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Siti Amanina Farhanah binti Abdul Hakim / 17303 / PGS / Group 27 / Madam

Shahrina Mohd. Nordin

Technical Presentation Outline
Topic : Geohazards

Title of Presentation
1. Is it a technical topic? Justify.
Yes, I believe that the topic that I have chosen is indeed a technical topic as Geohazards are
typically related to tectonic issues, such as earthquakes and volcanoes, and other naturallyoccurring processes such as landslides. Sometimes, human-induced activities such as drilling
through an over-pressured geological zone can cause geohazards too. Therefore, I genuinely
think that its crucial for me to further educate my fellow classmates on this topic for them to
remain mindful of the hazards that they may encounter while dealing with the geological
1. How did you determine the knowledge level of your audience?
Since it has come to my attention that all of my classmates for my Presentation
Communication Skills class are also my course mates in Petroleum Geoscience, it is easier for
me to understand the depth of their knowledge when determining the topic that I should
2. How did this information influence your presentation?
The fact that the rest of the class belongs to the same course as me is nerve wracking and
exciting at the same time. Nerve wracking because I know that they will understand the topic
that I have chosen and thus it is crucial for me to not make even the slightest of mistakes in
my presentation in order to avoid appearing uneducated and ignorant. Exciting, meanwhile,
because I know that they will not have any problem understanding the geological lingo that I
may use during my presentation.
3. How do you plan to gain the audiences attention?
I have been meaning to catch the attention of my audiences by giving out a clear presentation
and putting in some efforts to make sure that my presentation is engaging and not boring by
being more humorous and energetic. I will also probably make it a point to form an
interaction with my peers, by asking them for feedback on my topic.


Siti Amanina Farhanah binti Abdul Hakim / 17303 / PGS / Group 27 / Madam
Shahrina Mohd. Nordin
1. Introduction
What is the purpose and importance of choosing this topic?
In the lights of recent earthquakes that have transpired in Sabah, I would like to
emphasise on the many different forms of geohazards, other than earthquakes, that
can take place in not only Malaysia, but also all over the world.

How is the topic relevant to the audience?

Geological hazards are common and can occur on almost every parts of the Earth but
Malaysia, in general, has been facing a lot of this geohazards in the recent months.
This topic will be getting the audiences mind thrown down the memory lane as I will
be teleporting them back to what they have learned in class in their first year of

What do you expect the audience to learn from the presentation (objectives)?
I expect the audience to gain a few key points from my presentation, as the main
purposes for my presentation are for them :- To understand the meaning of geohazards.
- To understand that there are many different types and forms of
geohazards that can occur all over the world.

What is your thesis statement?

I am planning to base my presentation on the thesis that Geological hazards are
natural phenomena that cause major problems all over the world.

List the main points that will support your thesis statement.
I will be supporting my thesis statement with by answering points such as :- What is the meaning of geohazards?
- What are some examples of signs indicating that a geohazard will occur?
- What are some of the most commonly occurring geohazards?

How are you establishing credibility?

I will establish my credibility by ensuring that I am confident during my presentation
in order for my audience to actually believe that I know what I am presenting about. I
will also be dressing my part, showing that I am a professional who is serious in her
presentation. I will also ensure that I make eye contact with my audience.

2. Body

Which organisational pattern are you using? Justify your choice.

I will be delivering my presentation in Topical Pattern as all of the points that I will
be making are of equal importance and while they are definitely related to each other,

Siti Amanina Farhanah binti Abdul Hakim / 17303 / PGS / Group 27 / Madam
Shahrina Mohd. Nordin
they do not necessarily have to be presented in any specific order as I will be focusing
on the examples of geohazards throughout my presentation.

List the supporting ideas for each main point.

I plan to support my presentation with explaining in details my main points, for
example :- What is the meaning of geohazards?
A geohazard is any natural hazard that is caused by the Earth.
- What are some examples of signs indicating that a geohazard will occur?
A volcano eruption, for example, can be predicted by observing

the following signs :1. The gases that the volcano give off change out of a sudden
2. Small-scale earthquakes occurring in the local area
3. The volcano starts to get bigger as it fills with magma
What are some of the most commonly occurring geohazards?

How do you ensure that there is a coherent transition from one main point to the next
main point?
I will make sure that I use appropriate transition phrases when transiting from a main
point to another in order to avoid inflicting confusion amongst my audience and also
in order to ensure that my presentation is clear and precise. Examples of such phrases
are: Firstly, Secondly, Next, Then, As a conclusion.

Describe how you are going to summarise each main point.

I am going to summarise each point by relating it back to my thesis statement that I
have stated earlier in my presentation in order for the audience to fully grasp and
understand the purpose of my presentation.

3. Conclusion
Describe how you are going to summarise the entire presentation.
I will be summarizing my entire presentation by quickly recapping the main points
that I have presented to refresh the memory of my audience.

Describe how you are going to reiterate the purpose and importance of the whole
presentation to relate it to your audience.
I will be emphasizing on the importance of a thorough understanding of the various
geological hazards as a Geoscience student who will soon be embarking into the

Siti Amanina Farhanah binti Abdul Hakim / 17303 / PGS / Group 27 / Madam
Shahrina Mohd. Nordin
working environment. It will not hurt to make an initiative to constantly increase our
knowledge on geology by reading certain related articled or journals and geohazards
are just one of the many interesting geological facts that we can learn.
Question and Answer (Q&A) Session
1. List some of the questions that you anticipate from the audience.
I am hoping that the audience would enquire on :i.
Extreme examples of geohazards that have ever occurred?
What is an example of a geohazard-prone country?

Practice Session
1. How did you practise for your presentation?
(e.g. Where? When? With whom? How many times?)
I usually spend my time perusing my presentation keynotes in my room when I have the free
time. This is usually done when I am alone as I like to practice in front of my mirror or while
I prance around my room. I will also rehearse and go over what I plan to present in my head
until I am satisfied with my overall performance.
2. Which area of your presentation needed improvement?
(e.g. Content, Delivery)
I believe that everyone has rooms for improvement in themselves. For me, I would like to
improve my ability to deliver my presentation clearly and confidently to my audience. I notice
that my voice tend to shake when I am nervous and this is something that I would like to fix
and I am hoping that by the end of my PCS class I will be able to get rid of the jitters that I
seem to always have during presentations.
Did you stay within the time limit?
Yes, if I were reading through my notes. I have yet to practice presenting without my notes in
hand, therefore I need to ensure that I have them embedded in my mind and in order to do so,
I will need to practice more.