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TISAK package is a useful service that allowsfast and safe delivery of packages
within numerous news stands. The service is simple and is the delivery package
at the lowest price in the market. Customers allows maximum flexibility, since
the receiver package can be picked within 10 working days, includin gweekends. 1
TISAK is committed to itscustomers expectations and also offers many services,
such as:

Tisak media Webshop

Payingbills by 2D barcod
Public transport tickets
SMS ENC bonns
Paysafecard i E-cashvouchers
Sale of ticketsfor all major cultural and sportsevents

Company TISAK, as a member of AgrokorGroup, performs delivery of all orders,

regardless of the amount of the order, the number of items and the payment
method are completely free of charge for all customer'sorders made in TISAK
media webshop.
After confirmation of the order, TISAK performs delivery of the packageto the
customer nearest newsstand. As thebroadest sourcing network in Croatia, TISAK
was recognized by many partners and satisfied customers by delivering their
packages and allows the maximum flexibility and comfort when choosing a
destination of delivery. By so doing, customers have no longer necessary to take
into account that you must be at home at the time of delivery of the
desiredpackage, because now they can pick it from the nearestnewsstandat any
Desiredpackage will be deliveredat the chosen place at latestof within 7 working
daysafterordering. TISAK is the onlydistributioncompany in Croatia thatdelivers in
the whole Croatian territory, as well as supplying the islands, because other
courierservicesdo not have small placesand islandson the list of places of
theirdelivery service destinations.


The package can be pickedup at the newsstandduring all working hourseveryday,

includingSaturday and Sunday at the selectednearestnewsstand, respectivelyat
the selectedpoint of sale.
Customers can use the help of newsstandlocator (geographicmapshows the
spatialdistribution of retailoutlets is published in Croatia) to
selectpickuplocationof theirorderedpackage. It is verysimple to locate
TISAKoutlets in major cities in Croatia by entering the address and numberto
detect (find) the nearest a place of delivery, and for smallerplaces you typeonly
the name of the place. 3Locatingsystemcould be usedvery easily byclicking on the
button "Select" in the appropriatenewsstandfrom the list of newsstands. Even,
place ofdeliverycould be changedafterconfirmation of the orderby clicking the
"Change of sale delivery".


Taking into account the geographical position and the fact that Republic of
Croatia has numerous islands, the company TISAK was forced to hire new staff in
order to timely submit ordered packages and meet the expectations of all its
customers in every corner of the state.
It is evident that the company suffers some losses by establishing free shipping
packages to small towns and islands, but the commitment of management is
focused to it scustomers and showing highlevel of social responsibility of proving
loyalty of the company to its customers.This approachs hows the company's
vision to accomplish long-term goals and market expansion.
The conclusion is that the company is looking towards the future, and is not
aimed at achieving short-term profit, but long-term stability of operations and
meeting the expectations of its customers no matter where they are located.
For implementation of these strategic decisions, human resources represent the
most important segment of the company, especially decisions brought by top
management, as well as owning the appropriate work force of this successful and
modern companies.

Company surely plans and additional employment in the future, with the purpose
of further development of the business.
This is certain confirmation of the company's focus for the crucial importance
human resources as the foundation of new growth. By diversifying and
introducing new services to the distribution of printed matter, which is still the
main business segment, there is a need for additional employment, in order to

meet all the quality requirements of customers and the growing needs of the