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Zorba the Buddha - The Complete Man


The traditional concept of man was that of a materialist or

spiritualist, moral or immoral person, sinner or saint. A
divided man is miserable. He is neither healthy nor whole; the
other half that has been denied will go on taking revenge. It
will find ways and means to overcome the part you have
imposed upon yourself. You will become a battleground, there
will be civil war.
In the past we were unable to create real human beings; we
made humanoids. A humanoid is one who looks like a human
being but is utterly challenged. He has not been allowed to
bloom in his totality. He is adhoora, and because he is half is
always tense; he cannot celebrate. Celebration is the fragrance
of being whole.
Only a fulfilled tree will flower. Man is yet to flower. The new
man will be earthy and divine, worldly and other-worldly. The
new man will accept his totality and he will live it without any
inner division, without getting split. His god will not be
opposed to the devil, his morality will not be opposed to
immorality; he will know no opposition.
He will transcend duality, he will not be schizophrenic. With
the new man will come a new world, because the new man will
perceive in a qualitatively different way. He will live a totally
different life. He will be a mystic, poet, scientist. all at once.
The moment a child grows to become whole, society starts to
suffocate him, stifling and cutting him into fragments, telling
him what to do and what not to do, what to be and what not to
Losing his wholeness, he becomes guilty about his whole being.
He denies much that is natural, and in that very denial he

becomes uncreative. Now he will be only a fragment, and a

fragment cannot dance, a fragment cannot sing. And a
fragment is always suicidal because the fragment cannot know
what life is. The humanoid cannot decide on his own.
Others have been deciding for him his parents, the teachers,
the leaders, the priests; they have taken all his decisiveness.
They decide, they order; he simply follows. The humanoid is a
My concept of the new man is that he will be Zorba the Greek
and he will also be Gautama the Buddha. The new man will be
Zorba the Buddha. He will be sensuous and spiritual in the
body, yet with a great consciousness, a great witnessing.
He will be Christ and Epicurus together. Religion failed
because it was too other-worldly. It neglected this world. And
you cannot neglect this world; to neglect this world is to neglect
your own roots. Science has failed because it neglected the
other world, the inner, and you cannot neglect the flowers.
Once you do that, neglect the innermost core of being, life loses
all meaning. The tree needs roots, so man needs roots, and the
roots can only be in the earth. The tree needs an open sky to
grow, to come to great foliage and to have thousands of flowers.
Then only is the tree fulfilled, then only does the tree feel
significance and meaning and life becomes relevant.
Religion talks only of flowers that remain philosophical,
abstract; they never materialise because they are removed
from earth. And science has failed because it cares only about
the roots.
We now need a new humanity in which religion and science
become two aspects of one human being. And art will be the

bridge. Thats why I say that the new man will be a mystic, a
poet and a scientist.