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Rebecca Bunn

NAME: _______________________________

Log sheet for Recording

You will be assessed on the following go through it carefully! Once it is
done there is no going back! Your recording session must be filmed
Someone will follow you with an iPad. Explain what you are doing as you
are doing it and complete this sheet along the way!
Task Reminder
You should first prepare for the recording session by choosing the correct
microphone type and positioning for each instrument and vocal in order to
capture each performance, before making the required connections to your
recording device.
Keep a log, which should include connections, routing and channel settings,
inserts and control of dynamics, and the location of recordings/audio files. You
will also need to adhere to safe procedure throughout as you set up and handle
the equipment used to produce your multi-track recording.
During the recording process, ensure that the musicians receive an
acceptable headphone monitor mix, while adhering to safe sound pressure
levels (SPL).

1st June 2015

Student Planning notes for Recording Assignment Date _______________
Name of person being recorded and instrument: Christine

Learning Outcome: Specific detail

1) Choose a
Microphone for a
specific sound
2) Place mic in
correct position

Sound Source/InstrumentMicrophone used

Placement of microphone
Violin and we used the condenser microphone which was
placed in the middle of the room around 8 inches away from
the violin.

3) Connect the
microphone to the

Instrument Channel on Mixer

Type of connection?

4) Connect sound
source to Mixing

The microphone is connected to the mixer through snake in

Channel 1.
Channel 1 is connected to the back of the M-audio Profire
interface through Channel 2.

Learning Outcome: Specific detail

5) Evaluate
Microphone sound
quality and alter

I checked placement of the microphone and the sound was

okay but a bit quiet. So instead of making the violin, we
turned up the volume knob on the interface.

6) Any faults

No faults were made.

7) Health and
Safety procedures

8) Set input levels

for sound sources

Instrument Input level set

I made sure that Christine could hear us through the

headphones and also so they she could communicate with
Ensured that the SPL for Christine was not too loud
in her headphones.
And I made sure that no wires were hanging.


No EQ was applied until I start mixing.

9) EQ applied to
sound please state
which instrument
and why?

10) Set up Cubase

for recording
11) Route audio
signals to record

Mixer channel
Setting on Cubase
Set up Cubase through Channel 2 and the audio signal was
routed to record by pressing R button.

Learning Outcome: Specific detail

12) Record Sound



13) Record

Any overdubs required:



If so, on what instrument?

Violin , and record three tracks of violin.

Sound quality was good.

14) Evaluate the
sound quality of the

15) Any faults





If yes, please state: Christine played B flats in the first

recording so we corrected and then she
re-recorded correctly.

16) Health and

Safety procedures

Same as above.

!!! Location of recording (write EXACTLY where the file is saved:

O:/dhallsop/year10music/unitm6/ violin
Still to be mixed
Date of Completion:_______________________________________
Rebecca. Bunn

Student Signature:________________________________________