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The Central African Republic has managed to get into one of the most vulnerable humanitarian
crisis, thus, breaking the kindness barrier for HUMANITY. There were several protests against
the police for the killings of unarmed black men, also there was an unprecedented Ebola
outbreak, concluding with a summer war in Israel and Gaza. Over two million children in the
Central African Republic are in urgent need of aid in a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian
Children have been forced to leave their homes over the last six months, many of them hiding
in the forests with little or no access to basic services or assistance. Also the rainy season,
beginning in March, will only worsen the situation for thousands of children.
Seven out of ten primary school children have stopped going to school because of the country
crisis which are rising every day. Basically which is a fear of not getting back to home that too
from their own types.
Human suffering continues in the Central African Republic (CAR) and greater access is needed
to protect vulnerable communities. There are bodies which are returning in rag-tag bunches
with no care, respect and no semblance to what describes the ruthless brutalization to ones
own blood especially, the suppressed ones.
More than two years of civil war and social violence have displaced over half a million people in
Some 190,000 have sought asylum across the borders amid continuing violent clashes between
the mainly Muslim Slka alliance and anti-Balaka militia, which are mostly Christian.

My government reiterates its stand on saving the hapless victims of carnage and the
catastrophic results of Ebola too, which means that peacekeeping is one among a range of
activities undertaken by the UN and other bodies to maintain international peace and security
throughout the world. Thus, my government thinks that we need a proper workout and several
attentions to the crisis of CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. The conditions which demand urgent
attention are: mass destruction, the loss of human life and depriving the possibilities of a bright
future to ones country.
Thus, we come and step up for the helping of this highly-suffered nation. Even after knowing
that we are not as capable as the rest of the nations but as far as I know helping doesnt require
development it requires a hand. Haitian government takes note of the Ebola, children care and
the violence to colored men.


Haiti always had a special relationship with Africa long before Columbus discoveries, it did not
start with the transatlantic slave trade but with the trade in gold and agriculture products.
Thus, we need to maintain the strong relations with Africa and the love for humanity and also
to bring up the dark dominated society.
Government of Haiti takes the most urgent note of the need to aid the humans and continue to
serve international peace and security; we urge member states to ensure that missions are
given clear mandate and necessary human and financial resources to implement them.
There is need for member nations to take further practical steps and effective measures
towards the killing of the black men and financially supporting them for their conditions which
includes the Ebola, with a view of achieving a peaceful and secure African republic. The
devastating killings and violence should be completely stopped under the peace law.
My government is in their full adrenaline of helping our own bloods and it can be successfully
done with a matured decision by the UN. We need to solidify our approach in giving this nation
a global care and security. Therefore, we stand with a hope and the rest to make this hope true.
My government believes that UN Peacekeepers must have clear understanding of the principles
and rules of International Humanitarian law and observe them in situations where they apply.