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It is expected that answers to the assignment questions be succinct (i.e.

precise and concise) with all sources of information fully referenced as per
APA referencing style. You have to reference the text book and the readings
plus any additional material you have used in your answers.

See CSU Library website for more on referencing and style:


A guide to the APA style of referencing (the style now used by the Faculty of
Business) is available at:

Answers MUST be written in your own words. If an answer contains more than
20% direct quote (referenced or unreferenced) 0 marks will be awarded for
this question.

One or two sentence answers will be too short and only receive low marks.
Answers longer than 1.5 pages (12 point font, single line spacing) may incur a
penalty if too much non-relevant information is stated.

For mathematical and subnetting questions it is expected that you show

intermediate steps of your working. Just stating the correct solution will result
in low marks, on the other hand if the working is correct and you only made
minor mistakes, you will still be awarded marks, even though the final answer
is wrong.

Question 1

Discuss why packet switched networks are used for data communication
instead of circuit switched [3 marks].

Question 2

(Show your working and give a short explanation for each answer.)

An ISP is granted a block of addresses starting with The ISP

needs to distribute these blocks to 2600 customers as follows:[10 marks]

a. The first group has 200 medium-size businesses; each needs

approximately 128 addresses.
b. The second group has 400small-size businesses; each needs
approximately 16 addresses.
c. The third group has 2000 households; each needs 4 addresses

Design the sub blocks and give the slash notation for each sub block. Find out
how many addresses are still available after these allocations.

Question 3

Consider the diagram below. Which of the two central routers (R1 and R2) is
more critical for network operations and why? [3 marks]

Question 4

TCP opens a connection using an initial sequence number (ISN) of 14,534.

The other party opens the connection with an ISN of 21,732.[10 marks]

a. Show the three TCP segments during the connection establishment.

b. Show the contents of the segments during the data transmission if the
initiator sends a segment containing the message " Hello dear customer" and
the other party answers with a segment containing " Hi there seller".

c.Show the contents of the segments during the connection termination

Question 5

Compare and contrast DCHP and the ICMP messages that were previously
used for startup configuration. What are the advantages of DHCP that caused
it to be the popular solution? [ 4 marks]

This assignment relates to learning objectives of this subject.

Marking criteria
Marks will be awarded for

Correctness of the answer

Number of valid points or features discussed (how many advantages, how
many security risks)
Clarity of explanation
Correct in-text referencing and reference list according to CSU standard

Steps of working in question 2.