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The application for spot collection system takes minimum required inputs for
processing of the receipts, produces the output and prints the receipt. Is a simple to
operate with a user-friendly interface.
The software runs on an Intelligent Hand Held Terminal (IHHT), with a printer
attached to it. The purpose of this entire system is to issue the receipts for the consumers
on the spot.
The software is designed for the purpose of implementing a collection system
called as spot collection system and is divided into two modules as one, which runs on a
Hand Held Terminal and the other that runs on a standard PC.
The second part is server side communication software, which runs on a standard
PC with minimum hardware configuration and windows operating system. The purpose is
to communicate to the IHHT for downloading and uploading of data, to & from the
1.2. SCOPE

The consumer data is maintained in databases at Computer Center. This data is

converted into text file based on certain criteria for downloading into Spot Collection
Machines (SCMs). These SCMs are then taken into the field for collection the data of the
consumers on the spot. Each SCM can store about 4MB data of consumers. After the
receipts are issued, the SCMs are brought to the Computer Center and the data is
uploaded into PC. This output data appears in text files, which should be converted back
into the databases.
1.3. Software features and limitations
The input for this spot collection software should be in text file. The consumer
input data should be converted from database to text files for downloading
(PC to SCM operation) and the output generated from SCM in uploading
(SCM to PC operation) should be converted back into the databases, as it
appears in text files only.
The record length of each consumer record in the downloading data is fixed.
PC side communication software is developed in windows operating system.
Communication setting at PC side should be proper when data transferring, keep
the setup same and check communication with other PC. Do not fold the cable with sharp
bend near IHHT connector.

The standard default communication Baud rates are up to 115,200 baud. The
communication cable is used for to and from data transfer between PC and IHHT
For security issues the software does not allow the end-user to alter any data or
program logic. The software has a chip level control and does not provide with any
options to alter anything in the product that is not related to the end user.
As soon as the User switches on the SCM machine, it asks for an authentication (i.e.,
User has to enter valid User Name and Password). SCM displays a menu, consists of
different functions along with relative functional keys like F1-RECEIPT, F2-REPORT

From F1-key, user can take a receipt for any consumer. Sequence /Scrolling will
be available for selecting and collection a particular consumer. At the time of
taking receipt user has to enter the consumer details like Amount, Payment mode
(Cash/Check/DD) and Bank name etc.
After issuing the Receipt user has a facility to send SMS, which contains the
details of a collected consumer. All the unsent messages are saved and can be sent
at any time/every transaction as per users need.
From F2-key, user can take different types of reports like Summary report, Bank
wise details and Bank wise summary etc.
From F3-key, user can download data from PC to SCM / Upload data from SCM
to PC.


To upload or download data, user should open the application on the PC side. This
application is an interface between the SCM and PC. Data can be transferred
through the serial cable, which is connected to communication port of the PC.
If the User is downloading data from PC to SCM, unit should be in waiting mode,
i.e., SCM is ready to receive data. At this condition only data can be transferred
from PC to SCM. User can download the data like Consumers Master data, Users
data, Banks data and ERO Master Data etc.
If the User wants to upload data from SCM to PC, PC should be in waiting mode,
i.e., PC is ready to receive data. At this condition only data can be transferred
from SCM to PC. User can upload the collected consumers data to PC.