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MAR-VELL— an alien warrior of the ancient Kree race! With the powers given him as “Protector of the Universe", he seeks to defend Earth, the planet he hes made his! own! Styaee SH. Doug MoENCH See STERN, EDITO ong Mee i DP Sisoor an Coane Cree D o 0 B 5 5 B D CAPTAIN MARVEL ™s published by MARVEL COMICS GROUP, James E. Galton, President. Stan Leo, Publisher. OFFICE OF PUBLICATION: 875, MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10022. Published bi-monthly. Copyright ©1978 by Marvel Comics Group. A Division of Cadence Industrie Corporation. All rights resorved. Voi. 1, No.88, September, 1978 isaue. rice 36¢ per copy in the U.S. and Canada. Subscription rate $4.60 for 12 issues. CCanade, $5.50. Foreign, $6.50. No similarity between any of the names, charactors, persons, and/or institutions in this magazine with those of any tving ‘or dead person or institution is intended, and any such similarity which mey exist purely coincidental. Printed inthe U.S.A. This periodical may not be sold except by authorized dealers and is sold subject to the conditions that it shall not be sold or distributed with any part of its cower or markings 1 moved, nor in 2 mutilated condition. CAPTAIN MARVEL (including af prominent charactor featured in the issue), and the distinctive likanessns thereof txe trademarks of the MARVEL COMICS GROUP. CAPTAIN MARVEL HAG RETURNED 10 DENVER TO RECEWVE A HERO'S WELCOME —-DEATH- GRIP AND THE EON GUN ARE 0 WORE? ite ACTUALLY, MS. CARR, HAD I WOT COME ToWoRK HERE, NONE OF You WOULD HAVE BEEN (YVOLVEP IN THE FIRST PLACE. I REALIZE WOW, THAT IT IS MY FATE-- MY PESTINY~- TO ATTRACT SOME FORM OF PAN@BR-- WHERE EVER 4 GO! “e a YES, MS. carR--I MUST LEAVE. EARTH IS M1 WOME NOW-- NOT THE STARS -- fl,“ CISCOVER EARTH" ASA 2 APOLOGIZE SS To See OSE FRIEND MIGHT PUT IT. af ALL OF YOU FOR [ea 5 THIS EXPERIENCE, = " Posy , AND I “is te ¥y MS.CARR, —— | C ke > FOR GIVING 17, AS THE FORMER KREE WARRIOR, PROTECTOR THE UNVERGE) ANP A SOMEWHAT UNCERTAIN MAN NAMED CAPTAIN MARVEL PEPARTS IN 4 TRAIL OF WELL, MAR-VELL-- WHAT NOW? COLORATO (Py 1S CERTAINYY BREATHTAKING; BUT IT'S. NO MORE THAN A SPECK ON THE Ri GLOBAL SCALE. mh FLYING AROLING, i A i \ UGE a ‘a “ : ie I FEEL I SHOULD MAKE se VC onneiau- Ge OUT WHAT IDENTITY... AND TaN Thane mi ure won By WHATAING OF CONTRIBUTION? TIO BYORE A SIGE MOBTE ©) WHO SHOULP CAPTAIN MARVEL } THE (PENTOTY 111 Neer ee MAYBE T SHOULD VISIT IP ASK HIS APVICE. REG A TWIST! oO , (a= CAPTAIN MARVEL WILL yust HAVE TINUED AFTER NEAT PAGE Mecwuneg, Peer TAR BEVEWEL [aie | THe ae eo 7 We WAG BET Int "AS BEAK. rr Ong BA 7E cRASHeD, Oe Aner Wao bee I THOUGHT CAPTAIN MARVEL HAP SLA THANOS, THUS ROBBING ME OF] \Y BEAGON FOR EXISTENCE 177 BUT I LATER LEARNED THAT, INPEED, THANOS STltL LVES—— ANO'SO T BEGIN GERECHING THE COSMOS 4 YET 7 MusT eNTeR WMT CANNOT AFFORD Vi ANE, sea) 1O OVERLOOK ANY THis STRUCTURE. [rorsiete cee . THEN... TAG \G WHY X HAVE WANPERED THIS TIME THERE CAN BE. GOA Peet. Ron SOLaNG. Wht Oe ee a Th the waer coats? leap ON.” aecy pene, wie ME FROM FULFILLING MY GESTINY: NY re l | ) y | CERSEL: >,” i Our. aeorite, Vy eee \ NOTH ING ~~ NOTHING! ¥FOR THE TALE OF THANOS PEMISE, SEE MARVEL TWO-Ii- ONE ANNUAL #2 -- ROG. ‘CONTINUED AFTER Wt . BUT T'> BETTER START er EQOKING aie *— WELL, IF NOTHING See, (8 WOR Palen Lite.) SAME, B00 & 1 ECE) BEFORE r FOP CARRIEC ANC AMINE, Sx Way E THINK IS GE IKe TO HT THE: Colae-- | Kone 3 Cenven. 2 (SEE, HOW THe ornare = ANS WETHER J Oe NST THE WAN amg THE CLOTHES CAN A/F 1/7. TNUEI ATER NEXT PAGF WEIS QUE IN aH. He Wale Stain mages Ane e NOW ALMOST oe mie wae Menor Secs nore. Bepatee Le ron RAPT Tian TE RCSTING. a SIMBCY faiaae Cate | \ STREETS, WITH NO REAL DESTINATION ONO EH OOIIE: ae THEN IL GH ALL PORE HT Biro Or some THI HAPPEN! UST AROUND LISTEN 70 ME, ORAX, (BEFORE WE ENGAGE IN SOMETHING THAT may LAST Mer NOTHING BUT vy THIS 1S WHERE OMAN THE =-ANP_ NOW NOU'VE OF ONE! OTH COMBATANTS ARE IERRLY CAINE NOW, AS ER IND STILL IT BUILES, i BS Ano BULbS, An? @enens.,, M CL a ae ey oe | oo soet eee Ts § 23 CONTINUED AFTER NEXT PAGE ea oe ey Sam mien 1 To Lie UNMOVING, FOR | | WH- WHAT? AFTER LONG MOMENTS, ON THE THAT ve YOU STILE ie edt spade x akneza teins - ey BLT own: o Lars cave t\ Hat war. wu _ \R { efane HERE An We cal Tes peage —in |) f Nis warteaniore ] FORM “THE WORLD WIPE COMPUTER MA. WHICH GOVERNG ANP CONTROLS THE WORL? OF ERSES, Be ANS PREGENTLY ENC ERED BY THANOS:| INPEET, EVEN VOU, 3 AV pace Br eb cette, AN? pr Seilewees. me Ee ARR FOR, YOU ARE STILL TO DESTROY FHAIVO: Ld THAT WAS ae Avs MARVELL, BY OUR NOT MERELY)/ r WT, Vinpresewve, ra IMNESS F APABLE OF REVITALIZING ANGELES ‘AND NOW, SHALL ONE. once | [CITT Au WENT Weze, THEY WE GET GNOER- i POE | [E7 Wake pecenee ac WAY? z Pel ANTICIERTED, ANG ARE EN WITH OW NOW OW THE fos we DE OF 71 . evi es ee MODE OF TRANS- 1 Hiceaia dees : Fr THUS, THE SOLE ENTITY WHO MISH T PRG achat’ SP eons oun ver TS ORO'S MASTERS PLAN IS NOW ON (J HERE es DRAX, LEAVING ARTH PEPENSELESS +++ LORD yp Wie way ES