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Prayer for protection

Holy Saint of all Assassins, I pray to you!

0 blessed Qayin, you who are the Left-handed Saint of Death, protect me,
your faithful servant, against the wretchedness of all my enemies!
Let your Reddened Scythe become my impenetrable shield and with its
blade reflect back a Sevenfold Retaliation against all those who direct the
poisoned darts of their feeble hatred towards me!
Holy Saint of All Those Who Walk In Exile, I who adore you call upon you to
defend me against the evil of those who would oppose me!
Let your thorny vines become the chains that bind all my foes and with your
seven keys lock all their paths in life, save for those dark roads which shall
lead them to their demise!
In the same way that the blood of the clay-born Abel was spilled, INN , your
faithful devotee, now pray to you to spill the blood of all my known and
unknown enemies, so that I shall become liberated from them and saved
from all that they conspire against me!
Mighty Saint of Death, 0 Holy Master Qayin, I beg you now to intervene on
my behalf; protect me against all those who stand in my way and, for the
sake of your own greater glory, conquer them all and thus grant me both
safety and victory!
Prayer for Illumination
Holy Father of the Igneous Bloodline, I pray to you!
Fire-Crowned Master Qayin, I who serve your Divine Will implore you to bless
me with your Black Light and to illuminate me and guide my steps upon the
thorny path that I walk in your name!
Let the illuminating halo of shining darkness that cloaks your exalted Spirit
dispel the obscurity of my mortal -ignorance and reveal to me the acosmic
truths that the Archons of finite existence aspire to keep concealed!
Master of Sinistral Death, 0 Mighty Qayin ben Taninsamael, let your
coronating fires of apotheosis cast their shadowless light upon my body,
soul and spirit and bless me with inspiration, wisdom and the revelations of
your still concealed mysteries!
Holy Lord of the Triple Flames of Necrosophic Gnosis, I who belong to your
exiled kindred call upon you to lend me your Undying Light of Divinity and to
aid me in the full awakening of my Fire-Born Self by enflaming your Luciferic
Mark that is branded upon my Spirit!
Let the Black Flames of your Third Coronation and Final Elevation arouse the
Fiery Serpent-Blood which courses through my veins and enlighten me in the
same manner that the Bearer of Light, the Great Adversary, enlightened you
during the course of your own Lawless Becoming!

0 beloved Qayin, begetter of my own True Self and Spirit, you who are the
Lord of the Shadow of Death, I pray now to you to dispel the shadows and
obscurities of this illusory life and to show me the splendours of your
Kingdom Within Myself, by granting me the wisdom and insight that shall
usher me towards Liberation and Ascension!

Prayer agaist enemies

Lord of Death, Master Qayin Falxifer, 0 you who are my keeper and
protector, I pray to you to act harshly against my enemies!
Let your reddened scythe fall down upon all those who wish me harm and
who openly or in secret conspire against me!
Blind their eyes so that they may not see me!
Deafen their ears so that they may not hear me!
Remove their tongues so that they may not bear witness against me!
Shatter their minds so that they may not think of, or remember, me!
Cut off their hands so that they may not hold me, steal from me or take up
weapons against me!
Paralyse their feet so that they may not pursue me!
Let your scythe become my sword of conquest and with a sevenfold stab
through their hearts return to them all the evil that they would had directed
against me!

Prayer for prosperity

Gold Crowned Majesty of Death, owner of all the riches of the underworld,
make so that I never go wanting for anything that I would desire or need!
Act on my behalf, bring to me wealth and fortune, and grant me the riches
reaped from the fields of both the dead and the living!
Make so that concealed treasures become attainable to me, and so that my
enemies never get to see me fall into poverty or misery!
Powerful Saint of Death, grant me abundance and prosperity, and I shall
always invoke your name, praise you with offerings, spread your glory and
do your Work ever so gratefully!
Let a most fruitful harvest befall me, so that I shall be able to endure this life
of plight, without being too distracted by all base material needs!
Make a ruling on my behalf so that cruel destiny by luck becomes
overwritten and grant to me fortune, winnings, profit and copious earnings!

Let gold and riches shower me and bless me with the freedom and
detachment that can be attained through prosperity!

Prayer for conquering of a rival

Qayin, Holy Saint of Sinistral Death, you who are the conqueror of the
mighty and the cause of dark miracles; you who conquered your rival and
buried him in the first grave, over which you stood triumphant and thus
became the ruler and subduer of enemies; It is to you that I pray!
I pray to you, 0 Great Master, who proudly and defiantly bore the thorns of
punishment as the royal Crown of the Exiled and who brought death, died
and rose to become deathless, immortal and thus a vanquisher of life itself!
You who victoriously walked the widdershins and left path of the one
opposed to and by all of creation, I praise your blessed and holy name and
ask you now to aid me in my cause and to grant me conquest!
Grant me total victory over my opponent NN and place him/her under my
full subjugation and dominance!
In resemblance to how Abel was subdued by Qayin, let now NN become
tamed, humbled and conquered by me!
Mighty Master, I pray to you, let your spiritual fire that I bear within me
overpower the clay of my adversary, and let my victory become another
proof of your Unbound Power and Glory, by granting me complete triumph
over my opponent, NN!
Forceful Sovereign, grant now to me the total and crushing victory I seek
and make my rival and foe suffer defeat and become forced to succumb
before me, as it would be abominable to let one who is of your Flame of
Black Light be bested by creature born solely of mortal clay!

Invocation of the Mighty dead

By the three, seven and three knocks of the Rowan wand, let now the Gate
of the Mighty Dead be opened wide and all profane shades and spirits be
banished, leaving way for the Blessed Ancestors of my Spirit's Flame!
By Sataninsamaelilith, by Anamlaqayiniyaqalmana and by Tubal
Qayinaamah; I call upon the Shades and Spirits of the Holy Bloodline!
May the Draconic, the Qayinitic and the Nefilimic ancestors now hear my
beckoning call and return!
Let me now become sanctified by the presence of the Blessed Dead!

Hear me,
0 Mighty Ones, and make your presences known to me and bestow upon me
the illumination of the light from beyond the darkness of life, in which you
all now bask!
Come to me, NN, who am of the lineage of the Cunning Serpent and a child
of Qayin and Qalmana, and inspire and bless me with the holy wisdom you
have to impart!
Ascended Ones, to you I call and it is your Enduring Souls and Transcendent
Spirits I now invoke!
Come forth now from the Gates of Death, and let the crossroads between
the worlds become opened wide, for it is in the name of the Nameless and
Unknown Divinity in Ain that I call upon you!
Come forth and accept the simple offerings I present to you as tokens of my
love and longing and commune with me, as I am one who in life walks with
Death, seeking the liberation of the Blessed Dead, while still afflicted by the
limitations of this accursed life!
I lovingly entreat you all to come and grant me the Light of the Dead, in
order to dispel the darkness of this finite and illusory life!
I call upon you, 0 Holy Ones of the Serpent's Blood, by the powerful names
of Sataninsamaelilith, Anamlaqayiniyaqalmana and Tubal Qayinaamah,
come and grant me your wisdom, power and guidance and lead me to the
Hidden Points, where I while still bound by life may drinkfrom the nectar of
the Liberating Death!
I invoke and invite you all, 0 You who are of Qayin and Qalmana's Fiery
Blood, let your spirits now fill me with the Light of the Other Side and guide
my footsteps upon the Thorny Path of the Exiled!
Come, 0 Fire-Crowned Dead, and let your Coronating Flames of Sanctity
dispel the falsities of clay-barn life and show me the truth hidden behind and
beyond this fallen existence, caused by the foolish and blind Demiurge!
Come now to me, 0 Mighty Dead belonging to the side of the Black Light,
and grant me the insights needed in order to walk in your footsteps and
attain the elevation and liberation that you through the Spirit's Deathly
Ascent have obtained!