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First 2-4 words of your title followed by the page number 1

Full title of your paper

Your name as author with Roll Nos
University of Management and Technology
(then insert new page to start abstract)

First 2-4 words of your title followed by the page number 2

A summary of the entire paper but limited to 120 words or less. It should be a single paragraph
with no indentations. Then insert a new page to move on to page 3 before writing your paper.

First 2-4 words of your title followed by the page number 3

One page that must include what are the variable of interest why they are important and what is
the objective of your study

First 2-4 words of your title followed by the page number 4

Full title of your paper as it appears on the title page

Start here with a brief introductory paragraph about your topic. Do not put the word
introduction as a topic heading. The title takes the place of the word introduction as a topic


First Level One topic Heading
Discussion of the first topic of the assignment..
On the title page, the running head is on the top left side of the paper. It starts with the
words Running head in upper and lower case letters followed by a colon. After the colon you list
a shortened form of the title or the complete title as long as it is less than 50 characters including
letters, numbers, punctuation and spaces. This appears only on the title page. In the header you
will place the page header. To get to the header click on insert, then header and write your
header in the first box but make it right justified. The page header must be the first 2-4 words of
your title and followed by the page number. Use the insert page number tool on the header tool
bar to have it automatically insert a new number on each page. Then close the header. This will
place your page header automatically on every page.

First 2-4 words of your title followed by the page number 5

Second Level One Topic Heading
Discussion of second topic heading

If the topic needs to be broken down into further subtopics use Level 3 subtopic headings,
First Level 3 Subtopic heading
Subtopic headings are3 left justified and in

First 2-4 words of your title followed by the page number 6

Second Level 3 subtopic heading
You must always have at least 2 subtopics. If there is only one then just include it in the
discussion under the level one topic heading without the use of subtopics.

Third Level 1 topic heading


Citations in the text must include the authors last name only and the year of publication
(Smith, 2007). If there are multiple authors you must include all authors names the first time you
cite them (Hunter, Phelan, McKeough & Stapleton, 2006) . If you then cite again from the same
source you can shorten it to the first author and the words et al (Hunter et al, 2006). This is only
true if there is at least 3 authors. For sources with 2 authors always list both names. If the citation
is from a web site and has no date of publication then use the letters n.d. for no date (Jones, n.d.).

First 2-4 words of your title followed by the page number 7

When you use the authors name in the context of the sentence you must follow it with the
publication date even if that is an n.d. to show it is a citation. Stapleton (n.d.) lists many ideas
on this topic. If there is no author listed then use the title of the article as the citation (Internet
Security Issues, n.d.) and remember to provide the page number when using quotes. NEVER us a
web address or URL as the citation.
Your final level one topic heading will be conclusion. Here you make some concluding
remarks about the total paper. This will be followed by the reference page. The reference page
must start at the top of a new page. All other topic headings are placed immediately after the end
of the preceding topic. Before starting your references go to insert- new page. This will take
you to the top of a new page. References are to be listed in alphabetical order by the first entry.
This does not mean you reorder the authors names alphabetically. You use whatever the first
authors last name is to decide where in the list that source should appear. Sources that were
cited using their title are alphabetized by the first word of the title except you ignore the words
A, An or The at the beginning of the title. So The World Atlas would appear under W not under
T. Every source that is cited in your paper must be listed on the reference page, but only sources
that are cited. Every source listing must be double spaced and have a hanging indent. The first
word of the source listing must match the citation as the point of citations is to help the reader
find the source in the reference list. In the reference list you use the authors last name followed
by the initial of their first name, never their full first name.

First 2-4 words of your title followed by the page number 8

Hunter, D., Phelan, J., McKeough, M., & Stapleton, E. (2006). Learning Styles in Online
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Internet Security Issues . (n.d.) Retrieved June 12, 2008 from www.niu.edu/Gallagher/history.pdf
Jones, B. (n.d.) Technology Tips. Retrieved January 21, 2008 from American Intercontinental
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