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Service Contracts

Service Contract: Key Business process

Following Business Processes are mapped for standard contracts & in use in
11i Application

New Template creation & create new contract using Contract Template.

New Contract Site value is used as contract site segment value (COA)

Prerequisite for creating new contract, If contract exists for the site then update the
existing contract else create a new contract.

Associate contract with Key information like (Supplier, Customer, Items, Duration,
Cost, Primary Approver, Invoicing rule, PO Number, Item UOM, Quantity, Unit Price,
Identify Contract types on the basis of short description etc.)

Every Contract requires QA Check, Primary approval & duly signed

Submit Service contract Main Billing & Autoinvoice Master Program concurrent
program to create billing in customer account

Service Contracts Process Flow

Deficiency: Key Business process

Following Business Processes are mapped for Deficiency contracts & in use
in 11i Application

Enable Cost Reimbursable DFF at the Contract header

Enable Zoom functionality where as Cost Reimbursable is Yes

Provide account segment information, mark-up type, mark-up %, period duration.

These account extract for specific period is used for customer billing

Submit Compass Eurest GL to AR Extraction concurrent program generates data in

AR without default GL date and user requires to manually enter the GL Date as last
day of the month.

Site Manager run Compass detail operating Statement report for accept/reject
deficiency billing.

Deficiency Default Revenue Account 01-110000-11-4180

Service Contracts Process Flow

Service Contracts: Billing Types

Billing types and descriptions

# Billing Type


The invoice value is the deficiency calculated from the

trading statement e.g. all re-imbursible costs less Revenue
collected on behalf of the client.



Fixed fee or

The invoice value is the negotiated fixed fee or charge for

service e.g. Management fee, Cleaning charge, Fixed
subsidy or fixed rebate

The invoice value is based on an agreed percentage of a
derived value e.g. Revenue from functions, Sales, Profit
Management fee etc.
Priced Based

The invoice value is based on the quantity of a service or

item used multiplied by the agreed unit price.

Integration (Inbound/Outbound)

Standard Integration OKS(Service Contact) to AR (Account Receivable)


Customize Integration for OKS Deficiency GL Module AR Module

Contracts Critical Customizations


Program Name


1 Compass Detail of Services Provided Sites


2 Compass Eurest GL to AR Extracts (Requestset)

Request set

3 Compass Oracle Contracts Summary Report


4 Service Contract Main Billing Request


Current Challenges & Scope




Repricing Functionality for CPI Index

Alert/Notification for the Contract anniversary

Purge billing lines prior to 2014 from existing contracts

(Data cleansing activity)

required (Not in
scope for
Upgrade Project )

Month End Process

Fixed Subsidy & Fixed Billing data from service contracts gets interfaced
in AR on 1st day of the period.

Key Business Users


AUS Business Owner

NZ Business Owner

Service Contracts

Melinda Coniglio IS&T

Haresh Matta

Key Differences between AUS VS NZ




OKS Service Contracts Free issue functionality is in use



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