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With each passing day, we’re moving closer and closer to some just gave them a personal invitation.

nal invitation. I DARE YOU to approach your F.R.E.E.D. 12 STEP ADDICTION GROUP will meet
important things. First of all, we’re moving closer to the end of our 40 friends and just ask them to come to church with you. The Lord is February 22nd at 6:30 P.M.
day fasting period. I’m not saying that because I’m thinking so much bringing new people to our church every week and that number can be
about what I’ll get to start eating or drinking again, but because I know drastically increased if we would just TELL SOMEBODY!!!! Use J.O.Y. CLUB MEETING is February 25th at 6:00 P.M.
that it moves me closer to the “afterward”. We’ve been praying and every available means possible! Personal contact, make a phone call,
There will be a fun time game of Bingo at this meeting.
fasting for your sons & daughters to come home, for your financial write a card or letter, send them a text message, put it on your Face Book
blessing, for the healing of relationships…..and most wall, write a Tweet on Twitter…… do something……TELL
LADIES’ DRAMA TEAM will practice Saturday from 1 – 4
importantly……REVIVAL!!!!! That marks the 2 nd thing we are moving SOMEBODY!!!! Can I count on you to tell somebody this week?
closer towards. We’re moving closer to the beginning of our Revival PM. We will break for a snack and rest. Contact Lisa Terry
services, but more importantly…towards revival itself. There will be a meeting on Thursday evening at 6:00 PM in the CLC at 590-0997 for any information you need.
Dining room of all people who work in the altars or feel like they are
What a message Pastor Shealy brought to us concerning revival. For called to work in the altars. This meeting is important. We want to THE SOUP MIXES HAVE ARRIVED ! ! Stop by the LM
revival to come, we’ve got to get it together. We can’t allow carnality to effectively minister to the people that are in the altars. We are preparing Office while selection is good!
prevail. We must take charge of that area in our lives and wake up to the ourselves for what God is doing now in our altars, but also beginning to
things of God. We must be hungry for God and for His presence. prepare for what God IS GOING TO DO in the future in our altars. I’m THE CHOIR is asked to wear black this coming Sunday,
looking forward to what REVIVAL BRINGS!!!!!!!
I’M HUNGRY!!!!!!!
Feb. 21st.
PRAYER EXPLOSION: March 6 th, 7:00 PM
Just two more Sunday nights left with Pastor Shealy bringing the Word  Greeters – Kathy Arellano and Carolyn Everette
of God to us. Please, Please, PLEASE…. Don’t let anything keep you PRAYER LIST: Houston Cobb, Cindy Cooper, Kathleen Phillips, Lee  Sunday School Greeter – Robert Sloan
from being here! Many of God’s people have been in the altars and & Hazel Armes. Larry Laster, Helen Collins, Shirley Middlebrook,  CLC Greeter – Paul Lundberg
moving towards getting themselves right with God. Revival starts in Ruby Young, Loretta Cheatham, Gladys Young, Jim Thompson, Richard  Head Ushers – Charles O’Shields and Bobby Brown
individuals. Are you available for God to begin revival in you? Griffin, Nancy Hostettler, Pat Morgan, Jeff Morgan, Harold Knighton,  Usher Team # 1 – Robert Sloan, Larry Young,
Neil Vinson, Jesus Arellano, Denise Manley, Carolyn Metcalf, Henry
Don’t forget to pray for Neal Nolan and the churches to which he is
Michael Brown, Dennis Crocker, Rick Priester, and
Kirkendall, Jimmy Hyman, Carolyn Johnson, Janna Matthews, Donna
ministering. The Lord impressed upon me that for us to only focus on Brian Arnold
Gum, Bobby Watson, Kathy Rimel ,Ricky Clevenger family, Pat
ourselves in prayer for revival was selfish. He has other churches and  Finance Committee – Ryan Ballard, Marion
Sprouse, Tim Hames, Sherry Gardner, Bethany Beck, Travis Nabors,
people that are in desperate need of revival. For us to experience the Simmons, and Walter Housand
Youa Xyoin, Shut Ins, Those in Nursing Homes.
kind of revival we need, it is imperative that we include others in that  Nursery – Wednesday – Lori Crocker
same prayer. For Bro. Nolan to be anointed when he comes to MEN & LADIES…If you are interested in playing softball o Sunday AM – Ann Knight and Beth Arnold
Woodruff, we need to pray that he is anointed mightily and heavily at
this year please sign the sheet on the bulletin board in the o PM – Betty Ball
the churches he is at before he gets to Woodruff. So please pray for him.  Kiddie Church – Keith and Wanda Lyda
Main Hallway or see Ritchie Nelson.
 Spotlights : Happy 2nd birthday to Thomas Watson
If you are excited about your church….. if you are excited about the
Lord….. PLEASE TELL SOMEBODY!!!! I’m at the State Prayer SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20th will be Children’s Gym Love, Dad and Mom
Conference as I write these remarks. I’ve heard Pastor’s today telling Day from 11 AM to 1 PM. Contact Jonathan Atkins for  Music – Wednesday – Keithi Cooper
o Sunday AM – Jonathan and Jessica Murphy
others about their dissatisfaction with their church or church situations. more information.
I heard Pastor’s talking about their church being down or their tithes o PM – Ladies’ Ensemble
being down. I refrained from saying a lot because I didn’t want to sound YOUTH DRAMA PRACTICE is Sunday at 4:30 P.M. o ** Maroon Praise Team
like I was bragging….. BUT I LOVE MY CHURCH!!!! God is good to
our church!!!!! I don’t know why anybody wouldn’t want to be part of
our church!!!! The truth is they might would consider it if somebody
By: Michael Osborne
This is the tale of two people
With very different lives
One has no faith
But the other has Christ
Now both suffer burdens
And great trials you see
While one will succumb
The other succeeds
Both have lost loved ones
Share the grief that remains
But one holds to God’s promise
The other…..just pain
One finds their strength
And their hope through God’s love
While the other is still broken
And can’t rise above
One walks in darkness
The other in light
One’s future is cloudy
The other is bright
Now they’re not really different
It’s just the choice that they choose
Now which one of these people
Best reflects you
For in life we face trials
That we can’t overcome
But you only find peace
If you trust in God’s Son
So don’t walk in darkness
For your future is bright
If you’ll be that one person
Who accepts Jesus Christ
“Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding
the promise of God; but was strengthened in his faith
and gave glory to the Lord, being fully persuaded
that God had power to do what He promised”
Romans 4:20-21