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Escola Superior de Economia e Gesto

General English Exam

1st Semester - 19/06/2015

Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Marks________

Section I: Read the text above and answer the questions that follow (5 mrks)
Mahatman Ghandi in South Africa
This is part of the story of how Ghandi who was working as a lawyer in South Africa at the time, led a protest
march from Natal to Balfour in the Transvaal. The people were protesting about the unjust racial laws that
existed in South Africa at the time. The marchers were known as satygrahics, an Indian word for love and
peace. Ghandi believed that all evil should be overcome peacefully and that no violence whatsoever should be
used in the struggle. It was a formula which successfully drove the British out of India.
On November 6, 1913, Ghandi led two thousand and twenty-seven men, one hundred and twenty-seven
women and fifty-seven children across the Natal border into the Transvaal. The marchers got as far as
Palmford, a town about thirteen kilometres inside the Transvaal border. They settled down to sleep after fishing
a small meal of bread and sugar that ghandi had arranged for them. It was at this stage that the police arrived,
but with orders to arrest only Ghandi, and none of marchers.
Ghandi instructed his lieutenants to continue the march on Tolstoy Farm, which was still two hundred and forty
kilometres away. He then went off with the police. He was held for only one night in jail and then released on
bail. The government needed more time to prepare a case against him. Ghandi rejoined the marchers.
In the next three days he was arrested twice more. The first time was in the town of Standerton where he was
released in a very short time. This is because; the government didnt know what to do with him. The second
time was at Teakworth near Johannesburg where he was charged with encouraging indentured labourers to live

Say if the statements are true (T) or false (F) about the text you have read.
Ghandi who was working as a lawyer, was led by a protest march from Natal to Balfour
Mahatman also worked as a policeman.
Palmford is 300 kilometres inside the Transvaal border.
The police arrested Ghandi with some of the marchers
Ghandi instructed his lieutenants to continue the march on Tolstoy Farm.

B) Look at the text again and answer the questions below

1. According to the text why were people protesting? _____________________________________________
2. What was the formula that drove the British out of India? ________________________________________
3. In total, how many people did Ghandi lead on November 6, 1913? _________________________________
4. When did the police arrive with orders to arrest Ghandi? _________________________________________
5. Why was Ghandi released after only one night in jail? __________________________________________
Section II: Follow the instructions in A, B, C and D to answer the questions


Put the verbs in brackets in whether present simple or present continuous (2.5 mrks)
I _________________________(not/understand). What______________________ (happen)?
This is a great party. I_______________________ (have) a lovely time.
a: What time ________________________(the sun/rise)? b: It _______________ (rise) at 7.30.
Look out of the window! It __________________________(snow).
We cant use the lift because it _____________________________ (not/work)


Circle the correct Sentence (a or b) in the questions below (Present perfect or past simple) (2.5 mrks)
a. Have you ever visited Italy?
b. Did you ever visit Italy?
a. How long have you had this job?
b. How long did you have this job?
a. When have you last been to the cinema? b. When did you last go to the cinema?
a. It's the best car I've ever had.
b. It's the best car I ever had.
a. How many times have you been married? b. How many times were you married?


Complete the sentences below with whether make or do (2.5 marks)

If you set up a business, it's generally to _____________ money.
I can't give the answer right away. I'll have to ____________ some research.
It's not easy to _____________ business with people of different nationalities.
Havent you ________________ all the arrangements yet?
Would you ________________ me a favour and feed the cat while I'm away.

D) Complete the sentences with a lot of + one of the following: accidents, books, fun, interesting things,
traffic, mistakes. (2.5 mrks)
Example: I like reading. I have a lot of books.
1. I dont speak French very well. I make _____________________________________________________
2. We enjoyed our visit to the museum. We saw _______________________________________________
3. We enjoyed our vacation. We had _________________________________________________________
4. This road is very dangerous. There are _____________________________________________________
5. It takes me a long time to drive to work. There is always ______________________________________
Section III: Follow the instructions in A, B, C and D to answer the questions

Use the Genitive/ Possessive case or Possessive pronouns to complete the sentences below (2mks)
Economics is ____________ favourite subject
This is John_________ car.
Paula and Aida are my grandparents_________children.
They bought a house. It is _____ house.


Circle the best reporting structure (1.5mrks)

a. They explained to her that she had been stolen.
a. He declared her that he had permission.
a. She accused him for telling a lie.

b. They informed her that she had been stolen

b. He assured her that he had permission
b. She convinced him for telling a lie.

C) Circle the right answer A, B, C, or D that best complete the sentence. (1.5 mrks)
1. Mexico is the _____________country in Central America
A. biggest
B. the bigger
C. the biggest
D. bigger
2. My friend has got _____________Car I ever saw before.
A. faster
B. the fastest
C. faster than

D. fastest

3. She has got ____________part of the play.

A. more difficult
B. the difficulty

D. the most difficult

C. the more difficult

GOOD LUCK! - The English Group