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Alhadhratul Mahmoudiyyah is a voluntary educational foundation founded by Muhammad

Awwal Attahir yakasai who is a secondary school teacher and an educationalist. The main tasks
of Alhadhratul Mahmoudiyya are as follows:

Educating people on the importance of knowledge from the perspective of its influence
on life and death.

Provision of free access to learning and learning materials with a view to providing
cheaper opportunity for learning.

Organizing and funding educational debates, seminars and competitions more particularly
on science, technology, art and religious studies with a view to stimulating and
empowering students and teachers.

To make the local Islamiyyah schools operate coordinately and to create a strong and
effective leadership for such a coordinated system.

To re-transform poetry as a special means of imparting knowledge.

Alhadhratul Mahmoudiyyah has its headquarter based at Kano State, Nigeria with contact








alhadhratulmahmoudiyyah@gmail.com as the e-mail address.

Both the term (Alhadhratul Mahmoudiyyah) and the emblem were coined by Muhammad Awwal
Attahir Yakasai who is the founder and the sponsor of the organization. The literal meaning of
the term Alhadhratul Mahmoudiyyah refers to a blessed learning gathering for the
praiseworthy. The term alhadhrat was derived from the Hausa version of Halara meaning
a blessed gathering for learning while Mahmoudiyyah on the other hand was derived from
one of the attributes of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) Mahmoud meaning praised,
commendable, praiseworthy, lauded, laudable and/or elegant.
The emblem is a pictorial representational image of the Arabic transcription of two of the
attributes of God the almighty ALHAYYU and ALKAYYUM meaning the ever-leaving
and the self-sustaining respectively. These names were used by virtue of them been amongst

the greatest names of God. Many muslim scholars agreed that any person who pray for
knowledge with those names will be granted such a knowledge.


Muhammad Awwal Attahir Yakasai (Sayyidi), the founder and the sponsor of Alhadhratul
Mahmoudiyyyah foundation.
Alhadhratul mahmoudiyyah had been in existence for many decades during which most of its
activities were dorminantly latent and subterranean. The foundation has become actively

manifested for the first time in 2010 when it organized educational competition among some
local Islamiyyah schools in Kumbotso local government area, Kano state Nigeria where it is
From 2010 to today, the organization has succeded in organizing and funding so many
educational competitions, seminars and many other activities that are within the scope of its
objectives. From that period to today, over 1000 members have been successfully registered with
the organization.
Join Alhadhratul Mahmoudiyyah today to give your contribution to knowledge.
E-mail: alhadhratulmahmoudiyya@gmail.com
Face book: Alhadhratul Mahmoudiyya (08185287700).
Whatsapp: 08185287700.