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Treehouse Nurtures C reativity Of C hildren | Kids And Teens, K-12 Education

Treehouse Nurtures Creativity Of Children

Treehouse, one of the best kids
school in India has been
engaged in providing effective
educational services for the
children. The school has
different branches across India.
Treehouse focuses on quality
and effective education for allround development of human
personality. W e prepare child to
be an ideal citizen in India. The
curriculum offered by us is
highly based on scientific

Bringing Children Closer To Santa This

Holiday Season Holidaybadges.com
Creating amazing holiday gifts for children,
Holidaybadges.com is the best place to shop for
your little ones this year. Badges from Santa
Claus are a fun gift for children this Christmas.
Sunrise, FL (July 18, 2014) --- Every holiday
season kids look forward to being rewarded for
being good (more)

Kids Summer Camp & Kg School: Vital

Foroverall Development Of Your Child
One of the best ways for your child to spend
their summer vacations is to make them attend
a summer camp programme. The different fun
activities organized in a summer camp make the
child discover and explore nature on their own
pace. A summer camp is usually filled with
exciting games that will help (more)

Treehouse puts importance on

learn and fun activities. Our
teachers are highly trained and
talented in the new spirit of
education. They also keep focus
on the grow th and
development of childs early educational system. Teahouse occupies a stupendous position in
the field of education. Our expertise lies in providing various educational services, including;
It w ants to establish new relationships among the children.
It aims at establishing social and communicative skills
It enables to create cognitive pow er
It nurtures creativity of kids
It develops motor skills
Being one of Nursery school in India, it aims at providing new series of developments in the
arena of education. The school has proved itself the best Kids school in India. It has
implemented best-in-class educational program developed by the great educationists. It
teachers are restless to provide efficient and effective education for the children. W e have
combined play w ay and Montessori methods w ith a view to provide efficient teaching learning
Admission to the school is done throughout the year. A consistent feedback session w ith
parents is highly impressing w hich keeps the parents get updated w ith their kids progress. W e
are also highly focused on some sort of healthy relationship betw een teacher and students.
The school has branches across various major cities in India. The school is famous for
standardised and innovative teaching methods, conducive learning environment and qualified
& experienced teachers and balanced curriculum.
For More information Visit:

702 'C', Morya House,

Off New Link Road, Near Infinity Mall,
Andheri W est,
Mumbai- 400053
Tel: 022- 40169587 / 64572725 / 65295296
Girls Day Harlem
A fun-filled day of music, arts and crafts,
dancing, softball, and games to learn more
about Harlem RBI programs! Girls ages 5-14 are
eligible to join the Harlem RBI programs and are
invited to bring their family and friends to to
see what we are all about and have some fun!
All attendees with an eligible (more)

Created by: treehouse | Created at: 06:39 AM - June 16, 2015

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Girls Day South Bronx

A fun-filled day of music, arts and crafts,
dancing, softball, and games to learn more
about Harlem RBI programs! Girls ages 5-14 are
eligible to join the Harlem RBI programs and are
invited to bring their family and friends to to
see what we are all about and have some fun!
All attendees with an eligible (more)

Treehouse Provides Effective Childhood

Education plays a vital role for the society. It
acts as a pivot for the wheel of the progress.
For building childs personality, education plays
a stupendous role. Treehouse as a renowned
play schools in India focuses on various
scientific techniques and tactics to influence
children towards the (more)

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Treehouse: Indias Pioneer Playschool

With Centres Across India
Treehouse is the largest self operated
preschool chain in India. Each Treehouse centre
is a blend of healthy environment, safe and
fun-filled surroundings. Early experiences in the
initial years of life are vital for acquirement of
skills as highest brain development occurs
during this period. The activities (more)

Treehouse: Shaping The Future Of

Millions Kids Across India
Treehouse is among the top playschool for kids
in India. It runs various programmes like
preschool, high school, hobby class and day
care centre for kids. It was recently in the news
for opening 19 centers in Lucknow within 1
month. It provides senior kg school for kids in
India, which is a three hour (more)

Treehouse: Nurtures Talents Of Kids

Treehouse, a leading kids school in India which
is engaged in providing a unique education for
children. The school is engaged in building new
relationships with parents for smooth
understanding of the childs talents. Most of the
kids School in India are focusing on the proper
educational care of (more)

Treehouse: Best Play School For Kids

Treehouse, a renowned play school in India, is
engaged in providing educational services in
India. The company also operates various
branded self-operated preschools with the aim
of spreading education across India. Its
curriculum and trained teachers are
representing the real strength and orientations

Treehouse Provides Best Trained

Teachersfor Nurturing Childrens Talent
School is a place of learning. In schools the child
learns and able to get maximum chance to get
knowledge about day to day life. Normally,the

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child spends most part of the time

(approximately 6 to 7 hours) a day. It is very
clear that teachers have a great role to play.
For providing sufficient care (more)

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