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Scene 61:00-75:00
Helen would have return to Menelaus arms to save Paris for his fight to Menelaus
because she cant ask anyone to fight for her, but Hector saw Helen leaving the
Troy and he stopped Helen and convinced her that why she dont need to leave
and Paris needs her. Next day, Achilles, with his group, didnt join in the march to
attack again the Troy. The Trojans were also ready to defense their country against
Greeks. Priams eyes got bigger when he saw a thousand of Greeks were coming
to attack Troy. Greeks and Trojans were both ready to begin the war but Paris
slightly stopped that moment. Paris had challenged Menelaus, Paris said that the
winner takes Helen home and let that be the end of it. Agamemnon didnt agree in
that challenge because he came just for Troy, not for Menelaus pretty wife. But
Menelaus wants to kill Paris and for his honor too. Menelaus said to Agamemnon
that after he killed Paris, the war will begin again. Then Agamemnon had agreed
and accepted the challenge. Before the duel begins, Paris said a farewell speech to
Hector. And the duel begins. Menelaus didnt give Paris a serious fight because
Menelaus knew that Paris is easily to defeat. When Menelaus slightly cut Paris
legs, Paris cant fight anymore. Paris ran away from Menelaus and he came back
to Hector because Paris is scared to die. When the Trojans have violated the
agreement, the Greeks had prepared for battle. Menelaus would have kill Paris, but
Menelaus was killed first by Hector, because Hector was just beside them. The
battle began. And Achilles, with his group, just watching them fighting each other.

I feel excitement in watching because the movie is all about fame, power, and
honor. This is a war between Greece and Troy. If a one Country has no good leader,
the Country will be easily to fell. The leader must be good in fighting, easily to
think strategy when fighting, know when to retreat at the middle of war. Fight with
honor not pride. Just like what happened between the duel of Paris and Menelaus,
Menelaus died because of his pride. Even the Greeks are strong, it is not enough to
plunder the Troy because of its high wall, and the Trojan soldiers have a great
leader named Hector, the prince of Troy. Agamemnon, King of Mycenae, is a selfish
King. The Greeks are not able to win against Troy if they dont have Achilles, the
greatest warrior ever born, but Agamemnon cant control him because Achilles is
just fighting for himself, he is not fighting for Agamemnon. When Patroclus,
Achilles cousin, killed by Hector, Achilles revenged for death. And because of that,
the Troy was finally defeated.

Some of the lessons that I have learned in watching the Troy movie is:
Someone has to lose. Be brave, but not reckless. Fight with honor.

I would like to thank the following person who helped me:
First is my Mom who helped me as my grammar checker.
Coral, as an assistant leader, she cooperated with me, assisted me, and supported
me in doing the film review.
And Alay-ay, Im asking some questions to him if I dont know what to do or Im
not sure what to do about the format of film review.

I dedicated my work to my family, myself, and for my future. If I made this
successfully, then my family might be proud to me. For myself, it can be used as
my experience, and someday, it might be helpful for my future .

Table of contents:
Coral, Cristine Mae - scene 01:00-15:00 minutes
Cosme, Camille - scene 16:00-30:00 minutes
Enriquez, Rafael - scene 31:00-45:00 minutes
Fernandez, Iris - scene 46:00-60:00 minutes
Lacap, Jonathan - scene 61:00-75:00 minutes
Llanera, Rose Ann - scene 76:00-90:00 minutes
Madarang, Jessa Mae - scene 91:00-105:00

Olaer, Jewel Hyacynth - scene 106:00-120:00


Tejero, Allison Faye - scene 121:00-135:00


Torino, Shara Mae - scene 136:00-156:00 minutes

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Group 2

Lacap, Jonathan

Assistant leader:
Coral, Cristine Mae

Cosme, Camille
Enriquez, Rafael
Fernandez, Iris
Llanera, Rose Ann
Madarang, Jessa Mae
Olaer, Jewel Hyacynth
Tejero, Allison Faye
Torino, Shara Mae