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2307 Lebanon Road

Nashville, TN 37214
Non-Profit Org
US Postal Paid
Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN
Permit 2464
Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Current Resident or Volume 58, No.08 February 21, 2010

A Special Week Adam Faughn

Joe Adams
After a delay due to the snowfall a few 2010 is to increase our attendance by 773-2331
weeks ago, we are excited to be able to 15%, some of that growth can occur
hear Tony Hoss preach today. He will be through our Bible school program. Ex- Johny Baker
speaking in our morning worship assem- cept for the “snow Sunday” when we can- 758-7654
bly. Tony preaches in Kingsport, Ten- celled classes, we have been having over Ralph Brewer
nessee, and our elders are considering 270 in our classes quite consistently 871-4849
supporting the work there. Come to wor- (including 286 last week). That is very
Worship With Us ship God, but also to be exciting, and it shows Wayne Davidson
Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM encouraged by his mes- a dedication on the 758-2705
Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM sage. part of our students
Earl Flynn
as well as our teach-
On Wednesday night, all 889-1659
ers to God’s Word.
our adult classes will re-
If you haven’t been Ted Fox
Are We Truly Friendly? Adam Faughn
main in the auditorium.
remaining with us for 754-7607
Brother Mike Runcie
classes, start today.
from Agape of Nashville Steve Ledbetter
It is such a joy to have visitors tell Ask them to sit with you. Yes, go for a sandwich can go a You’ll be glad you
will be with us. Since we 889-8614
me that they were greeted that might mean that someone long way. If they are from our did.
are having a special series
warmly upon coming to Lebanon else has to change seats, but area, what a kind gesture! on Christian homes, our Didn’t our fellowship Jim Schroeder
Road. I’ve even had a few say that’s okay. Many visitors are Don’t be the first one to leave
that they couldn’t believe people truly worried about sitting in elders agreed to have someone from committee do a tremendous job last 754-8990
the building! Take a moment Agape come to present a lesson and week with the banquet? I never cease to
were really that nice! someone’s place, so invite and greet our visitors. Trust
them to sit with you. share with us just some of what this good be amazed at the planning and work that Cliff Wilson
me, they notice how quickly organization does. We hope you will goes in to each of our periods of fellow- 889-6477
Not all of us, though, does all we Let them know about your people “hit the doors” when
can to be warm and inviting. Bible class. Even if they don't make a special effort to be here to listen ship. We don’t just have a potluck meal,
services end. Take just 5 min-
Here are some things each of us look like they are your age, let to brother Runcie. He is excited about we have a truly wonderful time! Join me
utes and meet someone.
can do to truly show others they them know that you enjoy coming to be with us! in thanking them for the great work they
Pulpit Minister
are welcome. your class and would love to While we are a friendly place, do in planning these great times together.
Have you noticed our Bible school atten- Adam Faughn
Initiate conversation. While have them sit in on it. If you there is always room for improve- dance lately? While one of our goals for 973-4483
it can feel awkward to do so, want, let them know about ment. Be honest with yourself,
be the one to say “hello.” other classes, as well. Many and make sure you are talking to Outreach Minister
Ask where they are from, or great contacts are made in
what brings them to Nash- class!
and encouraging as many visitors Sunday Sermon Preview Harry Middleton
as you can. You may just be laying 292-3164
ville. The conversation does- Invite them for a meal or a the groundwork to convert some- AM: (Tony Hoss)
n’t have to be deep or of any visit. While many are just trav- one to the Lord! Youth Minister
great length, but it will show eling through town, or have to PM: Learning to Forget (Adam Faughn) JD Buckner
your warmth. catch a plane, an invitation to
(731) 336-4768
Sick List Worship Leaders by Harry Middleton JD’S Jargon
Cherry Bolles is home from the hospital and doing Sunday Morning (Contact: Gene 874-0463) NOT IN DOUBT Hello everyone,
better. Opening Prayer: Earl Flynn I would like to recognize our secretary,
Gene Mullen and Margie are staying with their Closing Prayer: Bob Butler When Noah built the ark of gopher Nancy Markwood. She is such a great help to
daughter for a few weeks. everyone at the church offices and the con-
Read Scripture: Gavin Hammers wood, he not only obeyed God, but did gregation. Nancy works really hard every
Geraldine Stanley is at Summit in room 407. Sermon: Tony Hoss that which was right beyond a week to keep things going smoothly around the
Cross Thompson had his tonsils removed on Mon-
day and is recovering at home.
Song Leader: Lynn Wright doubt. Had he used pine, he would Lebanon Road building. We appreciate her
Serving Lord’s Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) greatly and you should too!
have been doing that which is question-
Thank You Dewey Carpenter 1 able. Likewise, there is no controversy The FHU lectures were very profitable. It
Del Pirtle 2 was such a blessing to attend this year.
Lebanon Road Church, Thank you so much for about singing in Christian worship. All
Shea Cofer 3
the cards and visits at the passing of my mother. admit this to be scriptural and safe. The The Valentine's Day service project was a
David Cook 4 great success. I would like to thank all the
And to the ladies who furnished lunch following
Sammie Hunter 5
controversy now is over the use of in- youth who gave of their time. You are awe-
the service—everything was delicious and en- strumental music in Christian wor- some!
joyed by my whole family. In Christian Love, Carlos Denny 6
BJ Turner 7 ship. All those who claim to be plain We had a great time at Jackson Park last Sun-
Emily Wright
Tim Ledbetter 8 Christians are united in the belief that day evening at the Winter Youth Series.
Effective Immediately Sunday Evening (Contact: Richard 582-1079) singing is right. There is no argument Unfortunately the weather kept us from skiing
In the interest of safety and security, all basement Opening Prayer: Cliff Wilson against singing. No division exists be- last Monday. We will try again!
doors will be locked five minutes after each service Closing Prayer: Billy Hutchens cause of it. The division and contro- It has been a busy couple of weeks for me and
begins. If you arrive more than five minutes after Read Scripture: Shane Williams versy is all over “instrumental” music in we will continue to be busy. I love it.
the services have begun, please use the front Sermon: Adam Faughn worship. Those who claim to speak CYC is almost upon us. Please turn your
doors. The front doors will remain open and staffed Song Leader: Scotty Studer where the Bible speaks, and to be silent forms and money in as soon as possible. We
throughout all services. Thank you for understand- will be leaving at 2 PM on Friday, February
Serving Lord’s Supper (Room) where the Bible is silent, cannot consis- 26 and returning home on Sunday, February 28
Ronnie Oakley 1 tently add instrumental music to the kind at 2 PM.
Bulletin Board Bash Richard Roberson 2 of music authorized in the New Testa- The Faughn Family of four will be hosting our
ment, which is “singing”. Therefore the devotional Sunday night, February 21. Please
Monday, March 1st Wednesday, February 24th (Contact: Tim 885-2009)
organ aids in adding to New Testament make your plans to attend.
6:00-9:00PM Read Scripture: John Thomas Baker
worship, and is not a scriptural “aid”. No Please continue to pray for our summer in-
Opening Prayer: Bill Ross
If you can cut or staple or tape then you can
Speaker: JD Buckner
“aid” can be scriptural if it “aids” in doing tern. We have several great prospects.
help us. Hopefully I will have good news for you soon!
Song Leader: Lynn Wright an unscriptural thing.
Come spruce up the hallways and classrooms. Visitation Team #1 Thank you very much! --JD :)
Ideas and supplies will be Announcements: will meet tonight.
Harry Middleton - Joe Adams
Snacks too! Nursery Attendants
Mark Your Calendar...
Audree Keele Today Heartland Services at 4:00 led by Adam Faughn, Philip Autry, Jack Steele and Tom Brown
Fellowship Hall Guidelines
Tonight: Youth Devo at the Faughn home
We are blessed to have such a nice facility for all of The Record
our many activities here at Lebanon Road. Please Monday: Elders meeting at 7PM
Sunday Morning Worship 327+3 @ Bordeaux
remember that the person(s) who reserve the facility Tuesday: Ladies Bible Class at 10AM
are responsible for performing all cleanup and house- Sunday Evening Worship: 220
keeping operations. We do not have custodial ser- Sunday Bible Study: 286
February 24: Guest Speaker from Agape
vices in the fellowship hall. General rules and re-
quirements are posted in the kitchen and should be Wednesday Night: 163 March 1: Bulletin Board Bash
completed before you vacate the building. Contribution: $9,819.00

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