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1- Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. If you park in a restricted area, you _____ a ticket on your windshield.
a. would find b. will find c. found d. could found
2. I get nervous if I _____ in front of a group.
a. had to speak b. spoke c. have to speak d. will speak
3. If today _____ Friday, we could sleep in tomorrow morning.
a. is b. were c. will be d. was
4. If you ____ more sleep, you _____ be so tired all of the time.
a. get/would c. got/wouldnt b. got/wont d. dont get/arent going to
5. She _____ $20 in finance charges if she _____ her bill by the due date.
a. had saved/pays c. could have saved/will pay b. could save/will pay d. could have saved/had paid
6. They_____ such a big van ______ the price of gas would skyrocket.
a. would have bought/if they knew b. wouldnt have bought/if had they known c. wouldnt have
bought/had they known d. wouldnt have bought/had they knew
2- Complete the sentences and decide which type of Conditional Sentence it is.
1) If I ____had______ (have) lots of money, I would sail round the world. Type 2_
2) If my sister _____________________ (see) this puppy, she will love it. ____
3) If I ________________________ (pack) the suitcases myself, I wouldnt have left my swimsuit.
4) We _______________________________ (can / sit) in the garden if the weather were nicer.
5) _________________________________ (Fred / be) bored if you had taken him to the opera?
6) I ________________________________ (wait) for you outside the cinema if I arrive early. ____
7) Val and Cherie would move if they __________________________ (can / find) a better house.
8) I ________________________________ (tell) him my name if he had asked. ____
9) If the children want to go to the zoo, _____________________________ (Dad /take) them? ____
10) If the job ___________________________ (be) interesting, would you work for this company?
11) They wouldnt have believed him if he ____________________________ (tell) them the truth.
12) She would be upset if her best friend ______________________ (not / come) to her wedding.
3- Match and write sentences :
1) If you had gone to bed earlier,
2) If Mum hadnt cooked dinner,
3) If you had been honest,
4) I would buy this book
5) You would know what to do

a) we would eat at a restaurant.

b) she would not be unemployed today.
c) if I hadnt already promised to go with Yvonne.
d) if I hadnt spent all my money on CDs.
e) if we had followed his advice.

6) If Mary had taken that job six months ago,

7) Id be in London right now
8) We wouldnt be in trouble
9) If I had bought that lottery ticket,
10) I would go to the party with Rita

f) I would be rich today.

g) you wouldnt be so tired.
h) Dad wouldnt be so angry now
i) if I hadnt missed the bus.
j) if you had listened to her instructions.

123456789104- Complete with the 1st type of conditional sentences:

1- If David ________________________ (invite) Janice, I _____________________ (not / go) to
his party.
2- If you _________________________ (not / know) the answer, __________________ (ask) Mr
3- Jack _________________________ (move) to Scotland if he ____________________ (find) a
good job there.
4- If the pain ________________________ (not / stop), I _____________________ (see) a doctor
5- Complete with the 2nd type of conditional sentences:
1- If he __________________________ (exercise), he ________________(be) healthier.
2- If I __________________________ (be) you, I __________________(call) the police.
3- I _________________________ (buy) a new jacket if I ____________(have) some money.
4- I _________________________ (help) him if I ____________________you.
6- Complete with the 3rd type of conditional sentences:
I_________________________(take) an umbrella with me.
2- If you ___________________________ (come) to the party last night, you
____________________ (meet) James.
3- If I __________________________ (listen) to her, this ________________________ (not /
___________________________ (call) you.