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yasin yaylar



The aim of this book is to provide Turkish students who learn English with the necessary idioms used
in everyday English. The idioms included in this book are chosen according to their commonness. The
idioms are given both with English and Turkish meanings. While giving Turkish meanings, I
especially tried to give the similar Turkish idiomatic expression of the idiom. Also, each idiom bears a
proper example exactly exemplifying it.
I believe that learning the idioms of a foreign language shouldnt necessarily be regarded as an extra
study, since idioms give a language its hue. Knowing idioms not only helps us understand the
language better, but also to use it more effectively.

After you learn these idioms you will be more familiar with the culture of the language you are
leaning. Because every idiom is shaped by the culture it belongs to. It gives hints about the lifestyle
about the speakers of that language. Moreover, you will also revise the Turkish idioms by studying
this book.

Abbreviations for idioms:



a big frog in a small pond
an important person among the less important people
byk derenin kk kurbaas
I dontt understand why he is so stubborn. he is just a big frog in a small pond.

a bitter pill (to swallow)

sth that is difficult or painful to accept
kabul edilmesi zor gerek
Now that her dad is paralyzed, she has to take care of him. What a bitter pill for her!

a bundle of laughs
something enjoyable
bir demet kahkaha
When I told him about the accident he replied with a bundle of laughs.

a drop in the bucket

just a tiny part, insignificant
denizde damla; devede kulak
We gave $100 for the charity. Its a drop in the bucket for a project like that.

a little bird tells

know it from anonymous sources
kular syledi
A little bird tells me that you are in love with Nadia.

a lost cause
a hopeless case, a person or situation having no hope of positive change
umutsuz vaka
Penn tried hard to tame his dog but it seems a lost case.

a lot of water has flown under the bridge

things changed dramatically
kprnn altndan ok sular akt
I remember you talking about human rights and now you say your benefits are more
important. I see a lot of water has flown under the bridge.

a man of his word

sznn eri
You can trust him. He is a man of his word.

a man of the world

experienced in life
grm geirmi
His tough life made him a man of the world.

a mouth to feed
sb who must be provided for
besleyecek boaz
His wife is pregnant again. He will have another mouth to feed.

a pain in the ass (!)

extremely annoying or troublesome
ba belas
The new kid is really a pain in the ass! He started fighting with the other kids already.

a pain in the neck

extremely annoying or troublesome
karn ars
I know that this old car is a pain in the neck but we have to do with it for a while.

a question mark over sth

a doubt and uncertainty about sth
soru iareti iermek
Although he made an overall explanation, there is still a question mark on expenses.

a skeleton in the closet

a closely kept secret that is a source of shame or embarrassment
sr gibi saklamak (ayp bir eyi)
They have a skeleton in the closet. They really behave strange.

a steal
very inexpensive, a bargain
What a steal! They sell a laptop for $500.

a storm in a teacup
a fuss over something trivial
bir bardak suda frtna koparmak
He came home only one hour late, but his wife made a storm in a teacup.

about to
ready to, just going to
zere, tam srasnda
She was about to leave for Germany when I saw her.

above all
mainly, especially
her eyden te, her eyden ok, zellikle
She loves her husband but she loves her children above all.

according to
in the order of; on the authority of
According to the recent researches women tend to have more traffic accidents.

against the clock

with limited time to finish sth
zamana kar
There was only five minutes left for the departure and we were racing against the clock.

all along
all the time, from the beginning
en batan, en bandan beri
Did you know all along that they were kidding?

all day long

the entire day, week, month, year
btn gn, gn boyunca
He played computer games all day long.

all ears
listening attentively
kulam sende
She seems busy with her work but actually she is all ears.

all in all
considering everything
We sometimes had problems abroad but all in all, it was fun.

all in good time

no sooner than is appropriate
tam zamannda
The money came all in a good time. Tim had some lacking for the house.

all of a sudden
suddenly, without warning
birden, aniden
All of a sudden the glass fell on the ground.

all right
acceptable, fine; yes, okay
tamam, olur
Is it all right if I wait here?

alls well that ends well

a successful outcome is worth the effort
tm abalara dedi
I was absolutely tired of painting. Anyway, alls well that ends well.

all thumbs
Take care of the kids. They are all thumbs.

American dream
the idea that everyone in the U.S. has the chance to achieve success
Amerikan ryas
He had the usual American dream; a wife, a house and a car.

apple of someone's eye

someone's favorite person or thing
gz bebei
Little Michelle is the apple of her parents eye. They do whatever she wants.

as a matter of fact
really, actually
This is not his kid. As a matter of fact, he is not even married.

as a rule
usually, customarily
prensip olarak
As a rule, I never leave the windows open.

as cool as a cucumber
calm; not agitated
souk kanl
During the earthquake Fred was as cool as cucumber. He helped people out.

as for
regarding, concerning
gelince, sz konusu olunca
As for the permission, Jane will take care of it.

as luck would have it

the way things happened
her naslsa, nasl olduysa
Im sure I locked the door, but as luck would have it, the lock didnt work.

as slow as molasses in January

extremely slow
kan gibi
This old car is as slow as a molasses in January. Can it go faster than that?

as soon as
just after, when
(bir olayla) birlikte
As soon as she saw the dog, she started to cry.

as sweet as sugar
very sweet or good-natured
eker gibi
Our teacher seems strict but he is as sweet as a sugar to his students.

as the crow flies

the most direct route distance between two points
ku uuu
It is only 40 miles as the crow flies; however, driving takes much more than that.

as usual
as is the general case, as is typical
her zamanki gibi, her zaman olduu gibi
Kane is late for work as usual.

at a snail's pace
very slowly
kan gibi
With heavy burden on it, the truck moved at a snails pace.

at all
to any degree
hi, hi de
I dont like beans at all.

at each others throats

in angry disagreement
kavga edecek hle gelmek
They were at each others throat when I came in.

at first
in the beginning, originally
At first I thought he was the manager. Later I learnt he was just a worker.

at hand
about to, almost
eli kulanda
I was sure that the war was at hand after the suicide attacks.

at heart
basically, fundamentally
aslnda, esasnda
Mrs. Kelley is sometimes very hard on us, but at heart she is very tender.

at last
finally, after a long time
sonunda, nihayet
The meeting kept on for two hours. At last an old member wanted a break.

at least
a minimum of, no fewer (or less) than
en az, en aa
The journey takes at least seven hours. You should eat something.

at the end of ones rope

at the limit of ones ability to cope
burama geldi, tak etti
Ill tell it to his mother. Im at the end of my rope.

at the top of his voice

shouting loudly
avaz kt kadar
When the dog barked, the little girl screamed at the top of her voice.

at the top of your lungs

screaming or crying loud
avaz ktnca
The naughty boy cried at the top of his lungs when they took him to the dentist.

back and forth
in a backward and forward motion
bir ileri bir geri
When he got worried he began walking back and forth in the hall.

the ball is in sb's court

used to say that it is sb's turn to take action
top sende
Youve always wanted to do something for education. Now the ball is in your court.

bark worse than ones bite

not as bad tempered as one appears
grnd gibi kzgn olmayan
Dont mind him. His bark is worse than his bite.

be a far cry from

to be very different from
ok daha farkl olmak
Ronny is stubborn, but Duane is a far cry from him.

be all in the same boat

to have the same dangers (difficulties) to face
hepimiz ayn gemideyiz
You cant call the police. Were all in the same boat.

be as clear (plain) as day

gn gibi aikar
It is as clear as a day that USA attacked Iraq for its oil resources.

be behind the times

not to be up-to-date, modern in one's thinking
demode, geri kalm
You are behind the times. The time has changed.

be bent on something
have a strong desire to do something
kafaya takm
He is bent on flying. He even bought a flying suit!

be better off
to be in a more favorable condition or situation
daha iyi olur
Im better off if I stay at home. I am very tired.


be bound to
to be certain to, to be sure to
kanlmaz olarak, kesinlikle
You are bound to lose if you dont believe your luck.

be broke
be without money
sfr tketmek
Dont try me. Im broke.

be fed up with
having had enough
bkmak, usanmak
This is the fourth time you lose my keys. Im fed up with your ignorance!

be fond of sb/ sth

feeling affection; like a lot
ok sevmek; dkn
Julia is fond of birds. She feeds twenty different kinds of birds.

be had
to be victimized or cheated
aldatlmak, kazklanmak
Although he seems clever, he is always had by his lovers.

be hard on something
treat roughly
kaba kullanmak, hor kullanmak
My son is really hard on his bike. He broke it down again.

be in charge of
to manage, to have responsibility for
sorumlu olmak
This bill is to be signed. Who is in charge here?

be in one's way
not to be helpful, to cause inconvenience
yolunu kesmek, engel olmak
He tries to help but actually he is just in our way.


be in pocket
making profit
karda olmak,
He is always in pocket because he buys the goods really cheap.

be in ones shoes
to be in another person's position, to face the same situation as another person
yerinde olmak
If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't wear a red tie with that jacket.

be my guest
used to tell people that they are welcome to do as they please
nden buyur, nasl istersen
Do you think you can break this lock? Be my guest!

be on the safe side

not to take any chances
ii ansa brakmayarak, her halkarda
She brought a spare pencil for the exam, to be on the safe side.

be over one's head

to be very busy, to have too much to do
ii bandan akn olmak
She couldnt even speak with me. She was over her head.

be to blame
be responsible for something bad or unfortunate
He is not to blame. I didnt see him playing with it.

be up for grabs
to become available to others
yeniden msait olmak, elde edilebilir olmak
Since she is divorced, she is up for grabs again.


be up to one's ears
have too much to do
ii bandan akn
She cant help us. She is up to her ears.

be used to
be accustomed to
Dont worry. He is used to driving in these weathers.

be well-off
to have enough money to enjoy a comfortable life, to be rich
varlkl, zengin
She is well-off thanks to her new husband.

bear fruit
be successful in the end after effort have been expended
meyvesini vermek (baarmak)
Though he worked hard for his children, it now bears fruit.

bear in mind
remember, not to forget
aklnda tutmak
Bear in mind that this not an entertainment. Try to learn something.

beat around the bush

to avoid discussing directly, to evade the issue
topu taca atmak, laf deitirmek
The journalist asked about embezzling but the minister beat around the bush.

beats me
I dont know
nerden bileyim!
Do you know where my red tie is? Beats me!

behind bars
in prison
parmaklklarn arkasnda
He has been behind he bars for ten years now.


better safe than sorry

be cautious, or else, you may regret it
ge olsun, g olmasn
Youre driving too fast. Slow down, we might be late but better be safe than sorry.

between the hammer and anvil/ between a rock and a hard place
in dilemma
ikilemde kalmak
The job offer was perfect but she didnt want to leave her family too. She was between the
hammer and anvil.

beyond doubt
no doubt, certainly
hi phesiz
He loves Marry, beyond doubt.

beyond words
cant tell with words, excessively
kelimler yetmez, kelimler kifayetsiz
Your help saved me from loosin my job. I cant thank you, it is beyond words.

bite off more than one can chew

to accept as a responsibility or task than one can handle alone
tayabileceinden fazla sorumluluk almak
You have enough responsibility to care for; dont bite more than you can chew.

bite the bullet

endure in a difficult situation
diini skmak
We had to bite the bullet until the rescue team arrived.

bite the dust

go down in defeat
dumann attrmak
Greece played well in the match, but Brazil really bit the dust.

blow it
fall at something
baarsz olmak, iip kalmak
It is not a surprise that I blew it on the exam. I hadnt studied.


exclude socially; vote against or reject a candidate
topa tutmak
The council blackballed the prime minister for not taking precautions for the famine.

black box
an electronic device that can be removed from an aircraft as a single package
kara kutu
The authorities said it was too early to comment before finding the black box.

a list of persons under suspicion or disfavor; put a person on such a list
kara liste; kara listeye almak
I dont think they are going to blacklist us for criticizing their policies.

payment extorted by intimidation, such as threats of injurious revelations
antaj; antaj yapmak
The terrorists blackmailed some politicians with their private photos with ladies.

requiring that guests wear semi-formal attire
resmi kyafet gereklilii
My husband phoned the reception and asked if it was a black-tie meeting.

black market
the buying and selling of goods in violation of legal price controls; also, the place thats done
kara borsa
During the war even the bread was in black market.

black sheep (of the family)

a person who causes shame or embarrassment because of his/her deviation from the standards of the
yz karas
All his siblings studied at university. So he thinks he is the black sheep of the family.


alter, abridge, or cancel, as in editing a manuscript
tashih etmek
Of course the book wont be published before we blue-pencil it.

of superior quality or prominence
PLC is a good brand but TIC has a blue-ribbon.

born tired
doutan tembel
You cant get him to help you, he is born tired.

boys will be boys

it is normal for children
ocuk ite
I know Miles fought with his friends. Dont worry. Boys will be boys.

bread and butter

a person's livelihood or income
ekmek teknesi
The lorry may be very old. However it is Mr. Dantes bread and butter.

break loose
to become free or loose, to escape
bal olduu yerden ayrlmak, kopmak
Dennys dog broke loose yesterday night.

break ones word

fail to fulfill a promise
sznde durmamak
He had promised to take us to the zoo. Again he broke his word.

break sb's heart

make sb sad
birinin kalbini krmak
He broke Sarahs heart by mentioning about her weight.


break the ice

ease the initial restraint or awkwardness of a meeting or social gathering
buzlar eritmek
I had to speak with all the guests to break the ice among them.

bring home the bacon

to earn a salary
eve ekmek getirmek
As his father died at an early age, he had to bring home the bacon.

bring sb or sth to life

make live, make more lively or excited
canlandrmak, hayat vermek
Hollywood brought Hitman to life through a movie.

tolerant to others views
ho grl, anlayl
Dont hesitate tell your opinions to the editor. She is so broad-minded.

brush up on something
review something to make it fresh again in one's mind
gz gezdirmek
You had better brush up on your notes before the exam.

burn your bridges

do sth that makes it difficult or impossible to return
gemileri yakmak
He sold everything he had in this country. He burnt his bridges in a way.

bury the hatchet

make peace
bar yapmak
Israel doesnt seem to bury the hatchet by attacking the civil.

busy as a bee
very busy about work
karnca gibi
I saw the Chinese workers in a documentary. They were busy like bees.


by a hairs breadth
almost (for bad events)
kl pay
He braked just on time and prevented the accident by a hairs breadth.

by all means
using any possible way or method
her yolu kullanarak
They searched for her by all means. However, she is still lost.

by far
by a great margin, clearly
tam manasyla, kesinlikle
Keanu Reaves is by far the best actor for me.

by heart
by memorizing
Mrs. Lanner wanted us to learn the poet by heart.

by oneself
alone, without assistance
bir bana, kendi bana
Did you really paint that picture by yourself?

by the way
yeri gelmiken, bu arada
By the way, Jane sent you her best.

call a person names
to insult him by using bad names
lakap takarak kzdrmak
He thinks it is funny to call a person names.


call it a day
to stop working for the rest of the day
bu gnlk son vermek
You have been trying to mend it for hours. Lets call it a day.

can't place ones (name, face)

can't fully identify
ismini getirmek, hatrlamak
Im sure, Ive seen her somewhere but I just cant place her name.

carry coals to Newcastle

to do something which is unnecessary; to use one's effort uneconomically
boa krek sallamak
Trying to convince him about education means to carry coals to Newcastle.

cat got your tongue

cant talk
dilini kedi mi yuttu?
Why dont you speak? Did cat get your tongue?

catch cold
to become sick with a cold of the nose for throat
souk almak, tmek
She caught cold when she forgot to close the window.

catch fire
to begin to burn
tutumak, alev almak
If you hold your cigarette close, the oil hose might catch fire.

catch one's breath

rest for a moment
Have you been running? Sit here and catch your breath.


caught red-handed
found in the very act of a crime
su st yakalanmak
He caught red handed while dealing cocaine. The cops had been disguised as buyers.

change one's mind

to alter one's decision or opinion
fikrini deitirmek
It is late to change your mind now that you signed the contract.

change one's tune

to change one's opinions or manner
az deitirmek
The senator changed his tone after the president warned him.

chew the fat (!)

to chat informally with close friends
lak lak yapmak
Yesterday we watched a movie and chewed the fat with my friend.

clearly stated, definite, apparent
ak ve net, anlalr
Our boss was clear cut; anyone late for work will be fired.

close call
a situation involving a narrow escape from danger
az kalsn, neredeyse
The gas hose broke and we really had a close call to fire if not recognized.

close or shut your eyes to sth

ignore or overlook sth obvious
gz yummak
He knew that his son was using drugs but he shut his eyes to it.

come clean
confess or tell the truth about sth
itiraf etmek, tvbe etmek
She is still angry with me. She wants me to come clean.


come to an end
to end, to stop
sona ermek
After four hours, I thought the meeting would never come to an end.

come to life
enliven, begin to be interesting
canlanmak, hayat bulmak
After the movie, the reggae came to life again.

come to the point

be definite, precise in telling something
sadede gelmek
He spoke for half an hour but couldnt come to the point.

come true
to become reality, to prove to be correct
His ugly predictions came true and we lost the match.

cover ground
to be extensive, to discuss much material
fazla ayrnt iermek
This text covers a lot of ground. You can find a shorter one.

cry wolf
to tell people there is great danger when there is not
ortal telaa vermek
Old Greta cries wolf whenever she hears a siren.

cut and dried

predictable, known beforehand; boring
beklendii gibi, tahmin edildii ekilde
My YDS score was cut and dried; I couldnt get the necessary score.

cut corners
to economize, to save money
kesintiye gitmek, harcamalar ksmak
The City has to cut corners to finish the New City Project.


cut short
to make shorter
ksacas, uzun lafn ksas
Grey just read the important parts to cut the report short.

cut the mustard

to achieve the standard of performance necessary for success
bir halt becerememek
We hoped he would pass the finals this team, but he just couldnt cut the mustard.

day in and day out
continuously, constantly
her gn
He visited his girlfriend day in day out until they got married.

days are numbered

not much to live
gnleri sayl
Her grandfather is in the intense care unit. His days are numbered.

the die is cast

there is no return
ok yaydan kt
Gabon already declared war to Congo. The die is cast!

different strokes for different folks

every one has different interests and tastes
zevkler ve renkler tartlmaz
You cant force him listen country. Different strokes for different folks.

down the tubes

cancel the plans
(plan) suya dmek
We would visit the Grand Museum but as our car broke down this plan is down the tube.


do one's bit
fulfill one's responsibility to; help accomplish something
elinden geleni yapmak
Although she was not responsible for it, she did her bit to help her friends.

draw the line at

to determine to be unacceptable, to refuse to consider
I drew a line at doing his homework. He never does it himself.

dressed to kill
wear ones finest clothing
iki dirhem bir ekirdek, Grant tuvalet
Since it was an official meeting, everybody was dressed to kill.

drive someone up a wall

annoy someone greatly
ileden karmak, sinirlendirmek
When the children smash the door, they drive me up a wall.

drop a brick
make a stupid and indiscreet social mistake
pot krmak
Claude dropped a brick by bringing up the subject about Jews.

drop in your lap

be given as sth welcome and unexpected
kucana dmek
He wasnt even considering being a manager; it just dropped in his lap.
drop sb a line
to write a note to someone
birine not brakmak
My wife dropped me a line that she had taken the car.

dry run
rehearsal, practice session
The band was successful in the dry runs, but the concert was a disaster.


duck soup
easy, effortless
ocuk oyunca
As he is a professional player, Sridhar is only a duck soup for him.

eager beaver
a person who is excessively diligent or overly zealous
ok azimli
I was sure she would become a lawyer. She is an eager beaver.

eat and run

eat and hurry up
yiyip kamak

eat crow
to be forced to admit to having made a mistake
tkrdn yalamak
She had to eat crow when they showed her the recordings.

eat one's words

admit one is wrong in something one has said
iddiasnda yanldn kabul etmek
Serry had to eat her word when they looked up in the dictionary.

eating someone
bothering or worrying someone
endielenmek, telalanmak
Im sure that it is eating Larry now. He doesnt like lending his car.


ears burning
recall someone
kulaklar nlamak
We talked about Sag and made his ears burning.

either succeeding or failing completely

bound to result either in complete success or total failure
ya hep ya hi (kazanma)
We spend all the money on that business; its either succeeding or failing completely.

every inch
tepeden trnaa
She cleaned the every inch of the house before the guests arrived.

every other day

alternate days
iki gnde bir, gn ar
The doctor prescribed a medicine to be taken every other day.

direct, personal; directly, personally
yz yze
Rather than phoning, you had better talk this face-to-face with him.

face the music

accept the consequences
gerei kabul etmek
Just face the music. We have lost the game.


fall from grace

lose value or a good position
gzden dmek
After the terrorist attacks, investing on tourism fell from grace.

fall in love
to begin to love
ak olmak, birine vurulmak
Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

feed someone a line

deceive someone
I knew that she was feeding us a line when she said she would pay her debt.

ku beyinli
These kids are feather brained; they cant even learn a simple subject.

feel like
to have the desire to, to want to consider
istemek, can istemek
I dont feel like eating anything. I think Im ill.

feel like a million dollars

feel wonderful
turp gibi
The operation is over and I feel like a million dollars now.

feel sorry for

to pity, to feel compassion for
I dont feel sorry for him. He asked for it.


ferret something out

to search out, discover, or bring to light
gn yzne karmak
The experienced journalist ferreted the scandal out in education.

few and far between

not frequent, unusual, rare
nadiren, seyrek
Sally visits her grandparents few and far between.

divided into two equal parts
yar yarya
We earned the money together so we will share it fifty-fifty.

find fault with

criticize, to complain about something
her eye bir kulp takmak(hata bulmak)
Whatever they do, Mr. Frayne is always finding a fault with workers.

fine kettle of fish

a mess; a very unsatisfactory situation
tam da srasyd!
I was about to sleep when the phone rang. What fine kettle of fish!

without assistance from an intermediary, direct
birinci el, ilk kaynak
I decided to ask my grandpa about the war. He has the firsthand information.

excellent, superb
birinci snf, mkemmel
We didnt expect a first-rate service from such a hotel.

strange and suspicious
garip, tuhaf
When he smiled at his friend, I felt there was something fishy going on.


follow your nose

act in accordance with your instincts or intuition
burnunun dikine gitmek
Dont try to convince him. He always follows his nose.

for a song
for very little money
ok ucuza
I bought this old gramophone for a song at a second-hand dealer.

for any use

suitable for a wide variety of uses
ok amal
This is a watch for any use. It has a compass, an altimeter and a thermometer.

for certain
for sure, certainly
He is so awkward. He hit the car somewhere, for certain.

for good
permanently, forever
srekli, temelli
He left Jordan for good. He is leaving in Egypt anymore.

for old times' sake

in fond memory of the past
eski gnlerin hatrna
Im sure she will help me for old times sake.

for once
this one time, for only one time
bir sefer olsun, bir defalk
Try to be reasonable for once.


for sure
without doubt
kesinlikle, phesiz
I can tell it for sure that she stole the wallet.

for the birds

uninteresting and meaningless
sama sapan
I watched the art movie and I can say that its for the birds

for the time being

The car works fine for the time being. I wish it doesnt make any problems.

free as a bird
ku gibi zgr
When she moved to California to study, she felt free as a bird.

from now on
from this time into the future
bundan sonra, bu gnden itibaren
I am fed up with your late comings. From now on, youll be home at eight!

from the frying pan into the fire

from a bad situation to a worse situation
aa tkrsen sakal, yukar tkrsen byk
Dereks situation is bad enough now, but if he leaves the country, he'll go from the frying pan
into the fire.

from tip to toe

all over you body
tepeden trnaa, batan aaya
When he fell of his bike, he was in mud from tip to toe.


full of beans (!)

full of nonsense; talking nonsense
He wrote a composition on festivals, which is full of beans.

the gate post
between you and me
laf aramzda
Tim and Helena are having fights. The gate post, theyre thinking to divorce.

get a rise out of

to provoke a response from
kzmasna ramen karlk vermemek
You cant get a rise out of me. I promised not to quarrel with you.

get away clean

escape punishment
paay kurtarmak
In his third robbery he couldnt get away clean. They put him in the jail.

get better/ worse

to become better/ worse, etc.
iyilemek/ ktlemek
The old man got better after he took the medicines.

get cold feet

to become unable or afraid to do something
korkup vazgemek
He was determined to do bungee jumping but he got cold feet on the tower.


get even with

to seek revenge, to retaliate
You also called me stupid before. We got even with you.

get in oneself a pickle

in trouble; in a mess
ban belaya sokmak
By selling counterfeit firm wares, he has really got himself in a pickle.

get in someones hair

bother someone
delirtmek, kzdrmak
When the children broke Mr. Sergeys window, they got in his hair.

get in touch with

to communicate with, to contact
irtibata gemek
I think the lines are busy. I cant get in touch with Helen.

get lost
to become lost; to go away in order not to bother
The soldier got lost as he forgot to take his compass.

get off one's chest

to express one's true feelings
iini dkmek, fikir ve duygularn sylemek
I cant bear her attitudes anymore. I must get it out off my chest.

get off someones back

stop bothering someone
tepesinden inmek
The little boy doesnt get of his fathers back when he turns back from work.

get on one's high horse

become angry and superior in attitude toward someone else
kplere binmek
When the students complained about the rules, the principal got on his high horse.


get on one's nerves

to annoy or disturb
rahatsz etmek
Whenever she speaks about my family she gets on my nerves.

get out of line

to disobey or ignore normal procedures or rules
yoldan kmak
Tina got out of the line after winning the lottery.

get right down to something

begin working without hesitation
ie koyulmak
We have had enough rest, I think. Lets get down to work.

get sick
to become sick
She got sick because of the stale chocolate cake.

get the ax
be dismissed, fired
postalanmak, iten atmak
He criticized the administration so harshly that he got the ax by the weekend.

get the ball rolling

initiate action
laf ie dkmek
Youve given enough suggestion. Why dont you get the ball rolling?

get the better of

to win or defeat by gaining an advantage over someone
punduna getirmek, frsatn bulunca alt etmek
Dont underrate him. He will get the better of you if you are not careful.

get the green light

receive permission or authorization to do something
yeil k yakmak
Thanks to the principal, they got the green light to exhibit their drawings in the school yard.


get the jump on someone

get the advantage over someone
nne gemek, erken davranmak
Odessa got the jump on Helga by telling her love to Sosa.

get to the bottom of something

learn all the facts about something
anlamak, kavramak
He worked on the problem for two hours but couldnt get to the bottom of it.

get up on the wrong side of the bed

wake up in a bad mood
tersten kalkmak
Why are you shouting at people? Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?

get used to
to become used to, to become adjusted to
Bernie got used to driving on right in Britain.

give and take

compromise, cooperation between people
karlkl zveri
Give and take is indispensable in a successful marriage.

give birth to
to bear a human being or animal
dnyaya getirmek, dourmak
Our cat gave birth to seven kitties yesterday.

give him hot

rebuke him severely
fra atmak
The captain gave Derek hot for sleeping on duty.

give it ones best shot

try hard
en iyi vuruunu yapmak
He said he could make a better time running and I said give your best shot!


give sb a big hand

to clap one's hands in applause, to applaud
The spectators gave the team a big hand after they scored.

give sb a break
to provide a person with another opportunity or chance
kyak gemek, grmezden gelmek
He helped the police with the flat tire for he might give him a break sometime.

give sb a hand
to assist, to aid, to help
el uzatmak, yardmc olmak
Our neighbor gave us a hand to move our house.

give someone the slip

make a getaway
The police were so slow that it wasnt hard for him to give them the slip.

give somebody/something the green light

yeil k yakmak
Ill ask the manager; if he gives the green light, we will start the project.

give the sack

lay off
sepetlemek, iten atmak
As Nigel kept coming work late, the boss gave him the sack.

go Dutch
each person pays his own way to a movie, restaurant, etc
Alman usul
As I didnt have enough money with me I offered them to go Dutch.


go fly a kite!
go away!
bamdan gidin! (ocuklar iin)
Im trying to work here. Go fly a kite!

go in one ear and out the other

forget as soon as heard
bir kulandan girip bir kulandan kmak
Ive told him about his lessons many times; however, it goes in one ear and out the other.

go off the deep end

to get very angry and do something hastily
kplere binmek
He will go off the deep and if he learns about the accident.

go through channels
to send a request through the normal way
prosedr izlemek
They will not care for your complaint even if you go through the channels.

go to bat for someone

help out and support someone
destek olmak
I wont go to bat for him this time. It is enough!

go to the dogs
become rundown
harap olmu
The City restored the tower. It really went to the dogs.

go to town
to do something with enthusiasm and thoroughness
hevesle yapmak
My son really went to town when I said I would buy him a car if he succeeded.

go without saying
to be known without the need to mention
sylemeye gerek yok
That the price will increase after the storm goes without saying.


go wrong
to fail, to result badly
yolunda gitmemek, hatal olmak
If something goes wrong please call me.

good frame of mind

good mental state
eref saati
If he is in a good frame of mind, he can lend you some money.

green around the gills

having a sickly appearance; pale
yz sararmak
She said she was fine but she was green around the gills.

green with envy

very jealous
kskanlktan atlamak
Leroy was green with envy when he saw my new flat.

green-eyed monster
What made you so sad, green-eyed monster?

an untrained, inexperienced, or naive person
The company took on four greenhorns. You are to train them.

grow on someone
increase in favor with someone gradually
sonradan sarmaya balamak
I hated new age music at first, but it's grown on me later.


had better
should, ought to, be advisable to
iyi olur, neririm
You had better take your umbrella. It might rain.

hands down
very easy
elini kprdatmadan
It is such an easy job. You can do it your hands down.

hand to mouth
earning enough to feed
kt kanaat
Jerry has four children and with his low salary they live hand to mouth.

hard of hearing
partially deaf, not able to hear well
ar iiten
She is very old. Its normal that she is hard of hearing.

hash something over

to discuss something in great detail
stp stp getirmek
Ive heard enough about your complaints. Stop hashing them over!

have a good time

to enjoy oneself
iyi zaman geirmek, elenmek
Because of the heavy rain, we didnt have a good time in London.

have a long face to look

very sad or miserable
suratndan den bin parka, suratn asmak
I didnt ask her about the exam. She had a long face to look.


have a voice in
to share involvement in
tuzu olmak, katks olmak
I just wanted to have a voice in the project. So I gave some money too.

have a yellow streak

be cowardly
She had a yellow streak when her husband threatened to divorce.

have ants in your pants

get excited or impatient about sth
etekleri tutumak
It was his turn to go on the stage and he had ants in his pants.

have got
to have, to possess
sahip olmak
She has got everything she needs.

have got to
mecbur olmak, zorunda olmak
You have got to inform the police about the murder.

have in mind
to be considering, to be thinking
dnmek, planlamak
You dont want to come with us. What do you have in mind?

have it in one
have the capacity, ability to do something
kapasitesi olmak
I believe that Reese has it in her to win the gold medal.

have one's heart in one's mouth

to be in a state of tension or fear
yrei azna gelmek
Serap had her heart in her mouth when her little son ran across the street.


have one's heart set on

to desire greatly, to be determined to
kafaya koymak
Tanya has her heart set on to visit Haiti. She has already bought summer clothes.

have one's way

to arrange matters the way one wants
birinin istediini yapmak
My sister will start crying if you dont have her way.

have other fish to fry

to have other, or more important, things to do
yapacak baka nemli ileri olmak
I cant come to the theatre with you. Ive other fish to fry.

have sb/ sth in ones palm

have complete power or influence over sb or sth
parmanda oynatmak
He has the company in his palm. Thats why they respect him.

have sb on a string
be able to control sb easily
dizginlerini tutmak
After the wedding his wife had him on a string.

have the heart

have the courage to do something that will cause others unhappiness or disappointment
birini zecek bir ii yapacak cesareti olmak
Pedro couldnt afford to buy the house his wife badly wanted, so he didnt have the heart to
tell that to his wife.

have the world by the tail

be successful and happy
hayatta baarl olmak
He has a car and a flat of his own. So he thinks he had the world the world by the tail.


have to do with
to have some connection with or relationship to
alakas olmak
I have to do with this old computer until I buy a new a one.

have your cake and eat it too

to have the advantage of both alternatives
her iki avantaj da kullanmak
You both want to earn much and work less. You cant have your cake and eat it too.

have your head in the clouds

be completely unrealistic or daydreaming
akl bir kar havada
She is so young and has her head in the clouds.

heads or tails
throw a coin to decide
yaz tura
Why dont we throw acoin? Heads or tails?

high and low

everywhere, in every conceivable place
her yere
I've lost my keys. I've looked high and low for it, but I can't find it.

hit the ceiling

become very angry
kplere binmek
The candidate hit the ceiling when he learnt that he couldnt win elections.

hit the hay

go to bed
kafay vurup yatmak, zbarmak
Ive been working all day. Ill hit the hay, as soon as Im home.

hold one's horse

wait patiently instead of going forward
biraz daha sabretmek
You should hold your horse for a while. You may not find a chance to see him again.


hold one's own

to maintain oneself in, be equal to, a given situation
kendi bana idare edebilmek
I dont think she can hold her own. She has never been alone before.

hold sb's hand

provide reassurance, support sb
birinin elinden tutmak
She would have been a nice singer, if somebody held her hand.

hold sth against someone

blame someone for something
birinin aleyhine kullanmak
Though I forgot to inform him about the assignment he didnt hold it against me.

hold still
not to move
sabit durmak, kmldamamak
You should hold still in a barbers shop.

horse of a different color

quite a different matter
baka ey
Love is important but tolerance is horse of a different color.

hot under the collar

extremely angry
My father was hot under the collar on learning my grades.

hungry as a bear
kurt gibi a
Im hungry as a bear. I can eat anything.


I cant call my own soul
I cant do anything to help
elim kolum bal
I would like to help you with the sentence, but I cant call my own soul.

I dont give a darn

I dont care, no problem
vz gelir
I dont give a darn to his threats. Ill marry Lisa.

ill at ease
uncomfortable or worried in a situation
diken stnde
My father was ill at ease when my brother didnt turn back on time.

in a hurry
hurried, rushed
koturmada, telata
As today is the deadline everyone is in a hurry to hand in their assignments.

in a sense
in a particular way
bir ynyle
In a sense, this project helps the natives develop their self-conscious.

in a stew
bothered or upset about someone or something
hey heyleri stnde
The boss is in a stew and nobody dares to ask.

in a sweat
in hasty
tela iinde
Youve finished your meal already? Are you in a sweat?


in a welter of blood
covered in blood
kan revan iinde
Cesar was shocked to see her son in a welter of blood.

in advance
before, ahead of time
You had better buy your plane ticket in advance. The holiday is on the head.

in apple-pie order
very well organized; in very good order
ip gibi
The commander wanted the soldiers in apple-pie order.

in case
in order to be prepared if
He took his gun just in case.

in hand
under firm control, well managed
kontrol altnda
The marshal reported that the fire was in hand.

in line with
in agreement or conformity with
ayn izgide (grte)
Surprisingly, I realized that we were in a line with Kenny on politics.

in no time
very quickly, rapidly
ok abuk, hemen
It is already nine oclock! We have to leave in no time!

in one's element
doing something one likes and is capable of doing very well
yetenekli olduu bir eyi yapmak
Sissy is on her element when she plays the guitar.


in other words
to say something in a different way
dier bir deyile
The law requires visitors to get a visa for the island. In other words, there will be fewer
tourists around.

in stitches
laughing very hard
glmekten krmak
With his new typecasting, Ata Demirer had the audiences in stitches.

in the crunch
only when in trouble
paas sknca
My cousin calls me only when he is in the crunch. He is so self-seeking.

in the hole
in debt
borca girmek
Because of the newly raised taxes, the company is in the hole.

in the long run

eventually, after a long period of time
eninde sonunda, nihayetinde
I know you are bored of your studies but in the long run it will pay back.

in the red
operating at a loss or being in debt
bor iersinde
The company is in the red because of the canceled orders.

in the spots
everyone talking about it
herkesin aznda
Are you dating Sheila? Its on the spots.


in the twinkling of an eye

very quickly, in a moment
gz ap kapayasya
The kid took the ladys bag in the twinkle of an eye and ran through the street.

in the worst way

very much, greatly
gerekten ok, ok fazla
I want that car in the worst way. Ill take loan for it.

in time to
before the time necessary to do something
The car was not able to stop in time to hit the deer.

in touch
having contact
You can ask Danny about Sam. They always keep in touch.

in vain
useless, without the desired result
bouna, faydasz
The doctors applied the latest treatments but they were all in vain.

the ins and outs

all the facts about something
arts eksisiyle
Well discuss the ins and outs of leasing a truck fleet and decide afterwards.

inside out
with the inside facing the outside
tersine, ii dna
You had better turn the clothes inside out before you put them in the washer.

it boots no good
not a sign of good
hayra alamet deil
Ive seen Andrew making secret calls. It boots no good.


it figures
it seems likely, reasonable, or typical
anlalan, her zamanki gibi
It figures that she is not interested in arts. She laughed at the photos.

its all Greek for me

it is totally unfamiliar with me
Fransz kalmak
They started talking about vogue and its all Greek for me.

it wont suit my book

it is not good for my benefit
iime gelmez
It is a good job but pays less. So it wont suit my book to get it.

jig is up
secret is revealed
(apka dt) kel grnd
When they decided to go over the calculations the jig was up!

jump down someones throat

become angry with someone
mn skmak, grtlana yapmak
The boss will jump down on his throat, if he learns he forgot to send the catalogs.

jump the gun

to be hasty
atlamak, acele etmek
She would explain her fault but her brother jumped the gun and told her secret.


keep an eye on
watch in the sense of, take care of
gz kulak olmak
Can you keep an eye of my dog when Im in the store?

keep both or your feet on the ground

act and think sensibly and realistically
ayaklar yere basmak
The old tempt to think that the young cant keep both their feet on the ground.

keep in mind
to remember, not to forget
aklnda tutmak
Keep in mind that she is very sensitive about her hair style.

keep one's fingers crossed

to hope to have good results, to hope that nothing bad will happen
ummak, mit etmek
I kept my fingers crossed that the bank is open.

keep one's head

to remain calm during an emergency
kendini kaybetmemek, souk kanllkla hareket etmek
Even during the fire my dad kept his head and took us out off the house.

keep one's word

to fulfill a promise, to be responsible
sznde durmak
Dont trust him. He never keeps his word.

keep time
to operate accurately
zaman doru olarak gstermek
The clock tower is 200 hundred years old; however it still keeps perfect time.


keep track of
to keep or maintain a record of; to remember the location of
kaydn tutmak
Why are you asking about the number of visitors? I dont keep a track of them.

keep under ones hat

keep something a secret
gizli tutmak
The police arrested a suspect but they kept the name under their hat for a while.

kick the bucket

lmek, nallar dikmek
He loved the world so much that he never thought he would kick the bucket one day.

kick the habit

to stop a bad habit
kt bir alkanl brakmak
He is ill because of smoking, but he never tries to kick the habit.

kick up ones heels

sevinten havaya umak
My daughter kicked up her heel when I told her we were going to the grandmas.

kill two birds with one stone

to achieve two objects with one action is
bir tala iki ku vurmak
Sweden raised the alcoholic drink prices both to decrease the number of drinkers and earn
more. It wants to kill two birds with one stone.

kiss ass (!)

flatter or obediently carry out the orders of a superior in order to gain favor
kn pmek
If you want to get promoted you have to kiss ass!


knock on wood
used to express a wish for good fortune
tahtaya vur
I dont want to hear about possible failures, knock on wood!

knock someones socks off

enthuse and excite
aklm bandan almak
You must see the new girl at school. Shell knock your socks off.

know a thing or two

to have practical ability and common sense
bir iki ey bilmek
Im not an expert but I know a thing or two about diving.

know by sight
to recognize
simaen tanmak
We dont have much in common but I know him by sight.

know one's onions

to have a good knowledge about sth one is supposed to know
iini bilmek
Dont worry about Sawyer. He knows his onions.

know sth like the back of your hand

know sth extremely well
avucunun ii gibi bilmek
He has been in Tunisia for ten years and he knows her like the back of his hand.

know the first thing about sth

have knowledge of
I dont know the first thing about football. Ive never been interested in it.

to know what is what

to have proper knowledge of the world and of things in general
neyin ne olduunu bilmek
Dont think he is a small kid. He knows what is what.


know which side one's bread is buttered on

to know what is most advantageous
iini bilmek
He has been in politics for ten years and knows which side of his bread is buttered on.

land on one's feet
to recover safely form an unpleasant or dangerous situation
dzle kmak, toparlanmak
After the bankruptcy, it took him long to land on his feet.

last straw
the final event in a series of unacceptable actions
barda taran son damla
Calling me a jerk in front of everyone was the last straw.

learn the ropes

to become familiar with routine procedures
ileyii renmek
After ten years in this job, she learnt the ropes.

leave a word
leave a message
not brakmak
My roommate left a word reminding me to feed the fish.

leave alone
not to disturb, to stay away from
yalnz brakmak
Leave me alone! I dont want to come with you.


leave no stone unturned

search everywhere
her tan altna bakmak
The police left no stone unturned, but they still couldnt find the senator.

leave open
to delay making a decision on
ucu ak brakmak, kesinlememi brakmak
As they couldnt agree on the ceremony hours, they left it open.

lemon (!)
something defective
akma, adi
The cell phone I bought a week ago is broken. I think its a lemon.

lend me your ear!

listen to me!
bana kulak ver!
Lend me your ear! You wont pass the exam if you walk around!

let alone
and certainly not
bir yana, (onu) brak
He didnt go to high school, let alone university.

let bygones be bygones

forget and forgive unpleasant happenings in the past
gemie snger ekmek
I decided to let bygones be bygones and begin writing again.

let sleeping dogs lie

do not agitate a potential source of trouble
suyu bulandrma
Dont tell him he is investing on a bad share. Let sleeping dogs lie.


let slide
to neglect a duty, to ignore a situation
bo vermek, kafaya takmamak
She never lets it slide if someone makes fun of her.

let sth slip through your fingers

fail to take advantage of sth
elinden (frsat) karmak
She could be a doctors wife now, but she let it slip through her fingers.

let the cat out of the bag

inform beforehand
azndan karmak
We were supposed to surprise our dad with the TV set but my little sister let the cat out of the

life and death

very important, vital
lm kalm meselesi
Stop making fun of it! This is a life and death situation.

like a bull in a china shop

very awkward or clumsy
Patsy is like a bull in a china shop. She is so awkward.

like a fish out of water

out of one's proper or accustomed environment
sudan km balk gibi
When the colonel retired, he felt like a fish out of water.

like (two) peas in a pod

very much alike; almost identical
kafa dengi
Marian and I are like two peas in a pod. We like and hate the same things.


like water off a duck's back

having little or no effect
devede kulak
They send relief for the hurricane, but it was like water off a ducks back.

little by little
gradually, slowly
yava yava
The plan begins to raise interest little by little.

little does one think

one cannot imagine
aklna gelmek, ummak
Little did one think that he would be a pilot?

lose one's cool

to get excited, angry, or frustrated
souk kanlln kaybetmek
Although the students made fun of her mistakes, the teacher didnt lose her cool.

lose one's head

not to think clearly, to lose one's self-control
kendini kaybetmek
The old lady lost her head when they said her son died.

lose ones shirt

lose a great deal of money
sfr tketmek, ok para kaybetmek
When his predictions were false, he lost his shirt in stocks.

lose one's touch

to fail at what one used to do well
paslanmak, yeteneini kaybetmek
I used to finish the game in ten minutes. I think I lost my touch.


make a difference
to be of importance (to), to affect
fark etmek, deitirmek
The boss changed the schedule but it makes no difference. Were still working on Sundays.

make a monkey (out) of sb

make sb look foolish
maymun etmek, maymuna evirmek
In the play they made him a devil; actually they made a monkey out of him with that costume.

make a mountain out of a mole-hill

to exaggerate; make difficulties appear much greater than they really are
pireyi deve yapmak
Dont worry about the accident. Im sure; he is making a mountain out of a mole-hole again.

make a point of sth

do or say something with a definite intention
nezaketinde bulunmak
John made a point of asking after you.

make a splash
be successful and attract attention
iyi bir k yapmak
Her new song really made a big splash. It is already on the lists.

make certain
make sure
You have to make certain that the information is correct or else, well be in trouble.

make clear
to clarify, to explain
aklamak, aklk getirmek
The minister made it clear that all the taxes be given before September.


make do
to manage, to cope
idare etmek, yetinmek
We dont have any tomato paste so we have to make do with tomato.

make ends meet

be able to live with the money one has
idare etmek
Though I dont earn much, Ive to make the ends until I find a better job.

make friends
to become friendly with others
arkada edinmek
He is so shy. He cant easily make friends.

make fun of
ridicule, laugh at
alay etmek
Dont tell him about the accident. He will make fun of me all day.

make good
to succeed
baarl olmak
Im not surprised that she made good in the exam. She had studied really hard.

make good time

to travel a sufficient distance at a reasonable speed
vakitli gelmek (normalden hzl)
Though it takes nine hours to Tyler, we went there in six hours. We really made a good time.

make oneself at home

be comfortable, as if in one's own home
evinde hissetmek
Turkish people really make their guests at home.

make room for

allow space for, arrange space for
yer amak
By moving out the old sofas, we made room for the dinner table.


make sense
to be sensible or reasonable
kulaa ho gelmek, mantkl olmak
He suggests raising a fund. Does it make a sense?

make sb tick
to motivate to behave or act in a certain way
tahrik etmek
You cant guess what makes her tick. She is very moody.

make short work of sth

do something quickly
kala gz arasnda
The paparazzi made short work of taking the stars photo.

make sure
to be sure, to ascertain
temin etmek, emin olmak
Make sure that you get your keys.

make the best of

to do the best that one can in a poor situation
elinden geleni yapmak
We did our best to win the match.

make up one's mind

to reach a decision, to decide finally
karar vermek
This is not a hard decision. Havent you made up your mind yet?

make waves
to create a disturbance, usually by complaining
ortal kartrmak, mzmzlanmak
The little girl made waves when her mother refused to buy her the teddy bear.

march to a different drummer

to follow one's own ideas rather than being influenced by the group
kendi bildiini okumak
I told her about the hardship of living alone, but she marched to a different drummer.


meet sb halfway
to compromise with someone
aray bulmak, anlamak
After long disputes the union met administration half way on $2000.

mind ones Ps and Qs

take care in speech and action
szlerine dikkat etmek
If you want to persuade him to help us, watch your Ps and Qs.

mend fences
to repair a relationship with someone
aray bulmak, barmak
To mend the fences, we decided to go out for a meal.

mind the store

to be responsible for an office while others are gone
i yerine gz kulak olmak
Can you mind the store when Im in town?

miss the boat

to lose an opportunity, to fail in some undertaking
frsat karmak
It is late to be sorry. You missed the boat by leaving her.

more or less
approximately, almost; somewhat, to a certain degree
az ok, hemen hemen
I more or less learnt Spanish on holiday.

mum's the word

say nothing about the matter; be silent.
annen zerine
Ill tell you a secret about Valerie. But, promise it mums word.

music to my ears
good news; information that makes someone happy
It was music to my ears to hear that I had a son.


my hands are tied

cant help
elim kolum bal

name after
to give the same name as another
ismini vermek
Giovanni was named after his grandpa, a war hero.

not willing to accept the ideas of others
dar kafal
Greg is so narrow-minded that he is still using a typing machine.

never mind
don't be concerned about it; ignore what was just said
bo ver
He told me to finish the report by Saturday but never mind. He will forget about it.

night and day

all the time
durmadan, gece gndz
She studied for the exam night and day.

no (not a) big deal

not that impressive
nemli deil
I know that I helped you out, but its not a big deal. Youre my friend.


no matter
regardless of
her ne, ne olursa
No matter what I do, my dad is always angry at me.

no way
I proposed her and she just said no way!

no wonder
it's no surprise that, not surprisingly
sebebi anlald
No wonder she is laughing. She got A at maths.

not a soul
no one
bir Allahn kulu yok
After the concert finished there was not a soul in the field.

not born yesterday

too young to know sth
ocuk deilim
I know what an ambush is. I was not born yesterday.

not in your life

absolutely not
asla, hayatta olmaz
He will say not in your life if you want his car.

not know beans (about sth.) (!)

to know nothing about something
hi akmamak
She tried to speak about art, but apparently she doesnt know beans about it.

not to mention
omitting to say anything about something
sz etmeye gerek yok
Well visit Rome and, not to mention, see the Coliseum.


not worth a candle

not worth trying
yorulduumuza demez
If you squeeze ten kilos of grapes, you get four liters of grape juice. So its not worth a candle.

not worth a hill of beans

be para etmez
He brought many books as a source but they are not worth a hill of beans.

now and then

occasionally, sometimes
ara sra, baz baz
We used to see him every day but we see him now and then when he comes to the store.

of course
without any question or doubt
tabi ki
Of course we didnt quarrel. We just argued.

unusual, not typical
sra d
Jenny tries to be an off-beat to effect people.

on a razor edge
a very risky situation
bak srtnda
If he fails to pay his debt inbefore deadline, he will go bankruptcy. He is on a razor edge.


on all fours crawling

along or crouched down on the hands and knees
The little baby cant walk yet but she can go any where on all fours crawling.

on edge
nervous, anxious; upset, irritable
cinleri tepesinde
Mr. Sandy was on the edge when he learnt his motorbike was stolen.

on hand
available, nearby
el altnda, yedekte
Whenever you ask for a catalog product, it is never on hand.

on ones last legs

sick and failing
She was good at teaching, unfortunately now she is on her last legs.

on one's toes
alert, cautious
tetikte, dikkatli
He heard a sound in the dark and stayed on his toe all night.

on paper
in theory, but not in fact in writing
kat stnde
There is a project for protecting wild life on paper, but it seems very hard to fulfill.

on purpose
for a reason, deliberately
bilerek, kasti
I dont think he is sorry for that. He broke the vase on purpose.


on the ball
attentive, competent, alert
topun aznda
Wayne lost the case for the second time. He is certainly on the ball!

on the other hand

however, in contrast
dier yandan, teki tarafta
The car is really small. On the other hand its very mean in oil consumption.

on the tip of my tongue

nearly brought to mind on the verge of being said but remaining unsaid
dilimin ucunda
The word was on the tip of my tongue; however I had to look up in the dictionary.

on the whole
in general, in most ways
genelde, genel itibariyle
She is not doing well nowadays but, on the whole, she is successful.

on time
exactly at the correct time, punctually
tam zamannda, vaktinde
You have to be at the office on time. They are too strict about that.

once and for all

finally, absolutely
kesin olarak, son kez
She told me once and for all that she didnt want to see me again.

once in a blue moon

rarely, infrequently
krk ylda bir
Once in a blue moon we go to the theater.

out of date
not modern; not current, not timely
demode, eski
These motifs are out of date. They were popular a decade ago.


out of order
not in working condition
arzal, servis d
When the elevator is out of order I must walk to the eighth floor.

out of the blue

suddenly and unexpectedly
birden, aniden
The window smashed out of the blue when the wind blew hard.

out of question
impossible, not feasible
imkansz, mmkn deil
I cant lend you my car. It is out of question!

out of the woods

out of danger
tehlikeyi atlatmak
The doctor said the operation was successful, but he is not out of the woods yet.

out of touch
not having contact; not having knowledge of
irtibat d; habersiz
He is an idiot. He is out of touch about whats going round.

out on a limb
in a risky position
ate stnde
Because of her grades, she is out on a limb. They can expel her from school.

over and over

tekrar tekrar
The teacher had to explain it over and over to make every student get it.


packed like sardines
packed very tightly
balk istifi
It is usual in Istanbul to see people packed like sardines in a bus.

paint the town red

carouse and have a good time.
ok elenmek
Despite the bad weather, we painted the town red in Greece.

pat sb on the back

praise or congratulate sb
srtn svazlamak
While he was expected to punish his son, he patted him on the back.

pay attention
to look at and listen to someone, to concentrate
dikkatini vermek
Many of you dont pay attention to what I say.

pay through the nose

pay too high a price
servet demek
As it was a luxury car, we paid through the nose for the spare part.

pick sb's brain

ask questions of sb, in order to learn what he or she knows about sth
birinden akl almak, akl danmak
If he is to decide on something he picks his fathers brain.

pick the wrong horse

make a bad choice
yanl ata oynamak
He picked the wrong horse by supporting the fundamentalists.


pick up the tab

to pay the cost or bill
hesab ekmek, demek
Hailer never picks up the tab in the pub. He is so stingy.

piece of cake
very easy
antada keklik
The driving test isnt hard at all. Its a piece of cake for you!

pink slip
a notice of dismissal from one's job
sar zarf
I got a pink sleep for coming late to school.

the little finger
sere parmak
Dolores played puppet with her pinkie.

play by ear
to play music that one has heard but never read; to proceed without plan, to do spontaneously
mzik kula olmak; doalama
Ramsey can play any music by ear. He never needs the note papers.
There was a schedule but we played by ear.

play cat and mouse

treat sb in a way that he or she does not know what you are going to do next
kedinin fareyle oynad gibi oynamak
He is so cruel with his lovers. He plays cat and mouse with them.

play with fire

do sth dangerous or risky
atele oyamamak
He says he will kidnap the mayors son. He is really playing with fire.


the point of no return

geri dnlemez
Danny killed his wife and this was the point of no return.

the pot calling the kettle black

someone with a fault accusing someone else of having the same fault
tencere dibin kara seninki benden kara
You say me fat? Look at you! That's the pot calling the kettle black

praise to the skies

praise very highly
gklere karmak
This is her only son and she praises him to the skies.

pros and cons

advantages and disadvantages
artlar eksileri
The committee is discussing the pros and cons of investing in a hotel.

pull ones leg

deceive as a joke
iletmek, kandrmak
Wayne couldnt realize that they were pulling his leg, till one of them laughed.

pull strings
exert influence
mcadele etmek (bireyi elde etmek iin)
You could have convinced him, if you had pulled the strings.

pull the wool over someone's eyes

deceive someone
yalan sylemek
The seller pulled the wool in their eyes by saying that the computer was brand new.

push or press all the right buttons

do all the right or appropriate things
doru admlar atmak
Though we pushed all the right buttons, we failed to succeed.


put a spoke in someone's wheel

to spoil his plans
tekerine omak sokmak
He has been living here for forty years. Nobody can put a spoke in his wheel.

put all one's eggs in one basket

to risk everything at once
ii ansa brakmak
He didnt put all his eggs in a basket and gave ads to the billboards too.

put an end to
to cause to end, to terminate in a definite manner
son vermek
The army must put and to intervene the civil rights.

put one's foot in the mouth

to say or do the wrong thing
bir uval inciri mahvetmek
He put his foot in his mouth when he told her about his ex-girlfriend.

put ones money where ones mouth is

follow through with a stated intention
szn tutmak
You promised to take me to the party. You must put your money where your mouth is.

put sb in the clear

free from suspicion, blame, or obligation
temize karmak
That he was in the pub with his friend last night during the murder put him in the clear.

put sb/ sth in the shade

make sb/ sth seem unimportant by appearing much more special or attractive
glgede brakmak
His new album put all the others in the shade.

put sth on ice

set aside for future use
bir kenara, bir yana
We can put the debate on ice and have some snacks.


quite a few
pek ok
They prepared only 20 rooms but quite a few people showed up for the congress.

rain cats and dogs
to rain very hard
bardaktan boanrcasna
We are afraid of a flood coming. It has been raining cats and dogs lately.

raise a stink
protest strongly
ngar kartmak
The old lady raised a stink when the cashier gave her wrong change.

read between the lines

to deduce something that is not made explicit
satr aralarn okumak
If you read between the lines, it seems that the price rise is inevitable.

red-carpet treatment
the kind of courtesy or deference shown to persons of high station
krmz hal karlamas
As a tradition the minister will have red-carpet treatment.

a flight between two distant points that departs late at night and arrives early in the morning
gece yars uuu
Though I didnt like the red-eye flight, I had to buy the last ticket.


blushing or flushed with embarrassment, anger, etc.
yz kzarmak
She got red-faced when she accidentally said a curse word.

very hot; creating much excitement or demand
heyecan verici
It was a red-hot party yesterday. It kept until the sunrise.

red-letter day
a memorable, especially important or happy day
tarihi gn
Today is a letter day! My son uttered daddy.

a bigot or reactionary, especially from the rural working class
yobaz, geri kafal
Mr. Johansson is a redneck. He wouldnt let you wear that dress out.

red tape
excessive formality and routine required before official action can be taken
kat krek ileri
I was fed up with the red tape. I had to see eight different officers just to get one paper.

remember someone to someone else

tell someone to say hello to another person
selam sylemek
Remember me to your dad when you turn back.

right away
very soon; immediately
en ksa zamanda
The film will start right away. Dont leave!

rise (like a phoenix) from the ashes

come into existence or popularity again, seemingly from a state of ruin or destruction
klnden yaratmak (Anka kuu gibi)
He was a forgotten star but rose from the ashes after that commercial.


rose-colored glasses
a cheerful or optimistic view of things, usually without valid basis
toz pembe
Its normal that she sees the world in rose-colored glasses in her age.

bright or promising; cheerful or optimistic
parlak, mit veren
The experts find the incidents rosy for the regions peace.

rub salt in the wound

to make a difficult situation even worse for someone
yarasna tuz basmak
Visiting the places of her childhood rubbed salt in the wound.

rub someone the wrong way

sinirine/ damarna dokunmak
Judith rubbed me in the wrong way by asking my salary.

same old, same old
used to say that a situation is unchanged or unexciting
eski tas, eski hamam
Her parents, her teachers and everyone warned her; but same old, same old.

save face
maintain one's pride and honor; not be disgraced
itibarn kurtarmak
He tried to save his face by inviting her for a meal.


save your breath!

hopeless to convince the other way
nefesini boa harcama!
He wont change his mind. Save your breath!

say the least

to make the minimum comment about something or someone
To say the last, you got to work harder to get to university.

sb's or sth's days are numbered

wont survive much longer
gnleri sayl
I think the fridges days are numbered. It makes strange sounds these days.

scare the hell out off sb

scare sb very badly
dn patlatmak
When Rudy called me in the dark, he scared the hell out off me.

scratch someones back

return a favor
iyiliin karln vermek
If you support me in the union elections, Ill scratch your back some day.

scratch the surface

study something superficially
yzeysel bilmek
Though I just scratched the surface, it was enough for me to pass the exam.

search me
I don't know
ne bileyim?
When I asked who blemished my shirt. She said, search me.

second hand
used, not brand new
ikinci el
As he couldnt afford a new one, he bought a second hand car.


see eye to eye

to agree, to concur
uyumak, ayn fikirde birlemek
We never see eye to eye with my wife on children education.

see how the land lies

assess a situation before taking action
zemin etd yapmak
Ill see how the land lies before moving Colombia.

see red
become very angry
ok sinirlenmek
The passengers saw red when they learnt the flight was postponed for the third time.

sell someone down the river

betray someone
birini satmak
Terry sold me down the river when his girlfriend phoned.

sell someone short

underestimate someone
hor grmek
Our team sold the opponent short and was shocked when they beat them badly.

sell like hotcakes

to be very popular and sought after
peynir ekmek gibi satmak
I didnt expect the book would be a success, but it sold like hotcakes.

serve sb right
to receive one's just punishment
hak etmek, mstahak olmak
It serves Dan right to be expelled from school. He failed all his exams.

serve one's purpose

to be useful, to suit one's needs or requirements
ie yaramak, hora gemek
This camp bed really served its purpose. Thank you.


shake hands
to exchange greetings by clasping hands
When people meet for the first time, they usually shake hands.

shape up or ship out

behave properly or leave
ya bu deveyi gdersin ya bu diyardan gidersin
Victor was always complaining about the hours, eventually the boss told him shape up or
ship out.

shed crocodile tears

to seem, hypocritically and insincerely, to be sad about sth when one is not
timsah gz yalar dkmek
Britain has exploited Africa for years and raising charity for them now. They just shed
crocodile tears.

shoot of ones mouth

express ones opinion loudly
Ive never seen him acting but she is always shooting of her mouth.

shoot the breeze

chat informally
havadan sudan konumak
We didnt talk about serious matters. We just shot the breeze.

shooting yourself in the foot

harming yourself unintentionally
kendi ayana skmak
Betraying their spy was shooting themselves in the foot.

shoulder to shoulder
side by side in a cooperative effort
omuz omuza
In the First World War, people all around Turkey fought shoulder to shoulder.


show promise
give the impression of having the ability to do something in the future
gelecek vaat etmek
The producers called her for an interview. Maybe, she showed promise in acting.

show sb the door

tell sb to leave
kapy gstermek
When the reporter asked about the impropriety, the colonel showed her the door.

sight and safe

without any damage
sa salim
We are happy to arrive home sight and safe despite the heavy snow.

simmer down
to become calmer and quieter
ortaln yatmas
After it simmers down, Ill ask him about the quarrel.

sing the blues

to be disappointed or disillusioned
bozuk almak
Juliet is singing the blues since her father scolded her.

sitting pretty
in a fortunate position
Patrick found golden shikke in his village worth thousands. He is really sitting pretty.

slip of the tongue

say sth wrong unintentionally
sr lisan etmek
Calling her missis was the slip of a tongue.


smart as a fox
very cunning
tilki gibi
Take care of him. He is smart as a fox.

snow job
insincere talk
The insurance seller deceived everyone with his snow job.

so far
until now, until the present time
imdiye kadar
He promised to call me in two hours. However he hasnt called so far.

soap opera
an overly dramatic and emotional story broadcast regularly on the radio or television
pembe dizi
The soap operas make up a billion dollar market in Brazil and Argentina.

something is up to someone
it is one's responsibility to take care of something; or to make a decision
birini yada bir eye bal/ kalm
I dont want to affect your decision. Its up to you to choose the university.

sooner or later
eventually, after a period of time
eninde sonunda
You have to do your homework sooner or later. You had better finish it now.

speak highly about sb.

praise; tell good things about sb.
sitayile bahsetmek
Although it has been ten years since his death, Mrs. Tiffany still speaks highly about her


spill blood
wound or kill people
kan dkmek
As usual U.S. forces invaded a country and spilt blood.

spill the beans

reveal a secret
azndan karmak
Dont rely on her. She will certainly spill the beans about your wedding.

spread oneself too thin

become involved in too many activities
pek ok ii ayn anda yapmak
Frank spread himself to thin and not surprisingly spoilt some of the work.

stab in the back

betray sb or an act of treachery
arkasndan vurmak
He thought Leo was his friend, but he stabbed him in the back by sleeping with his wife.

stand a chance
to have the possibility of accomplishing sth
ans olmak
Turkey doesnt stand a chance to beat Norway.

stands to reason
to be clear and logical
grne baklrsa, anlalan
It stands to reason that she isn't considering marriage.

stick ones neck out

take a risk
riske atmak
If that was his own business, he wouldnt stick his neck out.

stick together
support each other, unite
birlik olmak
We have to stick together to defend our country.


straight from the horse's mouth

from the original or a trustworthy source
ilk kaynaktan
The papers claim to get the information straight from the horse's mouth.

straight from the shoulder

ak szl, dobra dobra
She is straight from the shoulder but that she sometimes offends her friends.

straw that broke the camels back

the last unpleasant event which finally makes you feel that you cant tolerate
barda taran son damla
Ive been tolerating his disgraceful behaviours for years, but swearing was the straw that
broke the camels back

stubborn as a mule
very stubborn
kei gibi inat
This debate can last hours. She is so stubborn.

the sun side of the picture

the good side of the situation
iin gzel yan, iin iyi taraf
We had to wait for one more day in Rio. The sun side of the picture is that the organization
paid for the extra night.

take a risk
do sth dangerous or risky
risk almak
You are taking a risk by investing on a bankrupt business.


take a trip
to go on a journey, to travel
tatile kmak
Im really fed up with the work. I want to take a trip.

take a walk
to go for a walk, stroll, hike, etc.
yrye kmak, gezintiye kmak
Would you like to take a walk around the lake?

take advantage of
to use well, to profit from; to use another person's weaknesses to gain what one wants
faydalanmak, lehine kullanmak
You treat him nice because you want to take advantage of his position.

take at one's word

to accept what one says as true, to believe
szne kanmak
She said she would arrange the band but I didnt take at her word as she had let us down
many times before.

take by surprise
to surprise, to amaze, to astonish
His marriage proposal took me by surprise.

take for granted

not to appreciate fully
kymetini bilmemek
He always took his mother granted until she died of cancer.

take hold of
to grasp, to grip with the heads
tutunmak, destek almak
You must take hold of the rope if you want to reach the summit securely.


take into account

to consider a fact while evaluating a situation
gz nnde bulundurmak, dikkate almak
You should take into account that he won a gold medal in previous games.

take one's time

to do without rush, not to hurry
acele etmeden
There's no need to hurry finishing the project. Take your time.

take pains
to work carefully and conscientiously
zenle almak
He takes pain in his work and this brings him success.

take part in
to be involved in, to participate in
yer almak, katlmak
He wants to take part in the ceremony. Can I call him, too?

take place
to occur, to happen according to plan
gereklemek, meydana gelmek
When will the festival take place?

take sb under your wing

take care of or protect sb
kanatlarnn altna almak
The manager took the freshman under his wings learning that he was from his hometown.

take steps
prepare for sth and put it into action
adm atmak, nlem almak
The government is determined to take steps against the terrorist attacks.

take sth with a grain of salt

only half believe sth someone has said
her dediine kanmamak
You had better take Yuris words with a grain of salt. He is not that honest.


take the bull by the horns

to handle a difficult situation with determination
cesaretini toplamak
You should take the bull by the horns and tell her your feelings.

take the cake

to surpass all others, especially in some undesirable quality
bu kadarna da pes!
That takes the cake! You forgot to bring your homework for the third time.

take the floor

rise to speak to a group of people to begin to dance, e.g. in a ballroom or nightclub
sahne almak
The Cranberries will take the floor after the fireworks.

take turns
to alternate, to change people while doing something
deierek, srayla
We decided to take turns to use the car. Im the first to use.

talk a blue streak

talk continuously, rapidly, or interminably
durmadan konumak
She was talking a blue streak and I couldnt help saying shut up!

talk through ones hat

make foolish statement
patavatsz konumak
I feel tense while being with people who talks through their hats.

teach sb a lesson
to give sb a rebuke or punishment which will serve as a warning
birine dersini vermek, haddini bildirmek
He has been behaving really badly these days. Somebody needs to teach him a lesson.

tell that to the marines

I dont believe in you
klahma anlat
I tried to explain that I was innocent, but the cop just said tell that to the marines.


that makes two of us

to be in the same unpleasant situation, or have the same negative feelings
sen mi, ben mi!
Ive never seen such a bad painting before
That makes two of us

think nothing of it
forget it, don't worry about it; that's all right
kafana takma, dert etme
Just think nothing of the kids. Ill take care of them.

throw sb a curve
to introduce an unexpected topic, causing embarrassment
pot krmak, am devirmek
He threw Mrs. Ferity a curve when he asked about her son.

throw in the towel

admit defeat
havlu atmak
There were seven companies in adjudicate but many threw in the towel against SRD Co.

throw the book at

to punish with full penalty, to be harsh on
defterini drmek
The governor threw the book at the officer when he learnt about the scandal.

tie the knot

get married
ba balanmak (evlenmek)
As soon as he turned back his country, he tied the not.

tighten your belt

reduce your expenditures
kemerleri skmak
If we are to afford a car we had to tighten our belts.


till one is blue in the face

until one can say no more in trying to convince someone
dilinde ty bitmek
Llanos talked to her daughter till he is blue in the face, but she just kept on her mistakes.

time will tell

impossible to know or estimate sth until some time in the future
zaman gsterecek
I cant tell anything about the new law. Time will tell.

to the very end

for as long as is possible, however unpleasant the situation becomes
sonuna kadar
There was no one in my hard times; however, Paula walked with me to the very end.

toot ones own horn

Mrs. Mackey always toots her own horn about his doctor son.

tooth for tooth

certain justice
die di
Victims father just said tooth for tooth!

not serious
akasna, dalgasna
After Cynthia was in tears, he told her that he was just saying that tongue-in-cheek.

touch and go
risky, uncertain until the end
son ana kadar belli olmayan
The war was touch and go until eventually, Russia stepped back.

trade in
to receive credit for the value of an old item for buying a new item
takas, takas etmek
There is a trade in for the carpets. You buy the new for $100 cheaper if you bring the old one.


unwaveringly loyal or faithful
The knight showed he was true-blue to his majesty by fighting death for him.

tune out
ignore someone or something
kulak tkamak
Rudi tuned out while his mother advised him about the school stuff.

turn over a new leaf

make a fresh start
yeni bir sayfa amak
After the serious operation she had, she decided to turn over a new leaf.

turn over in the grave

emphasize how displeased or upset sb dead would be if he/ she knew what was happening
kemikleri szlamak
If my grandpa saw his sons now, he would turn over in his grave.

turn your back on sb or sth

ignore or reject sb or sth
yz evirmek
Felony was so keen on her husband but now she turned her back on him.

turn up your nose at sth

refuse to accept sth because you feel it is unworthy
burun kvrmak
Since he has a computer now, he will turn up his nose at the typewriter.

turn up your toes (!)

nallar dikmek
He was drinking hard and fighting everyday. At the end, he turned up his toes in a bar.

twist sb around your little finger

utilize sb according to your wishes
parmanda oynatmak
She is such a hard woman that she twists her husband around her little finger.


under the knife
undergoing surgery
bak altnda
At the moment he is under the knife for a plastic surgery.

under the weather

not feeling well, sick
keyifsiz, bitkin
I feel under the weather. I think its because of the season.

the unkindest cut of all

the worst side of
iin en kts
Elroy got caught for speed limit. The unkindest cut of all, he was drunk.

up to date
modern; current, timely
gncel, moda
This virus software is not up to date. It is no use.

up ones sleeve
aklnda olmak, tasarlamak
I hear you wont be in Cairo this summer. What is up your sleeve?

ups and downs

changes of fortune or alternating spells of good and bad experiences
hayattaki ini klar
The ups and downs made him a mature man.

upside down
with the upper side turned toward the lower side
ba aa, kafa st
A book put upside down, took my attention.


used to
formerly did, had the habit of
eski alkanlklar anlatlrken kullanlr
They used to go hiking when they were in north.

walk on air
be extremely happy
havalara umak
When I told her we were going on a holiday she walked on air.

waste one's breath

not be able to convince someone
nefesini boa harcamak
Ill join that party. Dont waste your breath.

watch one's step

be careful in one's conduct
kendine eki dzen vermek
I thought the manager would send me away. He just said watch your steps.

wave the white flag

give up; surrender; yield
teslim olmak
Even if they wave the white flag, kill them!

weasel out of sth

to evade an obligation or duty
kaytarmak, savsaklamak
Terry weasels out of tidying his room unless his mother forces.


wet behind the ears

saf, grmemi
He doesnt even know what a hotdog is. He is really wet behind the ears.

wet blanket
dull or boring person who spoils the happiness of others
Why did you invite her to the party? Dont you know she is a wet blanket?

what is the matter?

what is wrong, what is the problem?
sorun ne?
You were laughing a minute ago. Whats the matter now?

whistle in the dark

pretend to keep up your courage although youre afraid
karanlkta slk almak
He says he is not afraid but actually he is whistling in the dark.

white elephant
a possession unwanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of
elde kalm mal
After the company went bankruptcy, all its machines became white elephant.

white lie
a minor, polite, or harmless lie
beyaz yalan
Although it was a white lie, it made me cautious towards her words anymore.

anything, such as deceptive words or actions, used to cover up faults, errors
gz boyama
Helping the poor didnt satisfy anyone. They all knew it was a whitewash.

the whole caboodle

everyone gathered
cmbr cemaat
Some families came whole caboodle to the PTA. How fun!


wife and children

all the family
oluk ocuk
We went to visit my uncle wife and children.

wild-goose chase
an hopeless search for something nonexistent or unobtainable
samanlkta ine aramak
The cops are searching for a blonde suspect with a beard. What a wild-goose chase!

with all my heart

completely sincerely
tm kalbimle
I wish you good luck with all my heart in your exams.

wolf in sheep's clothing

a person who conceals his evil intentions or character behind an innocent exterior
kuzu postunda kurt
He seems friendly but he hits you from the back. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

would give my right arm for sth

would do or give anything to get sth that you want
canm veririm
He isnt pleased with his house but Id give my right arm for it.

would just as soon

prefer to
tercih etmek
I would just as soon buy this jean. It fits better.

would rather
prefer to
tercih etmek
I would rather have an orange juice. Coke makes me sick.


year in, year out
in a regular or repeated way over a long period of time
yldan yla
The company begins to flourish year in, year out after the effective commercials.


Phrasal Verbs

Verb combined with another word: a verb followed by an adverb, a preposition, or both, used with
an idiomatic meaning that is often quite different from the literal meaning of the individual words.
As there is usually no indicator whether an idiomatic phrase is separable, inseparable, or intransitive,
so you must learnt these phrases by heart. In this book, I defined the type of the verb right after it.

Separable or inseparable?
Some particles can be separated from the verb so that a noun and pronoun can be inserted, and some
particles can't be separated from the verb. Study the examples:
count in
hesaba katmak, saymak
Dont count me in unless you go by train.
Dont count in me unless you go by train.

go with
uymak, yakmak
This red tie doesnt go with your jacket.
This red tie doesnt go your jacket with. (wrong)


Transitive or intransitive?
Some phrases are intransitive, meaning they cannot take a direct object and some are transitive,
meaning they can take a direct object. Study the examples:
eat out
eat outside
restoranda yemek
We eat out every Saturday.
We eat out a meal every Saturday.
put off
Fifa put off todays match due to the bad weather.
Fifa put todays match off due to the bad weather.

Abbreviations in phrasal verbs:


transitive and intransitive


Phrasal Verbs

act like (is) (it)
behave in a way that's like
gibi davranmak
Why are you acting like a child?

act up (is) (it)

be troublesome
Stop acting up and do your homework.

ask after (is) (t)

ask for news of
hal hatr sormak
Jenny asked after you.

ask for (is) (t)

deserve a bad incident
bir ceza yada belay hak etmek
I am not sorry for him. He asked for it.

back off (is) (it)
not follow a threat
geri adm atmak
We told them we would sue them but they didnt back off.

back out off (is) (it)

anlamay bozmak
Now that youve signed the contract, you cant back out off it.


back up (s) (t)

confirm a story, facts, or information
bir bilgiyi desteklemek
He is not lying. His friend backed up his story as well.

back up (s) (t)

copy computer files
I wish I had backed up the file. I have to write it again now.

be in (is) (it)
be popular
moda olmak
What is in this summer?

be out (is) (it)

become inpopular
demode olmak
These days, blue jeans are in and long skirts are out.

be over (is) (it)

bitmek, sona ermek (etkinlik iin)
We can leave now. The party is over.

be up (is) (it)
tkenmek, bitmek (zaman iin)
The time is up, please hand in the exam papers.

be up to (is) (it)
to be doing
uramak, megul olmak
Ive not seen you recently. What are you up to?

become of (is) (it)

get lost
What has become of my watch? I have put it here!


beef sth up (s) (t)

make something stronger
The army decided to beef up the units around the boundary.

blow up (is) (vit)

The bomb will blow up when he starts his car.

blow up (is) (t)

make sb nervous
birden sinirlenmek
Dorothy blew up when her son told he was suspended from school.

break away (is) (it)

abandon a habit
alkanlk terk etmek
You have to break away your bad habits, if you want to live healthy.

break down (s) (it)

stop functioning
bozulmak, arzalanmak
Did the TV break down? I cant switch it on.

break in (s) (it)

enter by force
kilidi krp girmek
When we were on holiday, somebody broke in and took the TV and computer.

break off (is) (vit)

end a relationship
ilikiyi bitirmek
I cant believe that they broke off. They were so happy.

break out of (is) (it)

escape from
bir yerden kamak
Two prisoners broke out of jail yesterday.


break up (is) (vit)

end (school, education)
okullarn tatil olmas
When does the school break up in Germany?

bring back (is) (t)

The photo brought back her to childhood.

bring on (s) (t)

sebep olmak
The agents are trying to find out what brought on the fire.

bring out (s) (t)

introduce sth for sale
yeni bir rn srmek
The chairman of Dell told they would bring out three new models next week.

bring round (is) (t)

dile getirmek
Why dont you bring round the pollution problem in the council?

bring round (s) (t)

make conscious again
We couldnt bring her round for two hours.

bring up (s) (t)

My Grandma brought me up as my parents were working.

brush up on (is) (t)

bilgileri tazelemek
I need to brush up on the papers before the exam.


burn up (is) (t)

make sb furious
birini kzdrmak
My father will burn up when I tell him my grades.

burst in (is) (it)

enter without knocking
odaya dalmak
Dont burst in here again! Knock on the door first.

butter up (s) (t)

flatter sb
ya ekmek
George is buttering the new manager up.

butt in (is) (it)

konumay blmek
They didnt let the author speak because they constantly butt in.

buy up (s) (t)

purchase all of a comodity
tamamn satn almak
Chevrolet bought up Daewoo motors last week.

call away (is) (t)
call for business
i iin arlmak
The branch managers are called away to the US.

call by (is) (it)

visit for a short time
I just called by to return your book. Thanks.


call for (is) (t)

The situation calls for immediate action.

call in (is) (it)

visit to do sth
I called in at the chemists to buy some aspirins.

call off (s) (t)

iptal etmek
The concert is called off because of the rain.

call up (s) (it)

greve arlmak
The nationalist called up the army.

calm down (s) (it)

Calm down! We are going to find a solution.

care for (is) (vit)

be affectionate to sb
bakmak, korumak
Gina really cares for her children.

carry out (is) (t)

complete a task
grevi yerine getirmek
Although he was suspicious about the consequences, he had to carry out the project.

catch on (is) (it)

begin to understand
anlamaya balamak
You will like the story when you catch on.


catch up with (is) (it)

reach sb/sth traveling ahead
Rudy has been ill for a week. He will have to catch up with his friends.

check in (is) (vit)

otele kayt yapmak
After you check in, you can use the hotel pool.

check out (is) (it)

follow procedures for leaving a hotel
otelden ayrlmak
You have to check out on time, or else they will charge you one more day.

check over (is) (t)

examine if sth is correct
doruluunu kontrol etmek
The consulate will check over your papers to decide on your visa.

cheer up (is) (it)

make sb feel less sad
Even the cartoon on TV didnt cheer up little girl.

chew out (is) (t)

azarlamak, fralamak
The boss chewed out Martin as he forgot to hand in his report.

clear up (s) (it)

become sunny
havann amas
If it clears up, we will go for a picnic.

close down (s) (vit)

close temporarily
geici bir sure iin kapatmak
All the stores in town are closed down for the festival.


cop out (is) (it)

withdraw from an activity
satmak, yar yolda brakmak
He was to arrange the band for the wedding but he copped out at last minute.

come across (is) (t)

find unexpectedly
ans eseri bulmak
I came across these old photos while I was looking for my certificates.

come by (is) (t)

obtain sth
elde etmek
How did you come by this old camera?

come down with (is) (t)

become ill with
He came down with flu as he ate so much ice-cream.

come in (is) (it)

finish in particular position
gelmek (yarta 1. 2. vs.)
The Turkish athlete came first in long jump.

come in (is) (it)

become trendy
moda olmak
Leather jackets came in when Michael Jackson wore it 1980s.

come into (is) (t)

miras kalmak
Mr. Shepherd came into two houses and a car after his uncles death.

come off (is) (t)

come loose
The buttons will come off if you keep playing with them.


come on (is) (it)

develop gradually
yava yava balamak
The flight fares are going up as the summer comes on.

come out (is) (it)

ortaya kmak
The flowers started coming out after two weeks we planted them.

come round (is) (it)

visit for a short time
I think he is coming round to see you.

come round (is) (it)

become conscious again
The boy came round when they washed his face.

come round to (is) (it)

agree with
fikre katlmak
He will come round to our plan if you explain it well.

come through (is) (it)

The passenger came through without a scratch in the accident.

come up against (is) (t)

experience a trouble
sorunla karlamak
Its normal to come up against these kinds of problems abroad.

count in (s) (t)

hesaba katmak, saymak
Dont count me in unless you go by train.


count on (is) (t)

depend on, trust
You cant count on him about lending money.

cross out (s) (t)

sign as wrong
arp iareti koymak.
The teacher crossed out several mistakes in my essay.

cut across (is) (t)

shorten a distance
kestirmeden gitmek
We cut across by using the old motorway.

cut back (is) (vit)

use less of something
bir eyin tketimini azaltmak
The city has to cut back on spending money on structures.

cut down on (s) (vit)

You have to cut down on salt and fat for your health.

cut off (s) (t)

lose connection with
balants kesilmek
Many eastern villages are cut off by snow in winters.

cut out (s) (t)

They cut out the text as it was too long.


dish out (s) (t)
He always dishes people out about their clothes.

do over (s) (t)

do again
tekrar yapmak
Somebody has deleted my homework. I have to do it over.

do without (is) (vit)

manage without sth
yokluuna tahamml etmek.
I cant do without my walkman.

drag on (is) (it)

last much longer than expected or is necessary
beklenenden uzun srmek
We thought the meeting would end in an hour but it dragged on till nine.

draw in (is) (it)

become shorter (day)
ksalmak (gn)
The days will draw in after August.

draw out of (is) (it)

take money from a bank
para ekmek
He drew out of some money as he was going on a holiday.

draw up (s) (vit)

come to stop
durmak (ara)
A lorry drew up in front of the bank.


drop in (is) (it)

visit informally without scheduling a specific time
habersiz ziyaret etmek
Helens dropped in us to see the garden.

drop off (is) (it)

fall asleep
uykuya abuk dalmak, szmak
Because he worked all day, he dropped off as soon as he went to bed.

drop sb off (s) (t)

deliver sth; deliver someone by giving him/her a ride
arabayla brakmak
Can you drop me off after the party?

drop out (is) (it)

stop attending a school
okulu brakmak
He dropped out of college for acting.

dry out (is) (vit)

stop using alcohol or drugs
alkol yada uyuturucuyu tedavi ile brakmak
Sean dried out after the programme in Jersey.

dry up (is) (vit)

lose moisture
nemi kurumak
The lake dried up a hundred years ago.

eat out (s) (t)
eat outside
restoranda yemek
We eat out every Saturday.


egg on (is) (it)

encourage sb
tevik etmek
I warned him but his friends egged him on fighting.

end up (is) (it)

finally arrive at an unexpected place
son bulmak, soluu (bir yerde) almak
If you go on smuggling, you will end up in jail.

face up to (is) (t)
admit to
gerekleri kabul etmek
She doesnt like you. You must face up to it.

fall back (is) (it)

geri ekilmek
The Greek forces fell back because of the strong defense.

fall behind with sth (is) (it)

fail to keep up
deme yada etkinlikte geri kalmak
He fell behind with his bills as he is laid off.

fall for (is) (t)

be duped by
Dont fall for the sellers; they always want to earn more.

fall in with (is) (t)

agree with
bir fikre uymak
We tried to persuade the boss to fall in with our plan.


fall out (is) (it)

mnakaa etmek
Did you fall out with Tonny for a computer game?

fall through (is) (it)

fail to be successful
plan suya dmek
We dont have a Plan B. Because we didnt think Plan A would fall through.

feel up to (is) (t)

feel strong enough or comfortable enough to do something
kotarmak, becermek
Find someone else to play the Sultan. I dont feel up to it.

figure out (s) (t)

logically find the answer to a problem
bir problemi zmek, anlamak
Although he struggled with the machine all day, he couldnt figure out how it worked.

fill out (s) (t)

complete a form by adding required information
form doldurmak
Fill this form out. We will inform you later.

find out (s) (it)

get information about
bulmak, ortaya karmak
The police are trying to find out the criminals.

fix up (s) (t)

grme ayarlamak
Can you fix up a meeting with the minister?


get across (s) (vit)
make something understood
He tried hard but he just couldnt get across his point.

get after sb (is) (t)

insist on an advice
bir tavsiyede srar etmek
My mum gets after me to see a doctor whenever Im ill.

get along (is) (it)

have a friendly relationship
anlamak, geinmek
Are you getting along with your fiance?

get at (is) (t)

yetimek, uzanmak
As Serhat was a short boy he couldnt get at the lamp on the ceiling.

get away (is) (it)

Trevor tried to get away a few times but he always got caught somehow.

get by (is) (it)

survive, financially, in a difficult situation
geinmek (ekonomik adan)
I think my wife is going to get a job. We cant get by with my salary.

get down (s) (t)

write down
Mrs. Peterson always wants her students to get down everything on the board.


get down to (is) (t)

start working
ie koyulmak
This rest is enough. Lets get down to some work.

get in (is) (it)

enter a small, closed vehicle
kk bir araca binmek
Get in the car! Its raining.

get off (is) (it)

leave a large, closed vehicle
aratan inmek
Just as I got off the bus, somebody grabbed my purse.

get on with (is) (it)

be friendly with
geinmek, anlamak
Try getting on with the new manager. He is quite harsh.

get over (is) (t)

recover from an illness or painful experience
atlatmak, etkisinden kurtulmak
Its been three years since her fathers death but she still couldnt get over.

get rid of (is) (t)

make go away
kurtulmak, bandan savmak
I dont want the journalists. Get rid of them!

get round sb (is) (t)

ikna etmek
If we can get round our dad, we will come with you to the concert.

get round (is) (t)

stesinden gelmek
I dont need your help. I can get round it.


get round to (is) (it)

find time for
zaman ayrmak
I would like to go to the theatre but I cant get round to it.

get through (is) (it)

ulamak, iletiim kurmak
I cant get through to Glen. What is going on?

get through (is) (it)

pass an exam
snav gemek
Many people cant get through the driving exam.

get up to (is) (t)

do sth especially bad
halt kartrmak
He doesnt know what his son is getting up to these days.

give away (s) (t)

betray sb
ihbar etmek
Why dont you give him away if you think he is selling drugs?

give in (is) (it)

teslim olmak
After a short clash, the terrorist gave in.

give off (is) (t)

emit smoke or smell
koku yada duman salmak
This old tomato paste is giving off a bad smell!

give out (s) (it)

Can you give out these worksheets?


give up (s) (it)

abandon a habit
bir alkanl brakmak
I know its harmful, but I cant give up.

go along with (is) (t)

agree with
bir fikre katlmak
I dont go along with you. This project is just a dream.

go at (is) (t)
Karaba went at Fred as it thought him a thief.

go by (is) (t)
regard sth as true
bir bilgi yada ipucunu baz almak
You cant go by the newspapers. They arent always true.

go down (is) (it)

There are no life jackets in this boat because we wont go down.

go for (is) (it)

As I hadnt eaten anything for two days, I went for the food.

go for (is) (it)

command price
fiyat bimek
How much does a second hand laptop go for these days?

go off (is) (it)

begin sounding
almak (alarm)
The clock didnt go off yesterday. I was late, of course.


go off (is) (it)

disconnect (of electricity)
kesilmek (elektrik)
I couldnt do my homework, because the electricity went off.

go off (is) (it)

go sour
This soup smells bad. I think its gone off.

go on (is) (it)
devam etmek
If you go on watching that horror films, youll lose you mind.

go out (is) (it)

date with
Mary doesnt go out with the poor.

go over (is) (it)

gzden geirmek
Go over your answers again. You still have some time.

go round (is) (vit)

be enough
You can each have two. It will go round.

go through (is) (t)

experience difficulties
tecrbe etmek, yaamak
He went through really bad days after his mothers death.

go with (is) (t)

uymak, yakmak
This red tie doesnt go with your jacket.


goof off (is) (it)

zaman ldrmek, aylaklk etmek
As soon as the manager went out, the workers started to goof off.

grow out of sth (is) (t)

stop because of growing up
byd iin brakmak
He is still spitting out while walking. I thought he would grow out of it.

grow up (is) (it)

become an adult
bymek, olgunlamak
Ill be an officer when I grow up.

hand in (s) (t)
submit homework or an assignment
bir rapor yada dev teslim etmek
When is the deadline to hand in our reports?

hand out (s) (t)

Please hand out these assignments to your friends.

hang around (is) (it)

waste time
taklmak, vakit geirmek
Last Sunday, I hung around in the downtown with my old friends.

hang on (is) (it)

wait on phone
hatta kalmak
Can you hang on a minute? My dad is on the other line.


have sb around (s) (t)

have as a guest
We would like to have you around, if you come to Rwanda.

have on (is) (t)

What did she have on in the meeting?

head off (is) (it)

go in a certain route
The old man heads off the mosque on every prayer times.

hold in (is) (t)

hide feelings
duygularn gizlemek
You shouldnt hold in your love for her. Go and tell her!

hold on (is) (it)

Hold on a second. I will check the store for your order.

hold out (is) (it)

bear, tolerate
dayanmak, tahamml etmek
I cant hold out his bad behaviors anymore!

hold up (s) (t)

We were held up in the traffic. Everyone was heading back home from holiday.


keep at (is) (t)
continue even if its hard
hereye ramen srdrmek
Despite the heavy rain, we kept at searching for the lost kid.

keep off (is) (t)

prevent from touching
uzak durmak
You can live longer, if you keep off danger.

keep on (is) (it)

devam etmek
You cant keep on like that! You must get over it.

keep out (is) (vit)

prevent entry
kanmak (bir yere girmekten)
This is a military zone. You must keep out.

keep up with (s) (it)

maintain level with
takip etmek, ayak uydurmak
Do you think he can keep up with these rich kids?

kick out (is) (t)

expel from
Yang was kicked out off school because of cheating.

knock out (is) (t)

make unconscious
bilincini kaybetmek
The man knocked out when he was hit on the head.


knock out (is) (t)

overwhelm, beat
yenmek, alt etmek
Galatasaray knocked out Chelsea in the first match.

lay off (is) (t)
dismiss someone from a job because of lack of work or money
iten karmak
My father was laid off according to the new economical arrangements.

leave out (s) (t)

This software leaves out the mistakes automatically.

let down (s) (t)

hayal krklna uratmak
I thought Derek would win the gold medal but he let me down.

let off (is) (t)

emit gas or smoke
gaz yada duman salmak
You cant do anything. The factories will let off smoke.

let on (is) (it)

ifa etmek
Dont let on anything about the present. It is a surprise.

let out (s) (t)

release from
hapisten salnmak
She was let out after the police found the real criminal.


let through (s) (t)

make way for sb
yol vermek
I said I was his son but they didnt let me through.

let up (is) (it)

azalmak, zayflamak
If the rain doesn't let up soon, we will cancel the concert.

line up (is) (it)

form a line
sraya gemek
You have to line up if you want to enter.

liven up (is) (vit)

make or become lively
You can play some music to liven up the party.

look down on (is) (t)

regard as inferior
hor grmek
Dont look down on poor people!

look forward to (is) (t)

anticipate pleasantly
drt gzle beklemek
I look forward to seeing my cousins in the summer.

look into (is) (t)

The senate is still looking into the matter.

look like (is) (it)

resemble in appearance
grnt itibariyle benzemek
She really looks like her sister.


look on (is) (it)

watch as witness
mdahele etmeden bakmak
There was no one who knew first-aid so they just looked on.

look on to (is) (it)

face (building)
bakmak (bina)
Our new house looks on to the Black Sea.

look out (is) (it)

be careful
dikkat et!
Look out! There is a car coming!

look over (is) (t)

kontrol etmek
Mr. Preston looked over the garden but didnt like it at all.

look through (is) (t)

The man at the desk looked through the papers but couldnt find my report.

look up (is) (t)

find something in a reference work
bir kaynaktan bakmak
The teacher wants us to look up at the dictionary for the words we dont know.

make fun of (is) (it)
make jokes about usually unkindly
alay etmek
Dont make fun of old people!


make out (is) (t)

anlam vermek
He told a long story but we couldnt make out his point.

make up (is) (t)

prepare a prescription
reete yapmak
Many pharmacies dont make up prescription with credit cards.

make up (s) (t)

Children sometimes make up stories. Its normal.

make up (is) (t)

use cosmetics
makyaj yapmak
It takes her two hours to make up before she goes out.

make up for (is) (it)

compensate for
telafi etmek
Ive not seen my parents for two years. I dont know how to make up for it.

mix up (is) (t)

cause to become confused
akln kartrmak
The old mans direction mixed up my mind.

pass away (is) (it)
vefat etmek
My uncle passed away when I was a little child.


pass for (is) (t)

seem to be sb
sanmak, benzetmek
She is only twelve, but she can easily pass for twenty.

pass off as (is) (t)

disguise as sb else
kendini biri gibi gstermek
He wore a uniform and passed off as an officer.

pass on (s) (t)

As the rain damaged the lines she couldnt pass on her massage to the centre.

pass out (is) (it)

faint, lose consciousness
The old lady passed out because of the hot weather.

pay off (s) (it)

be successful
karln almak
Sometimes hard work doesnt pay off.

pick out (is) (t)

choose, select
Pick out the color you like the best.

pick up (s) (it)

lift; take up
kaldrmak, toplamak
Why dont you ever pick up your clothes!

pick up (s) (t)

become ill with
hastala yakalanmak
Babies pick up flu much easier.


pin on (s) (t)

He always pins the children on if something is broken at home.

play along (is) (it)

seem to support
destekliyor gzkmek
Although he doesnt agree with the boss, he plays along to him.

play up to (is) (t)

try to please by flattering
yalakalk etmek
The workers who play up to his superiors are always promoted.

point out (is) (t)

present a fact
dikkat ekmek
The statistics point out that every day a new supernova is discovered.

pull away (is) (it)

move (vehicle)
hareket etmek (ara)
He ran fast. However the bus pulled away before he reached.

pull down (s) (t)

The City is determined to pull down the old buildings.

pull in (is) (it)

stop on the side of the road
yanap durmak (ara)
We were out off gas, so we pulled in at the gas station.

pull out (is) (it)

remove from its place
ekip kartmak
I went to see the dentist and he pulled out two of my teeth.


pull over (is) (vit)

drive a vehicle to the side of the rode
arac yolun kenarna ekmek
The policeman made us a sign to pull over.

pull up (is) (vit)

come to a stop
yavalayp durmak (ara)
The limousine pulled up in front of the hotel.

put across (is) (t)

make sth accepted
kabul ettirmek
Although he tried hard, he couldnt put across his view.

put away (is) (t)

save money
para biriktirmek
Ive to put away some money to go abroad.

put back (s) (t)

geciktirmek, oyalamak
The strike put all the orders back.

put down (is) (t)

write down
not almak
You should put down everything Mr. Vitally says.

put down to (is) (t)

explain as
olarak aklamak
Her strange behaviors were put down to her childhood.

put forward (is) (t)

suggest an idea
bir fikir ne srmek
Young candidates are not let to put forward any ideas.


put in for (is) (t)

apply for
ba vurmak
Are you planning to put in for the tutoring position?

put off (s) (t)

Fifa put off todays match due to the bad weather.

put on (s) (t)

Put on your clothes. We are going out.

put out (is) (t)

Dont forget to put out the candle before you sleep.

put sb on (s) (t)

make fun of sb
dalga gemek, kafa bulmak
You dont have to see the boss. I was just putting you on!

put sb out (s) (t)

put sb into a trouble
birinin ban derde sokmak
I dont want to put you out. You dont have to come with me.

put sb up (s) (vit)

accommodate sb
birini yatya almak
I dont mind putting you up for the night.

put through (s) (t)

connect sb by phone
telefonu balamak
The girl on the phone wont put me through to Dr. Tucker.


put up with (is) (t)

tahamml etmek
I cant put up with chatty people.

ring off (is) (it)
fail to answer a call
telefona bakamadan kapanmak
I ran for the phone but it rang off before I get it.

round off (s) (t)

express as a round number
We rounded of the $10.43 to $10 and bought the bag.

rule out (s) (t)

object to, deny
kar kmak
He ruled out to study medicine. He preferred acting.

run down (s) (t)

hit with a vehicle
arala ezmek
My dog was run down by a lorry yesterday.

run down (s) (it)

decrease (energy)
The remote control doesnt work. I think the batteries ran down.

run into (is) (t)

meet by chance
ans eseri karlamak
Mrs. Gwent ran into one of her old friends in down town.


run out off (is) (it)

use the last of
Weve run out off the gas we bought a few hours ago.

run over (is) (t)

knock sb down with a vehicle
(arala) arpmak, ezmek
I think, youve just ran over a frog!

run through (is) (t)

tekrar etmek
I want to run through the headlines before I finish.

screw up (is) (vit)
berbat etmek
Deborah screwed up the soup when she added sugar instead of salt.

see off (s) (t)

attend sbs departure
yolcu etmek
Donnie went to see his girlfriend off.

see to (is) (t)

take care of
kontrol etmek, takip etmek
Can you see to the project when Im abroad?

send for (is) (t)

order by post
postayla sipari vermek
I sent for a TV set two weeks ago. Why are they so late?


sell out (is) (it)

sell all the products
rnlerin tamam satmak, tketmek
The laptops were sold out as they were much cheaper than the usual price.

set back (is) (it)

The export orders were set back because of the strike.

set off (is) (t)

trigger, cause to happen
The bomb on the train was set off with a mobile phone.

set out (is) (it)

begin a journey
yolculua kmak
Ill set out early in the morning. I dont want to be held up in the traffic.

set out (is) (it)

make up a council or a committee
kurul yada komisyon oluturmak
The president set out a commission for human rights.

set up (s) (vit)

start business
i kurmak
Paul wants to set up his own business with the inheritance.

settle down (is) (it)

live orderly life
bir yere yerlemek
After many years, they settled down in France.

show off (s) (it)

attract attention of others
gsteri yapmak
He bought a motorbike to show off.


show up (is) (it)

arrive, appear
gelmek, gzkmek
She was rewarded the golden globe, but she didnt show up at the ceremony.

shut up (is) (t)

close (store etc.)
They shut up their business because of bankruptcy.

shut up (is) (it)

stop talking
sesini kesmek, susmak
Why dont you shut up! You are speaking nonsense.

sit down (is) (vit)

seat or become seated
Please sit down and wait for the manager.

stand by (is) (it)

desteklemek, yannda olmak
I was surprised to see him stand by me.

stand for (is) (t)

What do the letters of NATO stand for?

stand out (is) (it)

be noticeably better than other similar people or things
kendini gstermek, fark ettirmek
Jennys paintings always stand by.

stand up (is) (it)

rise to a standing position
ayaa kalkmak
Do you stand up when the teacher enters the class in France?


stand up to (is) (it)

karlk vermek
Though her father slapped her face, she didnt stand up to him.

step down (is) (it)

withdraw from position
koltuu brakmak
Someone in his position wouldnt think of stepping down.

step on (is) (t)

terbiye etmek, disipline etmek
Somebody has to step on children.

stick to (is) (t)

adhere to
bal kalmak, sadk kalmak
Actually there was a plan but the guide didnt stick to it.

stir up (is) (t)

cause trouble
ortal kartrmak
The old lady stirred up the bank when she learnt the wages were postponed.

take after (is) (t)
resemble in appearance
grnt itibariyle benzemek
Terry takes after his grandfather. He also had curly hair.

take back (s) (t)

return sth
geri gtrmek
You have to take the books back to the library in two weeks.


take care of (is) (it)

provide care for, watch one's health
salna dikkat etmek
Everybody thinks they take care of their health.

take for (s) (t)

consider sb as sb else
With his long beard and old clothes, she took him for a beggar.

take in (s) (t)

understand, perceive
The conference took four hours but I didnt take in anything.

take in (passive) (s) (t)

aldatlmak, dolandrlmak
Clare paid 100 dollars for a shirt. She is certainly taken in.

take off (s) (t)

remove sth you're wearing
elbiseyi kartmak
Why dont you take off your clothes? Is it cold?

take off (is) (it)

begin flying
kalkmak (uak)
When does your plane take off?

take on (is) (t)

hire sb
ii almak
DTE Corporation takes on twenty workers each year.

take out (is) (t)

get money from a bank
para ekmek
Can you take out some money for me?


take up (is) (t)

use sth wastefully
yer kaplamak
This dinner table takes up too much place.

take up (is) (t)

begin a hobby or a leisure-time activity
bir hobi yada spora balamak
Andrew took up tennis despite his age.

take up with (s) (t)

discuss with sb on sth
bir konuda birine danmak
You had better take this up with Henry. He knows these kinds of things.

talk back to
to answer in a rude manner, to speak to disrespectfully
karlk vermek, diklenmek
Mr. Matson got really angry when his son talked back to him.

talk over (is) (t)

After the meal we talked over politics.

tear down (s) (t)

demolish or dismantle sth
They will tear down the building with dynamites.

tell apart (s) (t)

show the difference
arasndaki fark anlamak
The two brothers look so much alike that few people can tell them apart.

tell off (is) (t)

criticize harshly
azarlarcasna eletimek
David always tells off Elroy for sleeping long hours.


think over (s) (t)

consider carefully
iyice dnmek
Before you buy the flat, you had better think it over.

throw away (s) (t)

discard; put in the garbage
pe atmak
When the calculator broke down, he threw it away.

throw up (s) (vit)

The disgusting subject on cannibalism made her throw up.

touch on (is) (t)

mention briefly
We supposed he would explain the subject but he just touched on.

track down (s) (t)

find by searching
iz srp bulmak
The police tracked down the thieves thorough their phone calls.

try on (s) (t)

wear sth briefly to check if it fits, how it looks
bir elbiseyi denemek
Why dont you try this sweater on?

try out (s) (it)

use a machine briefly
bir makineyi denemek
They dont let everyone try out the luxury cars.

turn down (s) (t)

decrease the volume
ayarn drmek yada ksmak
Im on the phone. Can you turn the TV down?


turn down (s) (t)

red etmek, geri evirmek
I am sure Becky will turn down Harrys proposal.

turn off (s) (t)

stop by turning a handle or switch
bir cihaz kapatmak
You can turn off the light. The daylight is enough.

turn on (s) (t)

start a machine
bir cihaz amak
The heater automatically turns on when its cold.

turn sb on (s) (t)

make sb excited
heyecanlandrmak, tahrik etmek
What kind of music turns you on?

turn over (is) (vit)

turn sth other way up
ters evirmek
The vandals turned over three cars and burned them.

turn up (s) (t)

increase the level of a device
ayarn ykseltmek
Can you turn up the volume? I cant hear it.

turn up (s) (it)

arrive at an unexpected time
beklenmedik bir anda gelmek
We were expecting them the next week, but they turned up yesterday.


wake up (s) (vit)
stop sleeping
After a long sleep, I woke up fresh and strong.

watch out for (is) (it)

be careful
dikkat etmek
Your duty is to watch out for the shop-lifters.

wear off (is) (it)

lose effectiveness gradually
etkisi gemek
When the alcohol wears off, he will understand his mistake.

wear out (s) (it)

cause to become exhausted
This homework really wore me off. It is thirty pages in total!

work out (s) (it)

incelemek, kontrol etmek
The meeting ends after we work out the import results.

write down (s) (t)

record something in writing
yazarak not almak
You had better write down the phone number.

zonk out (is) (vit)
fall asleep by losing conscious
As he had been working for nine hours, he zonked out as soon as he went to bed.