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Worksheet Class XI Newtons laws of motion

What is Aristotles fallacy about motion?

State and explain Galileos Law of Inertia with the help of an experiment carried out by him.

Define inertia. Which are the two types of inertia?

State Newtons first law of motion. Define force from the first law.

The first law of motion defines force and the second law measures force. Comment on this statement

Define the terms Impulse and Momentum. Write their dimensional formulae and units. How are they
related to each other?

Give reason.
a) The blades of a fan keep on moving for some time even after the power is switched off.
b) When we shake the branch of a tree the fruits fall from the tree just at that very instant.
c) To remove dust from a hanging carpet, we beat it with a stick.
d) When a dog chases hare, the hare runs along zig-zag path to make it difficult for the dog to catch
e) An athlete runs a long path before taking a long jump.
f) When a horse with a rider on its back running with high speed stops suddenly , the rider is thrown
g) If we jerk a piece of paper from under a book quick enough, the book will not move.
h) A man jumping out of a moving train falls forward.

State Newtons second law of motion. Derive the relation F = ma.

State Newtons third law of motion. Give five examples.

10 State and prove the law of conservation of momentum.

11 State the condition for the equilibrium of concurrent forces.
12 List out the common forces in mechanics.
13 If a force of 15 kgwt acts on a mass of 14 kg which is at rest, what will be its velocity after 8
seconds? ( 84 m/s )
14 A force of 5N acting on a certain mass, which is at rest, for 3 seconds gives it a velocity of 2 m/s.
Find the mass.
(7.5 kg)
15 The mass of an automobile is 1800 kg.

a) If the velocity is 15m/s what is its momentum? ( 2.7 x 10 4kgm/s )

b) If the automobile is initially at rest how long must a force of 1350 N acts on the automobile in the
direction of motion to give its momentum ? ( 20 s )
16 Two objects of mass 5kg and 3kg respectively are connected by a light cord passing over a horizontal
frictionless rod. Assume g = 9.8 m/s2
a) What is the acceleration of the system? ( 2.45 m/s2 )
b) What is the tension in the cord? ( 36.75 N )
17 A roller of mass 500kg is attached by a light horizontal chain to a tractor of mass 1000 kg. If the
system has the forward acceleration of 2m/s2 , calculate
a) the forward force by the tractor ( 3000 N )
b) the tension in the chain. ( 1000 N )
18 A truck of mass 3000 kg is moving at 10 m/s and is acted upon by two forces, a driving force of
1000N due to engine and a retarding force of 400 N due to friction.
a) What is the rate at which it is gaining speed? ( 0.2m/s2 )
b) How far will it travel in 10 s? ( 110 m )
19 A ball of mass 0.2 kg moving horizontally with a speed of 30m/s is struck by a bat. After leaving the
bat the speed of the ball is 40m/s in a direction opposite to its original direction of motion. Calculate
the impulse of the collision. ( -14 kgm/s )
20 A man having mass 50kg is standing on a lift moving down with an acceleration 0.98m/s2.What is the
apparent weight of the man? ( 45 kgwt )
21 A person having mass of 60 kg stands in a lift which is moving a) downwards with a uniform
acceleration of 6m/s2 b) upwards with a uniform acceleration of 6m/s2. What would be the
reaction in each case?
{ a) 228 N, b) 948 N }
22 Two masses 1kg and 1.5kg are connected to the two ends of a string passing over a smooth pulley.
The system describes a distance of 4m in 2 s, when started from rest. Calculate the acceleration due
to gravity.
( 10m/s 2)