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Change your life.

Change your water


Leveluk SD-501 Water Ionizer

Kangen water is created
with everyday tap water
that has been diverted
through Enagics Leveluk
SD 501 Kangen water machine.
The water is purified of all toxins, including chlorine and restructured through the process
of ionization. The water comes
out of the machine as alkaline/
antioxidant Kangenwater.
Enagics special patented technology is unsurpassed by any
other water ionization company
available today.
Leveluk SD-501is Enagics
most popular home model. It
boasts 7 electrode plates, produces water with a higher negative ORP and is fully automatic
with a built-in tank for the electrolysis enhancer.
Because of the ORP this unit
is especially helpful for indi-


viduals who have chronic or

serious health issues. Create a
healthy delicious drinking water ,restore the acidic/alkaline
balance in your body, sterilize
your kitchen without using

Health and Wellness


Lemuel Parantar

Warranty: Full 5-Year

7 Electrode Plates
(Platinum coated titanium)
Electrolysis Enhancer for
strong water
Automatic Cleaning
Voice Notification Guide
Water processing Capacity.
Regular Kangen: 2.0
Acid water: 0.7 GAL/minute
Strong Acid: 0.3 Gal/minute

Easy to operate.


Gold Standard

So many people spend their

health gaining wealth, and
then have to spend their
wealth to regain their

Bottled Water is not always the best choice

Many people are surprised to
learn that several brands of
bottled water contain highly
acidic water. This is not good
and can be a contributing factor
to ailments, such as:



Clogged colon


Also many bottled waters are

created using the process of

Premature aging

reverse osmosis, which results

of whats commonly referred to
as dead water . Instead of
supporting your body, drinking
this type of water can actually
have negative effects on your
bodys ability to absorb important nutrients.

63-927 822 1222


Is it any wonder why our

health and wellness is of
paramount importance?
It's been said that the
Greatest Wealth is
Health... this rings so
very true! You can have
all the money and notoriety in the world... but
what good is all of that
when you are incapable
of enjoying it in good
health? Worse yet, how
about being unhealthy
and unwealthy?

Our water, our environment, our wallets

Why do we buy bottled water? It seems
clean. Its clear plastic packaging makes
us believe that its purification process is
complete and that it's healthy for us. But
what we're really contributing to is the
massive amount of plastic that is ending
up in landfills and even our oceans!
Health is a strong motivator behind our
purchasing choices. However, buying
bottle after bottle of water takes up space
on our planet and is a financial drain on
us. All this and it gives nothing back!
Having healthy living water in our

homes accessible to us every day is the

responsible choice for our bodies and our
planet. The choices we make count for a
YOU have the power to change your life
and the lives of those around you.
Drink the best water available. Feel
good. Do good. Life is GOOD!
Dont blow it, good planets are
hard to find

What is Kangen water?

Kangen Water is a trademarked name for
the best alkaline ionized water in the
world, which is a healthier form of water, with significant and beneficial antioxidant properties.
Creating Kangen
Water starts with a thorough filtration of
impurities and then an electrolysis process
which separates ordinary water (H20) into
two completely separate entities. One half

of the separated water are the positive

acidic molecules, while the other half are
the negative alkaline molecules.
Kangen Water is an alkaline water (with a
pH of 8.5 - 9.5) for drinking purposes,
while the acidic water (with a pH of 2.5 -

6.5) is used for topical applications. The

word "Kangen" is Japanese for "Return
to Origin," which helps to explain the
philosophy behind the alkaline ionized-

water as it pertains to your body and your

health. The human body needs to maintain balance between acidic and alkaline.

He who has health, has

hope. And he who has
hope, has everything.

How to drink Kangen water

Everyone should start with 8.5, the lowest
level of the alkaline water and then progress from there at intervals of two weeks.
First two weeks ? 8.5 pH
Next two weeks ? 9.0 pH
There after ? 9.5 pH
If at any time you feel it is too strong go
back to the last level and spend a little

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more time there before moving a higher

pH level. When people feel healing
symptoms (headaches, lightheadedness,
lack of energy etc.) the tendency is to
drink less water. During this cleansing
you should increase the amount of water
you are drinking. These healing symptoms are the effects of toxins being
stirred up. Now that we?ve got them
moving we want to make sure they are

moving out and to being eliminated.

Drink more water!

Do not drink Kangen Water during
your meals.
Drink 15 minutes before and 1 hour after
a meal. If you absolutely need to drink
water during the meal drink ?Clean? water and limit it to 1 cup max.

What to avoid while drinking Kangen water...


Eliminate Soda, Sugared Drinks,

and Sport or Energy drinks.
The most common reason people do not
get any benefit from drinking restructured, ionized water is they are consuming too much acidic liquids. It would
take gallons of ionized alkaline water to
neutralize what they consume, and gallons more to begin to reduce acid waste
in the body.
2. Eliminate Coffee, at least if you are
drinking coffee make it with restructured,
ionized water. You can use about the half

the amount of coffee and get the same flavor,

and the acidity of the coffee will be substantially less. But for best results, if you can,
eliminate it or cut back to one cup per day.
3. Eliminate Alcohol
When you first start drinking restructured,
ionized water, your body is able to gently
cleanse your tissues and organs. If you want
to improve your health it is best not to expose
your body to so many challenges.

Having healthy living water in our

homes accessible to us every day is
the responsible choice for our bodies and our planet.

How much water should I drink?

It is different for everyone because we
are all different sizes, shapes and
weights. Here is the calculation most
health experts agree on:
Drink a minimum of 1/2 of your body
weight in ounces of water daily. So divide your body weight in half. That number in ounces is the minimum you need
to drink daily. 1 quart = 32 ounces. If you
weigh:100 lbs you need to drink a minimum of 50 oz. of water a day.
150 lbs you need to drink a minimum of
75 oz. of water a day200 lbs you need to
drink a minimum of 100 oz. of water a
day .This is a minimum amount of water

you need to drink just to hydrate.

Remember you cannot get results ?
looking? at the water!
The easiest time to consume water is first
thing in the morning. Get out of bed,
walk to the kitchen and pour yourself a
glass of water. It is very easy to consume
a liter or more of water in the first few
hours you are awake and before breakfast. Not only will Kangen Water get
your engine going but it will do wonders
for your eliminations. It is amazing what
happens when you start drinking the
amount that is right for you. Water is

important for your health, Become more

conscious of your water consumption!

Effects of Kangen water on our body

Effects of Kangen water on

liver cells. These imbalances

and/or resistances can occur as

Diabetes is a disease of the

blood specific to low levels
of the hormone insulin and/
or insulin resistance wherein
normal amounts of insulin
are unable produce the
proper response from the
bodys fat, muscle and

a result of an improperly functioning pancreas, a long term

acidic diet or other imbalances
which impair the bodys ability
to produce or properly use insulin

In its natural state, the body is slightly alkaline. By the time we reach the age of 30,
the acid/alkaline scale of most Americans
has tipped in favor of acidity. This is
caused by numerous factors from the typical American diet (which is often quite
acidic) unavoidable environmental toxins
and stress.

Kangen Water and AntiAging

How does Kangen Water lead to a

healthy body?

My life..my water

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How does Kangen Water lead to a healthy body?

The textbook of Medical Physiology that the first and foremost step towards
maintaining health is to alkalize the body because the cells of a fit body are
alkaline and the cells of a weak body are acidic. As it is known that human
bodies are unable to manufacture alkalinity, thus you have to provide the alkalinity from an outside source to keep the body away from becoming acidic
and dying.
Alkalinity, Acidity & Food
The brain and body of humans are very sensitive to even tiniest change in the pH
level of vital fluids of your body. The pH less than 7.0 is known as acidic, while
more than 7.0 is known as alkaline. Human body tries to sustain many pH levels
in a number of body systems.
So What is So Special about This Water?
All research on kangen water was done in Japan and it led to realization of the
ideal water for drinking. They adopted a name "kangen" that is used to desribe
healthy, clean, alkaline water that has no impurities and ionized. It allows your
body to absorb all nutrients much faster.

What are major benefits of kangen water?

1. You can clean fruits and vegetables, carpets, bathrooms, medical offices with
Strong Kangen Water that has ph 11.5
2. You can use it for drinking as high alkaline water ph 8.5-9.5
3. You can take for prescription medicationas neutral filtered water
4. You can use it for skin care as Mild acid water or they call it "beauty water"

Changing our acidic state

The pH balance in our bodies is
more important that you may already know. Dr. Gregory C.C.
Young Ph. D. reminds us that disease
thrives in acidic environments."The
chemistry of life," he says, "is water
chemistry." Cancer, diabetes, and
heart disease are epidemics dominating our medical system.
Kangen Water is a step toward balancing your body's chemistry for better overall health.

5. You can disinfect wounds, sores and infected places with Strong Acid Water
ph 2.5
I think everyone should make informed decisions about what they choose to drink
but when it comes to health and improving our well being why not make right

Carry Water Bottle!

How Long Will the Water Last?

Get the best water bottle possible:

The properties of the water do not last

forever. Some properties are very stable,
others, like the anti-oxidant property
dissipate quickly.

#1 Glass
#2 Stainless Steel.
#3 Best plastic possible.
This way you are ready when you are
thirsty and do not have to purchase another
water or beverage that may not be as
healthy for you.
Secondly, carrying a water bottle is an easy
way to tell how much water you have consumed in a day. It is harder to keep track if
you drink a glass here and a glass there.
Once you are more conscious about your
water consumption you will be surprised
how easy it is to reach your minimum daily

Kangen Water and Cancer

How It Works
Kangen water is very alkaline (pH of 8.5 to 9.5), has a high redox
potential (i.e. it is a good antioxidant because its ORP value is very
negative -250 to -800), and its water molecules are in smaller clusters than those of normal water. All these things, directly or indirectly, help inhibit the spread of cancer and aid in killing cancer
cells. However, there is not enough evidence to categorize Kangen
water as a stand-alone treatment plan .
Kangen Water
Kangen water works on cancer in three major ways. It is a good antioxidant, meaning it has a very negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction
Potential) value from -250 to -800. Due to the very negative ORP, it
neutralizes free radicals (i.e. ROS - Reacmuch, if after all tive Oxygen Species) , making many oxygen molecules available to the cancer cells either to slow the growth of cancer or to kill the cancer
cells. This is done with the hydroxyl ions in the ionized water .
Unlike hydrogen peroxide, which adds oxygen molecules to the body
(i.e. they don't already exist in the body), Kangen water makes existing oxygen molecules, which are already in the body, available to the
cancer cells by giving them electrons. This is advantageous because
it removes damaging free radicals at the same time.

Kangen water is also very alkaline (i.e. pH 8.5 to 9.5). Cancer

cells do not thrive in an alkaline environment:

acidic environment remains.

Drinking water that has a high alkaline pH, because of its deacidifying effect, will help in preventing cancer. In Asia, alkaline
water is regularly served to patients, and is considered a regular
part of treatment
Water molecules in our body do not exist individually, but in clusters. Kangen water clusters are significantly smaller than normal
water clusters. A water cluster generally consists of about a dozen
water molecules. Because the cluster is so big, the water clusters
cannot penetrate many places in the body. By making clusters half
that size, in terms of the number of water molecules per cluster, the
clusters (i.e. the water) can penetrate into more places in the body.
The shape of Kangen water clusters (a hexagon) also helps them get
into places regular water cannot go. Reducing the size of the water
clusters and their resulting hexagonal shape are sometimes called
making wetter water.
. Kangen water is considered a primary treatment in Japan or Korea
(where most of the research seems to be taking place) because of its
antioxidant activities. Since several less-effective antioxidants are
considered to be primary treatments, it is only reasonable that this
would also be considered a primary treatment .

Dr. Keiichi Morishita in the book, The Hidden Truth of Cancer,

states that if the blood develops a more acidic condition, then
these excess acidic wastes have to be deposited somewhere in the
body. If this unhealthy process continues year after year, these
areas steadily increase in acidity, and their cells begin to
die.Other cells in the affected area may survive by becoming abnormal; these are called malignant. Malignant cells do not respond to brain commands. They undergo a cellular division that
is out of control. This is called cancer Modern medicine in America treats these malignant cells as if they were bacteria or viruses. It
uses chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to treat cancer. Yet none
of these treatments will help very much, if after all of that, the

Super Charging this treatment.

Take sea salt (1/4 teaspoon per quart) with
Kangen water. Also, make sure you take a
good mineral supplement, preferably one
with trace elements. A good calcium supplement will also help make your body
alkaline. It is imperative to stop drinking
all types of soda and consuming refined
sugar (soda and refined sugar are very
acidic and offset the alkalinity of the Kangen water). It is recommended to drink
between 1 gallon and 2 gallons of Kangen
water a day. In order to get the full effect

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of the hydroxyl ions, drink the Kangen

water within a few hours of producing it .

This treatment should not be considered a

major alternative cancer treatment.

An alternative cancer treatment should be a

complete treatment protocol. Please make
sure to study the complete treatment protocol for Stage I, II and III cancer patients
and the complete treatment protocol for
Stage IV cancer patients.

Drink Alkaline Ionized Water

For Your Health Today And Tomorrow
A big problem to maintain health is to achieve a proper pH balance in your body. To achieve balance, many health practitioners recommend consuming an 80/20 combination of alkaline and acid forming foods. Alkaline forming foods consist of fresh, preferably organic,
fruits and vegetables. Most any food that is prepared or processed like chips and crackers is acid forming. And cooked foods also contribute to the acid/alkaline imbalance in our diet today.
Unfortunately, the typical American diet consists of mostly high acid-forming foods and beverages. Diets high in processed foods and most
prepared drinks like soda compound the problem. Also, your body's own metabolism and physiological functions produce acidic wastes
that can build up in your body if not properly disposed of.
Properly shifting an acidic body to a healthy alkaline base is difficult over time when it is difficult to break away for diet habits. Unless you
are extremely disciplined with your diet habits or you are threatened by a serious illness your body pH balance will be difficult to adjust to a
healthly alkaline balance.
Drinking fresh alkaline ionized hexagonal water can offer you a simple way to start changing your habits and improving your overall
health. The high alkalinity of ionized water from a good ionized water machine can help shift your body pH balance to a healthy alkaline
balance. The smaller hexagonal shape of ionized water can hydrate your body up to three times more effectively. The more fresh the ionized water, the more benefit you will receive for the antioxidant effect.
The body will do anything to keep the pH of blood at 7.36. If the pH of blood drops to 7.0, this can be life threatening. The logarithmic
scale of pH represents that from 7.4 to 7.0, you have a four time increase in the acidity of the substance. For the blood, this is dramatic.
To maintain a proper pH in the blood for healthy physiologic functions, the body will buffer acids found in the blood. The body will call
on minerals stored in our organs and bones. It is important to note that the body will have to damage it's own organ systems just to keep the
blood healthy.
Chronic long-term over-acidity can accelerate the aging process. While the body maintains the proper pH level in the blood, all other tissues can become more acidic. Health experts agree that an over-acidic environment in the body is related to the reduced resistance to colds,
flu and respiratory problems.

How to get started drinking alkaline ionized water

The best way for you to get started appreciating the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionlized water is to get a ionization machine for
yourself. We recommend Leveluk SD 501. The reason for the decision to use this particular machine is primarily because you get what
you pay for. Because of the increase ORP, this unit is especially helpful for individuals who have chronic or serious health issues.
Revolutionize your lifestyle with water. SD 501 is fully automatic and very simple to operate.

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