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June-July 2015

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Name: Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

Author: Rick Riordan
This book is an accompaniment to the Percy Jackson and Heroes of
Olympus series. This book tells the Ancient Greek myths and legends in a
way that is easy to understand, because it uses normal day-to-day
language. What makes this book stand out from the other Greek myths and
legends books is the lead character, Percy Jacksons views on the stories.
This adds a quirky, unique feel to the book, and it ties in his previous
adventures in the other best-selling series. If anyone wants to read this
book, I would advise them to read Rick Riordan's other Percy Jackson
books, as you would understand the subtle little hints in the book. I think
this book is absolutely brilliant as it is fun and easy to read. I would give it
5 stars.

These last couple of weeks have

been crazy full of music, what with
all the award ceremonies!!! Here
are a couple of my top songs for
March 2015:
1. Start Again - Ryan Dolan - This
song portrays life as an early
teenager, perhaps aged thirteen
or fourteen. He is facing
difficulties through bullying at

school, but is seriously

misunderstood by most people. I
thought the video for this song
was very touching, especially
when paying attention to the
2. Sugar - Maroon 5 - This song is
amazing. The video is very
inspiring too. Maroon 5 go
around Las Vegas and crash
every wedding they can find, and
sing at it, completely oblivious to
the shock of all present at the

3. Basket Case - Green

Day - This is a really
funky tune. It is pretty
old, so the music
video isn't all that
great quality, but the
actual song is
amazing. It is really
catchy and you will
remember the lyrics
for sometime after
listening to it!

So they are the songs that I listened to

most recently, but here is the official
top 5 songs for March this year:
5. Take Me To Church - Hozier
4. Four/Five Seconds - Rihanna, Kanye
West & Paul McCartney
3. GDFR - Flo Rida
2. King - Years & Years
1. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith & John

Two good Thieves by Daniel Finn

Demi and Baz make a great team.
Unnoticed, the two young pickpockets
move through the crowd successfully
stealing peoples money. They live in
the barrio with Fay, the women who
looks after them and the rest of her
band of child thieves - taking their
stolen money. The barrio is a quarter,
crammed with dirt, small huts and

Name: Polyvore
Price: Free on both the Apple App
Store and the Google Play Store
This is the perfect app for any
fashionista. In this app (which also
is in website format
www.polyvore.com) you create
sets of real clothes, which are
basically outfits. To do so you have
to create an account (so make sure

desperate people. It is ruled by the

heartless senor Moro who doesnt
hesitate to use violence to get what he
wants. One day, Demi ,self-appointed
best thief of all time, manages to steal
a valuable ring. This seems to be a
blessing and Baz hopes that it will
finally bring them out of this city.
However, when it turns out that the
stolen ring belongs to the police
captains wife, Baz and Demis lives are

you have an email account and

your parent's permission). Once
you make your account you are
free to make as many sets as you
want, in any style that you want.
You can get likes, followers and
people sharing your unique sets. If
you particularly like another
member's sense of style you can
like their sets and follow them. I
really like this app, as it is an
amazing platform for sharing your

thrown upside down.

While reading this book, you
completely enter the story - you
experience the sun that is burning
down on them, share the thrill with
the two friends when theyre
escaping from the police and roam
with them through the barrio. I
would highly recommend this book

style, your way. If you do

download this app please follow
me; my username is butlermairead-e. I would give this app 5
(PS: FYI Parents, members can
message each other, and as far as
I know you cannot block or stop
this feature, by making your
account private.)

to everyone, because it makes you

see the world from another

No matter what age you are, parties are always

a must.
Even better, themed parties. At least 99.999%
of people love one particular thing music! So
why not have a music themed party? You can
co-ordinate the theme itself to the actual music
playing. Every detail just fits in!

Record your voice on
to your
stating the times, day,
date, location and tell
them where to rsvp.
Hearing it from you will
be much more
personal. Then, put the
recording on to a blank
cd (you are sure to get
a bargain with
amazon). Write their
name on the cd and

Optional: Spice it up by
adding appropriate
music in the
background of the
recording if you are
tech savvy.
Add some harmony to
the wall make a
crochet note by using
fun coloured paper
plates and attach a
narrow straight strip of
paper to the top right
of the plate.

There you have a

music note mix it up
and create other music
symbols to hang
Get vinyl inspired
tiered bun stands.
Cut up a music sheet
into fun shapes and
sizes. Use this as
confetti around the

Cut out sheet music in

diagonal lines, roll up to
form a little container
to put the treats into!

PS4 or even karaoke on

fingers in a row.
YouTube the list is
2. Then, take 6 dark
KitKat fingers and break endless!
each in half.
3. Place 2 dark, then a If someone can play an
Arrange the food to look small gap, 3 dark, gap, 2 instrument, get them to
like musical instruments dark, gap, 3 dark, gap
play a well known tune
KITKAT Piano *see DIY and finally 2 dark you for everyone to join in.
can of course use less or
more to make the piano
bigger or smaller!
Classic games such as
singing or dancing
1. Line 17 White KitKat games on the WII, xbox,

150g salted butter, softened

80g light brown muscovado sugar
80g granulated sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 large egg
225g plain flour
tsp bicarbonate of soda
tsp salt
200g plain chocolate chips
15 oreos

1. Preheat your oven to 190C/170C for fan

assisted ovens/gas 5.

Follow this by adding the chocolate chips and stir well.

2. Line two baking trays with baking paper so the

cookies wont stick. Put on your apron and get

6. Lay out the oreos on the baking tray, and using a tablespoon
to get an even amount of cookie dough each time; mould the
dough around the oreo to create an even coat.

3. Put the butter and sugars into a bowl and beat

together until it forms a creamy mixture.

7. Bake in the oven for 810 mins until light brown on the edges.

4. Beat in the vanilla extract and egg.

5. Next, sieve in the
flour, bicarbonate of
soda and salt to the
mixture and combine.

8. Leave on the tray for a couple of minutes to firm up and then

transfer to a cooling rack.

The first chess boxing competition was held in

Berlin in 2003 and has since become a worldfamous sport. As the name suggests,
competitors must fight alternative rounds of
chess and boxing. The ultimate test of mind
and muscle, this is a truly original sport!

Also known as hacking or purring, shin kicking is a sport where the goal is to
kick your opponent in the shins until he or she is forced to the ground. It
starts of with both combatants holding each other at the collar. To avoid too
many injuries both combatants stuff straw in their trouser legs.Then they kick
Last man standing wins! According to legend some shin kickers wore steel-toe
boots during competitions and tried to build pain tolerance by hitting their
shins with a hammer. Ouch!

lcano Surfing is to
called Ash Boarding or Vo
us sport as
The goal of
board! Its a very dangero
ng in poisonous
surf down a volcano
flying molten lava, breathi
there is a po
is is why people wear
tting cut by rough ash. Th
ll really dangerous!
d special suits. But its sti

The goal of Tazer ball is to knock an over-sized ball into a goal, pretty easy
right? Sure, if you ignore that both teams
are armed with tazers!! However, the
players are only allowed to taze the
player with the ball.The tazer contains
enough power to give a shock but
fortunately not enough to damage any of
the body's vital organs.

First invented in Hawaii, cliff diving is a crazy sport like base

jumping (parachuting off nonmoving objects) in which divers dive
off super high cliffs. Sometimes while doing stunts! How cool is

Okay, so we all have those

days, right? We all have a day
where we go into school and
the morning goes badly. Then,
the afternoon goes badly.
Your besties out sick and the
meanest girl in the year
decides to make fun of that
giant shiner sprouting on your
forehead. We come home and
mums yelling at us for not
emptying the dishwasher,
then we have a ton of

1. Take some time out. Take a

twenty minute walk around the
block, fresh air can clear your head!
I know weve all heard the saying
go outside and get some air, but
seriously, people it works wonders!
Facts: Fresh air cleans out our
lungs, and is full of that slightly
important stuff called oxygen. Did
you know that your brain uses up a
whole 20% of the oxygen in your
body? So go get some more and get
that 4 inches between your ears
working at its best.

2. Do something that relaxes you.

Whether its listening to your
favourite band, (Fall Out Boy,
anyone?) playing your guitar, going
for a run, kicking a football or even
just watching a TV show, something
that relaxes you is bound to put you
in a better mood.
3. Surround yourself with people
who make you smile. Dont stay in
the classroom thats full of mean
people and snide comments; go
find yourself some space with your
friends. Go hang out with your real

homework but no willpower

to do it.
I get it, you get it, we all get it!
So, here are a few tips on how
to put a bit of good back into
these days.

friends, or even just the class clown the next day, and the next day...
whos defo gonna make you grin!
So, now then. Being a teenager is
4. Cheer up someone else whos not tough, and sometimes it may seem
having the best day. I know, I know, like the hardest job in the world,
but were not teens forever. One
that hardly seems relevant to
making yourself happy But have day were gonna wake up and have
you ever heard what goes around to go to a job and pay taxes or
comes around? Make someone else something Ugh. I bet none of you
want that. Enjoy today while it lasts,
feel better, and I promise it will
because it wont be back around
improve your mood by miles.
again. Take the road less travelled
and have fun with it!
5. Remember that one day is just
one day, not permanent. It will be Most importantly though, take care
over soon enough! Then you have of yourselves.
the next day to make it better, and

Originally chopsticks were used for cooking small pieces of food. The first
chopsticks were made of bronze and thought to originate from the Shang
Dynasty era (1766-1122 BC). Over twenty million trees are cut down every
year to meet the demand for chopsticks in China alone.

by ??

Chinas history stretches back over 4,000 years. In which time countless
dynasties and emperors have been in power, hundreds of battles were
fought, the largest manmade structure was constructed and
communism became the official political stance of the country.

Rice is the staple food of

China with over 200 million
tons produced per year.
China is the number one
consumer of rice in the

The biggest celebration in Chinese

culture is the New Year. Traditionally
falling between January 21 and
February 20, it is also known as the
Spring Festival. According to ancient
Chinese tradition everyone in China
turns a year older on this holiday!
Tradition also states that each year
represents a different animal whose
characteristics are said to be
embodied by those born in said year.
This year is the year of the

The Forbidden City - home to Chinas Emperors

over the years.
The Great Wall of China - construction began in the
7th century. It stretches over a vast 5,500.3 miles.
Tiananmen Square - currently the worlds largest site of public gathering.

Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze river largest hydro-electric scheme in the world.

-The mortar used to bind the stones on the Great Wall of China is
made of rice flour.
-Chinas railways could loop around the Earth twice.
-If the population of China were to line up and walk past a certain
point the line would be never ending because of the high birth rate.

The Terracotta Army - consisting of

8000 soldiers, the army is said to have
taken around 40 years to make. The
statues are believed to have been
constructed to protect the tomb of the first Emperor. They were
unearthed after an estimated 2000 years underground.

Pastry Ingredients:

4 cups of flour
2 cups of water
1/3 tsp of salt
Ingredients for filling:

1 cups of cooked
ground pork
2 cups of cabbage
cup chopped,
cooked shrimp
1 tsp ginger
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp green onion
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp soy sauce
1/3 tsp white pepper

-Despite its size, China only uses the one time zone. This means that
the sun does not rise until as late as 10am in some parts of the
-In 2010, there was a traffic jam in China lasting for 10 days.


Mix the flour, salt and water in a

bowl and let it rest for 10 mins.
Place on a flat surface, roll out
into a large 5 cm thick pancake
and cut into circular piece.
Shred the cabbage and mix with
Add the remaining ingredients
and mix together.
Leave mixture to marinate for 10
Scoop the filling into each circular
piece of dough.
Fold the sides of the dough
together to resemble a little
pouch. Make sure these pouches

are well sealed!

Get an adult to help you steam
these in a steamer or cook like
you would pasta in boiling, salted
water. You know dumplings are
ready when they start to rise to
the top.


Whether its that three page long

English litt homework that you've
been avoiding for ages, or the
history report Mr. Brown wants on
his desk by Monday morning essays always seem to be on a
student's to-do list. They are the
reason we are still up at 11p.m. on
a school night staring accusingly at
the blank page of our Word

#1- Structure
Once you've perfected the art of
structuring an essay you've
already won half the battle. All you
need to do is to follow a few
simple rules:
Firstly, make sure you use
paragraphs. Seriously, I cannot
stress how important this is. The
last thing someone wants to read
is a two-page-long block of words!
However, having the information
in your essay clearly divided into
neat sections will not only a make
reading it more enjoyable, but it

will also make it easier for the

reader to process the information.
Secondly, make sure you have a
brief outline of you're essay before
you start writing. Begin with a
simple introduction which will
immediately capture the reader's
Then, separate the main body of
you're essay into a few main
points, and write one paragraph
explaining each point (the number
of paragraphs varies from essay to
Finally, end with a brief conclusion

which not only sums up what

you've said already, but also ends
with a new idea.
Think of the essay like this; the
introduction is asking a question.
In the main body you are
discussing and debating the
answer to this question. And in
the conclusion, you finally give
your answer.

Document. And the catch? Every

year teachers seem to want us to
write more and more of them!
Unfortunately, whether we like it
or not, writing papers, thesis,
reports etc is something we'll have
to do all throughout our education,
and our career as well. Luckily for
us, it just takes a bit of practice and
a few easy techniques to master
this seemingly impossible skill.

#2 Words
One of the major difference,
between a good piece of writing
and... well... a not so good piece of
writing, is the wording. Now I'm
not saying you've go to become the
next Shakespeare and start
sprouting metaphors and
oxymorons (though they are a nice
touch). However, there are some
simple ways to improve your style.
For a start, make sure to use
synonyms. This will avoid any

#3 Opinion
If you really want your essay to
stand out in the crowd, you've got
to add a personal touch. Now
please don't go writing down your
whole life story or anything unless you're writing an auto
Just make sure you give your own
opinion on the subject. If no one
had opinions on what they were
writing on, all essays would be
terribly boring and similar. So,
make yours stand out by letting
your own ideas and experiences
influence what you write.

repetition and show off a wider

range of vocabulary.
Throw in some alliteration or
expressions as well. This will add to
your style and make your writing a
bit more colourful.
Finally, I would advise against using
too many words. I know it sounds
like I'm contradicting myself here,
but you must make sure that you
don't go overboard with your
descriptions. The last thing you
want to do is bore the reader by
using 1000 words to describe
something simple and insignificant.

And don't forget about the readers

opinion either! Make sure to throw
in a few questions
('What do you think?') to keep the
reader captivated and intrigued.
Note: When writing about your
own personal views, make sure
that you state that its only your
opinion. Just because you don't like
mushrooms, doesn't mean they
aren't good.
So there you have it. I hope you
these tips/ techniques come in
useful, and you Ace your next

In this issue we've interviewed chef Hikki Batan who currently works in an
irish restaurant.

For 20 years ,but I have been cooking since as long as I can remember.

My favoirte part would have to be seeing people eating and enjoying my


Well at the start of my career, I would have to say standing on my feet for
very long hours of the day was very challenging but then you get used to it.
Right now in my life, the challenging aspects of my job would be when we
get a large amount of people in and we have to get the food out as fast as
we can to impress the customers.That can we very stressful!

Study a little bit at a time. If you study each subject for fifteen minutes, then
take a five minute break, you brain will process the information fast.
My advice would be that you have to really want it. Don't go into the
job half hearted because you will have long hours and stressful nights
until you work your way up.

My favoirte cuisine would have to medietrranean cuisine. It has a lot

of different cultural infulences and obviously a lot of amazing
delicious food.

Remember key concepts first, because if you can remember these, then 9
times out of 10 you will be able to expand on them.
Do NOT study later or near to the time you usually go to bed, because you
will be very inclined to fall asleep and stop studying. Instead try studying in
the afternoon or early evening. Even better, would e the morning because
your brain is fresh!
Make sure you don't do all the studying for a test the day before, as this
will heighten your brains speed of processing information, which can result
in a panicky, nervous feeling.

WWe all have our own unique style of writing. Some of us

(myself included) write lines and lines of illegible squiggles
while others are gifted with an elegant, flowing hand. But did
you know that our handwriting says something about our

Does you
handwriting say
something about our

Graphology is the allegedly scientific study of handwriting.

Experts in the field claim they are able to analyse the
characteristics and patterns of a person's handwriting and
then identify the writer and the writer's psychological state.
Basically, graphologists are supposedly undercover
cryptographers who can decipher our personality by
examining our handwriting. They may or may not have their
own top secret government investigation bureau...

Here's a very basic guide to graphology.



high pressure: energetic, enthusiastic

low pressure: tend to be more lethargic

big: outgoing, extroverted

small: reclusive and introverted
medium: well-adjusted and adaptable
right: assertive, sociable, confident
left: quiet, prefer working alone generally
not at all: logical, reliable, consistent but
often reserved




Connected letters: logical, reasoned

Disconnected letters: imaginative, intuitive

So, how accurate did you find that study? Do you think there
might be something to this graphology thing, or is it just a

A man has a fox, a chicken and a bag of

corn. He has to brings them across a river
in a boat, but he can only take one thing
across at a time. If he leaves the chicken
with the fox, the fox will eat the chicken, if
he leaves the chicken with the bag of corn,
it will eat the bag of corn. How can the
man get all his things to the other side of
the river safely?
The man and the chicken cross the river, (the fox and corn are safe together), he
leaves the chicken on the other side and goes back across.
The man then takes the fox across the river, and brings the chicken back.
Again, since the chicken and corn can't be left together, he leaves the chicken and
he takes the corn across and leaves it with the fox.
He then returns to pick up the chicken and crosses the river one last time.

Bonus question: What game is

the quote from?


In the Future

In the future, I see nothing

I mean I see things, but the same
More gadgets, more people, more
But none the less the same,
Humans beings and Insane

Toby. We were just messing around

when all of a sudden there was a
huge rock and before we knew it we
were on a life boat drifting out to sea,
leaving the world far behind us. Now,
here I am fighting to survive by
Every day is the same. I get up, go for
a swim in the freezing lake, collect
fruit, and hunt for anything I can eat.
Life is hard. I try to keep positive and
by Ellen OHara
stay happy but its difficult
Ive been on this island for two years considering the situation.
I have my mothers blue eyes and
and surprisingly, Im still alive. My
black hair and my dads good looks,
name`s James and I guess it all
started when my ship crashed. I was Im average height, skinny and Im
with my two best friends, Mark and twenty-nine years old. The only thing
I have to remember my old life is a

sixteen. He had brown hair and was

picture of my beautiful daughter
a bit smaller than me. I had no idea
Beth. She must be six now. I just
wish I could see her one more time. what to do with him. Should I help
The island is a tropical place. It has a him or leave him for the seagulls?
Looking at him I felt pity, so I half
beautiful jungle teeming with
wildlife and a warm, sandy beach. carried half dragged him to the hut.
The sea seems endless when I look He had cuts and bruises all over
at it which makes me think of home. him. I tried to fix him up as best I
could with what I could find but he
I live in a hut I made out of leaves
and sticks. Its located in the middle was still in bad shape and was going
of the jungle in a wide open space. to be that way for a while.
Three days later I left to get some
Some might say it looks peaceful.
One morning it all stated to change. water like I always do, using the
bucket I made. However, when I got
It was the morning I found him.
back he was nowhere to be seen.
His body was strewn across the
Hours later I found him crying on
sand. He must have been in an
the beach. He didnt see me until I
accident. He looked no older than

sat down beside him. He looked

startled but surprisingly didnt run
away. He was probably still in shock.
Hello I said not knowing if he was
Hi, he said in a very depressed
My names James whats yours? I
asked. He didnt answer.
Youre gonna be waiting a while till
you get off this island so you better
start talkin I continued. Still no
reply. I went to get up to leave when
he said my names Ben.
Ben was not good at hunting. He
didnt know how to kill and he
needed to kill to survive. He was only
sixteen and no sixteen year old

this stupid island, you can see your

daughter again! he smiled. I
examined the hull of the ship, it was
fixable but would take a while and I
didnt want to give Ben false hope.
However, for the first time in years I
had hope, even if it was small.
As I tried to plan how best to
approach fixing the ship, Ben stood
looking out to sea probably thinking
of home. Suddenly, he started
waving his hands and screaming.
James! James! I see I see he
said out of breath.
Calm down! What do you see? I
said with a calming voice.
I SEE A SHIP! he screamed.
WHAT? What do you mean you see

should have to live out in the wild. He

kept talking about plans to get off the
island but I knew in my heart there
was no way off.
One day Ben started rambling on
about how he thought he saw
something on the other side of the
island before his ship sunk. I agreed
to go with him but I didnt hold out
much hope. I followed him to the
beach and he led me behind some
rocks. What I saw was so unexpected
I nearly fell over. How had I not seen
this before? Perched on the rocks
was a ship in bad shape. It had
probably been there since World War
2. Ben was beyond excited.
Weve been given a chance to get off

a ship? I asked.
Come see for yourself!
Just like he said, there was a cruise
ship in the distance. I ran to the
stranded boat to see if there was
something I could use to signal the
ship. I went deeper into it until I
found a container which I thought
must be the flare. I climbed the
ladder and opened the hatch. I saw
Ben waving his hands trying to signal
the ship. They obviously couldnt see
him. I stood up on top of the ship so
I could see better and then I pressed
the button on the bomb.