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(1.) The Field Guide to mushrooms by William Thomas and Marie Heerkens (Spiralbound - April 1 2004)
A modern rendition of Dr. William S. Thomass classic field guide honors and retains his
insight and knowledge, while enhancing it with the most up-to-date information on
mushrooms including the toxicity of poisonous types. Much of Dr. Thomass astute
observations about chanterelles, candy caps, orange mock oysters, and other varieties still
stand the test of time, as do the quotes and bits of insight that he included from his fellow
mycologists. But they are now organized according to the currently accepted
classifications and terminology, and with beautiful new illustrations. Pages: 224
(2.) Fungal Biology Second Edition D.H Jennings
Book Description
Revised and updated in accordance with changing undergraduate course requirements,
this new edition continues to provide a concise introduction to the fundamental properties
and activities of fungi in their natural environment. This approach avoids the repetition of
taxonomy and life cycle studies found in similar texts. The environmental perspective
used to illustrate the book helps readers develop their understanding of basic principles.
This is the ideal book for students taking introductory mycology courses and for
graduates starting to use fungi in their research. Psperback, 166 pages, 1999.
(3.) Mushrooms by Alastair Hendy
Book Description
Everyone loves Mushrooms - whether they're hunky portobellos just packed with flavor,
delicate oyster mushrooms in yellow, pink or gray, or seasonal wild mushrooms, such as
morels, chanterelles, trompettes or porcini - they can be used to inject extra flavor into
any meal. Alastair Hendy takes you on an exciting mushroom hunt for dishes old and
new. Try recipes from Toasts, Soups and Starters, such as Autumn Mushroom Salad with
Goat's Cheese; or Chestnut Mushroom Soup. Pies Tarts and Pastries includes Wild
Mushroom Potato Pasties with Parmesan; Sage and Shitake Pizza. There are Rice, Pasta
and Noodle recipes such as Perfect Mushroom Risotto, or a delicious Autumn Lasagne.
Perfect Comfort Food dishes include Peppered Roast Pork with Wild Mushroom Gravy.
64pages Hardcover 2002
(4.) Mushrooms by Johnny Ankicton and Nick Sandler
More than 70 recipes from inspired creations to mushroom classics. Hardcover. 160
pages. Many large color photographs of dishes. Bibliography, index
(5.) A Cook's Book of Mushrooms: With 100 Recipes for Common and Uncommon
Varieties (Hardcover) by Jack Czarnecki (Author), Louis B. Wallach (Photographer)
From Library Journal
Just a few years ago, the only mushrooms available in most markets were cultivated
white ones. Now even supermarkets often have portobellos and shiitakes, and specialty
markets offer a wide selection. Czarnecki, chef/proprietor of Joe's Restaurant in eastern
Pennsylvania, is well known as a mushroom authority. He writes about mushroom

hunting in almost mystical terms while providing reliable information on a great variety
of common and exotic mushrooms, both cultivated and wild. He also includes 100
mushroom recipes, many of them quite unusual; all are accompanied by wine
(6.) Mushrooms : More Than 70 Inspiring Recipes (Hardcover) by Jacque Malouf
(Author) Book Description
Containing more than 70 recipes, this cookbook offers a complete guide to preparing
dishes with all varieties of mushroomsfrom shitake to oyster to crimini and beyond.
Every enticing page helps demystify the marvelous mushroom and shows how they can
enhance everything from Vegetable Tempura with Sweet Mirin Soy Sauce to a Wild
Mushroom Open Lasagne. Whether you want to try the subtle smokiness of the porcini or
experiment with the famously powerful scent of truffles, you'll discover how they can
transform your cooking.
(7.) The Mushroom Lover's Mushroom Cookbook and Primer (Paperback)
by Amy Farges (Author), Christopher Styler (Author)
Book Description
No one has done more to popularize mushrooms in America than Amy Farges, food
writer and co-owner of the national mushroom distributor Aux Delices Des Bois. And
now that Ms. Farges made sure mushrooms are available, she shows what to do with
them. The Mushroom Cookbook and Primer is an inspiration-a mushroom extravaganza
with 175 exquisite yet easy-to-make recipes, plus a Mushroom 101 guide to selecting,
storing, cleaning, and cooking, plus a primer with full profiles and photographs of 40
exotic mushrooms.
(8.) Collins Wild Guide Mushrooms and Toadstools Get to Know the Natural World.
(9.) Mushrooms: Favorite Recipes by Andrea Kussliner and Sibylle Reiter, hardcover
2005. There are 121 pages in the book and it was published by Silverback Books Inc.
The 10 digit ISBN is 1596370149 and the 13 digit ISBN is 9781596370142.
(10.) Fungi by Roy Watling 96p paperback
(11). MycoKey CD 2.1 Keys to 850 Genera of Asco and basidiomycota from Northern
(13.) Mushrooms and Other Fungi by Geoffrey Kibby. Paperback used copy 192 pages
(14.) book entitled Funghi Conoscere, riconoscere e ricercare tutte le specie di funghi piu
diffuse used paperback
(15.) Field Guide to North American Truffles: Hunting, identifying and Enjoying the
Worlds Most Prized Fungi. By Matt Trappe, Frank Evans, and James Trappe NEW 136

(16.) Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest by Steve Trudell and Joe Ammirati
Paperback Autographed Congratulations on your success in the photo contest, Steve.
(17.) Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul Stamets (used copy)
(18.) Texas Mushrooms by Susan Metzler and Van Metzler (Used copy) Paperback
(19.) Photographing Fungi by Harley Barnhart (used copy) 25 pages homemade?
(20.) A Field Guide to Western Mushrooms by Alexander Smith (used copy) hardback
(21.) Fungi of Britain and Europe by Stefan Buczacki New Generation Guide (used
copy) hardback
(22.) The Rainbow Beneath My Feet A Mushroom Dyers Guide by Arleen Bessette and
Alan Bessette (used copy) paperback
(24.) Einhellinger, Alfred, Die Gattung Russula in Bayern, 1987 in german 311 pp.
Paper (5.5x8"). 153 taxa, keys, 32 watercolor plates & 50 full-page B&W drawings of
micro features. Extensive treatment of spore color. (used copy)
(25.) Fungi non Delineati 17 - Bon, Marcel & Pierre Roux, Le Genre Gymnopilus P.
Karst. en Europe, 2002 in French, 52 pp. Color photos, B&W line drawings of
microfeatures. (Used copy)
(27.) Kibby, Geoffrey & Ray Fatto, Keys to the Species of Russula in Northeastern
North America, 3rd ed. 1990 in English, 61 pp. Paper (8.5x11"). (Used copy)
(28.) Pegler, D.N, P.J. Roberts, & B.M. Spooner, British Chanterelles and Tooth Fungi,
1999 English, 114 pp. Flex (5.5x9.5"). paperback (used copy)
(29.) Petersen, Ronald H., The Genus Clavulinopsis in North America, 1968 english,
NYBG Mycological Memoir #2, (Hafner, N.Y. reprint). 39 pp. Paper (5.5x9"). paperback,
used copy
(30.) Petersen, Ronald H. Ramaria Subgenus Lentoramaria, w/ Emphasis on North
American Taxa, 1975 in English, 161 pp. and 15 plates. Paper (5.5x9"). paperback (usd
(31.) Rayner, R.W. Keys to the British Species of Russula. 3rd ed. 1985 in English, 99
pp. Paper (6x8.5"). (used copy)

(32.) Reumaux Patrick, et al. Russules Rares ou Meconnues 1986 in French, 294 pp.
Hdb/vinyl (8x12"). Keys, line drawings of micro features, 62 watercolor plates,each w/ 46 species. Hardback (used copy)
(33.) Fungal Feast Cookbook Compiled and edited by Alison Banks Connecticut Valley
Mycological Society 2011.
(34.) Inventory and Monitoring of Biotic Resources in Pennsylvania Proceedings First
Conference of the Pennsylvania biological Survey1988. 220 pages paperback new
(35.) Color Treasury of Mushrooms and Toadstools 1972. Hardback 80 pages used copy
(36.) The CompleteMushroom Hunter by Gary Lincoff 2010. 192 pages paperback
(37.) Field Guide to Common Macrofungi in Eastern Forests and their Ecosystem
Functions By Michael Ostry, Neil Anderson, Joseph OBrian, 2010 spiral bound.

(39.) The Boletes of Michigan By Alexander Smith an Harry Theirs. 1971 Hardback
used copy
(40.) Simon and Schusters Guide to Mushrooms 1981. Paperback 511 pages used copy
(41.) The Curious Morel by Larry Lonik 1984 134 pages paperback used copy
(42) Funga Nordica