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Training Need Analysis Report

This report is produced based on the requirement of the first assignment in Training and
Development Management class. Later, the report will explain on the interview session with the
employee in an organization to identify the needs for training.

In the work environment, employees are expected to perform their tasks in an efficient, costeffective and safe manner at all time. The training is needed when the employees are not being
able to execute to the certain standard by the organization.
To identify the training for the employee is not an easy job. It is involved a lot of commitment
from the employee, the immediate superior, the Head of Department and also the Training
Department. This is the best time to identify the training by performing the Training Need
Analysis (TNA) for the particular employee. It is a waste when offering training to employee who
do not need it or offer the wrong kind of training.


An interview session was made with the employee in the organization. This employee is an
Admin Assistant and her roles were involved with walk in customers and dealing with cash
sales. She also produces reports in daily, weekly and monthly basis to be submitted to her
supervisor. The job specification is attached.
The interview guide for employees is created by Human Capital Development Division (HCDD)
and distributed to all Head of Departments and the interview session will be conducted by the
superior in the sub unit of department. The interview guide is customized according to the
employees designation the organization. It was focus into the employees duty and
responsibilities and to determine the abilities, skills and knowledge of the employee. The
interview guide is attached.
All information is transferred into Training Need Analysis (TNA) Form. In the form, the superior
will need to identify the expected training need level and the current proficiency level of the
employee. The gap from those two major indicators will lead to the type of training that the
employee need.

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From the interview session and recognized the proficiency gap for the employee, the suitable
training is identified. The training is based on three major factors which are:

1. Communication Skill (verbal & The employee will be able to communicate well with
the customers:
- To explain the products
- To advise the suitable service for every inquiry
made by the customer

The employee will be able to answer all question in

email and letter from customers
The employee will be able to produce comprehensive
report to the superior

2. Report Writing Skill

3. Product Knowledge

The employee will have the updates of products and

services that organization offers


The employee will be able to use the system efficiently

and eliminate the faulty in the future

5. Software Training (Microsoft

Office MS Word & Excel)
Intermediate & Advance

The employee will be able to use the software to

produce better report and will save time in the future

4. Software


Training need analysis (TNA) is the better way to identify the suitable training for each employee
in the organization. The training is useful to shorten the gap between the recent and the
expected proficiency of the employee. By using the interview session with the interview guide,
set of training is identified for each employee in the organization.


Training Need analysis (TNA) Form

Interview Session Guide
Job Specification of employee

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