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Work Description Samples

Work description of a Regional Sales Manager

Work description of a TeleMarketing Specialist
Work description of a System Analyst/Programmer (with project experience)
Work description of a Regional Sales Manager

Take the lead role in selling MDOL products/services to prospective healthcare

organizations along with managing distribution partners' activity within an assigned
geographical region.

Responsibility for the sales process from initial point of contact (lead generation),
presentations, proposals, through contract negotiations and execution. Meet/exceed
minimum quarterly and annual salesobjectives.

Work closely with the operational and tele-services teams, utilize relationships to
ensure that product implementation schedules are met.

Facilitate strategic partners' resources to assist in the sales process.

Engage, equip, and lead all sales channels (including distribution partners) with
appropriate training, tools, and strategy development for MDOL products/services.


Experience in selling intangible/conceptual products/services/ software in Medical

Imaging field. Recent sales experience to healthcare providers including hospitals and
diagnostic imaging centers at executive level. (senior administration, board,
committees, department heads and physicians,etc.)

Experience in medical imaging/radiology, skilled in use of internet, software

applications including PowerPoint, Word. Excellent oral and written communication
skills and knowledge of health care information technology.


Selected as 'Best Regional Manager' for consecutive 2 years out of 18 regional


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Work description of a TeleMarketing Specialist

Provide direct marketing and sales support to field/distribution sales organization.

Manage, help generate and qualify as well as process sales leads. Also responsible for

maintaining customer, prospects and competitor databases and assessing, devising,

and implementing marketing promotions.

Generate new business through outbound calls and follow up on incoming sales leads.

Maintain revenue goals by quarter and year to date.

Identifies, solicits and sells MDOL products directly to small to midsize imaging
centers and healthcare institutions - Handles all sales inquiries [telephone and mail].

Follow up with leads generated via Trade Shows and websites.


Telemarketing sales experience in health care and software fields.

Good team player and Multitasking capabilities.

Proven initiative and ability to work with minimal supervision.

Excellent organizational and motivational skills.

Knowledge of Internet and Electronic Commerce industries.


Seek for better career advancement opportunities and exposure.

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Work description of a System Analyst/Programmer (with project experience)
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To design and manage the development of eCommerce systems for Genesis's clients.


Completed projects for 2 of Genesis's major client - both delivered 1 month ahead of


Seek for better career advancement opportunities and exposure.


Project Name: B2B payment gateway, www.sellheavymach.com
Client: SellHeavyMach.com, Boston, USA
Duration: Oct 2000 to Feb 2001
Role: Team lead
Team size: 3
Software and Platform: NT, SQL Server, IIS, FrontPage, Visual Interdev, Rational Rose
Other Skillset used: VC++/COM, ASP, SQL, UML
The project involved setting up a web-based payment system for www.sell heavymach.com, a
B2B site for clearing used heavy machineries. I did the requirement gathering, specification,
and design of the payment system using UML methodology and OOP. Also, managed the 2
junior staff under me in the implementation including doing some of the implementation and
coordinating with another group who did the user interface design.
Project Name: Pump data acquisition
Client: PumpCo , Singapore
Duration: Jan 2000 to June 2001
Role: Porgammer
Team size: 5
Software and Platform: NT, Oracle, Visual Interdev, LabView
Hardware interfaces: Fast ethernet communication card, NI acquisition card
Other Skillset used: VC++/COM,, SQL, sockets programming (Winsock), multithreading
The project involved setting up a real time data acquisition system using LabView and NI
hardware. I was responsible for developing the COM objects which acquires data from the
pump using a vendor C library and storing the data in Oracle.