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Alcatel 7300 ASAM

Alcatel 7300 ASAM

Access Multiplexer ADSL-lines

Differentiated QoS on each line

Up to 12,000 connections

Permanent / switched virtual circuits (PVC / SVC)

Up to 16 connections (VCs - VC) on each line

Chipset ADSL Alcatel 4th generation

Programmable connect each DSL-line

Alcatel offers a cost-effective, flexible and scalable architecture that meets the requirements of the market
for mass deployment of services DSL. Systems DSL, offered by Alcatel, with functional completeness and
verified to operate in practice. These DSL solutions combine the possibility of introducing new network
services with competitive prices - this is a proposal, which is expected to operators.

Access Multiplexer ADSL-lines Alcatel 7300 ASAM supports multiple types of DSL, performed on different standards, including
ADSL (complete and G.Lite) and G.shdsl, giving operators the ability to provide the necessary services to various clients. Private
customers and small business customers need a DSL-services that can be provided at the same time (using the same line) with the
existing plain old telephone (POTS) service or ISDN.
Not only that, the multiplexer 7300 ASAM offers multiple classes of service, it also supports differentiated QoS for each line of
different services, allowing simultaneous transmission over a single DSL line as the delay sensitive and relatively tolerant to the
delay data. This feature allows its operators to offer multiple services to each client with the appropriate guarantees QoS.
The multiplexer 7300 ASAM is based on the architecture ATM, which supports a variety of classes ATM-services, including constant
data rate (CBR), uncertain data rate (UBR and UBR +), variable data rate (VBR), and guaranteed frame rate (GFR ). This provides
operators with exceptional flexibility in operation, offering different classes of service - from cheap, low-priority services to access
first-class, which requires high bandwidth, such as LAN-to-LAN, VPN, streaming video and audio, and all with guaranteed
Access Multiplexer ADSL 7300 ASAM can be used for combined access and only to support networks VoDSL.

Specifications Alcatel 7300 ASAM multiplexer

System capacity

Up to 384 lines per rack 2.2 m splitters

Until 2304 DSL-line for each network interface

Until 5000 DSL-line interface on each network via up-link

Compatible with NEBS Level 3 on each rack

ATM network interface card

STM-1 (155 Mbit / s)

E3 (34 Mbit / s)

4 x E1 IMA (4 x 1,5 Mbit / s)

Up to 96 MB of RAM

Optional (optional) 1 + 1 redundancy (APS / EPS)

Cards line interfaces

ADSL - ADSL multi-standard auto-sensing

o ITU-T G.dmt
o ITU-T G.Lite
o ANSI TI.413
o 12 lines per board


o 12 lines per board

Splitters passive type:

o TBR21
o c impedance of 600 ohms
o with an impedance corresponding to the standards ETSI (TR 101 728)

Unifying line cards

o 4 x E1 IMA
o E3
o DS-3
o STM-1
o operating wavelengths 1310/1550 nm

Management at elements with the help of Alcatel 5523 AWS Element Manager

Management at the level of the network using the Alcatel 5620 Network Manager

Establishing a connection to the network ATM (ATM VP / VC)

Management at the level of service with the help of 5620 Alcatel DSL Subscriber Module

Local control via terminal

Characteristics of ATM services

Supported classes of service (QoS) ATM:

o UBR +
o rt-VBR / nrt-VBR

Differentiated QoS on each line

Up to 12,000 connections / DC switched virtual circuits (PVC / SVC) on each node

Up to 16 connections (VCs - VC) on each line

Physical parameters
Station equipment
Dimensions of performance ETSI:

Standard rack 2200 mm

o height 2200 mm
o width 600 mm
o Depth 300 mm

Frame Combo high-density lines (a line cards and hubs)

o Line 192 (16x12)

o height 950 mm
o width 300 mm
o Depth 300 mm
o 2 skeletons on the counter

Frame Combo ultra-high-density lines

o Line 384 (16x24)

o height 950 mm
o width 300 mm
o Depth 300 mm
o 2 skeletons on the counter

Frame Combo ultra-high-density lines without splitters (only line cards)

o Line 384 (16x24)

o height 620 mm
o width 300 mm
o Depth 300 mm
o 3 skeletons on the counter
Up to 12 skeletons on a single network interface. Supports the option to install the equipment "back to back"
Customer Equipment

Temperature resistance execution

Supports two-tier architecture multiplexing

120 lines per frame

Connection to station equipment using a 4 x E1 (IMA), E3 / DS3 or STM-1

Overall dimensions:

height 530 mm

width 482 mm

Depth 300 mm

3 skeletons on the counter

And also:

The tire testing lines

o Built-in cross-connect for testing lines

o Programmable connection for each DSL-line
o Connector for external test equipment

The internal bus with a capacity of 5 Gb / s

Average power consumption: 1.2 W per ADSL line