upto 75% of cash limit. 9. 24 hrs helplines. 10. Earn Loyality points on purchases. Marketing Tips: Attractive Insurance cover, Low interest balance transfer, Convenience of
(For more details view SBI Card website: 07.09.2007).
Minimum Balance NIL. Based on Radio Frequency Identification Technology. Card works on Near Field communication. The operation is through Smart Card. Home Branch will be Link Branch. Bio-metric identification is necessary for
Cash withdrawal. TPM Rs 100 per Card.
Rationale: In order to make SBI as techno-savvy bank, the preferred choice of customers, especially the youth segment, the innovative product was launched to focus on image makeover. Scope The youth segment represents a large and
emerging segment of consumers with increasingly higher levels of diposable income as well as significantly higher propensity to spend. Target Groups: College students, students pursuing professional coursesand first-time job seeker
who are in the age group of 18-30 years across the country. Eligibility: All SB and CA holders in age group of 18-30 yrs holding a/c singly or jointly with parents/spouse with mode of operation E or S/ Anyone or Survivor.
Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit: Minimum Rs 100, Maximum Rs 50000, Overseas USD 1000. Daily Purchase Limit Rs 2 lacs/ overeas USD 4000. Annual Maintenance Fee NIL. Complementary Insurance: Rs 2 lacs (Accidental death only), Rs
5000 on purchase protection. Loyality Points: 25 paise for every purchase of Rs 100 at POS. Fees at other ATMs: Free at SBI ATMs, Rs 20 at other ATMs under Bi-lateral Arrangement. Balance Enquiry Free at all ATMs. Concessions 1. 50%
concessions on processing charges on loans, 2. 50% concessions on Demat A/c charges, 3. 25 bp concessions in int rates on Education, Housing and Vehicle loansto the card holders who maintain salary a/c with us. Validity of Card- 10
yrs from the date of issue. Visa Money Transfer from any ATM Debit Card to another VISA ATM debit/ credit card to same or other banks. Other facilities: 1.e-commerce transactions on VbV (Verified by Visa) website. 2. E-ticketing, Mobile
top-up 3. Wide range of discount on shopping etc. (For details -e-Cir 195 dt 08.07.2008)

Service Tax: 12.24% of premium on Shield, Edushield, Pension, Horizon II, Unit Plus, Group Suraksha, Home, Car & Tractor Loan Insurance, Swarn Ganga (For Staff)
1.02% of Total premium on Composite products like Sudarshan, Scholar II, Money Back, Swadhan (Gr + Ind), Setubandhan and Shakti.


Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.





(Latest Interest Rates on Asset & Liability Products of SBI

- As on 12th April 2010)

Ghanshyam Prasad Srivastava, Asst Gen Manager, S P B Branch, Patna

(For Internal Circulation
SBI P L R : SBAR w.e.f. 1.1.4 (10.25%) 1.5.6 (10.75%) 2.8.6 (11%) 27.12.6 (11.5%) 2.2.7 (12.25%) 9.4.7 (12.75%)16.2.8 (12.5%)27.2.8 (12.25%)27.6.8 (12.75%)12.8.8 (13.75%)
10.11.8 (13% ) 1.1.9 (12.25%)29.6.9 (11.75%)
HOME LOANS incl all variants Maxgain/ Optima/ / T +/ Freedom/
Flexi/ Realty/ NRI HL/ sanctioned > 29.06.2009 (Home Plus: Card
floating rate only) Ref e-Cir 205/ 03.07.2009.
< 5 yrs > 5 -15 yrs >15-25yrs Fixed rate < 10 yrs
30 lacs
> 30
> 75
6% p.a. (Simple) Ref e-Cir 638 dt 05.02.08
Com. terms 7% (Rs 30 lacs), 7.5% (> 30 lacs)- eCir199
Rate - 8% (1st yr), 9% (2nd & 3rd yr), >3rd Yr 10% (Floating)/ 11% (Fixed)
SBI Easy & Advantage loan from1.1.4 to 30.4.4. 0.1% rebate if salary a/c
with us, Plus Sch, Teacher +, Green House, Gram Niwas, S Niwas &
Corp/ Builder tie-ups. (Rebate U/ Plus sch not allowed with salary a/c).
Earnest Money for allotment of Flat: 12.75% (e-Cir 205/ 03.7.2009)
Home Line: 0.5% above Card floating HL Int Rate (e-Cir 205/ 03.7.09).
AUTO LOAN 29.06.09*
New &NRI# OD** Used#
Upto 3 yrs, 7.5 lacs & +
Upto 3 yrs, Below 7.5
> 3 to 5 yrs, All Loans
> 5 to 7 yrs, All Loans
*e-Cir 192/27.6.9 / 673
#SME Units ** New Car only



OTHER P SEGMENT LOANS e-Cir 209/ 06.07.09*
Mortgage loan
Rent +, Medi +
Clean Overdraft
Gold Loan-Upto 1 lac Margin
Gold Loan + 1 Lac
Loans for Sub to IPO If qualify Xp Credit 14.50
- do Others
ESOP/ Share/Debntr
Equity Plus
Reverse Mortgage
10.75% (Fixed-Reset 5 yrs), Staff-1%<card
SBI Career Loan
12% (EM), 1%>FD, 11.75%(NSC,LIC..)
NSC, KVP, LIC@ SBI Life, RBI Relief Bond, SBI Magnum
Repay < 3 yrs
13.25@ 12.50@ 12.00@
Repay > 3 yrs < 6
13.25@ 12.50@ 12.00@
@ Margin on NSC/KVP, RBI 40%, S V of LIC 5%, SBIMF 50%
Fixed Dep DL/ OD
1% > TD Rate


NSC-Repay <3Y, US64
Govt Sec, RBI Rel Bond
NSC-Repay > 3Y, do-





AGL, TRADE & SSI Advances

INDUSTRIAL and C&I Advances

AGL ADVANCES (e-Cir 217 08.07.2009)

Direct (ACC/KCC, Agl gold/demand loan)& Indirect Finance
CRA Rated
Upto Rs 50000
SB1 & SB2
50000 -< 2 lacs
>2 lacs- < 3 lacs
SB6 & SB7
>3 lacs -< 5 lacs
SB8 SB 16
>5 lacs -< 25 lacs
Loans upto Rs 3 lacs 7% p.a. (Fixed), subject to 2% subvention by Gov
TERM LOANS Direct & Indirect Finance
Unrated TL-1-3Y
3y&+ 1-3y
Upto Rs 50000
SB1 SB2 12.75 12.25
50000 -< 2 lacs
SB3 SB5 13.50 13.00
>2 lacs- < 5 lac
SB6 SB7 14.00 13.50
>5 lacs -< 25lac
SB8 -SB16 14.25 13.75
Sch for MFIs & NGOsat SBAR (11.75%) wef 29.06.09 (e-Cir240/17.7.9)
SHG LOANS -Direct 27.6.8 12.8.8 10.11.8 01.1.9 29.06.09
Upto Rs 2 lacs
11.00 12.00 11.25 10.50
Above Rs 2 lacs
12.00 13.00 12.25 11.50
SBF ADVANCES (e-Cir 237 / 16.07.09)
CASH CREDIT: Loans & Adv payable on demand/ < 3 Yrs
27.6.8 12.8.8 10.11.8 1.1.09 29.06.09
Upto Rs 50000
11.00 12.00 11.25 10.50
50000 -< 2 lacs
12.00 13.00 12.25 11.50

27.6.8 12.8.8 10.11.8 1.1.9 29.06.9
Upto Rs 50000
12.50 11.75
50000 -< 2 lacs
13.50 12.75 12.00
>2 lacs- < 5 lacs
14.25 13.50 12.75
>5 lacs -< 25 lacs
14.50 13.75 13.00
>25 lacs -< 50 lacs
15.00 14.25 13.50
Loans u/s CGTSI : Additional Interest @ 0.50% p.a. on loans upto 31.3.6
No loading of add lint of @ 0.30% p.a.on loans after 16.08.08 (e-Cir602).
Easy Traders Loan: CC 0.25% < SBAR, TL 0.5% > SBAR.
C&I ADVANCES - Wef 29.06.2009 (e-Cir 189/ 27.6.09)
CC : Loans & Adv on demand/ < 1 Yr & >1.1.4 for 1 - < 3 Yrs
27.6.8 12.8.8 10.11.8 1.1.9 29.6.9
Upto Rs 25000
10.75 10.00 9.50
25000 -< 2 lacs
11.75 11.00 10.50
>2 lacs- < 5 lacs
13.75 13.00 12.25 11.75
>5 lacs -< 25 lacs
14.50 13.75 13.00 12.50
TERM LOAN : TL repayable in 3 yrs & Above
27.6.8 12.8.8 10.11.8 1.1.9
Upto Rs 25000
11.00 12.00 11.25 10.50
25000 -< 2 lacs
12.00 13.00 12.25 11.50
>2 lacs- < 5 lacs
13.25 14.25 13.50 12.75
>5lacs -< 25 lacs
14.25 15.25 14.50 13.75

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.

Staff Car Loan (Wef 1.2.8) 7% (Simple) Ref e-Cir 645/ 06.02.08
Int fixed at 8% (1st y),10% (2nd& 3rd y) for loan upto 31.3.10 (640/17.12.9)
SBI2 wheel loan 27.6.8 12.8.8 10.11.8 1.1.9 29.6.9
Upto 3 yrs
16.75* 17.25* 16.50
16.25 15.75
Bulk Finance (25) 12.25** @
Staff 7% Simple, Max Rs 60000, Margin: 10% (e-Cir 747 dt 27.3.8
*Upto 3 years **Maximum upto 5 years @ Bulk Fin Int Rate withdrawn
0.10 % rebate U/s Credit Khazana (Ref e-Cir 587 / 31.12.08)
PERSONAL LOAN 27.6.8 12.8.8 10.11.8 1.1.9 29.6.09
16.75 17.75 17.25
16.50 16.00
Xpress check off 13.50 14.50 13.75
13.00 12.50
Xpress PDC/ OD 14.00 15.00 14.25
13.50 13.00
Xpress- others
15.50 16.50 15.75
15.00 14.50
Festival Loan
15.25 16.25 15.50
14.75 14.25
Pensioners loan
13.25# 14.25# 13.50
12.75 12.25
Staff Wef 1.2.8
OD 8% monthly compd &/or DL - 8% simple
* e-Cir 209/ 6.7.9.
# Spl campaign rate for 1.5.8 31.8.8
SBI-STUDENT LOAN 12.8.8 10.11.8 1.1.9 1.5.9* 29.6.9
Upto Rs 4 lacs
13.25 12.50
11.75 11.50 11.25
> Rs 4 lacs 7.5 lacs 14.75 14.00
13.25 11.25 12.75
Above Rs 7.50 lacs
13.75 13.25
12.25 11.00 11.75
SBI Scholar Loan
12.25 11.50
10.75 10.75 10.25
Staff Student Loan 11.75 11.00
10.25 10.25 9.75
* For Loan 1.5.9 to 30.9.9 e-Cir 73 / 27.04.09; 0.5% rebate to girls.


Kisan Vikas Patr

LIC,SBI Life,Gold *
*60 months TDR Rate for public+1% ** Wef 16.08.08
Retail DEPOSITS/ NRO/Capgain +/Co-op Bank/SBITaxSS
e-Cir 559/7.11.9
09.9.09 Resident Staff,
St Pen+
St Pen
Sr Ctz
7 14 days
$ For Deposit Rs 1 cr & + for all period Refer e-Cir 807/ 02.3.10
15 days to 45 days
46 days to 90 days
91 days 180 days
181 days < 1 yr
1 Y to less than 2 Y
2 Year < 3 Year
3 yrs to less 5 yrs
5 Yrs to less 8 Yrs
8 Yrs to 10 Yrs
Premature WD of TD at 1.00% below the rate. No penalty for staff.
Saving Bank
NB: Int Rate on loans on TDs of SME Customers - 1.5% + TD Rate for
DL/ OD wef 18.11.08, Circle CGM may give + 0.5% (e-Cir 516/24.11.8)

>2 lacs- < 5 lacs

12.75 13.75 13.00 12.25
>5 lacs -< 25 lacs
13.50 14.50 13.75 13.00
SME Care 8.00% (e-Cir 672/11.02.09)
TERM LOAN : For TL repayable in > 3 Yrs & Above
27.6.8 12.8.8 10.11.8 1.1.9 29.06.09
Upto Rs 50000
11.50 12.50 11.75 11.00
50000 -< 2 lacs
12.50 13.50 12.75 12.00
>2 lacs- < 5 lacs
13.25 14.25 13.50 12.75
>5 lacs -< 25 lacs
14.25 15.25 14.50 13.75
SSI ADVANCES (e-Cir 237 / 16.07.09)
27.6.8 12.8.8 16.12.8 1.1.9 29.06.09
Upto Rs 50000
11.00 12.00 10.25 10.25
50000 -< 2 lacs
12.00 13.00 11.25 11.25
>2 lacs- < 5 lacs
12.75 13.75 12.00 12.00
>5 lacs -< 25 lacs
13.00 14.00 12.25 12.25
>25 lacs-< 50 lacs
13.50 14.50 12.75 12.75
Disc of Bills u/ LCs:1-45d:7.75%, 46-90d: 8%, 91-180d-8.5%,181&+9%
Rs Export Credit- Preship 270d/ Postship 180d: 2.5 < PLR upto 31.10.9
Gold Metal Loan: Cash 5%, BG 5.75%, CC 6% (e-Cir 313/14.8.9)

ADV CRA Rating Wef 29.06.2009 (e-Cir 189/ 27.6.09)

LIMITS WC/TL*# TL** TL*** TL****@ STL/ Bill Agl@
SB 1
12.85 13.00
SB 2
13.10 13.75
SB 3
14.10 14.25
SB 4
14.60 14.75
SB 5
14.75 14.75
SB6& 7
14.75 14.75
SB 8
14.75 14.75
S8 16
*WC CC & WCDL < 1 yr, TL (incl WCTL) of > 1.1.4 for 1+ < 3 yrs
**1.11.97-1.1.99,***>1.11.99-3Yr(old),****>1.11.99-3Yr (New),#1.1.4 <3y
@Agl Adv- STL & Disc of Bills for less than 1 yr (e-Cir 217/ 08.07.09)
Cold storage :Capital Invest Subsidy Sch for Horticulture(e-C602
27.2.8 27.6.8 12.8.8 10.11.8 01.01.09
CC- Upto Rs 25000
10.50 11.00 12.00 11.25
CC- 25000 -< 2 lacs
11.50 12.00 13.00 12.25
CC Above 2 lacs
12.50 13.00 14.00 13.25
TL- Upto Rs 25000
11.00 11.50 12.50 11.75
TL- 25000 -< 2 lacs
12.00 12.50 13.50 12.75
TL Above 2 lacs
13.00 13.50 14.50 13.75

Deposit, Advances & Card Products of SBI and Insurance Products of SBI Life Compiled by G P Srivastava, AGM, SBI, SPB
Branch, Patna.