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Teh Tarik Place is a local mamak stall in a more comfortable setting. The idea
come out when 2 food-loving best friends with a dream of opening an
affordable local makan spot and comes with The Teh Tarik Place. Opened in
2007, Teh Tarik Place plays homage to all things local.

With the slogan From Malaysia With Love The Teh Tarik Place is franchise
chain which boasts a wide selection of high quality truly Malaysian food and
beverages offering usually found in mamak. Teh Tarik Place have obtained a
large local market share, now aim to showcase what they have to the world.

Foodies can enjoy Malaysias renowned street food like their namesake Teh
Tarik, crispy hand-tossed Roti Canai, spicy Nasi Lemak and wok style Mee
Goreng Mamak. Each dish is made with perfected authentic recipes and
quality ingredients.

At Teh Tarik Place, customer can taste roadside favourites. The environment
in store is covered with nostalgic old school artwork to bring the customer to
old time.


Chaswood Resources Group is one of the leading casual dining operators in
Malaysia. In 2012 they were successfully listed on Catalist, the secondary
board of the Singapore Exchange Securities ("SGX"). The company operate a
total of 10 brands, including 4 international franchise and licensed restaurant
chains and operate in 4 countries.

Their unique portfolio of brands are well known for consistently invigorating
the food and beverage industry in Malaysia, ranging from big bold American
flavors, hearty Italian and Irish cuisine, authentic Japanese, contemporary
Korean, mouth watering local favorites to fresh modern cuisine. Hot on the
city's night scene, our bars and lounges are top spots to be and to be seen.

Each of their brands bears the hallmark value of distinctive quality food,
excellent service, and memorable personalities. This trinity has led the Group
to win numerous accolades for outstanding performance.

Chaswood Resources owned TGI Fridays, Bulgogi Brothers, The Apartment,

Laundry, The Tarik Place, Paradise Dynasty, Baci, Malones, Italiannies and
Watami in Malaysia.


Teh Tarik Place has chosen the location as stated due to demographics such
as attracting nearby residents as well as office workers and employers within
the surroundings. Many residents can visit Teh Tarik Place as their breakfast
or tea time break without having to go across the highway to enjoy its finest
drinks and desserts. Therefore, most of their restaurant located in Klang

The Teh Tarik Place should be a welcoming, inviting and familiar place for
people to connect, so the design of their restaurat to reflect the unique
character of the neighborhoods they serve. For example, The The Tarik Place
in Shah Alam has a different restaurant theme. As for Shah Alam, the majority
of the resident is malay, which the concept more to nostalgic malay
background. Different in Penang where the chinese is the majority, where the
concept more to local Penang chinese nostalgic.

Other than that, Teh Tarik Place shows the diversity of culture in Malaysia with
their foods. Crispy hand-tossed Roti Canai, spicy Nasi Lemak and wok style
Mee Goreng Mamak is the example of Malay, Chinese and Indian food in

Known as modern mamak where Teh Tarik Place is a place for people to
connect. The Malaysian who like to spend their time with family and friends
can spend their time at Teh Tarik Place because the place is welcoming and
confortable. For example, for football lover they can hang out with their friend
or family to watch football match at Teh Tarik Place.


In order for Teh Tarik Place to achieve sustainability in the global arena, core
business and activities is the key as it must carry on seeking strategic
opportunities. By seeking strategic opportunities it allows Teh Tarik Place to
easily access to global business and having the chance to establish or
by going joint ventures with other top restaurants companies. This will enable
Teh Tarik Place to being known by overseas and it will also be easier to
venture into foreign place.

Going global also can help a business to improve their brand name. It is
easier to help spread the word about the name of the company as they gain
access to a wider range of customers in foreign markets. For example, the
The Tarik Place opened in Thailand helped improve the brand name as a
Malaysian restaurant. Malaysia attracts a lot of tourists from around the world
therefore the The Tarik Place in the Thailand gained further fame as the
people who visited Malaysia already knew about the restaurant and thus the
name of the business becomes better.

Beside that, the most obvious reason for a business to go global is to gain
access to a larger market. Going global allows the business to do so as a
larger market will provide the company with a much larger market share, thus
increasing their revenues and profits. The main aim of any business is to earn
profit and a larger market allows just that. A lot of popular food chains across
the world earns a very good percentage of their respective revenues from

international markets. For instance, McDonalds, originally based in the US,

only earned 32% of their revenue from its home country. While the remaining
68% of revenues came from international markets. Aside from this, Starbucks
also earns a good amount of their revenue from international markets as
theirs amounted to 30%.