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DR STRANGE 30¢) 23 €_|ovore | MARVEL COMICS GROUP MASTER OF | THE/MYSTIC ARTS” ITS NAMEMS:: LS er re S 7) Pati sy = A ee F- ww MARV WOLF MAL M DY, JOE ROSEN EY COLEMAN oe aim STARS LP) NEGRES 54 3 AYANGHUS 187 LETTERER COLORIST za BS Ee ie Sete g RR Maas Eile So aonb eaa , A FOUR-SECTIONED AREA OF BPACE WHERE LIFE AND SCIENCE BARE NO ZELATIONEHIP TO ANY OTHER PART OF THE KNOWN UNNERSE, ANO 1716 INTO THIE) 2», | eee (TH CLEA ~ : 7 INGE, oT Sete fastens Tl Yanidee pager , 2s XANDE® DARED + ATTACK ME. (TO Ge DOCTOR STRANGE™is published by MARVEL COMICS GROUP. OFFICE OF PUBLICATION: 575 Madinon Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022. Published bimonthly. Copyright ©1977 by Marve! Comics Group. A Division of Cadence Industries Corporation. All rights reserved 875 Mednon Avenue, New York NY. 10022. Vol 1, No. 23, June, 1977 sve. Price 30¢ per copy in the US. and Canada. Subsoription rate $4.00 for 12 sues. Canada, $5.00. Foreign $6.00. No similarity between any of the names, characters, persons, and/or inrtitabions in this magazine with whote of any ving of dead person or Institution is mended, and any suen simulrity which may exist purely coincidental Printed in the United States of America. DOCTOR STRANGE Icluing ll praminent characters featured inthe sive) andthe distinctive likeness theveot_ are radernaths of the MARVEL COMICS GROUP FYE WASTED 130 MUCH T/ME BINCE XANDER FIRET ASSAULTED ME AND MY COMING HERE. y WAC TO ie FOR, HE TOLD OF THEIR CREATING VERSE-ONE WHICH MoaBee Srey we Very Faenic ame ow = 3 ill ‘GUARDIAN OF ALL THERE