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What is happening to Earth, its

climate and Biosphere?

Are we Approaching Sixth

Mass Extinction?

Abstract: The world is in transition phase. Its climate is going violent

destructive, individual human mind, collective minds are restless, and it is
taking self-destructive path. Earth and human mind is the battleground
where all drama of cosmos unfolds. Common sense and History tells us that
there is a force in Nature that Creates and sustains it perpetually. This force
is Light or Knowledge. Whenever the system is in danger humanity has
sought this Light and made it an opportunity to advance knowledge and
understanding of Life and Nature. Almost all of them have come from
returning to the root of Nature and Life and bringing twist in the
fundamentals of knowledge. We have seen it happening in west in Galileo,
Newton and Einstein, when spiritual knowledge of the world deteriorated
and evil, ego, self and material centered people filled the spiritual
institutions that had splintered to form many religions. The present
scientific revolution began when Christian clergies were keeping humans as

slaves and amassing wealth in the name of Crucified Christ. Today we are in
another such stressful phase because of the failure of science to evolve to
bring out Truth in simplicity. Earth our only abode is stressed to a breaking
point and she and her forces are reacting in violent manner due reckless
exploitation Earth from partial knowledge and power science contributed. In
the absence of Truth of Nature and Cosmos, minds are disturbed. The
religious leaders are fishing in troubled waters to advance their self at all
cost. Fanatic religious leaders are making a com back. There are only two
choices now- get destroyed or return to Nature, Surrender and Awaken to
Truth. Earth is stressing us to become conscious and intelligent to know Her
Master and Her. She is calling us to Create Kingdom of God on Earth. In
other words, enter Dharma Yuga or Golden Age or Age of Light and

Here is a simple perception of Earth, Nature and its functioning that every
person can comprehend and understand, not only few scientist. It came to
me as Grace as I surrendered to Forces of Nature and her Master. I have been
calling the worlds attention to it for decades. Now that earth and the whole
world are inching to a critical state, I write it again. Please read and Viral.
Only awakening to knowledge or Truth of Nature and Her Spirit can help us
transcend this Critical phase and enter Golden Age. The fallowing points can
help grasp the Reality of Nature and Life.
1] Earth is a conscious and intelligent system that strives to balance itself.
Most of us who have some scientific background know that world we see is
energy and matter. Energy manifests into Matter and vice-versa. The basal
from of energy is heat. Earth works to balance the Energy to Matter Ratio
and thus the heat of the system within some limit.
Note Life also works to sustain the heat of the system.
The ancient east spoke of two forms of heat or force one that
destroys and another that brood life into existence.
2] The statements above may be incomprehensible to common person. So
let me put in another manner. All of us live in two cycles, heating and cooling
that manifest as day and night and climatic cycles. Heating cycle is energetic
cycle and cooling cycle is materializing cycle. No one can deny this fact
or demand an experimental proof for it. This means two basic opposing
forces that give way to one another seem to govern Earth and its
functioning. This sustains the biosphere that includes all life. There is
Parallel World Design that facilitates this and maintains the heat of

Note There is a parallel here in life. Life has parallel world

design. Heart pumps the oxygenated bloods to body and
simultaneously sucks the de-oxygenated blood for its
3] Now, let us visualize the simple Parallel World Design on which Earth
functions. When one part of Earth, say west, is awakening to sunlight and its
ratio of energy to matter content increases in favor of energy or heat,
simultaneously the eastern part of Earth sleeps to darkness and its ratio of
energy to matter increases in favor of matter content. When sun peaks in
west it gives way to opposite cycle and simultaneously the opposite happens
in east and vice-versa. In short, two opposing forces, heating and cooling
that gives way to one another smoothly sustains Earth and all life in it.
Note- Heating and cooling cycles that give way to one another
smoothly is the Reality of Nature in which we live and this reality
has a direction to disorder and death. This is comparable to life
that a birth and death.
4] The west and east we visualized are two parts of one whole where the two
opposite forces are peaking simultaneously. We are visualizing two parts
that are instantaneously connected and communicated. The reality we note
is a system that exists in four-dimensional space and it has other parts or
worlds, which exist in intermediate levels. In short, Earth, not only has
Parallel World Design but also has Multiple World Design through which
information travels in time. This means Earth has many worlds and grid
points through which energy, force and information travels.
Note Co-existence of Instantaneous and time bound
communication is a phenomenon observed in design of life and
its functioning.
5] It is important to note that the 12 hour day and night cycle we observe is
embedded in 12 months climatic cycle. Closer observation speaks of similar
cycle of bigger spans and eventually a Universal Time Cycle that has
specific direction towards heating or cooling, expanding or contracting. Let
us not go into other intricacies but realize and underline that we are in a
cycle where the material universe is contracting and energetic part of it is
expanding. The astronomers have observed energy part of it. Thus, they see
the expanding and accelerating universe when we look into space.

Important Note We are in a phase where time is stressing and pushing the
whole system simultaneously to upper and lower limits at which the system
breaks down. We are not aware of the force that is pushing it to the limit.
Science visualizes these two limits as separately. From the material point, it
visualizes Universe as winding and collapsing to a point [Big Bang Theory]. All
the laws of Physics fail at this point. Scientists fail to comprehend Nature
and Cosmos at this point. From the point energy or spirit, it visualizes a
universe that leaks energy and runs away; In other words, an accelerating and
expanding universe. They have failed to put them together sensibly and
perceive Truth of Nature sensibly. In contrast, ancient east searched Truth
within, visualized universe as living and explained it more sensibly. Modern
scientific world is coming towards it. We have new concept of Strings, Parallel
and Multiple World and Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario that speaks of
situation in which one world pierces the other and emerges out to begin a New
Cycle. When these discoveries are put together in right perspective, it actually
brings us to a self-organizing Living Universe Theory that ancient east
advocated. This is explored in the links

6] From the Parallel and Multiple world Design, It is common sense that when
energy or heat of the environment increases in one world, simultaneously
the cooling forces increases in parallel world such that the system is
balanced. In short, both these forces gain power. The environment becomes
energetic and expands and the material world contracts. The time for
transition of forces or information exchange decreases. This means violent
transitions or accelerated changes occur. It is from this common sense
point, I predicted decades back, that the world is tending to great
destruction. Today we are witnessing this destruction manifesting through
fire/wind, flash floods/snows, Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. If the
stress on Earth is continued, we are going towards a state where these
sudden changes can bring a Biospheres Collapse and mass death of
living systems. The end scenario would be that material Earth under
gravity would split and turn inside out.
Note - We are exponentially increasing the heat of environment. Almost
every technology, both machines and informational [computer and
mobiles], we use is inferior and gives up much heat into the environment.
We are also reducing the time of night cycle in which earth works to cool.
Further, plants are the only known source that absorbs light and heat and
transforms it into observable matter. We are losing forest in huge
proportions. It is quite apparent we are digging our own grave. This is
upsetting two vital ratios on which earth and its biosphere exist.

It is upsetting the ratio of energy to matter and it is upsetting

the ratio of O2 and CO2 that supports life.
8] Modern science sees only one side of Nature where the matter and its
force [gravity] under time, directs to black hole and collapse into a point or
singularity [Gravitational Collapse]. It has failed to perceive a second
force and field that is opposing it. We cannot understand Nature, Earth and
Cosmos in its fullness unless we involve life and mind of humanity, which is
enquiring into it. When we include life into the above picture, we
come across a force, space-time and mass that strive eternally
against gravity and its centripetal force tending it to Gravitational
Collapse. Life has parallel worlds and an inner space in which it transforms
gravity into anti-gravity, it is capable of showing creativity and thus develop
biological mass that grows against Gravity Force. A blade of grass and
the whole plant kingdom speak this Truth. Earth and its time direction
that imagined with plants can take the world to an opposite limit [AntiGravitational Collapse]. Thus, we have herbivore that control plants,
carnivore that control herbivore. The Earth is self-sustaining Gaia as the
ancient east understood it and modern world has begun to discover.
Note - Einstein for much part of his life strived to invent a force and field
that opposes gravity field so that he can bring in a steady state picture
and avoid Singularity and Big Collapse. He did introduce these ideas and
retracted it when experimental proof came for accelerating universe. The
problem with science is that they have failed to perceive and
differentiate light [energy] and matter. They know energy
manifest into matter, but have failed to perceive why it manifest
and how it manifest. They have learned the art of releasing the
energy from matter, but they hardly know how Nature converts
energy into matter and balances the system.
The ancient east, especially east knew of Space Time Field that
creates and sustains. They called it Universal Conscious and
intelligent field
9] The self-sustaining picture of Earth or Gaia breaks down when we take into
consideration ADULT human beings, their minds, and its thinking. Adult
humans are Ego, Self and material centered. They largely live by their
mind and align with force of the material world. This reality very much
reflects in individual and society at all levels. Hardly few people in modern
world search Truth, separating their quest from his means of livelihood.

Ancient spiritual knowledge comes from such exercises. When we introspect

from a point of freedom from self we note that Human mind and its
self is the cause for time direction to Gaia that leads to
exponential increase in unwinding and winding force in Earth. In
short, humans and their self and material centered thinking stress Earth to
its critical limit eliciting huge destruction from Earth and her forces. We are
witnessing this destruction right before our eyes in the form of huge natural
catastrophes by fire/wind, flash flood/snows, Earthquake and volcanic
eruptions. Even the instability of human mind taking the path of war,
terrorism, violence and self-destruction also could be traced to this.
Important Note Ancient east realized that human mind and its five senses
have limitation to understand Truth. Thus, they strived to transcend the mind
through Yoga and Meditation. They took the path of Self-Realization. They
detached from material world to be in Nature and meditate on self. In the
process, they also perceived their relative existence with an Absolute Entity,
which they called God. They saw a Force and Field that Creates and sustains
the Cosmos. They called it Universal Conscious and Intelligent Field. The
vision of cosmos they developed thus was much superior. They spoke of a
Living Universe that is supported by Conscious and Intelligence field that
emerges from a single Soul or God Soul with a Supreme Selfless Heart, Mind
and Body. They realized that they are only individuated souls born from this
conscious and intelligent field in time and return to it in cycles. Meditation
when it carries intent it fails to reach the ultimate reality. The
scriptures, both of east and west, thus write that Truth cannot be Seek
Truth by human mind. However, it comes in search of humans and reveals
itself to people who seek it without intent, for a Purpose the Purpose is
sustenance of Cosmos or the Kingdom of God. This invariably means all
ancient spiritual scriptures have depth. It is smatter of perceiving it in right
order down from the Big Bang Point. The Big Bang point needs reinvention
including Life.
The above thinking, points to a fact that, we need to understand
Universe as Light or knowledge or Information cycle. The Universal
Time Cycle now becomes Cycle of Light or Knowledge with two basic
phases, one in which knowledge unfolds another in which knowledge
enfolds. This also means humanity had all the Knowledge of Earth and Cosmos
in its fullness in the past. However, this Light and knowledge was lost when
people in Spiritual institutions, became EGO, SELF and MATERIAL centered. This
has led to formation of many religious institutions, which in turn became the
harbinger for all evil minds. The deterioration led to seating God and Light in
idols in temples, churches and so on. God eventually became means of
livelihood, money and power to many. This has led to separation of humanity in

the name of religions. Today we have Evil minds thriving from these spiritual
centers. They are the biggest cause for the friction on Earth. They are the
source of corruption. I fear these non-enlightened religious leaders, more than
leaders of nations who have amassed weapons of mass destructions.

10] Lack of Truth of Nature and its functioning is leading humanity to stress
Earth to her critical limit. She in turn is reacting stressing us to awaken
our consciousness and intelligence to know the Truth and live in
peace with her. The scenario in which we live in today, if it goes
unchecked, as spoken earlier, can lead to a heated environment that fails to
support life. The stressed material Earth will produce Mega Earthquakes
and Mega Volcanic Eruptions. Eventually it can lead to virtual splitting
and turning Earth inside out. I am not alone in pointing to this tendency of
Earth. Noble Laureate James Lovelock, Father of Gaia Hypothesis, in his
book Vanishing Face of Gaia Final Warning has hinted to large-scale
destruction of humanity due to increasing heat in the coming 100 years.
Seeing exponentially unfolding world, I personally feel that, time left for
humanity to awaken is only few more years or even less.
11] However, unlike most who give a pessimistic future to humanity, my
spiritual initiation leads me to see light at the end of the road. I see present
period as period of stress for humanity to awaken to His consciousness and
Intelligence and transcend into new level of Knowledge of Nature and God
that is simple and comprehensible to all.
Important Note - Today the knowledge of Nature and God exists as
abstract complex concept in the mind few scientists and few religious
leaders who exist splintered. All of them know deep within that it does
not make sense. Yet they cling to it and bombard it on peoples mind.
They live and lead their life out of it. What we need is a journey from
complexity to simplicity where science and spirituality becomes one and
humanity emerges from darkness to light breaking the bondage to
religions. Both religious leaders existing comforts of temples and
churches, scientists tucked in huge laboratories and living by
people sweat, need to come out into open to see the Truth in
simplicity and Awaken. They must realize what a world they have
created from their cozy abodes. They need to let go their ego, self and
open their eyes, listen to whispers in nature and lead the world into Light
of Life.
12] From spiritual point, the present time, is a time of stress on us to open
our eyes and transcend into Kingdom of God or the Golden Age. It is a stress

on humanity to escape from the slavery to religions and the evil minds ruling
us from the spiritual realm to see Light or Truth as Supreme knowledge. The
scripture compares this scenario to Pregnant Woman. We are going through
the birth pains that lead us from the world of darkness to Glory of Light. We
are due to enter a phase of liberation from evil minds in temples, churches
and mosques and know the True Teacher or Light and God. A true teacher
is a teacher who calls your attention not to God seated in Temples,
Churches and Mosques but the God seated within you. True teacher
awakens peoples consciousness and help them walk the path of Truth and
Justice. Such a Priest and Teachers are a free souls and lead souls into
freedom and New Order.
Note - The world would have been different

Had the religious leaders had pointed their followers to God and
Light or Life Force within and helped them connect to the
consciousness and the intelligence within.
Had Galileo also called peoples attention to the part he played in
the experiment, that he showed to the world to herald the present
scientific world.
Had Newton realized that all experimental actions directly or
indirectly originated from him and the reaction are coming to him.
Had Einstein realized that he is blowing the globe on which the
spider is moving

13] The present transitions phase is creating all sorts of fear in the minds of
every one and the collective minds at various levels. I am sure each one of
us are consciously aware that we are living in corrupt world and each one of
us are corrupt and are contributing to it by various degrees. Our religions are
corrupt, our leaders are corrupt, and our governments are corrupt. We have
come to think corruption as essential reality. No one can touch his heart and
say he is not corrupt. All of us are contributing to creating exponentially
increased corrupt world. However, somewhere deep within, especially
when we think of the world we are creating for our own children, we
have deep desire to stand against and come out of this vortex of
corruption. However, we are fragile to oppose it and hang on to
compromise with it. We fish in troubled water and try to build our boats at
the expense of huge ship and that is sailing increasingly turbulent sea. We
think we are intelligent and have the expertise, than the captain of the Ship,
to sail the boat in an increasingly turbulent sea!

14] The root of all corruption I feel exists in religious organizations. A person
who exists as slave to religious institution is not free and is already
corrupted and hence he becomes incapable of knowing Truth and
speaking it. This is also true for those who exist in various branches of
science in various universities. This reality is best explained from the
Allegory of Platos chair at the mouth of the cave. The Allegory
pictures we people as slaves chained to a chair facing a cave. Objects behind
us create shadows on the wall of the cave and we live in illusion that they
are real. However much we try to understand the object and interpret the
picture, we end up with is inferior picture, when compared to a picture
developed by a person who is freed from the chair to see the Light and go
around the object. There is no way a freed prisoner can communicate the
Truth he saw to the one who is enslaved.
In short, a virtual shake up of the society we built and rest, is a
necessity, such that the chains that is binding us to chairs of
self individually and collectively breaks up. It is the only way
the world can be saved. Scriptures does speak of Creator pouring
His spirit on all to open their eyes and awakening them to Truth.
15] It is inevitable this shake up occurs. It is inevitable we transcend this
phase. It is inevitable we get liberated and we awaken to Light and Truth. We
fear this awakening and transition because it is bound to shake and break
the structural foundation on which we rest and built our empires. The tree on
which we have built our nest is collapsing and we dont see another one to
build. All these fears will seize when we realize that brand new one is
emerging out of the old. The present situation could be compared to
pregnant woman. Once birth takes place, the pain turns into Joy.
16] The fears of economy and the support for ever-growing population is the
most haunting concern for leaders of nations. The present world is
essentially rests and moves on economy determined by oil that drives the
motor industry and is the fuel to all other industries. The second in line is
economy-determined by electronic industries that drive the information part
of the system. Both these economies releases huge amount of heat to
the environment. Touching the exhaust of motor vehicle, the computers
and mobile speak it. Business houses that control these economies resist
anything that shakes their investment and empire. The leaders of nations
depend much on these business houses to create jobs and create space for
ever-growing populations. Intellectual populations resting in temples of
science are failing to come out with better alternatives to help the world

leaders to manage the world. Self-centered religious leaders, who fish in

troubled waters, are making the situation more turbid. They instead of
bringing qualitative transformation in people, they are relentlessly working to
add numbers to the community. It is disgusting to see religious leaders giving
call to their followers to have more and more children. There is a hidden
intent of self here it is to strengthen their community and increase the
money flowing into them.
Important Note The call for population increase in the present world
scenario by religious leaders shows their evil corporate mind. Forgive me
if I am wrong. I feel that all the evils of the society have its root in
religious institutions, especially Christianity. World is sub conscious
reflection of what is happening in the religious institutions. The mind of
people in religious institutions are ego and self-centered. They exploit
peoples ignorance and rule them fear. Religious institutions are failing to
evolve to know Truth that Liberates. Much as corporate minds fear the
loss of their empire, if there is any shift from oil and silicon based
economy, religious institutions fear any shift in concept of God in Temples
and Churches to God within. They fear that their source of money, power
would wean and their kingdom would break down if people awaken to
their consciousness and becomes intelligent. All these religious leaders
seem to work to establish their kingdom not the Kingdom of God. They
are quantity oriented than quality oriented. They resist people
becoming conscious and awakening to their intelligence. We need to be
Beware of these people. Earth is stressing us to become conscious and
intelligent. There is no way out for these religious leaders, but to become
conscious and lead the world in right path beyond self- The Good News is
that I see signs of these powerful people awakening.
17] The critical period can only be transcended and humanity can enter the
light and knowledge era [Kingdom of God or Golden Age or Dharma Yuga]
only when we return to Nature and evolve the foundation of our knowledge.
We need to make shift in our perception of gravity force and re-view
the discovery of electromagnetic force and its understanding that
led to complexity. We need to review and understand light and energy and
comprehend the Principle and Design that leads to formation of atoms,
molecules and complex organic system and the whole Cosmos. I by Grace
could undertake such an exercise, in freedom, in Nature. It is beyond this
article to explain it. The links below and all my spontaneously written
writings calls world attention to it.

18] The fear of collapse due to increasing population, lack of resources is

unwanted for Earth has space and resources to support many more people. It
is a matter of knowing the Principle and Design on which earth exists
and works to balance herself. It is a matter of evolving our knowledge to live
in harmony with her. It is matter of knowing Truth. The fear in which the
world lives is leading to drainage of its resources. Much of our resources are
lost in warfare and protection and in maintaining the health of individual and
population. The root of this loss of energy and resources exists in our
improper knowledge and thinking. It originates from our division in the name
of religion and God and our incapability to connect to the consciousness.
When Truth or Light emerges barriers of religions will break down, people will
become conscious and intelligent. When they work from this field, the health
of people will increase, friction decreases and there will be surplus money to
house and feed the whole world. There will be surplus money to investigate
New Technologies that can sustain humanity and help him live in harmony
with Nature.
Clues for future technologies exist in life. A human heart pumps blood
carrying several trillion cells along 100000 Km 20 times per minute [This
beats any machine we have developed]. The brain computes several trillion
bits of information every second [This beats the super computer we have
developed]; in addition, it does various mechanical functioning to sustain the
system. It does so with few pieces of bread and few glasses of water. The
sages of east have proven that life can survive for years taking energy
directly from nature. What is important to note here is that this wonder
machine called life, doing so much of work, releases very little heat into the
environment. This exposes the scope for humanity to evolve
technologically and thrive on Planet Earth. It is up to leaders of nations
to explore it and save humanity.

We are heading for a critical and dangerous phase is a reality. We have
stressed Earth to her critical limit. Earth is stressing us back to awaken to our
consciousness and intelligence. The scenario could be compared to a
pregnant woman. Earth and we the inhabitants are experiencing the pains of
birthing into a New Time Cycle. We are stressed to evolve from darkness to
light. It is inevitable that we facilitate the birth to escape the pain and enter
the Golden Age or Kingdom of God. There is immense knowledge and wealth
in cultures of ancient east specially India. We need to rediscover it as science
compatible with modern science and separate it from religious stigma. The

world has just celebrated the International Yoga day. But If the science
of it is not explored and made it compatible with modern science, I fear this
day also ends up as Earth day, Mothers day, Fathers day, Childrens day
and so on. It will be like Christians crucifying Christ on Good Friday and
raising Him on Easter Day and make merry. Once the day is over, they lock
him back into Prison of four walls of church as they return to pursue their
corrupt life with increasing Vigor.
I wish to end my article with my stand on Truth
The era of spirituality or Light Age or Truth was true. However, it deteriorated
in time when Ego, Self and material slavery manifested in people in the
spiritual institutions. Thus, we have many religions out of one religion called
humanity and many Gods out of one Spirit God. We have temples and
churches filled with Gold and have Priests, Bishops and Pastors holding
Golden sticks and wearing ropes of gold and zooming in Mercedes Benz cars.
The Society we live in is unconscious reflection of spiritual leaders
leading us with a mask on. We cannot gain lost Truth and Light or
knowledge being slave to religious institutions. We live in an era of science
that emerged as opposition to evil minds exploiting humanity in the Name of
God, especially in the name of Christ who made the Supreme self-sacrifice
and liberated our souls to think. Christ never asked His disciples to create a
religion out of His Name or seat Him in temples and churches. He only
asked them to be in Prayers and receive the Spirit and then spread
the Good News and Spread Light to bring transformation in human
souls. History tells that Christianity became the seat for some of the most
evil minds. West and its thinking rule the world today. Western leaders are
called the Big Brothers who dominate the world. It is totally material
centered and has filled the world with weapons of mass destruction. They are
the cause for war around the world. They gave birth to terrorism. The
fact that Christianity is their spiritual school speaks the failure
Christianity to spread the Spirit of Christ.
Forgive me if I am wrong. I am human who sought Truth in
freedom in Nature. I could be wrong, you be my judge- I feel the
world we live in today is the victims of the organized Christian Religion
and their inability to comprehend the Spirit of God. They fail to liberate
people from the bondage of religion and release them into freedom of
Spiritual field of God. They speak of Christ but hardly connect to Him or
fallow Him. Their mind works to strengthen their kingdom. My family and
I are victims of their evil minds. My family has shifted from one

congregation to another. I have fallowed them because it is much better

that my people are around deteriorated spiritual institutions that preach
Light without awareness than getting lost in wilderness. This means I not
against spiritual institutions, society needs these institutions. I am only
pointing to their state of existence.
I exist with a heart and mind that wish to tear the VEILS that
Christ tore with His Calvary Sacrifice and modern day Christianity
Sutured back to thrive and flourish materially. Jesus never
condemned anyone except the clergies and Priest of His time. He did not
choose any educated soul from the temple. Today we see Bible being
preached with Power by ordinary people through a New Age
movement. It began in a group of students praying in a University. If we
see, any awakening in organized Christian community, it is coming out of
stress and danger from awakened individuals who have begun to
question the powers of organized Christianity. It does not mean I am for
those Pastors who use their Grace for material gains and building their
empire. I respect and bow to all souls who has awakened to the Spirit of
God. I also respect the whole lot of people who are attached to the
churches, hoping to see Light. However, I hate people who live in
the name of God and fail to seek Light and awaken and. The world
desperately needs Light.
In spite of the pains I endured by Christian clergies. I have always prayed
for them until a point. Now I am revolting, yet I have no hesitation in
appreciating the Present Pope [Pope Francis] who is stepping
down from his altar and breaking barriers to mingle with people
in all humbleness and striving to lead a huge powerful
community back in the track of Consciousness and Light within.
May be his Awakening to Light could trigger a much wanted
It is time spiritual leaders and leaders of nations awaken and lead the world
to age of knowledge and Light. It is time we seek God, not in temples,
churches and mosques but deep within ourselves. Any person who points to
God within, who teaches you any art that can help you connect to the
consciousness, light within, and help you walk the path of Truth and Justice is
real teacher. He irrespective of religion calls for respect, not the people who
bind you to temples, churches, mosques and live by your sweat. In this
Context, I seat Gandhis, Martin Luther King and Kejiriwal much much above
my religious leaders. I see Christ in them. For the Christ I encountered is a

powerful Revolter and leader beyond religion. He connected to his

consciousness and acted from that realm. The Spirit Christ released is
the Transforming Principle of the world.

An appeal to my readers Please read and viral this article

- The time left for humanity to awaken seems to be very little. We
have seen power of nature unleash in Japan, Haiti, Nepal. We
are no match to Nature and its powers.
My skill to use information technology very effectively is limited. I have
no resources to hire the skills too. In a world, where people work for
money and resources, I have spent one lifetime moving in the path of
conscious call, virtually burning my resources. I am not sure how long I
will go on. Now that I have decided to revolt against the religion to
which I belong, I am unsure whether I will get whatever support I am
getting from my family and near and dear ones, who exist as slaves to
religion. Their awakening exists in mass awakening.
I know this world and its thinking is dominated by physicist, who needs
everything in mathematical language with experimental proof. I am
only a biotechnologist and biologist. I have limitation to express and
explore the ideas and revelation I picked from Nature and Her Master in
mathematical language. My attempts to reach out to temples of
science to discuss these ideas, from my village address, from a third
world country, that exists as slaves to west, went in vain. However, I
could not throw these gems without any reason. The more my mind
worked to find a reason to throw it up and lead a normal life,
the more powerful these thoughts grew.
With my unexpected New Born experience these abstract thought fell
into order and solidified. With it, a need for evaluator was gone. My
natural instinct was to become religious and strive to recreate that
experience and pleasure. However, the consciousness pointed to
me- I am being self-centered. It directed me to get back into to
science and strive to gain Light and Spread it. I resisted the call for
quite some time for this call is beyond me as a biologist. However,
when I saw Twin Tower collapse I stepped out and began to write and
post whatever comes to me spontaneously and leave it on the net.
I request intellectual schools at the top to take these ideas I have
poured on net and discuss. May be if some schools can give an

opportunity discuss it, I could lead them more explicitly to the ideas
revealed to me. My approach has failed to elicit any response. Age is
speaking on me. It is time intellectual schools and temples of science
evolve and advice the leaders to take steps to save the world and lead
humanity to Golden Age of Knowledge. I humbly once again request
the readers to viral this article such that it echoes in the doors of
Temples of Science and Religions that govern us.
My 3 decades of journey to Truth are sprinkled with many simple
applicable ideas that can come to use in every field of human
interest such as energy, information, health and medicine, food
and agriculture. If there is any institution and organization that
is willing to support, I wish to return to scientific world that I left
and to work on these ideas. This could help me earn my
livelihood and continue to serve the society with whatever life
left to me.


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