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P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale v.

Pretest for Attitudes Toward Computers in Healthcare
© June Kaminski 1996 - 2007

Each indicator is to be rated using a five point Likert scale. Choose the response that reflects your attitude
for each statement.

RATING 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
SCALE: Agree Strongly Agree Not certain Disagree Disagree


1. The computer is a powerful dehumanizing.
enabling tool. 24. The future promise of
2. In healthcare, computers could computers in healthcare excites
save a lot of paperwork. me.
3. Machines and I don't mix. 25. I feel restless and confused
4. I feel I am a skilled typist. when I think of using a computer.
5. I feel alarmed when I think of 26. I don't intend to own a home
using a computer. computer.
6. I have excellent finger 27. I feel a computer course in
dexterity. nursing is totally unnecessary.
7. I regularly use a computer at 28. People who like computers are
home. introverted and antisocial.
8. I would love to be a proficient 29. I know more about computers
user of computers. than most faculty or administrators
9. Bedside computers will irritate do.
patients. 30. Working with computers is
10. I will never feel relaxed about boring and tedious.
using a computer. 31. I can easily master the content
11. Computers can help me to be of a computer lesson.
creative. 32. I feel ambivalent about
12. I would enjoy learning course computers and technology.
work using a computer program. 33. Computers are everywhere, it
13. Computers are frustrating to is natural for them to used in
use. healthcare.
14. Listening to people using 34. I like to use the Internet to
computer jargon intimidates me. research health and nursing
15. Computers will someday put information.
health professionals out of a job. 35. It takes longer to chart on the
16. I am in control when I use a computer than on paper.
computer. 36. I enjoy using technology to
17. I relate well to technology and communicate with colleagues
machines. (email, etc.)
18. I feel confident that I can 37. Computers help me to keep up
master using a computer. to date with nursing issues,
19. I can let my creativity flow knowledge, research.
when writing using a computer. 38. Computers are just another
20. Computers in healthcare will object that takes me away from my
create more work for nurses. patients.
21. Computers can be great 39. I resent the thought of having
problem-solving tools. to use computers in my nursing
22. Computers are too complicated practice.
for me to learn well. 40. Using technology in practice
23. Computers are impersonal & interferes with my ability to be
caring to my patients.

P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale Scoring

A. Use this scoring scheme to find your 3 0
points for the rating you have chosen for the 4 -0.5
following statements below. 5 -1
CHOSEN POINTS Use the above scoring scheme to assess your score
1 1 for each of these statements:
2 0.5
1_____ 2_____ 4_____ 6_____ 7_____ 8_____ B. For the remainder of the statements,
use the following rating scheme.
11_____ 12____ 16_____ 17_____ 18_____ 19_____
21_____ 24______ 29____ 31_____33_____ 34 _____ 36 CHOSEN POINTS
_____ 37 ______ 5 1
4 0.5
Now add these up to find Subtotal A: = 3 0
____________________ 2 -0.5
1 -1

3____ 5_____ 9____ 10_____ 13____ 14____
15____ 20____ 22____ 23____ 25____ 26____
27____ 28____ 30____ 32____ 35____ 38 ____ 39
____ 40 ____
Now add these up to find Subtotal B: =

Grand Total: Add Subtotals A and B: =

Nursing Informatics Competencies
E-mail, Web Knowledge Rubric

RATIN 4 3 2 1
G Always Most of the Some of the Seldom
SCAL Time Time

1. Email Account: Do you currently use an e-mail address?
2. Service Account: Do you have an Internet provider for your home or office
3. Listservs: Do you know what a list serve or electronic discussion group is?
4. Mailing Lists: Have you ever subscribed to a mailing discussion list?

5. Browsers: Have you ever used a browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer to
visit the WorldWide Web?
6. Conference: Have you ever participated in an asynchronous computer
conference, on-line chatgroup or news group?
7. Activity: Do you use e-mail regularly?
8. Web: Have you ever saved a web page, printed a web page or created a web
9. Search Engines: Can you locate three major search engines on the Web?
10. Bookmarks: Do you know how to save a selected web page as a bookmark for
future reference?

Nursing Informatics Competencies

Word Processing Knowledge Rubric

RATIN 4 3 2 1
G Always Most of the Some of the Seldom
SCAL Time Time

1. Fonts: Do you know what font or typeface is?
2. Justify: Do you know how to right, center and left justify a document?
3. Cut & Paste: Do you know how to cut and paste a block of text?
4. Mouse: Do you know how to use a mouse to "drag" a block of text?
5. Margins: Do you know how to reset margins in your word processor?
6. Tables: Do you know how to create a table in a word processing
7. Clipboard: Do you know what the clipboard does?
8. Page Numbers: Do you know how to activate page numbers in a
9. Spell check: Do you know to use the spell check function?
10. Graphics: Do you know how to add images to your document?
P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale Score Interpretations
Find the Range that contains the Score You Achieved on the P.A.T.C.H. Scale
P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale v.2
Pretest for Attitudes Toward Computers in Healthcare
© June Kaminski 1996 – 2007

-28 to - 40 Positive indication of Cyberphobia. Beginner stage in experience with

points computer basics or applications. Ambivalence or anxiety may occur,
related to the use of computers in healthcare. May appreciate help
learning basic computer skills.
-27 to -15 Indicates some uneasiness about using computers. Very basic
points knowledge of computer basics and applications. Unsure of usefulness
of computers in healthcare.
-16 to -4 Moderate comfort in using computers. Has basic knowledge of
points computers and applications. Limited awareness of applications of
computer technology in healthcare.
-3 to 12 Feels comfortable using user-friendly computer applications. Aware of
points the usefulness of computers in a variety of settings. Has a realistic view
of current computer capabilities in healthcare.
13 to 26 Confident of ability to use a variety of computer programs. Sees
points computers as beneficial in the development of society. Enthusiastic
view of the potential of computer use in healthcare.
27 to 40 Very confident that they can learn to use a computer to boost
points creativity, and perform routine functions. Recognizes the unique value
of using information technology in society. Idealistic, positive view
related to computer applications in healthcare.

Nursing Informatics Competencies
E-mail, Web Knowledge Rubric and Word Processing Knowledge Rubric

• If you score above 32 points, you probably have the skill level you need.
• If you score between 20 and 30, you have some skill but need more practice.
• If you score below 20, you need more training and practice.