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Since Im doing the Zero-Polystyrene Campaign for my survey, I would love to know
more about the campaign worldwide. Thus, I searched for six articles and put it up on
AntConc to know what are the effects of using polystyrene, ways to prevent it and do
people aware of such campaign. Is it similar to every articles, and I could use this to
conclude the whole survey analysis. Not only that I know about how students
perception/acceptance towards the campaign via the survey, after the concordance
assignment using AntConc, I am able to mold the findings to a solid conclusion.

1. People awareness and perception towards the campaign
2. The effects of using polystyrene
3. Steps to prevent it

The first objective. People awareness and perception towards the campaign.
I typed in the word awareness and it comes up two times in two articles, both word
comes before and after the word townsfolk and everybodys respectively. This would
show that everyone in the country should have awareness toward this campaign.
Next, I search for the word campaign and it comes up two times in two articles. Both
strongly points out about the Food Packaging campaign and the campaign to ban the
use of polystyrene. Besides that, I search for the word towards in order to see the word
comes before and after it, and it comes up three times in two articles, of which all three
suggest the same goal which achieving zero-styrofoam, environmental conversation,
and zero waste.

The second objective. The effect of using polystyrene.

I typed in the word effect and the result shows that the word effect appears 10 times in
three out of six articles. Greenhouse comes two times before the word effect and the
word global warming comes up three times in two articles, while the word environmental
comes up in both before and after the word effect in one article. Below is the result.
One of the common effect of using polystyrene is the environment and leads to
greenhouse gas followed by global warming.
Other than that, I search for the word cause and it comes up 5 times in three articles.
Use of polystyrene could cause blocked drains, neurotoxic symptoms and cancer in
humans. Plus, I typed in the word animal to see whether this can bring any effect to the
animals and it comes up one time saying the styrene causes cancer in animals.
Something for us to ponder.
Next, I typed in the word pollution, and it comes up 5 times in three articles. The word
marine comes up three times before the word pollution suggesting the danger of using
polystyrene is affecting our water at a very serious level.
The word harmful comes up three times in two articles and two out of three comes with
the word effect. Thus Id say the usage of polystyrene are causing harmful effect
towards environment.

The third objective. Steps to prevent it.

I typed in the word steps and it comes up two times in two articles of which it explains
on simple steps to banning polystyrene and baby steps to move right ahead. While
the word prevention comes up one time.
Next, I search for the word avoid and it comes up two times in two articles.
From the whole text, there are tons of ways to prevent from using the polystyrenes, and
via AntConc, all six articles basically suggest the same thing on steps to prevent and
encourage the banning of polystyrene and Styrofoam.

To sum up, AntConc has definitely helped me save time to search for keywords in all six
articles at once. Plus I have met all my objectives and the findings are rather expected.
People in a high rate of well-educated people are aware of the danger of polystyrene
and Styrofoam but still use them to cut cost, but they do not think of the long term effect
towards the environment, especially the flora and fauna. Both animals and humans are
suffering from the wide use of polystyrene and Styrofoam such as global warming,
greenhouse gas effect, water, air and environmental pollution. This has got to stop, and
I hope that with little findings and research like this could lead to a bigger and better
project in order to help raise awareness in people especially students to stop using
polystyrene and Styrofoam.

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