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Frequently Asked Questions for Managers

Kronos Timekeeping and Scheduling System

Note: For business unit-specific information, please refer to
the Essential Facts sheet for your business unit, also available on Managers Zone
on Manager and Employee Self Service on HR Connect.
Are all HFHS locations getting Kronos? Yes, all locations will ultimately be using Kronos. Some
already do and will be upgraded so they have the same functionality as business units across
the System. The rollout schedule is:
Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014: Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital*, Henry Ford Macomb
Hospitals**, and Greenfield Health Systems.
June 2014: Henry Ford Hospital, Henry Ford Medical Group, and Behavioral Services.
July 2014: Community Care Services (includes Continuing Care*), Corporate Services,
Health Alliance Plan, Project Helios, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital* and Henry Ford
Specific dates for the June and July rollouts will be shared when they are finalized.
*These locations currently use the Kronos system and will be receiving an upgraded version of
the software/application with the same functionality that is being deployed throughout the
**At Macomb, the Warren Campus is receiving the same upgraded version.
What are the Kronos policy changes and how do they affect me? Managers should refer to the
Key Messages and the updated Kronos Timekeeping and Exception Time Policy 6.25. This
updated policy goes into effect Sunday, Feb. 23.
If you are reading this on Managers Zone, a pdf of this policy is available as part of the
electronic managers tool kit.
You can also go to http://www.henryfordconnect.com/connect_body.cfm?id=44 or HR
Connect and Click on Forms and Policies, then search for Policy 6.25, Kronos Timekeeping and
Exception Time.

Note to managers: In addition, several policies have also been updated and will go into effect,
Sunday, Feb. 23. This is a result of an in-depth analysis of pay practices and will ensure greater
consistency throughout the organization. Managers/employees who are in job classifications
affected will be contacted by Human Resources. Managers and supervisors with questions
should contact their HR Business Partner.
We already have Kronos. What is changing from what we currently have? Why is it important
for our managers and employees to take advantage of training? Business units currently using
Kronos are using older or legacy versions. Although similar in look and feel, the functionality
of the new version contains many features that are not available in the versions currently in
use at these business units. These include robust scheduling features, modules that require
employees and managers to approve time, and automated time off requests, to name a few.
Also, the newer version to which we are migrating is web-based. Current users who have
already gone through training are finding it very beneficial. Paired with new and improved
processes, taking advantage now of the training in the updated application will save managers
significant time down the road.
Why did Henry Ford get Kronos? Kronos plays a key role in consistent, accurate time tracking,
shift scheduling, absence management, data entry and approval processing. It is a significant
investment in information technology and, similar to Project Helios/Epic and HAP 2.0, will result
in improved efficiency and consistency System-wide.


Why are only non-exempt employees required to swipe/sign in and out? Non-exempt
employees are paid on an hourly basis; exempt employees are not. Kronos will help ensure that
non-exempt employees are accurately paid for the hours they work. Swiping/signing in and out
will capture time worked as well as help ensure non-exempt employees are paid in accordance
with the Systems pay practices including overtime, shift and weekend differential, etc.
Kronos also provides all employees, including non-exempt employees, flexible anytime access
to their own work schedule information.
Will my badge work with Kronos? Some employees will require new badges. To determine if
you need a new badge:
Turn your badge over.
If it has a black magnetic strip on the back, you do not need a new badge.
If it does not have a black strip on the back, you will need a new badge.

Business unit-specific information about obtaining new badges is available on the Essential
Facts sheet for each business unit.
Will I be able to use either a time clock or a PC or just one or the other? Non-exempt
employees are expected to use time clocks. If a clock is not available, an employee may use a
PC as an alternative. Individual department managers will determine whether their employees
will use time clocks or a PC. Both options will be available.
I will be signing in and out using my PC which means I will need access to Employee Self
Service. How can I get my Employee Self Service user name and/or password? Contact the IT
Help Desk at 248-853-4900, toll free at 1-888-871-4770 or send an email to helpdesk@hfhs.org.
Is there online support from Kronos while in the application? Yes. Click the Help link in the
upper right corner and choose the topic that best fits your question. Or, use the Search feature.
What can I do at the time clock or PC? You will be able to:
View your schedule
View CTO/PTO balances
View and approve time
Request time off
How do I take out time for lunch or a break? Kronos automatically deducts 30 minutes for
lunch/meal breaks for shifts 6.5 hours or longer.
What if I cannot take lunch or I have an interrupted lunch? When you clock out for the day,
answer No when asked if you received a lunch break.
What if I forgot my ID badge? Employees are required to wear their ID badges at all times while
on duty. If an employee forgets his/her ID badge, the employee needs to notify the supervisor
or designee before the start of the shift and write the IN and OUT times on the Exception Log
on the day of the event. A forgotten ID badge counts as a missed punch.
What is the Kronos Exception Log and where is it kept? The Kronos Exception Log is where you
will record missed swiping/signing in or swiping/signing out. Departments decide where to keep
their Exception Log. Managers and timekeepers should share this information with their
What if I forget to swipe/sign in or swipe/sign out? Complete an entry in the Kronos Exception

When do I need to approve my time and obtain manager approval? Employees are expected
to review and approve their time by the end of the pay period and can do it on a daily basis.
Manager approval can take place anytime after the last shift in a pay period and up to noon
Monday prior to pay day.
What happens if I do not approve my time and/or receive manager approval by the
deadlines? According to Kronos policy, employees are expected to approve their time.
Employees will be paid whether or not they approve their time; this is to ensure that the payroll
process is not stopped. Managers are expected to loop back to the employee to resolve the
issue; HR will also follow up with managers.


I am an exempt (salaried) employee. How does Kronos affect me? Exempt employees will use
Kronos mainly to request time off, verify their own time, and verify and approve the time of the
employees who report to them. Department managers or schedulers will enter non-exempt
(hourly employee) schedules into Kronos. For exempt employees and physicians, a 40-hour
work week will be pre-populated into the Kronos system.
Why do I need to request CTO/PTO through Kronos? Requiring exempt employees (except
physicians) to request CTO/PTO using Kronos will help the System track and understand how
exempt employees are using their CTO/PTO. It will also help the System understand who is at
work on a given day.
I am not paid hourly. Why do I have to approve my time using Kronos? Requiring exempt
employees (except physicians) to approve their time will help ensure these employees are more
accountable for their time. Kronos also provides all employees, including exempt employees,
flexible anytime access to their own work schedule information.
What happens if I dont request time off or verify my own time using Kronos? Managers are
expected to work with employees who do not use Kronos to perform these tasks to ensure that
they do.

How do I get trained in how to use Kronos? All managers/timekeepers/schedulers and
employees will learn more about Kronos and how to use it. Reminders about when to register
for training will be communicated through Business Unit newsletters and emails when each

areas go-live date draws near. Training for Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals, Henry Ford West
Bloomfield Hospital, and Greenfield Health Systems is currently underway.

Who can I contact if I have a problem swiping/signing in and out/using Kronos? This will vary
by business unit; details are being shared through a variety of communications. Managers can
access business unit-specific information on Managers Zone on Manager and Employee Self
Service on HR Connect.

What is the difference between approving and signing off on time worked? Each employee
approves their own time, indicating that she/he is satisfied that the time recorded reflects
actual time worked. After employees have approved their time, their manager also approves
their time. Only Payroll signs off on time worked; this means everything is in order for HFHS
to pay the employee.
Where can I find the Henry Ford Kronos Timekeeping Policy? Go to http://henry.hfhs.org and
search for Kronos Timekeeping and Exception Time or search using Kronos as the key word.