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Identify at least THREE or the most important

stokehold groups in the case. What are the each of these
The three most important stokeholds groups in this case are:
1) The Contractor/Partner known as Chun-Ha Construction Company will be the
main contractor that will execute all the projects plants in partnership with
LENHAGE AG. Chun-Ha construction is the local most trusted, recognized and
respected industry in South Korea that has to become in this context the big and
most critical partner of Lenhage AG in its project plants which cannot implement
its nuclear power generation plants without the partnership and without an official
agreement with Chun-Ha construction group. Following that idea, Lenhage AG
was willing to helping the construction group to become the key supplier of safety
anchors for these plants. Besides that, these safety anchors would be used in
critical applications such as securing cooling water pipes, anchoring pumps to
floors and fastening protective lead shield around the reactors.
2) The main challenger here in the context is basically the local company that is
directly competing with the LENHAGE AG firm. In this case, considering the
dilemma anchor business, this is the only one main competitor that stands as
serious local distributor of some types of products that are manufactured by other
foreign companies. The competing anchors that this distributor is selling in the
domestic Korean market are made from U.S and are in a similar quality to those
made by Lenhage AG which conversely disposes of all skills and resources to
produce directly the power generation plants in the area and install it as well. The
competitor which name has not been cited in the case study had no engineering
or technical support staff and also doesnt provide any technical information or
quality testing/assurance programs to accompany his products in total opposition
with the Lenhage AG firm. Another thing is that the contender of the supply of the
project plant is known to allocate most of its resources to lavish entertainment
and payments to purchasing and site managers to ensure that its goods are
going to be used with a limited number of questions.
3) The companys staff is represented by all workers of Lenhage AG constituted
with no more than 95% of South Korean directly and roughly imprinted with the
local language and the domestic culture. Theyre all highly committed to provide
a high quality service. Over the last 12 months of activity; the organization has
assigned specific job tasks to each of its employees to enhance fast productivity
and more efficiency for the achievement of the project of the nuclear power plant

so important for the future of the company. The strength of the Lenhage AG firm
definitely lay under the hands of its employees that show so much desire and
motivation by means of skills and outstanding competencies to achieve the
project plans on time.

Q3. Assume that Weinhardt goes ahead and makes the

payment to Mr Lee as requested, and that his company is
awarded the contract. Outline /discuss the possible pros
and cons of the decision /course of action for each of the
stakeholders you identified in question 2.
Assuming that Weinhardt goes ahead and makes the payment to Mr Lee as requested,
and that his company is awarded the contract, the three main stakeholders listed above
will be affected positively and negatively.
Firstly, from the Contractor/Partner point of view it will be a very good blessing in
disguise because the Chun-Ha construction group is leaded by Mr Lee who is very
corrupted in the sense that he will never allocate the project plant to any foreign or local
industry without bribery and bidding. Thats the main issue here because if the Lenhage
AG firm agree to comply on the bribe pressure initiated by its contractor leader Mr Lee,
it will be under the advantage and benefit of the company which will therefore take a
lead on the competition but not without generating big casualties on its stakeholders
such as employees, the community and the parent company located in Europe as well.
Indeed the consequences of such decision could be only felt by Weinhardt the
Executive Officer in the South Korean division and it might end up dramatically for his
organization too because of the policies of the parent company which clearly state that
bribery is not acceptable in any type of circumstance. Therefore the contractor is the
only one here that can take advantage and benefit from any decision that can be taken
by Weinhardt.

Next, from the employees grade, positive conclusions may come about by method for
incredible fulfilment and distinguishment of their deliberations for the diligent work that
has been given towards the fruitful execution of the undertaking.
Moreover workers will expand their confidence and steadfastness towards the
organization as in they will doubtlessly encounter an extraordinary pride in having a

place with an organization that is a critical accomplice in substantial, exceptionally

prestigious ventures in South Korea.
In outcome, this achievement will be an incredible help to their dedication towards their
future profession advancement inside the association. Furthermore ultimately, the
accomplishment of the new business will mean steadiness and monetary prizes for
every one of them.
On the other hand, neglecting to secure the business will clearly influence drastically the
lesson of the representatives as in the initiative of Weinhardt will be traded off and most
gifted and essential administrators of the organization may leave the organization due to
an enormous disillusionment and money related trouble that will prompt an inside
precariousness and in long haul in the end of the organization and the related loss of
occupations. Hence, the representatives long haul profits must be improved and be
prioritize to keep up a certain balance and long haul duty towards the accomplishment
of the association regardless of the dangers that must be made to attain that stride.

Ultimately, from the contender stage, its hard to assess a positive impact on them in
light of the fact that, knowing the way that both organizations have satisfied all the base
necessities to win the new business get, its not going to be in their profits to see that
they fizzle against an organization like Lenhage AG in spite of the fact that it is realize
that this neighbourhood organization has no designing or specialized help staff and give
no specialized data or documentation of value testing/confirmation projects to go hand
in hand with his items.
Then again, Lenhage AG has much better stakes, for example, better item, better
documentation and better staff and in the fundamental time they had constructed solid
associations with paramount individuals with the end goal of an extraordinary business