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raphic designer

Artist, Creative, Passionate

and Driven.
I AM AIGA Member# 275474

Created Visual art and print design of Pit bull energy bar 2013 campaign that ran across
12 states, 8000 retail stores.
Conducted over 30 one on one interviews during Pit Bull campaign to help brand strategy.
Designed 6 banners, flyers, and POS stickers for trade show of National Association of
Convenience Stores (NACS).
Developed the brand strategy for Benevidos Product lines, from creating the names, to the
branding, creation of the packagings and the company website in Wordpress.

2008 - Present

XAS Studio. I Graphic Designer

Los Angeles, CA
Designed fox true story DVD cover.
Created the assets to intergrated with motion graphic designer for Kevin Hart What Now
show opening videos for each 56 cities.
Branding and desiging logos and corporate identity for clients.
Benevido. I Graphic Designer
Arcadia, CA
Created their brand strategy, business card, product names and packaging designs from
concept to execution.
Developed site map and wireframe to create Wordpress website.
Feeln-Hallmark. I Graphic Designer
Designed concept for Feelns six month campaign.
Designed social media ads.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA
Flux Branding. I Graphic Designer
Created many different branding materials such as business cards and brochures for
the company.
Created UX design, wire frame and other website designs.
Wagstaff Worldwide. I Production Artist
Production design for their Facebook advertisement.
Created layout for Four Season Hotel advertisement.
Production design for the Edgewater Hotel promotion advertisement.

Hollywood, CA

KYMCO Healthcare USA Inc. I Graphic Designer

Beverly Hills, CA
Created Advertisement for their store opening in Beverly Hills Courier Newspaper.
Developed concept according to their primary and secondary target consumers and
the company belief.
Santa Monica, CA
SLS Advertising Co. I Graphic Designer
Created DVD graphics and Logo for Paramount Charlie Brown DVD design.
Oct.2010- Mar.2015

Energy Lane, Inc. I Graphic Designer, Visual Designer, Coordinator

Hollywood, CA
Lead the Pit Bull Energy Bar Advertising Campaign.
Responsibilities include working with consumers to determine and developed brand strategy,
product development then designing graphics, packaging, marketing materials, proof reading of
materials for print and web.
Supervised and worked on entire product development, conceptual ideas, budget management,
production management and overseeing the delivery to distributors and retailers.
Created visual design for their new e-commerce website.
Designed their energy drink billboard and POS materials.


Pin USA. I Graphic Designer

Glendale, CA
Designed hundreds of collectable merchandise for Disney Theme Parks Worldwide.
Disney Stores Worldwide, The Walt Disney Company, Hard Rock Caf and Hotels Worldwide,
Hooters, Harley Davidson and Universal Studios.

Fluent in Japanese
Celebrity High Magazine - credited as photographer in 2012 I Rapid Manufacture I SK8 WARS
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Keynote, Lighroom, Final Cut Pro, After Effect,
California State University, Long Beach, CA
Wordpress, Microsoft Word,Excel,Power Point, HTML and CSS.
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
Fluent in Japanese
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Keynote, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, After Effect,
Wordpress, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, HTML and CSS.