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Navy Pier Hides Evidence in Unfounded Trespassing Case

Public Interest Law Firm Seeks Contempt of Court Charges Against Illinois #1 Family Venue

Contact: Tom Ciesielka, 312.422.1333, tc@tcpr.net

(June 18, 2015 Chicago, IL) Thomas More Society has ask for a court ruling that could place Navy
Pier in contempt of court for withholding key evidence in a case of purported trespassing. The
charges stem from an April 2015 incident in which pro-life advocate Eric Scheidler was arrested for
trespassing after requesting and being granted permission to enter the property. Navy Pier has failed
to produce subpoenaed evidence, including video footage documenting Scheidlers interaction with
Navy Pier security.
On April 15, Navy Pier, named Illinois top family attraction, was the scene of a Planned Parenthood
fundraiser in the venues ballroom. Scheidler, as Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League,
organized a pro-life protest against Planned Parenthood on public property, near the piers entrance.
At one point during the evening, Scheidler walked onto the pier and was confronted by a security
guard. After consulting his superior officer, the guard gave Scheidler permission to walk down the
pier alone and without any protest signs. Scheidler complied. He was arrested by Chicago police as
he was about to exit the pier property and was charged with trespassing.
The video evidence that we have subpoenaed and that Navy Pier has failed to produce - will show
that, prior to Mr. Scheidlers arrest for allegedly remaining on Navy Pier property without
authorization, Navy Piers own security guard actually gave Mr. Scheidler permission to walk onto
the Pier, said Corrina Konczal, Associate Counsel at the Thomas More Society, the nonprofit public
interest law firm representing Scheidler. Navy Pier cannot press charges for this alleged trespass
while refusing to turn over subpoenaed evidence that would prove our client innocent.

Immediately upon receiving word of Scheidlers arrest, Thomas More Society attorneys sent a letter
to Navy Pier management cautioning them not to destroy video evidence from that day. A
subsequent subpoena demanded that Navy Pier produce video footage of Scheidlers interactions
with the security guards, and personnel logs that would reveal the name of the guard granting
Scheidler access. Navy Pier refused to produce this key defense evidence that will prove that
Scheidler was given explicit permission to enter the property and that the trespass charge is not valid.

Navy Pier did not comply with the subpoena by the June 15, 2015 deadline. Subsequently, the
Thomas More Society attorneys have filed and served a Petition for Rule to Show Cause asking the
Court to order John Graeber, Navy Pier Director of Safety and Security, to appear before the Court
on July 1, 2015, and explain why Navy Pier has failed to produce these key documents, or to be held
in contempt of court.

About the Thomas More Society

Thomas More Society is a national not-for-profit law firm that exists to restore respect in law for life,
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