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Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

You are about to delve into the savage wilderness of Iron
Kingdoms Unleashed. This adventure will guide you through the
untamed lands of western Immoren, where cunning warriors
and ferocious beasts lurk. Surviving the wilds requires sharp
senses, a sharper blade, and as many friends as you can muster.
A world of magic and survival awaits!
This adventure provides rules guidance, but the Game Master
is encouraged to read through the accompanying rulebook to
become familiar with the rules of the game and the capabilities
of the pregenerated characters included.
If this adventure spans multiple sessions, at the end of each
session the Game Master rewards the players with 1 XP each
and gives them the opportunity to purchase new skills, abilities,
and more as their characters gain experience.

Adventure Background

The farrow warlord Morrg and his army of brigands have been
raiding small communities on the fringes of his territory. Morrg
has claimed a portion of Blackmarsh Valley in the southern Gnarls
forest, and his forces have been stealing resources to facilitate a
mad plan to wipe out the inhabitants of the entire region.
Morrgs attacks have slowed recently as the valleys primary
source of water, the Arrowhead River, has begun to dry up.
Each day the river recedes slightly. If the water level drops much
further, the entire region will suffer. Morrg has caused this

Game Master Only!

The synopsis and scenes described in this booklet should
not be read by players. If you are a prospective player,
do your Game Master the courtesy of allowing him to run
this adventure for you and do not read it yourself!

diminished flow by damming the Arrowhead in the hills to the

south as part of his plan to exterminate the valleys inhabitants.
Morrgs dam is a means to an end. Flooding the Blackmarsh
would do nothing to its bog trog and gatorman inhabitants,
and larger communities in the valley could weather the
flooding. What Morrg plans is to unleash the pent-up river to
deliver powerful alchemical explosives and flammable oil to
settlements along the Arrowhead in a sudden deluge of water.
The flooding will destroy homes and kill some inhabitants,
but the explosions will be apocalyptic. The floodwaters
will distribute the explosives much farther than otherwise
possible, effectively covering the region with a random swath
of destruction. The explosions will ignite the oil and turn
the waterway into a roaring inferno. Once
the flames have died down, Morrg and his
warriors can sweep through and slaughter
whoever remains.
The farrow warlord works for a Thurian
magnate named Aidan Byrne. Byrne wishes to
clear the valley of resistance so his workers can
strip the forest there of its mineral resources.
Morrg agreed to the contract because it will
enable him to eliminate his many enemies
within the valley and flee the Blackmarsh to
retire on his lucrative payment before anyone
such as the trollkinhas a chance for reprisal.
The player characters assemble to investigate
the rivers strange ebb, seek retribution for
their lost friends and allies, and stop the
warlord once and for all.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


treasures. Ambitious entrepreneurs seek to exploit the riches

hidden beneath the dense canopy of the forest, willing to kill
for a chance to discover its secrets.

Warlord Morrg
Morrg commands a sizeable force of brigands who
dwell at the southern edge of Blackmarsh Valley, hiding
among a series of hills along the Arrowhead River.
Morrg and his war band are farrow, a savage race of
boar-men who live along the fringes of civilization.
Morrg is a warlock a powerful battle-mage and
deadly warrior as effective in martial combat as when
wielding arcane forces. A warlocks greatest talent,
however, lies in harnessing the primal power of his
warbeasts, creatures mystically bonded to him. Without
his warbeasts, a warlocks power is greatly diminished.
Morrg has two warbeasts, razor boars named Caldon
and Crommen.
For years Morrg worked as a raider and mercenary,
stealing from human caravans and his wilderness
neighbors and selling his war bands strength to the
highest bidder. His brigands have clashed with the
inhabitants of Blackmarsh Valley numerous times over
natural resources and dominance of the area. Morrgs
greatest enemies in the Blackmarsh are the White Maw
Tharn tribe to the north. The two groups compete for land
between the territories of powerful kriels of trollkin, the
dominant race of the Gnarls. After losing a recent battle,
Morrg retreated to his encampment in the southern
foothills to lick his wounds and devise a new plan.
Morrg has made many enemies in the Blackmarsh. He
considered moving to a new territory to avoid reprisal
but cannot allow himself to appear weak. His warriors
would be quick to exploit any perceived vulnerability in
favor of another warlord. To maintain control, the warlock
needed to devise a method to destroy his many rivals.

The Gnarls

The adventure takes place in the remote Blackmarsh Valley

on the fringe of the southern Gnarls, a massive and dense
temperate forest in the northwestern portion of the human
kingdom of Cygnar. Ever-spreading climbing vines have
overtaken the other vegetation in the forest, covering anything
stationary within a few months.
The Gnarls is home to many small, secluded wilderness
communities. The forest is dominated by powerful trollkin
kriels, dangerous when roused to anger. The valley is a
perilous place for humans, though for some the temptation
is too hard to resist. Lumberjack camps dot the banks of the
Dragons Tongue River on the forests northern border, and
the Gnarls is rumored to contain lost wonders such as hidden
mines, abandoned settlements, and ancient ruins full of untold

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


The adventure begins on the fringes of farrow territory, as

the player characters (PCs) hunt down Warlord Morrg. Each
character has compelling reasons for wanting to confront
the warlord; Morrg has abducted their friends, killed their
families, and imperiled their homeland.
The PCs discover that Morrg has something terrible in store
for the region beyond raids and skirmishes. Following a
trail of clues, they learn he has devised a means to deliver
death simultaneously to communities throughout the valley.
Working with the bone grinder Knor, Morrgs farrow have
built dozens of improvised incendiary and explosive devices.
By damming and then releasing the Arrowhead River, Morrg
can send barrels of explosives and liquid fire downstream in a
sudden flood of ruin and destruction. In the course of a single
night, whole communities will be destroyed.
In their mission to prevent Morrg from opening the floodgates,
the PCs must outmaneuver Morrgs army and confront his bone
grinder, only to be ambushed as they try to ascend to his clifftop bivouac. A group of White Maw Tharn arrives, giving the
PCs the opportunity to escape, but Morrg destroys the rescuers
with a short burst of explosive-laden floodwater. In one fell
swoop the farrow proves the destructive capabilities of his
improvised weapon and eliminates the PCs potential allies.

The Ticking Clock

Morrg plans to unleash his weapon at sundown, about
six hours from the start of the adventure. Depending
on how quickly the PCs proceed, they may arrive at the
dam with hours to spare or just in the nick of time.
Throughout the adventure, actions have an associated
time cost. Performing these actions can be beneficial
to the PCs, but it also means they have less time to
stop Morrg.
There are countless different actions the PCs might
choose that are not covered in this adventure, and a
Game Master should feel free to set how long one of
these tasks takes based on its complexity. A PC can
travel about a mile through the woods every twenty
minutes; standard skill use (Interrogation, Medicine,
Navigation, Tracking) requires around fifteen minutes
per attempt; and more complex actions (such as
preparing alchemical items or setting complex traps)
can require up to an hour or more per attempt.

With no one to turn to but each other, the PCs battle their way
through the warlords deadliest warriors in order to stop him
before he accomplishes his mad ambition. Fighting on the cliffs,
they confront Morrg and his two trained warbeasts, a pair of
deadly razor boars.
Once the PCs stop the warlord and end his threat, they realize
he was only the beginning: the farrow was working for a
human who seeks to exploit the Blackmarsh for its resources
and is willing to wipe out everyone within it.

Getting the
Players Involved

clash, and the bone grinder Knor took the fallen chieftains
heart as a trophy. Seeing the threat Morrg posed, Zocha made
a claim for leadership of the tribe, but she was defeated in
the battle for dominance that followed. Though physically
powerful, the young new leader lacked the conviction or
courage to pursue Morrg. Zocha suspected the dying river
was part of a plot by Morrg, but the new chieftain disagreed.
He claimed the water would return in time and that attacking
the warlord would gain the White Maw nothing. The heated
argument ended with Zocha striking out on her own. Soon after,
a small group of warriors led by a Tharn named Galbar decided
she was right and set out to assist her and her companions.

This adventure kit includes four pregenerated characters.

Each character has specific reasons for hunting down Morrgs
war band as well as a goal to achieve during the adventure.
Gullin Oakbreaker The pygmy troll tribe Gullin leads was hit
by Morrgs raiding farrow. The farrow overwhelmed his village
with massive force and took everything of worth they could
carry. They also abducted several tribe members for use as
laborers to handle the dangerous explosives needed for Morrgs
plan. Gullin is on a quest to rescue his tribe members and
retaliate against the warlord. Some members of his tribe want
to leave the valleyabandoning their abducted kinto live
among trollkin to the north. Gullin knows the larger trollkin
kriels would offer protection if asked, but approaching them
would indicate that pygs must rely on trollkin for rescue. That
might be satisfactory for other pyg leaders, but not for Gullin.
To prove his own worth as a leader as well as the worth of his
people, he is determined to recover his lost tribe members.
Longchops The ebbing of the Arrowhead River is affecting
Longchops home within the valley; with water levels
receding, prey in his territory is moving off. He could abandon
his home for wetter pastures, but Zocha the Outcast promised
him access to the White Maws northern hunting grounds if
he helpsa tall order for her, but the gatorman is unaware of
that. Additionally, his traveling and hunting companion Lurk
encouraged him to join the group.
Lurk Lurks swamp home is also vanishing due to the ebbing
of the river, but more immediate to him is his bitter rivalry with
Morrgs bone grinder Knor. Years ago, the two were members of
a hunting party of bone grinders and fell into an argument over
the most valuable component of a rare kill. Lurk bushwhacked
Knor, incapacitating him and stealing the valuable components.
He barely escaped the farrows retribution. Knor promised to
claim the bog trogs life and soul by grinding Lurks bones for
what he had done. With the others helping him, Lurk has a
chance to get close to Knor, perhaps even turning one of the war
bands powerful razor boars into an asset he can use to defeat
his old rival once and for all.

The White Maw Tribe

Later in the adventure, Galbar and a group of warriors
from the White Maw tribe arrive to assist the PCs. These
Tharn were persuaded by Zocha's arguments and set
out to find her. They have marched hard to catch up to
the PCs, tracking them deep into Morrgs territory.
If the Game Master wants to preserve the surprise, the
White Maw show up in scene 4 exactly as written. To
foreshadow this, consider having a wounded group of
farrow scouts or a solitary survivor come from the north
as the PCs travel. These wounded farrow are survivors
of an attack by the White Maw and can tell the warriors
that they are near. The wounded farrow are reluctant
to offer much information but can be convinced to
talk with a promise of their freedom. If the PCs attack
instead, they later recognize wounds from Tharn-made
weapons on the farrows bodies.
The adventure should showcase the PCs, not their Tharn
allies. If the group wants to turn back to meet with the
Tharn, gently remind the players that they do not know
exactly where or how near the tribe is and that time
is short before Morrgs plan comes to fruition. Hours
spent searching for potential allies in the twisted Gnarls
is time lost from stopping the warlords nefarious plan.

Zocha the Outcast Zocha hunts down Morrg for no less

reason than to save her people and her homeland. She is part
of the White Maw Tharn tribe, longtime enemies of Morrgs
war band. During their most recent battle the Tharn drove the
farrow back, but the White Maw chieftain was killed in the

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

Scene 1: Opening Shots

The adventure begins with the PCs on the trail of Warlord

Morrg. At the fringe of his territory, the characters discover a
group of Morrgs warriors picking through the remnants of a
destroyed village. The brutish pig-men search the ruins for loot
and argue among themselves, shouting loudly enough to draw
the PCs attention.

Starting the Adventure

Once players have chosen their characters, read the following to
set the stage and start the adventure.

Read Aloud or Paraphrase

Youve followed the tracks of Morrgs raiding parties through
Blackmarsh Valley for days, picking your way south through
the twisted forest. Along the way you encountered derelict
campsites abandoned by the brigands, a trail of refuse cast
carelessly aside, and several small communities picked clean
of provisions and left in ruins. Despite all the evidence of their
work, the warlords raiders remain elusive.
Your luck begins to change on the afternoon of the third day.
Through the trees ahead, you can make out the shapes of a
few small thatch-roofed huts standing near the bank of the
Arrowhead River. Even from a distance you can see the huts
are in disrepair, with collapsing timbers and sagging sides.
Theyve likely been abandoned for some time.
From within the ruins of the small village, a sudden loud,
agitated squeal rings outthe shout of an angry farrow. It is
quickly answered by another farrows retort, just as infuriated,
and the voices launch into a heated argument. The farrow
seem consumed by their debate.
A simple dirt path leads to the village, flanked on both sides by
the vine-draped trees of the Gnarls. To the west, the recently
depleted Arrowhead River snakes through the trees. The
waterline has dropped significantly lower than it has ever been.
The trees are dense enough to conceal the PCs as they approach
the village, so they can use the terrain to their advantage if they
choose to proceed cautiously.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

Game Masters Note:

The Skill Roll
If a PC chooses to approach the village stealthily, he
must make a Sneak skill roll to do so without being
noticed. To make a skill roll:
1. Determine the skill being rolled. Some skills, like
Sneak, can be attempted even if the character does
not have training in the skill.
2. The Game Master sets the target number of the roll.
This is how challenging the attempt is. In the case of
sneaking up on the village, the target number is10.
3. Roll dice! A skill roll is 2d6 + Stat + Skill Level.
Each skill uses a Primary or Secondary stat and skill
level. If a character does not have training in the skill,
he only adds the parent stat to his 2d6 roll. If the
roll is equal to or greater than the target number, the
attempted action is a success!
Remember, a character can always spend 1 feat point
to boost a non-attack skill roll or reroll a failed skill roll.

If the PCs successfully

sneak up on the village,
read or paraphrase
You see the ruins of the old huts ahead, scattered in a
loose ring surrounded by the forest. Morrgs war band came
through here like a wildfire, reducing the town to wreckage.
A rough dirt road runs through its center, guarded by a pair
of farrow warriors keeping a lazy watch to the north.
Behind them you hear the angry squealing of a group of
farrow. Three more pig-men are in the heart of the ruined
village, arguing noisily over a miserable pile of loot. One
shouts that theyve found enough and its time to head back.
Another angrily rebuffs him, shouting, Todays our last
chance! Morrg opens the gates tonight. Then who knows if
anything valuable will be left? The pig-men keep bickering,
drawing the attention of the guards. Without warning, one
of the arguing farrow tackles another, causing the others to
jeer and shout over the thrashing pair. The three watchers
start making bets on who will emerge victorious.

The brawling farrow distract their companions, giving the PCs the
element of surprise (see callout) if they attack. The PCs can use
this opportunity to gain a tactical advantage over their opponents.

Game Masters Note:

Whenever one group has the drop on another, there is a
surprise round. A group with surprise gets to act before
the opposing side has a chance to respond. Surprise
represents ambushes, sneak attacks, and similar events.
During the surprise round, before rolling Initiative,
Gullin can use his battle plan to let his allies move into
cover. This gives them a bonus of +2DEF against ranged
attacks once the battle begins.
To resolve the surprise round:

The farrow brigands are not interested in waiting to see why the
PCs are here. They are eager for a fight and immediately attack.

Combat Encounter #1
If the PCs surprise the farrow,
read or paraphrase
Scrabbling to recover from your surprise attack, the farrow
dive for cover, tripping over the pile of loot and hurling
themselves behind barricades with distressed squeals.
Once the farrow are aware of the PCs, a combat encounter
begins. When an encounter begins, the PCs are typically placed
on the bottom edge of the map. However, at the Game Masters
discretion they may start the encounter on one of the maps
other edges. All parties then roll 2d6 + Initiative to determine
the order of turns in the encounter. Starting with the highest
total, each character takes a turn. To save time, the Game Master
can make a single initiative roll for all the farrow.

1. Have Gullin decide if he wants to use Battle Plan: Take Cover.

2. Have the PCs roll 2d6 + Initiative. The highest roll gets
to act first, followed by the next highest, and so on. This
is an initiative roll.
3. Each PC gets to take a turn until the farrow notice they
are there (when a PC takes definitive action, such as
if Longchops fires his rifle or Zocha leaps among the
farrow with her blade).
4. Once the farrow notice the PCs, start over as if it
were the start of a new round. Roll for initiative, this
time including the farrow. Now youre in a fight! (See
Combat Encounter #1.)

If the PCs take a direct

approach or fail to sneak up,
read or paraphrase
You hear bickering voices as you approach a bend in the dirt
path that will take you into the village. Two of the savage pigmen are shouting loudly enough to be heard from a distance.
One of them shouts that theyve found plenty of treasure and
its time to head back. Another angrily rebuffs him, shouting,
Todays our last chance! Morrg opens the gates tonight. Then
who knows if anything valuable will be left?
As you advance, you see a pair of farrow guarding the entrance,
distracted as their comrades start to brawl in the village center.
One notices you in his peripheral vision and does a double take.
Quickly snapping out of his confusion, he smacks the other
guard to attention and calls to his comrades in the village with
a short grunt. The farrow raise up their rifles, ready to fire!

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


Encounter Setup
HW Board a01

HW Board a03

HW a01

When the encounter begins, place

the figures on the tiles as shown.
Tiles needed: A01, A02, A03, A08, A09, A10,
A28, B15, BOARD A01, BOARD A03,

HW a08

HW a28


HW a02

HW a03

HW a10

HW a09
HW Board a04

HW b15
HW Board a06

Enemy Tactics

The farrow brigands were not expecting a fight, so they are

disorganized when the PCs confront them. Each farrow fights
to save his own skin, but they team up against threats if it
benefits them.
The farrow try to get to cover and shoot at the PCs with their
scavenged rifles if possible, but they avoid shooting into melee.
The farrow brigands make use of the Onslaught ability on turns
where the PCs are in range for a charge.
When only one farrow remains, he surrenders to the PCs in a
bid to save his own life. (See Aftermath.)

Encounter Features

The encounter includes the following features.

Fallen Logs: The fallen logs are linear obstacles. A character
can move over linear obstacles without penalty, but he cannot
charge over them unless he has the Relentless Charge or
Pathfinder ability. A character who takes cover behind a
linear obstacle gains solid cover (+4DEF against ranged and
magic attacks, +2DEF against melee attacks) against attacks
originating on the opposite side of the object.
Huts: The village huts are obstacles that block line of sight. A
character can climb atop a hut by making an AGL + Climbing
roll against a target number of 12. A huts rooftop counts as
rough terrain.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


Pile of Loot: The pile of loot in the center of town is modest,

containing only a few pieces of jewelry, skinning knives, and
similar commonplace items. The loot is worth 2d6 + 3gc.
Trees: The patches of trees are forests. A forest is rough
terrain, and a character cannot see farther than eighteen feet
(3) through it. Characters in a forest gain concealment (+2DEF
against ranged and magic attacks).


When only one farrow remains, he makes a desperate gamble

to stay alive.

Read or paraphrase
With a despairing shriek, the last farrow throws down his weapon
and surrenders. He pleads for you to let him live, offering you
the pile of scavenged loot in the middle of the village.

Interrogating the Survivor

The surviving farrow is Chrum, a low-ranking member of the
war band. If the PCs critically injured Chrum before he has
a chance to surrender, any information they elicit from him
reflects his dying words.
A character can get the following information with an INT +
Interrogation roll against a target number of 10 (or without a
roll if Lurk uses the Cloak of Fear spell). Interrogating Chrum
takes fifteen minutes per attempt. Chrum knows little of Morrgs
overarching plans, but he can provide the following information.

Morrg has been ordering his patrols and raiding parties back
to the camp recently, telling them they have until sundown
tonight before he opens the gates. Chrums group used the
commotion at Morrgs camp to slip away unnoticed, thinking
they had plenty of time to check out nearby villages.
Morrgs second-in-command, Knor, took charge of the war
bands prisoners, including a group of pygmy trolls. They are
held in the main farrow camp, serving as forced labor for the
bone grinder.
If pressed for details about what Morrgs plans entail, what
waits behind the gates, or any similar information, the
brigand responds with three words: Fire and flood. Any
further attempts to interrogate him automatically fail. Chrum
simply repeats those three words, squealing them at the PCs.
If a PC tries to intimidate the farrow into accompanying them,
Chrum pretends to play along for a short time, but he constantly
looks for a chance to escape. He might try to alert other farrow to
the PCs presence, steal a weapon and fight his way out, or simply
attempt to slip away when the PCs are distracted by other matters.

Investigating the Bodies

The PCs can take supplies from the fallen farrow and investigate
the bodies for additional information. Each farrow carries the
items listed in the Equipment section of his profile (p.31).
A character searching the bodies can make a Detection roll to
discover the following information. A character learns everything
up to the result of his roll. Regardless of the roll, Longchops knows
that the farrow smell like they would be delicious to eat.




The farrows weapons are of a much

higher quality than they typically carry.
An odd symbol is etched into the grips
of the weapons: a coat of arms, the sort
used by a human noble or merchant.


The farrow bodies have clumps of tar

stuck in their matted fur. The tar reeks
with a harsh and distinctive smell, but
none of the PCs can identify its origin.


One of the brigands wears a small runic

talisman around his neck. Gullin recognizes
the item, since it belongs to one of the
kidnapped members of his tribe.

Fun with Body Parts

(Improvised Alchemy)
At the GM's discretion, the alchemy employed by a bone grinder
can allow creative players to create useful improvised items
from harvested organs and other body parts. The items being
created should seem at least remotely plausible, be limited in
impact, and generally only last a short time. Creating such
items requires a skill check.

For example, the GM can prompt Lurk to harvest an intact

bladder or stomach from the group's downed foes to be
transformed into a single-use "Meat Silencer" for Longchops'
rifle. Lurk can create this improvised item with a successful
INT + Alchemy roll against a target number of 14. If Lurk is
played by a newer player who is unfamiliar with the game,
the GM should suggest spending a feat point to boost this roll,
since it is difficult. Each attempt requires fifteen minutes spent
harvesting and preparing the organs.
Meat Silencer This recently extracted bladder or stomach
bound by tendons can be attached to a rifle barrel as a quick
action. The next shot fired suffers a 2 RNG penalty but is greatly
muffled, allowing the shooter to remain unnoticed during
a surprise round and to retain the results of any previously
performed stealth roll. This item is destroyed immediately on
being used and only lasts six hours after being fabricated before
it falls apart and cannot be used again.
As they finish in the village, the PCs notice tracks made by
the farrows distinctive hooves coming into the village from
the south. Their course is obvious: retrace the brigands tracks
south into the forest. The trail is easy to follow, but it requires
time to trace through the forest. A PC following the tracks must
make a PER + Tracking roll against a target number of 10. If the
roll fails, the PCs can try again after spending fifteen minutes
backtracking to relocate the path.
If the PCs spend more than thirty minutes tracking the farrow
through the woods, they encounter a patrol of farrow headed
to Morrgs camp (4 brigands led by a slaughterhouser). If the PCs
failed to gather any of the information available in the village, an
encounter with one of these farrow patrols gives them a second
chance for interrogation and investigation.

Regaining Vitality
During the course of the adventure, many instances might
lead to the PCs losing vitality. To recover lost vitality, a
character can take a brief rest of fifteen minutes to
recuperate following an encounter. The PC automatically
regains vitality points equal to his PHY stat. When a
character regains vitality, he removes the damage from
anywhere on his life spiral. If a character is incapacitated,
he must first be stabilized with an INT + Medicine roll
against a target number of 14 before he can regain vitality
following an encounter.
Characters who have suffered damage continue to recover
over time. A character regains 1 vitality point per hour
for the first three hours after being injured. After that, he
regains 1 vitality point each six hours until he regains all
of his lost vitality.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

Scene 2: Two Roads Diverge

Striking out from the derelict village, the PCs can follow the trail
of the brigands back into Warlord Morrgs territory. Periodically
as they travel, the PCs spot gnawed bones hanging from the
branches overhead. These are used to mark the perimeter of the
warlords land. These grisly markers taken from the farrows
defeated enemies are similar to warning markers used by the
Tharn. Zocha knows these markers are intended to intimidate
enemies, but she has seen her own tribe display far worse.
The foul odor from the tar on the farrows bodies helps the PCs
follow the trail. The route winds south through trackless forest
for about three miles, weaving across game trails and earthen
paths as it leads to a narrow path forking through the trees.
The PCs should reach the fork in the trail about an hour after
they leave the ruined village, though it might take them longer
depending on how many Tracking rolls or side encounters
occur along the way.

When the PCs reach the fork in

the path, read or paraphrase
Ahead the tracks break off in two directions, following roughcut trails through the woods. The tracks heading right lead
down into a shaded hollow shrouded by low-hanging trees. To
the left, the tracks move southeast into the wooded foothills
of the Watcher Peaks. Both trails have seen extensive use;
tracks both old and new converge on these trails, made by the
passing of hundreds of hooved feet.
A cursory examination of the two paths reveals a mixture of
farrow hoofprints and those of some kind of larger hoofed
creatures. A successful INT + Lore (extraordinary zoology)
roll against a target number of 10 identifies them as razor boar
tracks made by an extremely large specimen.
A PC who spends a moment examining the tracks can make a
PER + Tracking roll against a target number of 13. If he succeeds,
he notices a series of long drag marks in the dirt of the path to
the right, partially obscured by the tracks of farrow. The path
to the left has a greater number of fresh farrow tracks, heading
into the foothills.
The strange odor is present on both branches of the path, though
the odor is faintly stronger to the right.
Depending on which branch of the path the PCs choose, they
encounter one of two different scenes. Along either path, they
see plenty of signs they are headed the right way: older markers
designating the previous boundaries of Morrgs territory,
fresher farrow tracks in the soil, and occasionally a curing lump
of tar smeared on the ground.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

Option 1:
The Right Path
When the PCs enter the hollow,
read or paraphrase
A short journey down the path leads into a swampy hollow
sheltered by a wooded hill. Overhead, the trees grow together
so thickly they block the sky, casting the area into shadow.
Sinking into the muck are the remains of a long-abandoned
mining or logging camp, built by human hands but now little
more than rotting wood and scraps of rusted iron buried under
a thick blanket of moss. The whole region reeks of musky
swamp smells mingled with the strange odor of the tar that
clung to the farrow brigands.
Traveling from the fork in the path to the hollow takes thirty
minutes if the PCs follow the trail directly, but they might take
more time if they choose to move off the path into the woods
to avoid being noticed. The Game Master should adjust the
amount of time required to reach the hollow based on the speed
of the party.
The PCs have come across an abandoned Cygnaran camp. Years
ago, it was used by surveyors looking to exploit the natural
resources of Blackmarsh Valley. Morrgs farrow discovered the
derelict camp as they expanded their territory into the north
and stripped it of any useful gear left behind. This is one of
several similar failed mining sites in the area that belong to
Aiden Byrne.

When the PCs move to explore

the camp, read or paraphrase
Hot, stale air rises off the muddy ground and murky pool of
swamp water. Other than the drone of black flies, the hollow
is quiet. Beneath the stench, you smell the sour stink of fresh
farrow sweat. At least some of the brigands you faced in the
village to the north must have come this way. There might be
a path that will lead you to Morrgs camp.
When the PCs move closer they see ample sign of recent activity
in the derelict camp. The drag marks spotted at the fork in the
path are much clearer here due to the soft soil. They lead to a
storage shack built against the hill to the south, which houses
one of the razor boars (see next page).


Combat Encounter:
Hungry Hogs

The encounter includes the following terrain features.

As the PCs explore the abandoned camp, they are being

watched. A pair of hunting boars, trained by the farrow to act
like guard dogs, dwells in the ruins of two shacks. The boars
wait for the PCs to approach before charging out. When any PC
moves within thirty feet (5) of either shack, the boars attack. A
PC can make a PER + Detection roll against a target number of
12 to notice the boars before they attack. If he succeeds, roll for
combat normally. Otherwise, the razor boars gain the element
of surprise (p.7) when they attack.

When the boars attack,

read or paraphrase
The stillness of the hollow is split by an explosion of activity
from one of the abandoned shacks. With an ear-piercing
shriek, a heavy razor boar charges out, dragging a long iron
chain like a leash. A second boar quickly follows, emerging
from a similar building across the way.
The hunting boars have intentionally been left hungry by the
farrow to encourage them to attack trespassers in the hollow.
The boars attack anything that approaches within the range of
their chains.

Enemy Tactics
At the brink of starvation, the razor boars simply charge the
closest available target in an effort to bring it down.

Camp Buildings: The camp buildings are deteriorated from

neglect and exposure to the elements. A PC can climb atop a
building with an AGL + Climbing roll against a target number
of 12. If a PC starts his turn on top of a camp building, roll a
d6. On a roll of 1 or 2, the section of wall or roof beneath the
PC collapses, dropping him to the ground. The PC suffers no
damage but is knocked down.
Chains: Both boars are chained, preventing them from moving
farther than thirty feet (5) from their starting positions. The
chains are made of corroded iron and have ARM15 and 10
vitality points. A razor boar is not strong enough to break
its chain, but if it is unable to reach a target an enraged boar
may try to pull its chain free from the wall. To do so, the boar
must spend a quick action and make a STR roll against a target
number of 15. If the roll succeeds, the boar breaks the chains
anchor and can move about freely.
A canny PC can limit the movement of a razor boar by using
the chain to his advantage. Tangling the chain around an object,
sticking it in place by stabbing between the links, or some
other clever interference with the chain causes that razor boar
to suffer the stationary condition for one round. (A stationary
razor boar does not activate on its turn, is automatically hit in
melee, and has DEF5 against ranged and magic attacks.)
Quagmire: A large pool of murky, stagnant water sits east of
the main camp. It is deep water, which the boars refuse to enter.

Encounter Setup
HW Board a04

HW Board a01

HW B01

HW A11

HW B04

HW A12

HW B05

HW B02

HW A22

HW A13

HW Board a06

HW A20

HW A21

HW A18

HW A19

When the encounter

begins, place the figures
on the tiles as shown.
Tiles needed: A11, A12, A13, A18,
A19, A20, A21, A22, B01, B02,
B04, B05, BOARD A01,


HW Board a03
2 razor boars

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


Once the PCs deal with the razor boars, they can investigate the
surrounding buildings. The farrow clearly left the boars here to
protect something.

The Camp
Searching the camp turns up a few items of interest. Many recent
tracks pass through here, including those of pygmy trolls. The
farrow swept through the camp and effectively picked it clean,
leaving only the pair of razor boars to dissuade interlopers from
discovering the hidden path to their camp (see next page).
Several of the buildings contain human remains that have been
here for years, if not longer. They clearly died violently and were
left where they fell. The farrow stripped the bodies of armor,
belts, weapons, and equipment. A PC who makes a PER +
Detection roll of 14 or higher finds a cracked pocket watch worth
25gc on one of the bodies, which can be used as trade (or a bribe).
Javelins that Zocha recognizes as Tharn-made impale several
of the corpses. She can recover d3 + 1 javelins from the bodies.
These men worked for Byrne, trying to establish a permanent
mine in the region. They were killed several years ago by the
White Maw tribe for intruding on the Tharns territory, when
the tribe still controlled the majority of the Blackmarsh.
A PC can make an INT roll against a target number of 10 to
recognize the men as Cygnaran from what scraps remain of
their clothing. The Blackmarsh contains many such small
human encampments, and the PCs know that humans from the
south have been trying to establish settlements in the region for
many years. Typically when one is discovered, one of the tribes
in the area either drives the humans off or wipes them out in
an effort to protect its territory. Some of the clothing bears a
symbol, identical to the one the PCs might have found on the
strange weapons carried by the farrow.
The east shack reeks of the foul odor the PCs discovered earlier.
There are dozens of drag marks just outside the shacks door
leading out. Inside, several large wooden boxes have been
ransacked for their contents, but one still contains something. A
PC who examines the box sees several stinking barrels carefully
packed inside. The box sits beneath a hole in the wooden roof
and has partially filled with water. The barrels contain an
alchemical compound that has mixed with water leaking in
through the staves.
A symbol charred into the wooden crates matches the one
carved into the grips of the farrow brigands weapons in scene
1 and the clothing on the corpses here, which the PCs recognize
with an INT roll against a target of 10. If the PCs looted those
weapons, they recognize the symbol without a roll. Oddly,
these crates have been here for some time, judging by their
worn condition and the overgrowth of the Gnarls, while the
weapons were recently manufactured.
Lurk can make an INT + Alchemy roll to identify the alchemical
compound. He learns everything up to his roll result.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)



13 or lower

The compound is an element of human

alchemy that has been rendered
effectively inert by prolonged
exposure to water.


The compound is a kind of alchemical

explosive, more volatile than the
blasting powder used in firearms.
Humans frequently use this
compound in mining.

The Fallen Totem

In the ruins of the camp, the PCs find a territory marker similar
to those used by the farrow. It is old and scattered, but markings
on the bones and skulls are clearly Tharn in origin. This region
was controlled by the White Maw prior to Morrgs intrusion
into the valley.
Zocha can reassemble the marker by spending a full action and
making an INT roll against a target number of 10. She gains a +1
bonus for each ally who assists her.

If Zocha reassembles the totem,

read or paraphrase
With a few minutes work, you restore the marker, once again
claiming the land for the White Maw. All who pass this way
will recognize that it belongs to the Tharn, and all White Maw
who lay eyes upon it know that, fighting here, they fight to
defend their home.

Description: Either brewed naturally from plant and
animal matter or refined alchemically, scent masking is a
way to confound animals that rely on scent for tracking
and detection. Hunters who wish to conceal themselves
and their equipment from wary animals often employ a
scent mask.
Special Rules: A dose of scent masking lasts for d3
hours. PER rolls that rely on scent suffer a 2 penalty to
detect a character under the effect of the scent mask.
Alchemical Formula: Brewing a scent mask requires
an apothecary kit and two hours of labor spent mixing,
cooking, and stabilizing the ingredients. At the end of
this time, the alchemist makes an INT + Alchemy roll
against a target number of 12. If the roll succeeds, the
character creates one dose of scent mask. If the roll
fails, he creates a useless, reeking mess.

You Gonna Eat That?

A quick examination of the razor boars is enough to realize they
are not Morrgs extraordinary warbeasts Caldon and Crommen
but mundane razor boars, which the farrow trained in a fashion
similar to war dogs.
Lurk can harvest organic components from the dead hogs
their nasal cavities, blood, and fatto fashion into a scent mask
(see previous page). The boars provide sufficient ingredients
for him to create d3 + 2 doses. The remaining meat can be left
behind or eaten as a quick snack. Harvesting the components
requires thirty minutes of work to dissect the two hogs and
grind the pieces into a thick paste, followed by a Survival roll
against a target number of 10. If the roll fails, Lurk can try
again after fifteen minutes of additional work, but he can then
manufacture only a single dose.
The PCs should realize that Morrg has something planned
involving items he took from the camp, although the shape of
his plan will not be clear until later.
At the south end of the hollow, a narrow path winds into the
foothills to the east. The PCs notice the path once they have
explored the area. The path leads to Morrgs former base camp,
effectively taking the PCs to the beginning of scene 3. They
might choose to head back and explore the other path as well,
which takes them an additional thirty minutes.

Option 2:
The Left Path

banks of the Arrowhead River. Each smaller camp contains

three to five tents, rough shacks, or similarly crude shelters.
Some have been abandoned, but most of the camps are occupied
by a handful of brigands, occasionally under the supervision of
the camps slaughterhouser. Several trained razor boars wander
between the camps on the lookout for scraps.
The only way to move beyond the smaller campsites without
having to fight off an entire army of farrow is to advance
stealthily. Fortunately for the PCs, the campsites are set far
enough apart and the trees between them are dense enough to
provide ample cover. An altercation at one of the sites does not
necessarily draw attention from all the others.

Boosting and
Rerolling Skill Rolls
If the PCs take this path, it is important that they are not
spotted by the farrow. The Game Master might want to
encourage players to spend a feat point to boost a skill roll,
thereby adding an extra d6 to the roll. Remember that a roll
can be boosted only once. A character can boost any nonattack skill roll in this way.
If a character fails a skill roll, he can also spend a feat point
to reroll the failed roll (and if he failed a boosted skill roll,
he still gets the boosted roll when he rerolls the dice).

When the PCs take the left path,

read or paraphrase
The path heads up into the wooded foothills of the Watcher
Peaks, becoming rougher and steeper as it goes. Winding
between hills, the road is marked by the hoofprints of
dozens, possibly hundreds, of farrow who passed this way.
Occasionally the twisting road crosses over what remains of
the Arrowhead River via a small bridge or felled log. The river
once had modest falls and rushing rapids, but the water is
abnormally low.
As you travel, in the hills ahead you catch sight of farrow tents
among the trees. Dozens of small campsites are scattered
wherever there is a large enough patch of flat earth. Among
the camps, you make out individual farrow working to break
down and pack away their goods.
A fifty-foot cliff face looms to the south. Once the Arrowhead
River rushed down the cliff as a powerful waterfall, but now
the flow is reduced to a heavy spray. You can barely make out
a large structure built atop the cliff above.
It takes the PCs about half an hour to reach the foothills of the
Watcher Peaks, where they first spot the tents. This is the main
territory of Morrgs war band. Due to the irregular terrain, the
camp is split into a dozen or so smaller encampments built on
suitably flat areas of ground among the trees. The camp is laid
out in a loose semicircle about a mile across, standing on both

If the PCs find themselves in combat at one of the camps,

make a PER + Detection roll for the farrow at the next nearest
site at the start of each round. The target number of the roll
depends on the method the PCs use in combat. If the PCs use
melee and thrown weapons, the target number of the roll is 16.
If the PCs use firearms, the target number drops to 12. If the
farrow overhear combat at one of the sites, they move to join the
fighting in d3 rounds. If three or more other groups are alerted
in this manner, the camp goes on general alert, which makes
further attempts to sneak forward more difficult.
The simplest way to advance through the encampment is
to make use of the Sneak skill. Characters sneaking forward
make an AGL + Sneak roll to determine the target number of
the farrows PER + Detection rolls. The farrow in the camps
are distracted and the PCs have ample cover, so a character
sneaking forward gains a +3 bonus to his roll.
This bonus does not apply if the PCs have caused a general
alert in the camp. At the start of each round, have the nearest
farrow make a PER + Detection roll to see if he spots a
sneaking PC. If the farrow succeeds, he and d3 companions
move to investigate.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

if the farrow spot the PCs,

read or paraphrase
From a nearby group of tents you hear the alarmed cry of a
farrow. A moment later other voices pick up the cry. Before long,
the entire hillside is alive with the noise of farrow grabbing their
weapons, ready to repel an attack. A handful of nearby farrow
come crashing toward you through the underbrush.
The Game Master is encouraged to let the players try different
approaches as they move through the valley. While sneaking is
the obvious solution, it is by no means the only one. For instance,
Longchops and Lurk can sneak upriver by swimming just beneath
the surface while Zocha climbs through the canopy of trees and
Gullin creeps beneath the undergrowth.
No matter what method the PCs try, progressing beyond the camp
takes fifteen minutes and at least three rounds of movement. As
the PCs move, regardless of the method they employ, they might
encounter some of the following scenes along the way.
A pair of farrow gamble outside their tent over a nice-looking
pistol. It is oddly clean for a farrow weapon, obviously the
product of human manufacture, and it appears to be in good
working order. A PC can make an INT roll against a target
number of 14 to recognize a Cygnaran symbol stamped into
the grip of the weapon. It is one of the firearms given to Morrg
by Aiden Byrne as payment for clearing Blackmarsh Valley.

A strong farrow in full plate orders a handful of brigands

to haul a wooden wagon piled high with plunder up the
treacherous pathways at the south end of camp.
A lazy brigand sitting on a barrel with a military rifle is
startled by a comrade shouting at him to pack up his kit and
get to the dam.
Two farrow grouse as they roll a tar-covered barrel along the
ground. Rocks and twigs stick in the tar, weighing the barrel
down and making the process slow and difficult. Behind them
a larger farrow laughs at their misfortune. Wiping his filthy tarcovered hands on his armor, one of the barrel-haulers asks his
comrade why the pygmy trolls are not doing this.
It should be clear that battling the farrow is not the ideal course of
action, since they vastly outnumber the PCs. There is enough cover
in the forest to make a covert incursion fairly easy. If the PCs choose
to fight their way through the farrow, the Game Master should use
farrow brigands and razor boars in sufficient number to represent a
small force (2 4 brigands, plus 1 or more boars). The farrow continue
to fight until the threat is driven off or eliminated, though if possible
they haul the incapacitated PCs to Knor as prisoners rather than
killing them outright.

Do You Smell That?

Game MasterS Note:
Setting Target Numbers
The following target numbers are useful when a player
attempts an action not specifically outlined in the rules.
As long as the Game Master determines the action has a
chance to succeed, these target numbers can be used to
quickly adapt to player choices on the fly.
Simple: No roll is required; the attempt automatically
succeeds. Using Survival to identify a common plant or
animal is a simple task.
Moderate: Target number 1012. Moderate tasks
include climbing a tree with stout limbs or a rock wall
with ample handholds.
Complex: Target number 1315. Spotting a camouflaged
farrow hiding in the darkness is a difficult task.
Difficult: Target number 16+. Difficult tasks include
attempting to bribe one of the farrow with a small amount
of treasure to abandon the war band, or disguising the
PCs to move through the camp unnoticed.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

The farrow sense of smell is incredibly acute. Unless Lurk

has created a scent mask (p. 12), they will have little
difficulty smelling the bog trog. The PCs are used to the
bog trogs odor and no longer notice it much, but they
clearly see the farrow tracking the peculiar smell. As the
PCs move through the encampment, have them make a
PER + Survival roll against a target number of 10. If
the roll succeeds, they notice the farrow wrinkling their
snouts and sniffing at the air whenever Lurk comes near,
clearly smelling him.
The farrow have little reason to suspect a bog trog in
their midst, so they are likely to accuse one another
of being the source of the smell. Only if Lurk comes
too close to one of the camps does one of the farrow
investigate the source of the fishy odor.
The bone grinder Knor is familiar not only with Lurks
odor but also with the smell of any alchemical methods
the bog trog could use to disguise it.

As the PCs move further into the foothills, it becomes clear the
farrow are working frantically to pack up everything valuable
they can carry from their various tents. Larger, more imposing
farrow are shouting orders and slinging insults at their smaller
cousins to keep them motivated. The farrow are moving south to
the cliff face, hauling everything they can carry with them. They
seem to be clearing out of Blackmarsh Valley altogether, heading
for higher ground.


Once the PCs either move through the scattered campsites of the
farrow or make their way up the trail from the abandoned mining
operation, they spot a massive tent set away from those of the
other farrow, near the base of the cliff described in scene 2. This is
Morrgs personal tent, and his belongings are being hauled out by
captured pygmy trolls.

WHEN the PCs arrive at the cliff,

read or paraphrase
The forest thins near the base of a high cliff face, crisscrossed
with narrow, dangerous trails. Atop the cliff, a crude dam
blocks the once-great waterfall. The dam looks like a pair of
enormous doors made of scavenged metal scraps, with steam
pipes venting into the air above it. North of the cliff, moving
down the foothills and into the valley, the tents of the farrow
camp spread out like a handful of scattered stones.
At the edge of the war bands encampment on the west side of
the river, you see a huge, ostentatious tent. Scavenged cloth
taken in dozens of raids has been stitched together in a motley
of faded colors. The tent commands an impressive view of the
forested hills below and the dozens of smaller and poorer
farrow structures dotting the area.
Bolts of fine cloth, casks of wine, and other items of plunder
piled outside of the tent are in the process of being transferred
into a crude wagon by a small group of pygmy trolls. The
pygmies labor under the watchful eyes of a pair of heavily
armored farrow who occasionally lash out with a kick when
one of their prisoners struggles with his load. The pygmy trolls
haul their burden up the treacherous paths cut into the rocky
face of the cliff, headed for the dam above.
New figures emerge from the tent. Two brigands with rifles
flank a third farrow. He is taller by far than the other farrow
youve seen, his heavy body covered in muscles and scars. As
he turns to speak to his slaughterhousers, you see his face, a
crude brass patch covering one of his eyes, and you recognize
him as Knor, Morrgs right hand. The farrow bone grinder
begins to grunt orders at the two warriors beside him, but he
stops suddenly. He holds up a gnarled hand to silence them
and begins to sniff at the air.

A large pile of barrels sits a short distance away from everything

else in the area, stacked near a large cauldron set above a small
campfire. Tar heated in the cauldron covers the barrels.
Knor is supervising the loading of Morrgs personal riches from
his tent in preparation for the opening of the dam. Morrg is at
the dam overseeing the final arrangements, but the players may
think he might still be in his tent. Knor keeps checking the large
shelter to ensure he has not forgotten anything of value, which
the PCs might misinterpret as the bone grinder consulting with
his warlord.
The pathways leading to the dam require the PCs to pass near
Morrgs tent. Dozens of farrow and pygmy trolls went this way
recently, hauling salvage from the camp up to the cliff top. Knor
and a small force of warriors block the way up to the dam. They
will not permit the PCs passage without a fight. The PCs can make
a PER + Survival roll against a target number of 10 to realize that
even if they manage to sneak around to an alternate path, they will
be exposed and visible to the entire encampment below.
If the PCs move to attack, Knor and his warriors respond with
violence immediately. They cannot risk anything interfering
with Morrgs plan this close to its culmination.
If the PCs remain hidden, Knor keeps sniffing the air and
eventually sends his slaughterhousers to investigate the nearby
area. The bone grinder is familiar with Lurks scent and the
strange odor of a scent mask; he and Lurk worked together closely
in the past, and he is familiar with the bog trogs particular
recipe, despite how effectively it works against other farrow.
The bone grinder is on edge and instructs the others to keep
alert, so the PCs cannot gain surprise. If they want to reach
Morrg, rescue Gullins tribe, and discover what is really going
on, they will have to fight their way through.

Gullin can make an INT + Lore (tribal) roll against a target

number of 10 to identify the large structure as a chieftains tent.
Smaller tents, still opulent by farrow standards, flank Morrgs.
They belong to Knor and the warlords personal guard. Closest
to the cliff, Morrgs tent serves as a final staging area for moving
goods up the cliff face to the dam. Small piles of gear lie near
the tents, waiting to be ported up the dangerous paths by the
pygmy troll prisoners.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


Combat Encounter #2

Enemy Tactics

Once combat begins, Knors two slaughterhousers move to

protect him. They charge any obvious targets that try to move
in close. One slaughterhouser stays near Knor to defend him,
but the other breaks away to outflank or engage the PCs as
appropriate. Knor uses Parasite on the PC with the highest
ARM in range to increase his own ARM. He attacks primarily
with his cinder bombs.

When Knor discovers the PCs,

read or paraphrase
The bone grinder grunts and says, I thought I smelled something familiar. Tell me, Lurk, tired of life so soon? Knor plunges a
hand into a pouch on his belt and pulls out a putrescent totem of
flesh and bone. As he thrusts it overhead, runes begin to coalesce
around his hand. To his companions, Knor says, Kill the others,
but leave the bog trog for me.

The brigands stay in cover whenever possible, firing their rifles

at the PCs. If the PCs take cover near any of the barrels, Knor
screams at the brigands to hold fire. Knor specifically targets
Lurk when he has the opportunity. The two are old
rivals, and Knor throws caution aside if presented
with an opportunity to take on the bog trog. If the
PCs notice this, they can lure Knor away from his
HW Board a01

Encounter Setup
HW Board a04
HW B08

Encounter Features

HW B07

The encounter includes the following features.

HW A14

HW a17

HW B06

HW a26
HW B12

HW A25

HW a27

HW B10
HW B13
HW Board a06

HW Board a03

When the encounter begins, place

the figures on the tiles as shown.
Tiles needed: A14, A17, A25, A26, A27, B06, B07, B08, B10,
B12, B13, BOARD A01, BOARD A03, BOARD A04, BOARD A06



Knor, 2 Farrow BrigandS, 2 Slaughterhousers

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

Barrel Stack: The stack of tar-covered barrels

provides solid cover to characters behind it. If an
attack misses a character behind the barrels, roll a
d6. On a roll of 1, one of the barrels is damaged by the
attack and explodes. Center a 3 AOE on the initial
target of the attack. Characters in the AOE suffer a
POW12 blast damage roll.
A character can pick up and throw one of the
barrels as an improvised weapon with a range
equal to half his STR. The character makes a STR roll
against a target number of 14, followed by a PRW +
ThrownWeapon roll against a target number equal
to the intended targets DEF. A character hit by a
thrown barrel suffers a damage roll with POW equal
to the throwing characters STR and is knocked
Cauldron: The cauldron is filled with hot, bubbling
tar. A character who comes in contact with the tar
suffers a POW12 fire damage roll and the Corrosion
continuous effect. A character who touches the
cauldron suffers a POW 12 fire damage roll. A
character can hurl the cauldron as a weapon with
a range equal to half his STR by making a STR roll
against a target number of 16, followed by a PRW +
Thrown Weapon roll against a target number equal
to the targets DEF. This attack is AOE3. Characters
in the AOE suffer a POW12 fire damage roll and the
Corrosion continuous effect.
Reinforcements: Farrow from elsewhere in the camp
might arrive to reinforce their allies during the combat.
At the beginning of each round, if there are fewer
than four brigands on the map, roll a d6. On a roll of
36, place a brigand at the bottom edge of the map.
Reinforcements stop appearing once Knor is defeated.
New brigands arrive at full strength and activate on
the initiative of the other brigands.


Once the PCs defeat Knor, his allies, and any reinforcements,
regardless of how many gunshots or explosions they caused, the
remaining farrow in the camp spread out into the wilderness.
Either these farrow find alternate paths farther east and west
on the cliff face, or they abandon the war band and try to move
out of the path of destruction. In either case, the farrow in the
encampment figure that not rushing in to be slaughtered by the
PCs is probably the best course of action.

when the PCs land

the final blow on Knor,
Read or paraphrase
With an angry squeal, the bone grinder drops to one knee.
He lashes out with a spell that misses the mark before he
crumples facedown into the dirt.
Knor is incapacitated. Unless he is stabilized with a Medicine
roll against a target number of 14, he will die in a few rounds.
If any of his warriors survive the battle, they make a break for
the winding paths in the cliff face, shouting for help from the
camp above. The PCs can run down any survivors before they
get very far, thanks in part to the slick, wet stones of the path.
The PCs can loot items from the bodies of the fallen farrow. Knor
carries the highest-value items, including an item of particular
value to Lurk. Knors totem is of no use to the others, but in the
bog trogs hands it greatly augments his capabilities in melee.
The bone grinder also has a captive pygmy troll whelp he had
intended to use for alchemy components. The PCs discover the
whelp when they search Knors body.


read or paraphrase
A foul-smelling pouch on the bone grinders hip begins to
move, as if a large rat were trapped inside. You see a pair of
tiny blue hands emerge from the mouth of the pouch, followed
by a wheezing pygmy troll whelp. It freezes in alarm before its
gaze falls on Gullin.
Kugga, a member of Gullins tribe, spawned the whelp in the
aftermath of a mishap handling the explosive barrels. Kuggas
whelp is relieved to be free of the pouch, which contains all
manner of organic scraps. The tiny whelp spends a few moments
kicking Knor after it is set free.
Once its desire for revenge is sated, the little whelp grabs onto
Gullin and tugs at his leg. The whelp leads him into the tent to
find Kuggawhich Gullins whelp Knuckle does not appreciate
much at all. To lighten the mood, the Game Master can have
a jealous Knuckle start squabbling with the other whelp,
throwing small objects from Gullins pockets at it or jumping
down and threatening it in an exaggerated emulation of Gullins
own fighting style.
Kuggas whelplike all whelpsis not very smart; it simply
recognizes Gullin as a fellow pygmy troll and wants to lead him
to its progenitor.

Investigating the Scene

Morrgs tent is mostly empty, containing only a few of the
warlords personal possessions. The farrow were clearly in
the process of emptying the tent when the PCs arrived, and
Morrgs valuables and weapons were the first items to be sent
up the cliff.
Inside the tent, Kugga hides behind a wooden rack that once
held Morrgs weapons and armor. Knor used the pygmy troll
as an assistant, forcing the pyg to test his alchemical bombs
and coat the barrels with tar. Kugga was caught in an explosion
when a barrel got too hot during the tarring process, and he was
left in the tent to regenerate from his wounds. When he heard
the sound of fighting outside, he hid to avoid being caught in
the crossfire.
If the PCs discover Kuggas whelp, it leads them directly to the
pygmy troll. Otherwise, when they enter the tent they spot
Kugga with a PER + Detection roll against a target number of
10, or they discover him without a roll if they search the interior.
Kugga reeks of the alchemical mixture in the barrels.

When the PCs discover Kugga,

read or paraphrase
In a dark corner of the tent, you see something stir behind an
empty weapon rack. A stout pygmy troll with a twisted leg emerges
from the shadows, limping toward you with his hands out.
Im ssorry, Knor, he stammers. I heard fighting and... The
pygs voice trails off as he sees you, his eyes growing wide. He
stares for a moment before breaking the silence with a cry of
amazement. Chief! Youve come for me!
He raises his left arm with his open hand facing Gullin and claps
his left elbow with his right hand in the traditional salute of the
tribe. His whelp climbs atop his shoulder and mimics the gesture.

The pygmy troll is overjoyed to discover his chieftain has come
to save him. Since his capture by the farrow, Kugga has served
under Knor and borne witness to his and Morrgs work. He is
injured from his mishap with the explosive barrel a few days
ago, and his left leg is still in the process of regenerating. The
pygmy troll eagerly explains what he knows to the PCs, relating
the following information.
They took us to the top of the falls and made us build the dam. The
warlord is building a camp up there.
Me and some others had to haul old barrels from a human camp to
the north. They were filled with stinking powder. Knor had me put
tar on the barrels to protect them from the waterI guess they dont
work when they get wet. One got too hot when I was painting tar on
it and it blew up. Im lucky it didnt kill me.
There are two different kinds of barrels. Some we didnt have to
put tar on. Knor was responsible for cooking what went in those
some kind of stinking liquid. Morrg used some to build those bombs
he carries around and sent the rest up to the dam.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

Knor and Morrg were talking about the river, about the fire and the
bombs. They were arguing over a map. They said a burn wanted
the whole valley cleared.
Kuggas last statement is a misunderstanding of Aiden
Byrnes last name. Knor and Morrg argued about which of
their preferred methods was most likely to cause the most
destruction alchemical explosives (preferred by Morrg) or
burning oil floating on the surface of the water (preferred by
Knor). Kugga explains that Knor and Morrg were on a schedule
and made references to their employer paying for results, not
caring about techniques. Kugga leads the PCs to the back of the
tent to show them the items that were left behind. Unfurled atop
a small crate is a leather map, frayed at the edges. An elaborate
brass device sits on the crate next to it.

The Brass Device

The brass device is a clockwork detonator, designed to set off
the contents of one of the explosive barrels at a preordained
time. It was left behind due to malfunction. Such a complicated
piece of clockwork is uncommon in the wilderness, and the PCs
cannot easily identify it, particularly as it appears damaged. To
determine the detonators purpose, a PC must spend a minute
examining it and make an INT roll against a target number of 12.
If the PCs picked up the broken pocket watch from scene 2, they
gain a +2 bonus to the roll due to the similarity of the mechanisms.
If the roll succeeds, the PC realizes the purpose of the clockwork
detonatorto turn the barrels into timed explosives. Each PC
can attempt a single roll to determine the purpose of the device.

The Madmans Map

The map is crudely drawn, but a character can make a PER + Survival
roll against a target number of 10 to recognize landmarks and identify
it as Blackmarsh Valley. Marked on the map are most of the major
settlements in the valley: Gullins tribe of pygmy trolls, the marshy
lowlands that Longchops hunts, the White Maw Tharn tribe, and
dozens of others.
Sets of numbers in Morrgs crude handwriting appear alongside
each of the major settlements. These calculations show how long
it takes for barrels carried by the floodwaters of the Arrowhead
to arrive at each location and a rough estimate of the number of
barrels required to kill a significant portion of the population
there. The floodwaters will distribute explosives across a wide
area in the valley, but the warlord clearly requires a massive
number of them to have any hope of affecting their intended
targets. Many will snag on obstacles or break open against
stones long before reaching their destinations, and others
will be destroyed by early detonation. The warlord must have
prepared at least sixty to ensure damage to significant villages.
To successfully decipher the meaning of these numbers, a PC
must make an INT roll against a target number of 13. If the
roll fails, the PCs can try again after spending another minute
examining the map. PCs gain a +2 bonus to this roll if they have
already discovered the purpose of the clockwork detonator.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

When the PCs discover

the meaning of the map,
read or paraphrase
Morrg plans to use the floodwaters to disperse the barrels of
explosives down the Arrowhead River. With the rush of water
flooding the rivers banks, these bombs will be carried into
the hearts of villages along the banks of the river. Inhabitants
who endure the flood itself will be blown apart. The farrow can
then sweep through the Blackmarsh to finish off any survivors.

Interrogating Knor
If the PCs manage to keep Knor alive, the bone grinder
stubbornly refuses to cooperate. He agrees to give the PCs
information only if they promise to set him freethough if
they do, he sneaks up to Warlord Morrg at the dam to warn his
master of their incursion.
Knor knows everything about Morrgs plan, but he lies to the
PCs about the specifics. A PC can make a PER roll against a target
number of 15 to realize Knor is withholding information
specifically, the timed explosives the warlord intends to deliver
by unleashing the dammed river, and the name of Morrgs
employer, Aiden Byrne. The bone grinder divulges useful
information only if he believes the PCs genuinely intend to give
him his freedom. Otherwise, the bone grinder hurls insults at
them and remains uncooperative. Getting Knor to talk requires
an INT + Interrogation roll. He responds better to Negotiation
Knor knows the following information:
Interrogation Target Number 10: Morrg established a
small encampment atop the waterfall to protect the dam
and its engine. The warlord is there now, seeing to the final
stages of his plan. That is where he has taken the pygmy
troll prisoners.
Interrogation Target Number 14: Morrg plans to use the
dam as a weapon against Blackmarsh Valley. The PCs realize
this is a ridiculous plan: the dam on the Arrowhead River
is not capable of holding back enough water to significantly
flood the valley. Communities would be damaged and
some lives might be lost, but the consequences would be
little worse than that.
Interrogation Target Number 15: The dam is essentially
a giant gate powered by a steam engine salvaged from a
human encampment. When opened, the gate will unleash
the reservoir of water behind it. Gradually opening the
gates will return the Arrowhead to its normal level without
causing the river to flood.

Scene 4: AMBUSH

As the PCs head up one of the

paths, read or paraphrase
The steep paths wind upward toward the rocky edifice of the
falls. Farrow-built scaffolds, bridges, and platforms line the
path, remnants of the construction of the dam. Jets of water
spraying from the dam overhead coat the stones, making them
slick and difficult to traverse.
The pathways wind through rough and rocky hills to the cliff
wall, where they proceed in switchbacks to ascend its face. The
combination of the steep path and slick stones makes passage
difficult and tiresome. It takes fifteen minutes to reach the top of
the falls.
In addition to the slick stones, other hazards await. The farrow
placed numerous rockslide traps along the paths to prevent enemy
forces from attacking the dam, starting about sixty feet from the
bottom of each path. Each trap is a simple construction, typically
triggered when someone walks across one of the bridges or
scaffolds. The farrow have subtly marked the location of each trap
to avoid accidentally setting it off. Since the trigger mechanisms
are hidden beneath objects, the traps are particularly difficult
to spot unless a PC notices these markings (twisted branches
pointed at the trigger, three small stones alongside the path
arranged in a straight line, and other similar methods). A PC
must make a PER + Detection skill roll against a target number
of 14 to detect one of the traps on the way up. Every five minutes
of walking, roll for the PCs in secret to determine if they notice

a trap. If the roll succeeds, they spot a trap. If the roll fails, a
rockslide is triggered, and a group of farrow ambushers emerge
and attack.
If the PCs set off one of the traps, it looses a large section of the
cliff wall, which collapses onto the path, cutting it off. A PC who
triggers a rockslide trap must make an AGL or STRroll against a
target number of 12 to leap clear of the falling debris. If the roll
succeeds, the PC avoids the falling stones. If the roll fails, the
PC suffers a POW10 damage roll and is made stationary for one
round as he extricates himself from the rocks.
If the PCs make it to the top without triggering one of the traps,
farrow waiting in ambush there emerge and attack, trying to
prevent them from reaching the top.
Once a trap is triggered, a few things happen in quick succession:
Rocks fall, noisily blocking the path in a cloud of dust.
The PCs hear whoops and squeals from a group of farrow
brigands who emerge from hiding in rocky fissures flanking
the path. Gullin can use his Battle Plan to let his allies move
into cover at this time.
The brigands open fire at the PCs.
With the brigands behind them and the way ahead blocked, the
PCs must make a difficult choice. They can turn around and deal
with the farrow, or they can attempt the treacherous climb up the
rock face. In both cases, the farrow shoot at the PCs whenever they
present viable targets.

HW B18
HW B21
HW A05

HW B22

HW B19

HW a06

HW a04
HW Board b06

HW Board a07


HW Board a09

HW a07


HW B20

HW Board b04

When the encounter

begins, place the
figures on the tiles
as shown.
Tiles needed: A04, A05,
A06, A07, B18, B19, B20,
B21, B22, BOARD A07,

3 Farrow Brigands, 2 Slaughterhousers

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

If the PCs turn to fight the
ambushers, read or paraphrase
You turn to face the enemy as bullets whine through the air around
you. The farrow vastly outnumber you. A growing army of brigands
rushes up from the trailhead below and clogs the path behind you,
each squealing angrily as he brings his weapon to bear.
Use two slaughterhousers and three brigands if the PCs charge at
the ambushers. To represent the path they are fighting on, use the
setup in the accompanying illustration.
The intent in this situation is to keep pressure on the PCs. The
boulders provide solid cover to characters behind them. The
farrow stay in cover, firing at any PC in range. They use the
Onslaught ability on any PC who moves into charge range, firing
with their rifles and making a charge attack with their clubs.
Since the farrow outnumber the PCs, at the start of each turn
replace the figures of any dead farrow to the west edge of the path.
This continues until A Friend In Need, below.

If the PCs climb the rocks,

read or paraphrase
Bullets crack all around you, blasting stinging chips of stone
from the cliff wall. Below you, constant rifle flashes flare amid
a gradually spreading fog of blasting powder smoke. Its only
a matter of time before one of the shots finds its mark.
Climbing the rocks requires four successful Climbing skill rolls
against a target number of 13 to reach the top. Each round, the
farrow below take d3 + 1 shots at the PCs with their rifles. If a shot
hits a climbing PC, he makes a PHY roll against a target number
of 10. If the roll succeeds, nothing happens. If the roll fails, the PC
loses his grip and slips down the wall, canceling out one of his
successful Climbing rolls.

A Friend In Need
Let the PCs spend a round or two climbing the rock face or fighting
the farrow, but make it clear the odds are against them. There are
too many farrow for the PCs to effectively fight them off or escape.
When things seem at their worst, aid comes from an unexpected

Read or paraphrase
There are too many farrow for you to face or flee. Suddenly
you hear howling and snarling coming from the foothills
below. First one and then dozens of Tharn warriors emerge
from between the trees, their transformed features predatory,
their fangs bared.
Shortly after Zocha left to battle Morrg, a group of White Maw
warriors led by Galbar set out after her. Unwilling to leave her
to face the warlords army alone, they followed the trail the PCs

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

left behind. Galbars war party arrives just in time to distract

the farrow. If Zocha rebuilt the totem in scene 2, the Tharn enter
battle with shouts about reclaiming the White Maws land. The
brigands turn to face this new enemy as the Tharn wade into
their ranks and begin hacking them apart.
This distraction gives the PCs the opportunity they need to
break free from the farrow and continue up the rock face.

If the PCs try to finish the fight

instead, read or paraphrase
Wrenching his axe free from the skull of a farrow warrior,
a Tharn roars to you in words distorted by his transformed
features, Go! Destroy Morrg! We will kill these ones! He
punctuates his cry with a swing of his axe, lopping the head
off the nearest farrow. In speech only Zocha understands, he
says one final thing: You were right.
It should be clear that Galbar and the White Maw have this
battle under control. Their full attention on this new threat, the
farrow do not press the attack against the PCs. If the PCs stay
to help, Galbar encourages them to go, stressing the importance
of stopping Morrg.
After the PCs break away, the fighting continues to rage, pushing
to the base of the path by the large tent below. When it looks like
the Tharn have the battle nearly won, the shrill sound of a steam
engine at the top of the cliff causes White Maw and farrow alike
to stop fighting and look up. The farrows eyes widen and they
immediately try to run, ignoring Galbars warriors.

Read or Paraphrase
With a metallic grinding of gears, the dam overhead opens
at the middle, unleashing a high-pressure spray of water. The
dam parts only a fraction of its total width. Within the stream,
you can see the dark shapes of objects as they shoot out.
The farrow and White Maw warriors below turn to escape the
sudden torrent, but they cannot flee in time.
Farrow and Tharn alike are smashed to the ground, battered
against the rocks, and forced down the banks of the Arrowhead
on a surge of water. The barrels in the water then explode like
thunderclaps, blinding you in a flash of brilliant light. Some
detonate in huge blasts, while others bobbing on the surface
explode into a sheet of fire that roars across the water. The
deafening noise of the explosions makes the earth shudder,
loosing stones from the cliff wall that smash into the rockslide
below you, breaking it free of the path.
As your hearing gradually returns, you hear a ragged chorus
of farrow cheering from above. The gateway of the dam grinds
back into place to build up pressure for another release.
In the aftermath of the explosions, Morrg and his farrow
believe they have eliminated the threat and return to making
preparations for the attack on the Blackmarsh. The PCs are no
longer under attack and can press on to the top of the falls while
Morrgs guard is down. Depending on how much damage the
PCs have suffered, they might spend a moment seeing to their
wounds before continuing to the top.


In the final scene, the PCs confront Warlord Morrg before he opens
the dam again and unleashes explosives on Blackmarsh Valley
below. The PCs now know he plans to wipe out the valley, seeking
nothing less than the total annihilation of their tribes and allies.
Morrg is aware of the attack on the encampment below from
the sounds of combat and the reports of survivors who made
their way to him, but he believes he wiped the enemy out when
he tested the dam. Now he has relaxed his guard and turned
his attention to the final stages of his plan. His farrow busily
work to arm the last explosive barrels and push them into the
reservoir. They do not immediately notice the PCs entering the
fringes of the camp unless the characters charge in aggressively.

When the PCs reach Morrgs

camp atop the cliff,
read or paraphrase
Morrgs makeshift dam has created a small lake at the top
of the cliff. Tents hauled up from the foothills below ring its
edges. Morrgs elite forces work at a feverish pace, readying
the last steps of the warlords mad plan.
On both sides of the basin, pygmy trolls drag tar-covered
barrels to the waters edge. A member of the war band sets a
clockwork detonator on each barrel before kicking it into the
basin, where the current pulls it away from the shore.
Morrg oversees the operation with pride. In one hand he
wields a massive blunderbuss with a wicked chopping blade
mounted to the barrel. Two enormous boars stand beside him:
his notorious warbeasts Caldon and Crommen, snapping their
tusked maws at anyone who draws too near.
The pygmy trolls work in teams to push the explosives into the
reservoir to join the large number of bombs already floating in it.
Standing on the bridge over the river and on either bank, the pygs
continue to drop barrels into the river until they are liberated by
the PCs or combat begins, at which point their farrow handlers
become distracted by the fight and they can slip away.
The pygs flee the camp once combat commences. They are
unarmed and cant directly aid the PCs in a fight. The pygs
scatter in random directions away from the camp unless
Gullin makes an INT + Command roll against a target
number of 10 to rally them to a safe place. If Gullin succeeds,
he can instruct his tribe to provide assistance in the form of
destroying equipment, disarming bombs on the riverbank, or
other similar non-combat actions.

Combat Encounter
#3A: Full Steam
This encounter begins as soon as the farrow notice the PCs.
Farrow on both sides of the river do not hesitate to attack, but
Morrg commands them to keep loading the bombs into the
water while he works the steam engine to open the dams gates.

When combat begins,

read or paraphrase
Warlord Morrg bellows at you, eerily echoed by the two boars
flanking him. Eyes wild with rage, he screams in farrow to his
warriors, Weve got visitors. Keep them entertained. I have a
valley to destroy!
With that, the warlord steps toward the controls of his steam
engine and activates it.
Morrgs soldiers move into position as the warlock activates the
engine powering his destructive weapon. With a shriek, the
engine begins to slowly churn the great gates of the dam open.
If the PCs want to stop him, they will have to fight their way
through his forces.


Morrg is a powerful combatant. He is well armed and skilled

with his weapons as well as being a gifted spellcaster. He
commands his pair of warbeasts with aggressive shrewdness.
Throughout the final encounter, Morrg focuses primarily on
activating the steam engine to open his dam. He relies on the
capabilities of his warbeasts and warriors to deal with the
threat the PCs pose to his plan.
Caldon and Crommen: Morrgs warbeasts are a pair of
massive razor boars, much hardier and stronger than their
common cousins. In addition to having access to their animus
(p.28), both razor boars have +2ARM, FURY, and Threshold,
and the Tough benefit.
If one of the razor boars is incapacitated or killed, the surviving
boar gains +2 on attack and damage rolls against any characters
who dealt damage to its companion.

If the PCs choose to take a direct approach, the farrow are ready
to meet them in combat and prepared to repel them.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


Encounter Setup
HW Board a03

HW Board a02

HW A02

HW Board B01

HW B16

HW B25

HW A15

HW B26

HW B09

HW B08

HW B27

HW Board a04
HW B11

HW Board a05

HW B28

HW B14

HW B23
HW Board a07

HW B12
HW Board A06

HW B13

HW Board a08

HW Board A09

When the encounter begins, place the figures on the tiles as shown.
Tiles needed: A02, A15, B08, B09, B11, B12, B13, B14, B16, B23, B25, B26, B27, B28, BOARD A02, BOARD A03,


Warlord Morrg, 2 RAZOR BOARS, 4 Farrow Brigands, 2 Slaughterhousers

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

The Device
When the PCs arrive, Morrg is preparing the final stage of his
attack on Blackmarsh Valley. His pygmy troll captives load
primed explosives into the reservoir under the watchful eyes
of his farrow warriors while he readies the steam engine that
powers the dam. The engine is in shoddy condition and requires
attention while it works to open the gates. To fully open the
gates, Morrg needs to operate the engine for three cumulative
turns. Rules for operating the steam engine are on page 24.
Since the timers on the explosives are already ticking down,
Morrg has only a short time to open the dam before they begin
detonating. After ten rounds of combat, randomly determined
barrels in the water begin to explode. One barrel detonates
at the end of each round. If a barrel is near the dam when it
detonates, it damages the gate (and anyone standing on top of
it). Each gate can withstand five blasts before being completely
destroyed. If one of the gates is destroyed, the water rushes out
in force. Treat a destroyed gate as if the gates were fully open.

Enemy Tactics

Morrg, startled by the sudden arrival of the PCs, hastens to

unleash his timed explosives on the valley below. Commanding
his warriors to attack the PCs, Morrg moves to the steam
engine and begins the process of activating it. He sends his
slaughterhousers forward with the brigands to attack the PCs,
casting Quagmire on one of the slaughterhousers to prevent its
target from moving. Morrg and his warbeasts remain hidden
behind the front line of farrow to avoid taking damage as the
warlock powers up the steam engine.
The brigands stay out of melee with the PCs and attack with
their rifles. One stays on the far side of the river, keeping his
distance from the PCs. They forfeit movement to aim their
shots and focus their attention on the closest targets. If Lurk or
Longchops moves into the water to disable the explosives in the
reservoir, one of the brigands targets the barrel closest to him.

Encounter Features

Explosive Barrels: Several barrels float in the reservoir behind

the dam. Their clockwork detonators have already been set, and
it is only a matter of time before they begin detonating.
A PC can disable one of the bombs in a number of ways. The
simplest is to disable or destroy the clockwork detonator on the
bomb. To remove the detonator, a PC must be adjacent to the
barrel and make an INT or STR roll against a target number
of 13. If the roll succeeds, the detonator is disabled. Nonamphibious characters suffer a 2 penalty to these rolls due to
the difficulty of maneuvering in the current and keeping grasp
of a barrel as it moves in the water.
Another way to disable a bomb is to expose its contents to water.
Each bomb is ARM14, and if it suffers 1 damage point without
detonating, water rushes in, disabling the explosive. If a bomb
suffers damage from a firearm or from a fire damage roll, it
detonates. Center a 3 AOE on the damaged barrel. Characters
hit suffer a POW 12 blast damage roll.

Fire Barrels: Fire barrels can be disabled as above. If the

explosive charge inside the barrel is exposed to water, it cannot
ignite the alchemical fluid inside. When one of the fire barrels
is destroyed, replace it with a 3 AOE. The AOE is a patch of
flammable fluid that will travel downstream with other objects
(see below). If a character in the AOE suffers fire damage, the
patch ignites. Any character on the surface of the water starting
his turn in the AOE suffers a POW12 fire damage roll. If a fire
barrel explodes, replace it with a 3 AOE. Characters in the AOE
suffer damage as above.
Reinforcements: At the start of each turn, place a brigand
outside one of the four tents. If four brigands are already on the
map, do not place a model. New brigands arrive at full strength
and activate on the initiative of the other brigands. A brigand
cannot make a charge attack the turn he is placed but otherwise
activates normally.
River Current: Though it is slowed by the dam, the Arrowhead
Rivers current still moves objects in the reservoir. Any character
in the reservoir without the Amphibious ability, any floating
barrels, and other objects in the reservoir automatically move 2
directly toward the dam at the beginning of each round.

Game MasterS Note:

Spray Attacks
Morrgs blunderbuss and the steam engine can both
produce spray (SP) attacks. Spray attacks are attacks
that use a spray template. This devastating shortranged attack can potentially hit several characters. A
spray uses the spray template and has a RNG of SP6,
SP 8, or SP 10. Effects that modify RNG do not
affect spray attacks.
When making a spray attack, center the spray template
over a target with the narrow end of the template
touching the nearest edge of the attackers base. The
target need not be under the template. The targeting
rules apply when choosing the attacks primary target.
Every character with any part of his base covered by the
appropriate section of the spray template can be hit by
the attack.
Make separate attack rolls against each character under
the template. Remember that each roll must be boosted
individually. Spray attacks ignore concealment, cover,
stealth, and intervening characters because the attack
comes over, around, or in some cases through his
A spray ranged or magic attack roll against a character
in melee does not suffer a 4 penalty. A spray attack roll
against a character in melee that misses is not rerolled
against another character. It misses completely.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


Steam Engine: A ramshackle steam engine (B23) powers the

dam gateway. It has been patched together by farrow laborers
with limited skills and requires constant attention to operate.
To operate the steam engine, a character must stand in base
contact with it, forfeit either his movement or attack action, and
make an INT roll against a target number of 14. Each successful
roll opens the gates partway. Fully opening or closing the dam
requires three cumulative rounds of successful operation.
Since the farrow rebuilt the steam engine and understand its
operation, farrow operators gain a +2 bonus to this roll.
The steam engine is ARM16 and can withstand 15 damage
points before it is rendered inoperable. If the steam engine
suffers damage, place the spray template with the narrow end
on the steam engine pointed directly toward the attacker. The
spray has a range of 6. Roll to hit characters in the spray as if the
steam engine had a RAT of 4. Characters hit by the spray suffer
1 point of fire damage from scalding steam.

If the PCs disable the steam

engine, read or paraphrase
With a series of explosive blasts the steam engine blows to
pieces, hurling ragged strips of metal over the cliff. The force
of the blast blows a hot, wet fog across the lake, obscuring
your vision.
Center a 5 AOE on the steam engine when it is destroyed.
Characters hit suffer a POW 12 blast damage roll and are
knocked down.
If the PCs do not destroy the steam engine or disable Morrg
before he opens the gates, the water in the reservoir and any
remaining barrels flood downstream into the valley. Depending
on how many bombs the farrow managed to dump into the
water (or how many the PCs managed to disable) the effect of
this flood could be minor or catastrophic. The Game Master is
encouraged to describe the effects of bombs going off in the
valley below in this case, calling out the huge plumes of fire and
flashes of blasting powder that randomly go off in the distance
as the fight continues.

Combat Encounter #3B:

Morrgs Last Stand
If the PCs destroy the steam engine or otherwise prevent Morrg
from opening the gates, the warlord is forced to try a dangerous
gambit. Running across the top of the dam, he tries to grab one
of the floating bombs nearest to the gates and wedge it between
the partially opened doors. He hopes to blow the doors wide
open with his thunderaxe.

Encounter Setup

The setup of the second part of the encounter remains the same
as before. Replace any missing brigands or slaughterhousers at
the top edge of the map as members of the war band move to
join the battle.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

Enemy Tactics

Any surviving farrow slaughterhousers attempt to hold the

line, keeping the PCs from reaching Morrg, while the brigands
press in to attack on the flanks using the Onslaught ability. The
final wave of reinforcements charge and use Onslaught on any
PCs they can reach. The slaughterhousers spend feat points for
Walk It Off if they are injured or Heroic Dodge if they suffer
powerful blows.

At the beginning of combat, Morrg forces his warbeasts to use
their Hyper Aggressive animus and casts Entangle on any PC
close enough to charge him. He is focused on reaching the
gates of the dam to blow them open, but doing so requires a
full action. He performs the action only if none of the PCs can
be targeted by his ranged attacks. He spends his feat points on
Walk It Off and Heroic Dodge, then transfers damage to his
warbeasts once he runs out of feat points. Morrg fights to the
death, whether from the PCs attacks or by plummeting off the
edge of the bridge.
Caldon and Crommen: Morrg begins combat by forcing each of
his boars to use its animus. In subsequent rounds, Morrg forces
his warbeasts to boost attack rolls against high-DEF characters
such as Zocha and boost damage rolls against high-ARM
characters such as Longchops. Once one of the razor boars is
disabled, the survivor focuses its attacks on the PC who killed
the other one.

Encounter Features

Fogbank (optional): If the PCs destroyed the steam engine, the

battlefield is filled with a hot, dense haze of steam. For the first
round of combat after the engines destruction, all characters
have concealment.
Swift Current: If the floodgates are even partially open, the
flow of water in the reservoir picks up speed. Non-amphibious
characters suffer a 2 penalty to Swimming rolls, and anything
in the water is pushed 4 directly toward the dam at the start of
each turn. Bombs that reach the dam shoot downriver to wreak
havoc somewhere in the Blackmarsh.
A character pushed to the dam can attempt a STR roll against a
target number of 13 to grab onto something to keep from being
forced out by the water. If the roll succeeds, the PC stops and
can haul himself onto the top of the dam. If the roll fails, the
waterfall shoots the PC off the cliff to the pool below, where he
suffers a POW10 damage roll with 2 additional dice of damage!

When Morrg is defeated,
read or paraphrase
With a disbelieving howl of pain, the warlock stumbles
toward the dam, arm outstretched as if to will it open. Blood
seeps from his many wounds as Morrg takes a final step and
plummets over the edge to the rocks far below.

Once Morrg is defeated, any remaining farrow brigands capable

of doing so flee into the trees on either side of the river. With their
leader gone, the farrow are not interested in sticking around. The
PCs can disable any remaining bombs in the reservoir to prevent
them from detonating. Outside of combat, one bomb detonates
every five minutes until they are all destroyed.
The PCs can free the remaining pyg captives, who can assist them
in disabling bombs and will eventually lead them to Morrgs tent
on the cliff top. Inside, they make an alarming discovery.
Morrg has a stockpile of weapons, medical supplies, and four
bags of Cygnaran gold containing 50gc each. A PC who searches
the tent also discovers a folded piece of white vellum with
an official-looking blue wax seal. A PC can make an INT roll
against a target number of 8 to identify the seal as Cygnaran.
A roll of 10 or higher identifies it as the kind of symbol used
by those with influence: lords, knights, and others of similar
If the missive is opened, the PCs see a message written in a
neat script in Cygnaran, addressed to Morrg. Longchops has
the most familiarity with the human language and can puzzle
out its meaning after a few minutes of study.
The message reads:
My men told me your plan. See that it does not fail. I want every threat
to my operations in that valley dealt with before the dawn of the new
month or the next mercenary I pay comes for you, Morrg. This will be
your last delivery before the job is done.

A. Byrne
The full ramifications of the message might not be immediately
clear, but the PCs should realize that a human from the nation
of Cygnar is involved in Morrgs plan to destroy Blackmarsh
Valley. They might recognize Byrnes name from speaking with
Kugga, but the PCs are not likely to know who the human is.

Looting the war bands encampment requires the PCs to
collectively spend an hour gathering, sorting, and appraising
items. All the tents on the cliff top are abandoned, and those
in the valley had been picked clean of valuable items by farrow
now on the run.
Collecting supplies from the tents yields the following:
Blasting powder, casings, and bullets for 30 shots
Dried meat, grains, and other foodstuffs able to feed fifty
individuals for one week
100 gc in miscellaneous coins, mostly Cygnaran gold

Experience Points
At the end of the adventure, each player earns a number of
experience points, which are used to advance a PC by assigning
him or her new skills, abilities, stat increases, and so on. Each
PC gains the following XP:

Completing the adventure: 2 XP

Each session of play: 1 XP
Destroying the steam engine: 1 XP
Interrogating Chrum and Knor: 1 XP each

the Adventure
The PCs discovered that Morrg was working in service to a
human with his sights set on their valley home. If you would
like to continue adventuring in Blackmarsh Valley, consider the
following options.

Rally the Valley

The PCs return home to warn of Byrnes designs on the valley.

Tales of their experiences might convince others to join them
in resisting a potential invasion by Byrnes forces. The valley is
inhabited by dozens of smaller communities that could repel an
attack if they join together. Drawing such disparate peoples to a
single cause would be extremely difficult, requiring the PCs to
perform a series of tasks to secure the loyalty of the many tribes.
This option best suits a group interested in multiple small
adventures with a climactic finale. Each new territory and
tribe presents the PCs with a short adventure of three or more
sessions, allowing the Game Master to present a wide variety of
challenges and threats. At the finale, the gathered tribes rally
under the PCs leadership to combat Byrnes mercenaries and
drive them from the valley.


Though the PCs fought hard to preserve their homes, the players
might determine that Byrne will not relent in his effort to take
control of Blackmarsh Valley. With the technology of the Iron
Kingdoms and plentiful resources at his command, Byrne could
present an insurmountable threat to the region. To preserve their
way of life, the PCs might choose to lead their tribes out of the
Blackmarsh in search of a new home.
An exodus campaign could be very rewarding for Game Master
and players alike. The challenges of heading out into the
unknown provide many sessions of conflict, as the PCs confront
rivals opposed to the migration as well as escalating tensions
among their people when patience and supplies run short.
This kind of campaign would be suitable for players interested
in playing out the struggle of the wilds. Finding a place in the
wilderness willing to accept a group of landless Tharn, pygmy
trolls, and others will be a challenge; wilderness communities
are protective of their land, and the cities of the Iron Kingdoms
are not always welcoming to wild races. The PCs and their tribes
face hostilities from other tribes, predatory beasts, and the
military forces of humans who view them as a menace.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


Join the Bad Guys

Baiting the Hook
Game Masters interested in pursuing ongoing stories of
Aiden Byrnes attempts to take control of Blackmarsh Valley
can lay the groundwork for further adventures as the PCs
return home. As the PCs travel, they spot signs of unusual
activity to the southa force of fifteen mercenaries,
presumably sent to check on Morrgs progress, moving
through the woods. Even from a distance, the PCs see that
the humans wear emblems on their clothing identical to
the seal on the message to Morrg. The men survey the
path of destruction the PCs left behind... and then begin
tracking it back into the valley.
Observing the human mercenaries should let the PCs
know that the threat to their homes, while forestalled, is
not yet over.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

Though unlikely, the PCs might decide to seek out and team up
with Byrne. The human can offer them lucrative rewards for
their loyalty and assign many tasks for them in the futurethe
first being absolute control of Blackmarsh Valley.
Such a choice will naturally put the PCs at odds with their
former tribes and neighbors. They will be viewed as villains
in the eyes of those they once called friends, and word of their
treachery will reach across western Immoren. Choosing this
course of action eventually turns the worldwild and civilized
alikeagainst the PCs.
Byrne is not a trustworthy individual, either. He views wild
mercenaries as disposable commodities and will dispose of
them the moment they cease to be useful to him.
The PCs eventually find themselves turned away from every
potential contact and safe haven, struggling to survive as a
band of outlaws on the run. They will constantly be looking
over their shoulders, awaiting another group of heroes that
bands together to confront the traitors who sold out Blackmarsh
Valley for a handful of gold crowns.

Warlord MorRg


Speed SPD 5
Strength STR 5

Ammo Bandolier The character can draw and reload a round of ammunition as part of the same quick action.
Fast Caster The character gains one extra quick action each turn that can be used only to cast a spell.



Feat Points This character starts each encounter with 3 feat points. He is allocated 1 feat point at the start of each of his turns.
He can have up to 3 feat points at a time.



Feat: Powerful Caster The character can spend 1 feat point when he casts a spell to increase the RNG (range) of the spell by



Intellect INT 4
Arcane aRC 3


Alchemical Explosive


4 6 4 14
Abilities: Throwing this weapon requires a
full action. Characters hit are knocked down.


6 8 12
Abilities: This weapon can fire grapeshot
rounds. A blunderbuss firing a grapeshot
round becomes RNGSP8, has no extreme
range, and is POW10.


6 3 8

Init 13

DEF 12

(Tailored Plate 1)
Armor ARM 14

(Tailored Plate +7)







Souie! The character can use this ability during his turn as a quick action. When he uses the ability, warbeasts in his battlegroup
that are outside his control area immediately make a full advance directly toward this character.
Tough When this character is disabled, roll a d6. On a 5 or 6 he is no longer disabled, heals 1 vitality point, and is knocked down.
Warlock Bond This character is a harnesser (Adventure Kit Rulebook, p.25) and can bond to warbeasts. He is bound to a pair
of razor boars.

Spell Name



No Yes

Target character suffers 1SPD and cannot run or charge for one round.



10 No Yes

When Perdition damages an enemy, immediately after the attack is resolved one warbeast in the spellcasters battlegroup that is
currently in his control area can make a full advance toward the nearest enemy. A warbeast can advance as a result of Perdition only
once per turn.


Yes No

Rank Stat
Hand Weapon PRW
Rifles POI 2
Animal Handling
Detection PER 2
Survival PER 2

+ Rank

Wil 11

Resonance: Farrow The character shares resonance with farrow warbeasts.

While base-to-base with target friendly character, enemies suffer 2DEF and cannot advance except to change facing.


Olfaction The creature gains a +2 bonus to PER rolls related to scent.



twelve feet (2). Spells with a range of CTRL (control area) or SP (spray attack) are not affected.

Command Range: 6
Base Size: Small
Encounter Points: 14
Ammo bandolier, thunderaxe (blunderbuss
with bayonet), goggles, tailored plate, tribal
trophies, 50 gc, 3 alchemical explosives,
blasting powder and bullets for 10 shots, 3
grapeshot rounds

For several years, the farrow

warlord Morrg has led a
sizable band of farrow in the
Blackmarsh Valley region of
the southern Gnarls. Morrg
rose to prominence in large
part due to his status as a
warlock, using his magical
prowess combined with
his ability to control a
pair of savage razor boars,
Crommen and Caldon.
Morrg overthrew several
farrow chieftains in the area,
absorbing their warriors
into his growing band.
Once his force reached an
adequate size, he began to
hire out his growing army
as mercenaries, which gave

him ample opportunity to interact with the humans of the Iron

Kingdoms. Morrg took a liking to the weapons and technology
of mankind and constantly seeks opportunities to enhance his
armory with firearms.
As Morrgs war band expanded, so did his territory. The warlord
took over adjacent lands in a series of brutal raids, drawing the
wrath of the White Maw Tharn tribe. Morrg and the White Maw
warred across Blackmarsh Valley for many months in bloody
battles that left both sides with significant casualties. The armies
lost over half their numbers in the fierce conflict.
Morrgs war with the White Maw came to a head in recent days,
when the farrow warlock overwhelmed and killed the chieftain
of the Tharn tribe. The White Maws retaliation was swift and
brutal, forcing Morrg to retreat home with his army to lick his
wounds. When he returned, a human force was waiting for him
with a proposition: if the farrow were willing to do the work, the
humans would provide them with a means to utterly annihilate
their enemies in the Blackmarsh.
Morrg agreed without hesitation.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


Razor Boars


Speed SPD 6
Strength STR 6






Intellect INT 2
Arcane aRC




5 2 8

Abilities: Brutal Charge The creature gains

+2 to charge attack damage rolls with this


Init 12


DEF 13

Armor ARM 10

(NAtural Armor +2)

Will 10







threshold: 6
Command Range: 2
Base Size: Small
Encounter Points: 3

Native Beast The creature is considered to be a beast native to the wilds of Immoren.
Farrow Warbeast This creature can be bonded to a warlock with the Resonance: Farrow ability.
Olfaction The creature gains a +2 bonus to PER rolls related to scent.

Rank Stat
Detection PER 1
Tracking PER 1

Animus Name



Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

No No

Target friendly warbeast gains Hyper Aggressive for one round. (When a character with Hyper Aggressive suffers damage from
an enemy attack anytime except while it is advancing, after the attack is resolved it can immediately make a full advance directly
toward the attacking character.)

The razor boar is a

species of wild pig found
continent, especially in
areas with ample ground
cover and scrub for the
boars to nest. A thick pelt
of fur covers the razor
boars shoulders and runs
the length of its spine,
granting it protection as
it plunges through thorns
and underbrush with
impunity. These creatures
are roughly the size of
wolves, with sharp tusks
and thick skulls that have
been known to deflect
Razor boars can subsist
on any edible material and
are skilled hunters and

The farrow have a special relationship with these porcine

animals. For centuries the farrow have used razor boars in
much the same way that humans use hounds, teaching them to
guard the tribes territory and using them to track prey. Many
tribes selectively breed their razor boars for ferocity and size.
Occasionally, razor boars raised by the farrow escape captivity
and move into the wild. Larger and far more dangerous than
the wild breeds, these individuals quickly become dominant
among the wild population. As a result, the wild razor boars on
the fringes of farrow territory are even larger and more vicious
than those in other areas. Farrow frequently capture promising
specimens of wild razor boars to add to their breeding stock.


+ Rank


Game Masters Note

Only warbeasts have an animus. Mundane razor boars do
not have the ability to use Vicious. A warbeast can be
forced (Adventure Kit Rulebook, p.25) to use its animus
by generating fury points equal to the spells cost.
Also, provided the warbeast is within its warlocks control
(CTRL) area, the warlock can cast the warbeasts animus
as if it were one of his own spells.

Anatomical Precision When this character hits a living target with a melee attack but the damage roll fails to exceed the targets
ARM, the target suffers d3 damage points instead of the damage rolled.


Bone Grinder This character can create bone grinder fetishes.

Strength STR 6

Finisher This character can spend a feat point to boost damage against a damaged character.
Bone Grinder Fetish: Purulent Totem The character can spend a quick action to use this totem. His next melee attack against a
living target gains an additional damage die and causes the Corrosion continuous effect.
Feat Points This character starts each encounter with 1 feat point. He is allocated 1 feat point at the start of each of his turns. He
can have up to 1 feat point at a time.
Olfaction The creature gains a +2 bonus to PER rolls related to scent.



Cinder Bomb


Yes Yes


5 8 3 12

No Yes

Abilities: Characters hit suffer the Fire

continuous effect.

Target character suffers 3 ARM and the spellcaster gains +1 ARM.

Carving Knife

Rank Stat
Hand Weapon PRW
Thrown Weapon PRW
Lore (Ex. Zoology)
Detection PER 2


+ Rank


Abilities: Deep Cut A character damaged

by this weapon suffers 1 on attack and
damage rolls for one round.


Init 14

DEF 11

(Infantry Armor 2)
Armor ARM 14

(Infantry Armor +7)

Wil 11




Knor is a large, greedy farrow

with multiple scars on his
body from a lifetime spent
hunting and harvesting great
predators. Powerful and cruel,
Knor enjoys forcing weaker
creatures to work for him.
He views all other creatures
as lesser than himself. Only
Morrg, who spared Knors life
after beating him in personal
combat, commands the powerhungry bone grinders respect.









Intellect INT 4


Magical bolts of energy streak toward the target.





Arcane Bolt


Arcane aRC 4

Will Weaver This character is a will weaver.

Spell Name


Speed SPD 5

Knor has a personal history Command Range: 6

with Lurk. Lurk was once a Base Size: Small
member of Knors hunting Encounter Points: 10
party, until the two bone
grinders argued over the
Apothecary kit, carving knife, infantry armor,
distribution of a fresh kill. purulent totem, skinning tools, 4 cinder
Lurk reasoned that since his bombs, 50 gc
spell had brought down the
creature, he should have first choice of its components. Knor
rebutted that he could simply kill the bog trog and take the organs
himself. Through a healthy dose of treachery backed up by magic
beyond Knors ability, Lurk escaped with his lifeand gained an
enemy who would never forget him.

Melissa Steele (order #7129055)




Speed SPD 5

Fearless The character is utterly fearless and automatically passes Willpower rolls to resist Terror.

Strength STR 6

Feat Points This character starts each encounter with 1 feat point. He is allocated 1 feat point at the start of each of his turns. He
can have up to 1 feat point at a time.



Olfaction The creature gains a +2 bonus to PER rolls related to scent.



Relentless Charge This character ignores penalties for rough terrain while charging.



Intellect INT 3
Arcane aRC


Pole Cleaver


Abilities: This weapon has Reach and gains

+2 on charge attack damage rolls.


Init 13


(Full Plate 3)
Armor ARM 15

(Full Plate +8)

Wil 10

Vitality: 12
Command Range: 4
Base Size: Small
Encounter Points: 8
Full plate, pole cleaver, d6+3 gc

Rank Stat
Great Weapon PRW
Detection PER 2
Unarmed Combat PRW

+ Rank

Slaughterhousers are the vicious heavy infantry of farrow war bands. Rooted in the warrior
traditions of the farrow, the slaughterhousers embrace battle enthusiastically and wear the
heaviest armor their war bands can scavenge or manufacture. Slaughterhousers wade into combat
armed with long polearms designed to hack apart their enemies. They train regularly in crudely
orchestrated drills to exploit the weakness of wounded foes and cut them down with sure and
brutal strikes. Individual slaughterhousers are chosen for their size, skill in battle, and vicious
demeanor. Slaughterhousers are uniquely merciless and never take prisoners. They indulge their
taste for bloodshed and mayhem with unrestrained fervor.
Morrgs cohort of slaughterhousers form the heart of his war bands forces, acting as
cruel frontline troops and keeping the rest of the war band under control through brute
force and intimidation. They are unquestioningly loyal to Morrg, thanks in no small part
to the frequency of blood-drenched conflicts he leads them into. Two slaughterhousers
serve as Morrgs personal bodyguard and are never far from his side.
Any threats to the warlord are dealt with swiftly and brutally,
which minimizes dissidence in the war band.


Melissa Steele (order #7129055)

Farrow Brigands
Dig In This character can make a quick action to dig an improvised foxhole. Until he moves, is placed, goes prone, or is engaged, the
character gains cover, does not suffer blast damage, and does not block line of sight. A character cannot use the Dig In ability during
a turn in which he ran.



Speed SPD 5
Strength STR 6

Olfaction The creature gains a +2 bonus to PER rolls related to scent.



Onslaught At the start of this characters turn before moving or taking any action, the character can make one ranged attack. After
the attack has been resolved, the character must charge or run. The ranged attack is made before declaring a charge target.



Rank Stat
Rifle POI 1
Hand Weapon PRW
Detection PER 1

+ Rank

Farrow are an opportunistic race, and many choose to take up the life of brigands and sellswords. Farrow brigands prey on remote villages, lumber camps, and traveling merchants,
which often puts them at odds with human communities. Still, there are those who value
their ability as fierce and hardy warriors and are willing to employ them. Possessed of a
resolve not unlike the ferocious boars they so resemble, farrow brigands are known for their
hardiness and tenacity.
Morrgs farrow band are a mismatched lot, comprised of warriors who surrendered to
the warlords army and chose impressment over execution, brigands who joined up after
hearing of his success as a mercenary overlord, and even a handful of surviving farrow
from his original tribe. The brigands in Morrgs army are not entirely fond of one another
old animosities and grudges persistand when not on campaign they dwell in scattered
encampments of small, isolated sites. When their warlord calls them to battle, however,
the brigands fight as a united whole, motivated equally by the prospect of
plunder and the fear of falling victim to Morrgs arcane talent.



Intellect INT 3
Arcane aRC


Scavenged Rifle


5 10 11
Abilities: This weapon requires two hands.



5 3 8

Init 12

DEF 10

(Infantry Armor 2)
Armor ARM 13

(Infantry Armor +7)

Wil 9

Vitality: 8
Command Range: 3
Base Size: Small
Encounter Points: 4
Infantry armor, scavenged military rifle,
d3+1 gc, blasting powder and bullets for
10 shots


Melissa Steele (order #7129055)


What A Character Can Do
During his turn a character can make a full advance and do one of
the following:
1. Perform two quick actions.
2. Attack and perform one quick action.
3. Perform one full action.

Full Advance Move up to current SPD in inches.
Run Move up to twice current SPD in inches and make one quick
action. Cannot attack or perform full actions.
Charge Move current SPD in inches plus 3 in a straight line toward
a target, stopping if running into characters, obstacles, or impassable
terrain. Characters failing to get within melee range of the charge
target end their turn immediately. Once within melee range of their
target, charging characters turn to face it and make their first melee
attack against it with a boosted damage roll. The character then
continues the turn as normal.

Melee Attack Modifiers

Non-prone attacker attacking a prone target: +2 to melee attack rolls
Prone attacker attacking a non-prone target: 2 to melee attack rolls
Back strike: +2 to melee attack rolls
Knocked down target: A melee attack against a knocked down
character hits automatically.

Range and Magic Attack

DEF bonuses granted from cover, concealment, and going prone do
not stack.
Aiming bonus: Ranged attack only. By forfeiting movement a character
adds +2 to every ranged attack roll he makes during that Activation
Phase. A character who gains the aiming bonus cannot make a quick
action that turn.
Back strike: +2 to the ranged and magic attack roll
Concealment: +2 DEF to concealed targets
Elevated: When a character is at least six feet (1) higher than other
characters, he is elevated in relation to their level. Elevated characters
and characters targeting them ignore intervening characters more
than six feet away for determining LOS. +2DEF to elevated targets.

Engaged: Ranged attack only. 4 to ranged attack rolls

Knocked down target: Base DEF becomes 5 against ranged and
magic attack rolls.
Prone target: +2 DEF to prone targets
Target in melee: 4 to ranged attack rolls; 4 to magic attack rolls
unless attacker is engaged with target

Feat Points
At his discretion, the Game Master may award a character a feat point for:
Incapacitating or destroying an enemy with an attack.
A successful critical hit on a skill or attack roll.
Heroic action, great roleplaying, etc.
A character cannot have more than 3 feat points but can spend as
many feat points during his turn as he wishes.
Any character can spend a feat point to use one of the following
Boost Non-Attack Skill Roll Boost a non-attack skill roll. A
character can use this feat only if he has at least one level of the skill
used for the roll.
Heroic Dodge Suffer only half the damage from an attack,
rounded up.
Make a Quick Action Make an additional quick action.
Parry Cannot be targeted by free strikes that turn.
Relentless Charge While charging that turn the character can
move over rough terrain without penalty.
Reroll Failed Skill or Willpower Roll Reroll a failed skill or WIL
roll. A character can continue to reroll the same failed roll as long as
he has feat points to spend.
Run and Gun Move up to twice his SPD in inches instead of his
SPD during a full advance.
Shake Continuous Effect Cause a continuous effect to expire
Shake Knockdown Stand up immediately at the start of his turn.
Shake Stationary Cause stationary effects to expire immediately
at the start of his turn.
Sprint Make a full advance at the end of his turn if he incapacitated
one or more enemy characters with a melee attack that turn.
Walk It Off Immediately regain d3 + 1 vitality points unless
incapacitated. Damage a character suffers during his turn must be
resolved before using this feat.

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