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CITELlink Gateway

Thinking about migrating to Voice-over-IP but you want to protect your existing
investment in Nortel Networks telephone sets? Well, now you can, quickly and easily
with Mitel 3300 CITELlink Gateway.
Protect Your Phone Set
Investment and Save

Easy Migration Path to a

Proven, Scalable IP Platform

Gain Access to
Advanced IP Services

Mitel 3300 CITELlink Gateways

enable Nortel Networks Norstar
or Meridian 1 telephone sets to
seamlessly operate on the advanced,
IP-based Mitel 3300 Integrated
Communications Platform (ICP).
No need to discard or replace
existing sets a significant savings
considering sets typically constitute
up to two thirds of the cost of a new
voice system. The more phones that
are migrated the greater the savings.

Nortel phones can be migrated to

a Mitel 3300 ICP quickly and easily.
There is no phone rewiring needed.
Just install the gateway along with
the 3300 ICP, update the function
key labels on your Nortel phones,
and start taking advantage of
your new IP environment.

Once connected to the CITELlink

Gateway, Nortel telephones have
access to powerful IP features
delivered by the Mitel Integrated
Communications Platform. With the
3300 ICP you can connect remote
offices, add teleworkers, deploy
wireless mobile telephones, add
state-of-the-art contact center
solutions, and so much more.



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3 3 0 0 C I T E L l i n k G AT E WAY

Mitel 3300 CITELlink Gateway

Mitel 3300 CITELlink Gateway integrates with the Mitel 3300 Integrated
Communications Platform (ICP) to enable Nortel Networks Norstar or
Meridian 1 telephone sets to operate like Mitel IP phones. The result: IP
functionality with your existing telephone sets.

Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform

The 3300 ICP is the robust, feature-rich enterprise IP platform that delivers the
benefits of convergence to companies and organizations across sectors and
around the globe. Supporting the industrys richest IP Telephony feature set,
the 3300 ICP gives enterprise users access to advanced converged applications
for messaging, collaboration, teleworking, device integration, contact centers,
mobility and more.

System Requirements
3300 ICP, Release 4.1 or later for Norstar telephones
3300 ICP, Release 5.2 or later for Meridian 1 telephones

Supported Nortel Networks Telephones

| Mitel Product Overview

Norstar Telephones

Meridian 1 Telephones

M7100, M7208, M7208N, T7100,

T7208, M7310, M7310N, M7324,
T7316, T7406 (cordless)

M2006, M2008, M3110, M3310,

M3901, M3902, M3903, M3904,
A2008, M2616, M3820



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3 3 0 0 C I T E L l i n k G AT E WAY

Typical Multi-branch CITELlink Gateway Deployment

Mitel Product Overview



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3 3 0 0 C I T E L l i n k G AT E WAY

Companies dont make decisions, people do. That is why Mitel is leading the
way toward a new and more personalized approach to communications for
enterprise and small business. Our innovative solutions, applications and
desktop appliances enable you to access, process and control your
communications and information naturally, simply and efficiently.
Our solutions allow you to collaborate over distance and time and to interact
with your customers, colleagues and partners as never before. By combining
the power of voice, data and video over converged high speed networks,
Mitel provides you with flexible and personalized tools that let you leverage
the latest advances for personal and organizational advantage.

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