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Which education levels provide for free and compulsory education

as stipulated in Article lV, Section 2 of the Philippine Constitution?

a. Elementary level
b. Secondary level
c. Elementary and Secondary level
d. Tertiary level
Who discovered penicilin?
a. A. Jenner
b. A. Fleming
c. R. Rock
d. L. Pasteur
The change from gaseous phase to liquid is...
a. Evaporation
b. Condensation
c. Melting
d. Sublimation
e. Distillation
Which nerve controls and receives messages from the eye?
a. Optic Nerve
b. Vocal Nerve
c. Lower Nerve
d. Tooth Nerve
The male mosquitoes feed on plant juices while the female
mosquitoes feed on:
a. plant nectar
b. blood
c. water
d. sap of trees
1. Promised to make this country great again. Ruled for about
twenty years
a. Diosdado Macapagal
c. Ramon Magsaysay
b. Ferdinand Marcos
d. Carlos Garcia

2. The form of government established by Aguinaldo was change

from dictatorial to:
a. Democratic
c. Republic
b. Sociologist
d. Revolutionary
The first batch of high school student to go through K to 12 will
graduate in what year?
a. March 2018
b. March 2019
c. March 2017
d. March 2016
He was referred as the ''Great Plebian.''
A.Apolinario Mabini
B.Jose Rizal
C.Andres Bonifacio
D.Emilio Aguinaldo
1. Teachers always remind us that time is gold. This means
a. Time can be bought
b. Time can be measured
c. Time is precious
d. Time lost can never be retrieved
2. He is known as a political butterfly, the congressman
remarked. This means the fellow is a
a. Displayed follower
c. Party loyalist
b. Political opportunist
d. Disgraced leader
3. A tourist chose his plane for Davao. He chose PAL which ad
says Philippine Flag Carrier. When asked why he chose PAL his
remark was
a. Im sorry, Im scared to take PAL
b. Oh, I believe other planes dont carry the

Philippine symbol.
c. I doubt if PAL arrives on time.
d. All right, PAL can be trusted.
4. Before sleeping time, children are discouraged to watch_____
shows that cause nightmares.
a. Special b. Spectral c. Spectacular d. Spiteful
5. One leader at the end of the tail remembered Tennysons
Ulysses To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield. This means
leadership is
a. Characterized by sustained efforts and courage
b. Seen recess and travel often winning elections
c. Characterized by accomplishments, sustained and further
d. What accomplishment one has achieved
Wastes from the kitchen are considered useful if properly
separated. How are there classified?
A non-degradable
c. Metallic recesses
B. Biodegradable
d. Degradable
Rivers in Metro Manila is identified causes of heavy flood.
Authorities this to
A. Waste burning in home yards
B. Waste dumping on river banks
C. Waste classification
D. Waste incineration
5. Mr. Villena is a newly appointed teacher. The principal advised
him to avoid any conduct which discredit the teaching profession?
a. Writing anonymous letters
b. Revealing confidential information to authorities
c. Assigning underserved grades
d. Joining social drinking and gambling session

5 This emerging social values in education stresses that man exist

through the other and for others for he becomes actuated through
a. Existential Dialogue
c. Socialization
b. Personalization
d. Vigilance
The role of the teacher is facilitator, catalyst, monitor or
evaluator. This refers to _______
1 From whom did we learn the love for lavish fiestas or
A. The Americans C. The Japanese
B. The Spaniards D. The Malays
2 The Taoist way to harmony in society is inaction. The following
illustrate Lao-Tzus inaction EXCEPT ____.
A. let people be themselves C. do not interfere in the life of others
B. subdues and conquer nature D. do nothing to disturb the
course of nature
3 Cockfighting as a Filipino sport is an influence of the ____.
A. Japanese C. British
B. Spaniards D. Chinese
4 To attain peace and harmony in society, what is Confucius'
A. "Love your enemies
B. "Do nothing and you accomplish everything."
C. "Do not do to others what you do not tike-others do to
D. "Know thyself."

1.Sa Noche Buena, kami ay maghahanda ng _______ at keso de

a. hamn
b. hmon
c. homn
d. hman
2. Hinipan ng pulis ang kanyang ________ .
a. pto
b. pit
c. ptu-pito
d. pto-pito
3. Pag laki ko , gusto kong maging _________ ng Pilipinas.
a. pang-ulo
b. pangulo
c. panggulo
d. pa-ngulo

15. The process by which an individual acquires the social and

cultural heritage o the society where he belongs.
a. Socialization c. Integration
b. Internalization d. Acquisition
16. Philosophy of educations main function.
a. Aid the leaner to build his own personal philosophy
b. Definition o goals and setting of directions from which
c. Educations carries on a lifetime cycle
d. Provision of academic background prerequisite to learning

19. A teacher who advocates the pragmatic philosophy of

education believes that experience should follow learning, thus,
she has to?
a. require her student mastery of the lessons
b. encourage her students to memorize facts
c. equip her students with basic skills and abilities
d. provide her student with opportunities to apply their
skills and abilities
20. How are institutions of learning encouraged to set higher
standards over and above the minimum requirement for state
a. Scholastic achievement
b. Faculty development
c. Academic freedom
d. Voluntary accreditation