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Name: Ines Riva Yulia


: 1210852011
Alliance South Korea and the United States as the Protection of the Korean War
International relations is a phenomenon that is reviewed and discussed the events that go

beyond the state border. Raised in the study of international relations is not only a study of interstate politics but much outside of it. The study of international relations to discuss the problems
of the world economy, the environment, international politics and many more sub- studies
discussed in the study of international relations.
The issues discussed by the analysis using the approach illustrate how the problem
occurred. One approach that is well known and often used in analyzing the problem is realism.
The work is considered fundamental in building the realist paradigm is Politics Among Nations
by Morgenthau and The Twenty Years Crisis by EH Carr .1
In this article I will attempt to analyze a problem with the realist approach is a case study of a
security dilemma experienced by North Korea and South Korea where the fear of each country
with the country's military progress that South Korea's alliance with the United States to
establish power greater.
Before analyzing the case study of what the author wants to describe the realist. Realism,
with its emphasis on security competition and war among the great power, has dominated the
study of international relations over the past fifty years. 2 Realist is a thought that explains
international relations in terms of politics and power (real politics) . Realist rationale assumes
that better known as state centric. Realists argue that the state is the only actor and there are no
actors other than the state. There is no ultimate authority other than the state in the international

1 M. Saeri, Teori Hubungan Internasional Sebagai Sebuah Pendekatan Paradigmatik

(Jurnal Transnasional, Vol 3, No 2, 2012) p 5
2 John J. Mearsheimer, Realism The Real World, and The Academy, p 1

According to the realists, human beings are characterized as always worried about the safety of
themselves in competition with other relationships.3 They are always trying to be strongest in
relation to other (state).
In the realist view of the state became the main point of decision making. Realists assume that
the international order is anarchy is anarchy which is a concept that forms the international order
without any power on power, which means the concept of anarchy describes an idea that assumes
that all countries are equal without any level. According to the realist ideal international order
that can be achieved in the absence of hegemony that dominates so that a country can only focus
on the country without any intervention or interference from other countries.
This is the one that makes a difference between thinking paradigm realism and liberalism.
Where in the conception of the liberal base, he assumes that the international order is actually
hierarchy who have power over power. Liberal hegemony justifies the assumption that this
hegemony will be able to adjust the existing order.
Realists assume that no one was able to help a country other than the country itself (selfhelp). For realists essentially human nature is evil (selfish), humans only themselves (selfinterest). Therefore people do not legalize realist cooperation, because the realist state is absolute
actors in policy making.
The main concept in the realist is power where military security and strategic issues is
high politics. Therefore, in the realist each country should try to increase power. If the power of a
country is weak then the country should form an alliance with a country that has a strong power
to strengthen power.
In this case we can see as happened in South Korea. Conflict on the Korean Peninsula
resulted in the division of Korea into two regions namely North Korea and South Korea where
North Korea was under the Soviet Union and South Korea allied with the United States. South
Korea alliance with the United States aims to minimize the threat of nuclear attack from North
3 Robert Jackson and Georg Sorensen, (2007). Introduction to International
Relations: Theories and Approaches. Great Britain: Oxford University Press, p 88

The Korean Peninsula could lead to large-scale conflict in the region are considering
North Korea that have nuclear weapons. For the U.S. presence in the region allied with South
Korea to help its allies in the face of conflict escalation increasingly tapered lately. Ideology
different from each country are also often lead to conflict.
Differences military capabilities of each country in which the North Korean military has
complete equipment and the presence of nuclear weapons clearly not comparable with South
Korea. The presence of U.S. ally South Korea aims to balance the power of the two countries
More than 33,000 U.S. soldiers involved in the conflict of the Korean peninsula, which lasted for
three years. Besides South Korea and the United States has a defense agreement in 1953.4
In principle, the Korea Peninsula is still faced with the conditions as well war between South
Korea and North Korea has not had a peace agreement. Seeing that South Korea will need to
have the party that can protect the country if at any time a war with North Korea would break out
again. Between South Korea and the U.S. agreed to a joint defense agreement governing if one
country was attacked by a third party then the other party will act. And the deal also includes
military aid to the policy as an example of one of South Korea helped the United States in its war
campaigns in Vietnam and Iraq . Since then the United States is the main protector for South
Korea. And South Korea as well as the basis of U.S. interests in the Asia Pacific region.
North Korean Nuclear Threat obviously have to disturb national security for South
Korea . Thus the South Korean foreign policy need to spend to save one of national security
alliance with the United States it is not without calculation see the increasing forces of countries
in East Asia such as China and the most threatening of course, North Korea .
Its like the same as my experience during high school. At that time there is a conflict
between me and my friend bench at which time there is competition between the values of the
result of war my friend and my bench. My friend existing bench outside the course must be very
threatening to me My friend who was sitting in front of me has a higher rank than me so I went
over to him so that I could learn and also aims to achieve my interest is to achieve higher grades
than my friends bench .
4 Manyin, Mark E. & Nanto, Dick K, Chine-North Korea Relations, (Washington:
Congressional Research Service: Report to Congress,: 2010) p6-7

From the two case we can concluded that the alliance conducted by South Korea and the
United States as well as me and my friend who has higher ranking than me to form a greater
power that they were afraid of the enemy to attack and to achieve the interests of the state - allied
countries .