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Requirements in Computer 4

A hard copy of requirements 1 to 5 passed


Bunquin, Sean Dominic M.

Coronel, Jilian Riza B.
Labrador, Vina Rose
Barcebal, John Michael
Aragon, Abegail D.
TTH 2:30-4:00

Requirement 1:
Group 5
A report on systems
What is a system?
The classroom definition is as follows:
A collection of related parts treated as a unit where its components interact
There are two types
The two types
1. Business systems
-Is a roll of policies procedures, methods, people, machines and other elements
that interact and enable the organization to reach its goals.
-Important task is managing and coordinating function.
-Goal for same org is to max profit and ROI to shareholders.

Information systems

-Collections of procedures programs, equipment and methods that process data

and make it available to management for decision making.
First Task
Observe the functions of the system in your community and list as many
systems as you can noting whether they are public or private business system
Fifth [Discussed in conjunction with 1st task]
Study the system in your community and determine whether it is an open or closed
system, make a list of its characteristics
Few facts to consider
Private business system is understood to be a system which is set up to benefit
individuals and is generally used for profit
Public business system is understood to be a system which is set up to benefit the
community of which the end goal is to render service rather than profit
Consider also

Open systems is one where input, or the results cannot be determined precisely, but
can only be guessed at.
In contrast
Closed system is one where the result or output can be predicted with certainty.
Here are the findings
Second task
Interview teachers and staff on your college campus and describe the system used
for registering students
Part 1
Part 2: After the prayer
Summary of The interview
Third task
Interview Five students and ask them to define the term system. Contrast their
definitions with that given in the text
Keith: It is a way how things work in an organized manner
Cebu: A system is a set of procedures harmoniously organized to perform a specific
function or an important function
April: System is an pagkasunodsunod o for example ha usa nga information system
an system dida is an pag dalagan han informations from the very first part to the
last .. ngan dapat an.. an mga.. an mga part ito nga system is interdependent so
kun mag.. kun diri ma.. dri mag work an usa ma.. ma apektohan an usa nga part for
example ha.. aton.. ha aton.. human digestive system so an gin papa kita ito nga
system an flow han food from our mouth to esophagus until I gawas na hiya as.. as..
bowel.. as tas amo adto (chuckle) amo la.
Ferds: So for mes there are many.. uh.. a variety of system like computer system,
human system, so but one thing is common to them is that their parts are
interdependent which is if one malfunctions the others are affected meaning to say..
that they work as one and then their output if one is affected their output will
be will be.. damaged or.. or.. their efficiency will be.. worl.. would be decreased
Arnel: system ok sige. For me system has something to do with.. uhh
harmonious relationships, as you see for a certain organization, when a certain
organization has a goal it has to have or to do need to have or device a way to
achieve that goal, and in order to achieve that goal, the organization cant stand
alone when only one person will do it rather there are a lot of functions that will be
performed by many individuals.. qualified individuals, so when these qualified
individuals perform they contribute to the fast achievement of this goal. So for me
system has to do with something with harmonious relationship within an
organization by that harmonious relationship then eventually those goals will be
Fourth task

Discuss the systems used by a small business proprietor. Categorize each system
according to its function and purpose
Systems used and their functions
Inventory system
Just in Time
Reorder Point
Cash management system
Payroll System

Thank you for your time