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Beowulf is an epic story of a man so strong and mighty that he was being held so high by
the people of his era. He is called by, whenever there is a battle to win, or when some creatures
or demon so powerful that an ordinary man cannot defeat, he renders service to beat the same.
The story takes us to Anglo-Saxon period to the land of Danes (Denmark) and Geats (Sweden).
Danes as the story started were being terrorized by the Creature named Grendel and
nobody in this area could defeat the monster, enter Beowulf who is also a prince from Geats and
described as the strongest of all in the world, he vowed to defeat Grendel, the King Hrothgar
who is desperate of a Hero to save them from the misery that is Grendel promise Beowulf half
his treasure and his wife. The King Hrothgar has this famous mead hall where the merry making
is being taken place before Grendel terrorized the place and drank up all the blood from every
human that he sees in this hall, the sound that the people are making in this hall are so loud for
Grendel that he could not take it and does act on the killing of this people who are having joyous
time in the hall, thus the King ordered the closure of the mead hall. But Beowulf insisted that it
be open, for Him and for his men to eat and drink because they came from a long travels, but
he has an agenda also, to lure Grendel into the Hall and to slay the same. True enough Grendel
appeared, the battle between him and Beowulf was very intense to say the least but in the end
Beowulf out smarted the large Grendel and causes the amputation of Grendels arms and soon he
banished away to his lair. The victory of Beowulf was regarded so highly and the whole of Danes
rejoiced. But the happiness did not took long because as Grendel was dead, the monsters mother
becomes furious and killed so much more people. Beowulf took upon himself again to go to
Grendels mothers lair, but instead of fighting the same, Beowulf was lured to the monsters
transformed beauty and in the end did not kill the monster but made a pack that He will be given
immense power and wealth in exchange for Beowulf giving the monster another son in
replacement of Grendel. The monster vowed that as long as the golden cup that Beowulf was
carrying remains in her possession, Beowulf would remain powerful and would rule over his
land. Beowulf return to the Danes and pretended to have slain the monsters mother, but the King
who seems to have the same experience with the monsters mother and appeared to be the real
father of Grendel, have known better, due to the Kings guilt and overwhelmed feelings of
depression He killed himself and willed that Beowulf will inherent his kingdom, his life and his
wife. Beowulf as a king was living the life Grendels mother promised him, but eventually every
misdeeds his done caught up with him the golden cup was no longer with Grendels mother, a
Dragon was again terrorizing his land, which the movie suggest that is the son of Beowulf with
Grendels mother. Although Beowulf may be presumed as a Bad person at least in the end he
assumed the responsibility of killing the monster and he did not throw another sacrificial lamb to
the Monster, he died defending the welfare of his land as what a noble King should do.
The movie translated the epic poem well, overall it capture the life of Beowulf his
strengths, vulnerabilities and the adventures that he went through. This story repeatedly tells us
that being greedy and selfish will never give us true happiness in the end. All our politicians or
leaders should read this kind of ancient epics, to make them realized the fact that great power

should come with great responsibility to serve, not to put their personal desires and intentions
first, because the universe have a wicked way to punished them one way or another.